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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 4

My sister and Nicky were happy as two pigs in a mud wallow. They spread my cheeks wide and pushed a big nozzle into my ass. The enema was hot soapy and they had it hung high. Again and again I had to beg and plead to get them to slow or stop it and each time it cost me several sharp swats. It took me a little while to get past the news that I was for all practical purposes now OWNED by My sister. The paper accepting Jill as my conservator…like I was mentally incompetent was just plain humiliating. She in turn had given me to Nicky with a bow on my ass.

The good news I guess is that enemas tend to focus your undivided attention on what is going on right NOW. That meant that I didn’t have to think about what it all meant or how insulting it was.

Right then, my total attention was on taking and holding whatever they put up my butt. I finally just couldn’t hold anymore and they rolled me over pushed the bed pan under me and pulled the plug on that enema. I didn’t even care about using the bed pan and was just happy for the relief. When I was done, Jill cleaned me up and they rolled me over again.

“You need to take it all this time Jack! It isn’t our fault that you have let that bimbo mess you up so I expect you to not whine this time or I’m afraid that before the next enema I’m going to bust your butt again!” Jill informed me.

Nicky went in with a couple of fingers and then when she was satisfied that I was pretty open they made me get on my hands and knees for a more intimate rectal inspection. Vicky pressed a cold stainless steel speculum into me and then ever so slowly opened me up for inspection. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t comfortable and it WAS humiliating as they peeked where the sun most certainly shouldn’t EVER shine. After they removed it they inserted a retention nozzle and pumped it up to make sure that I took all of the next one.

“Just relax Jack, this one isn’t going to be near as crampy as the last one and I will run it in slow for you. Any time you need me to slow it just ask.” Nicky patted my upturned ass. “We are going to get alone just fine.”

She started the enema and it felt nice as she slowly flooded my bowels with her warm gentle flow. I finally had to ask, “I don’t understand your part Nicky. What would you want with a loser like me?”

She swatted my ass stingingly several times. “You are NOT a loser. I don’t have any use for losers so don’t ever say that again or you won’t sit for a week! Do you understand?” I assured her that I did! “Now, why do I want you? Let’s see…You are cute and nice. You like enemas and BDSM. You live here already so I don’t have to deal with someone either wanting me to move or having a long distance relationship. I love your sister in all the different meanings of the word. You need me and I desperately need to be needed by someone other than my Mom. I’m lonely and you are smart and good company when you aren’t trying not to look at me or talk to me in fear that I’m going to jump your bones. The entire situation sounds like a lot of fun for me…I mean I have always wanted your ass and now I get it and as long as Jill says so, I practically OWN it. There is no down side in it for me Jack.” After a bit she added, “I also think that with some help and the right woman that you will make a hell of a great husband and father.”

The enema was intruding and I moaned and asked, “How much more??”

“Not too much. Don’t whine of Jill will get ya.” Nicky warned.

Jill leaned forward and whispered, “It’s going to be a lot like the old times Jack. All you have to do is follow the rules and when you get spanked you will get rewards as well. The only difference is going to be that the rules are not going to change, they will be fair and when you get a spanking you will understand why. I fully expect that in short order you will be getting in little troubles on purpose just for the attention and Nicky and I plan on seeing that you get a lot of it. Next week you will meet your counselor and then you will get even more attention. Her name is Glory and she is a psychologist that specializes in BDSM people…When Glory makes a suggestion you will love doing it…or you will do your next session standing because she will spank you and then I will do it again when you get home or there if I’m with you. Your little ass is going to be getting quite a work out little Brother.”

I thought about what she was saying and understood that she was right. Now that it was pointed out to me I could see that my wife was Mama all over again. I didn’t see where Jill had done ANYTHING wrong though. She was always good to me even when I really had been bad to her and she whipped me for something real. All this thought ended with a massive cramp. I bit my lips but the moan still got through. Nicky reached under me and massaged my balls and got me through the bout of misery.

“The enema’s done Baby.” Nicky told me softly. All you have to do is wait for ten minutes and it will be over. You don’t even have to hold it, just relax and let the nozzle hold it in for you.” They rolled me over and Jill massaged my stomach and played with my cock.

She always did know exactly how to touch me and she soon had me up and ready. She looked at Nicky and then smiling let Nicky take over. Her mouth was soft as silk and she made me crazy trying to poke her tongue into every nook and cranny until finally she squeezed my balls just so and I exploded. She sucked enthusiastically and I screamed for her. Like Jill she liked to stay on it about 2 minutes more than I could bear after the orgasm to get every last drop.

They let me use the potty chair this time and after the bed pan it was a nice step up. When I was done and cleaned up I was put back onto the bed and another enema was run in fast! It caused me to cramp but the good news was that as soon as it was in they let me returned to the chair.

Jill made Nicky get up on the bed and while Jill lubed and filled me with a big slow enema, I licked and sucked Nicky to several squealing orgasms of her own. I must be finally getting emptier. This enema went in deep, nonstop and without a single cramp. While I held it, Jill and Nicky changed places and I returned to the scene of my best childhood memories and Jill soon offered her pleasured sounds to the collection the room was gathering in that evening.

After I released the enema, I was allowed to “rest” while Nicky worked her magic in my ass and Jill sucked another donation out of me. When they were done I was happy to lie in the Sims position and let them give me a big ole slow enema. It was feeling nice now and Jill was telling me what she and Nicky had planned for me.

“First off little brother you are going back to school and are done with these low paying dull jobs. You have talents and we are going to develop them. I am going to see to it that you get your pound of flesh out of cuntface’s ass. You paid for her to go to school and supported her through it. Now it is her turn to pay up or you will own her for the rest of her life. We are talking alimony Bubba and she will be happy to pay it. I doubt that we even will have to go to trial. She really has tried to fuck every low life in 5 counties and has serviced multiple truck drivers out at the truck stop all at the same time. She may not care, but her rich Daddy won’t stand for the pictures that I have to be seen in open court…especially the ones with HIM in the act with her.”

“You’re kidding!!! The Judge too? I must be the only SOB in the town she hasn’t fucked in the last 6 months!!”

“In the 4 county region little Bother! She has been busy and George the PI that works for my boss has been having a great time covering it. He has an album that is 3” thick with 16 pictures on every page; eight on front and eight on back. He’s even got the preacher dipping into it and the priest!!! We even have her with boys as young as 13 so I just KNOW they don’t want to press things.”

“Fuck me!!!” I said expressively.

“Later Jack…but that is something else that I should have tended to a long time ago as well.”

I was allowed to actually go to the bathroom across the hall this time and when they examined the return they declared that one more would have me fixed up. For my part, I felt better than I had in at least a month!

I was put back into the hospital bed and Jill held my legs up while Nicky probed my ass and prepared it. She picked a big bat shaped nozzle and seemed to enjoy my struggles to master it and take it in. By the time it slid in I had broke a sweat and was happy when Jill let my legs down and the enema was started. One sat on each side of me and they discussed me and my future as if I wasn’t THERE!

“I think at first Nicky you need to keep him on a very short leash. Make him ask you before he does almost anything and if he forgets, you need to tear his ass up. Rather than just giving him enemas on the weekend and when you spank him, I think he needs to be totally re-toilet trained.

If you would like I will help you with that. Enemas every morning should get him on a regular schedule and then you can ease back and see if he can continue it without them.”

“That sounds good. You know that you are always welcome here Jill. I hope that just because he is here that you won’t feel any less free to come and go as you wish.” She patted my thigh. “You do need to explain the facts of life to him though.”

“I know I do.” Jill looked at me. “Have you ever fucked a man Jack?” Jill asked. “Or been fucked by one?”

“HELL NO!!!!”

“Why not?” Jill asked.

I didn’t just blurt out the first thing that came to mind…”Because hairy asses and bony hard chests just don’t do a thing for me. I like everything about women…there just isn’t much about a man that turns me on.”

“You like having things stuck in your butt don’t you?”

“Yep…By women.” I grinned, “I am not homophobic. I just can’t feel any enthusiasm about a guy.”

“What do you think about women doing stuff with women?” Nicky asked.

“It seems perfectly logical to me…if I was a woman I would certainly be a lesbian…I like women. Now that said, I am certainly glad that women don’t all feel that way but I understand it when they do.”

“The point is Jack.” Jill told me, “That Nicky and I are more than just friends, we are also lovers.”

I looked at her. “Duh, I knew that the second you two kissed. That wasn’t a buddy sort of kiss. I assume what you are telling me is that you are both equal opportunity lovers. I like the idea; I just don’t feel it when I look at a guy. I certainly don’t have a problem with it though. When you are an enema freak who also likes to be dominated and spanked you don’t have much room for being intolerant.”

Jill commented to Nicky. “I thought he would be at least a little shocked didn’t you?”

“Not really. But I also wanted to make sure that there weren’t any secrets before we go into this.”