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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 3

She returned a few minutes later and informed me, “Let’s get this enema into you real quick Jack. You will be better when it is done with you. Just stay as you are.” She slipped the tube into me and opened the clamp. As it flowed she worked it as far into me as she could. The total amount was only about a quart and a half but even that felt like a lot in my full rectum. When she had squeezed the last drop into me she removed the tube and helped me roll over to my back.

When she started to slide the bedpan under me I started to whine. “Awww Nicky! I hate those things!! Why can’t I just use the bathroom??”

“I can tell that I’m going to keep Jill busy working on your ass Jack! You are going to use this because when that stuff I just put in you hits, you won’t even be able to make it to this potty chair much less to the bathroom. Mostly though you are going to use it because I am telling you to and if you give me any more lip I’ll plug your ass with an inflatable butt plug and whip you before I let you use it. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Now, I want you to hold that as long as you can! For every minute less than ten that you hold it you will get ten licks with the paddle before the next enema!”

My eyes bulging I cried, “Nicky, I’m not sure that I can hold it for a minute much less ten. It feels like there is a gator in my gut thrashing around!!”

“OK, whiny butt! Five minutes then but every minute less will cost you 15 licks!”

I wasn’t joking, my bowels were rumbling and it even sounded like something in there wanted out!! The second hand on the clock crept around and we watched it together. When I would cramp Nicky would massage my stomach but it didn’t matter what she did, the cramps just kept on coming and getting worse. At the 4 minute mark I couldn’t hold it anymore and things started happening. I FELT like I ought to be gushing but instead I was just trickling. Nicky cranked the head of the bed up and then her massages took on a more insistent nature…It was awful!!!

Ten minutes later Nicky dumped the bedpan and then stuck it back under me and lowered my head. “Well that was a good start. You really were stopped up Jack.”

“I am dying!!! I think I ripped myself in two. People aren’t made to shit bowling balls!!!!”

“Silly it wasn’t all THAT big…Grapefruit sized maybe!” She chortled and I moaned. “I’m going to make you a small soapy enema now and we should be past the worst after that.” She wiggled over to the sink and I watched her make a two quart very soapy bag for me.

My ass felt like you could drive a truck into it but even deaths door couldn’t disturb my pleasure as I watched Nicky’s ass. She bent over to get some liquid soap and I saw that under the mini skirt she wore nothing but the garter belt. She looked soooo fine!

She returned to me and had me pull my legs up. “I am going to shoot this one in you fast Jack. I want to keep the results of the other enema going so this is going to be a little rough.” The bag had a higgie pump in the line and the bag was bulging. She pushed the barium nozzle in after a quick finger lubricated and prepared the way and she immediately started pumping it into me.

I began to fill fast and cramp. “Why so fast??” I wailed.

“Normally when you get an enema we are cleaning your colon. You were so packed up that we are just trying to get your rectum clear so that we can start on your colon. Since the enema can’t move up into your colon you are not going to be able to take or hold much at first and I want to get as much as I can into you before you can’t take any more.”

“Oh hell Nicky, stop for a second!! I can’t take any more….oh shit pleeeease!!” She was pumping as fast as she could and I finally lost all control. She never stopped even when it was coming out as fast as it was going in. I screamed as another bowling ball shot from the gutter and she started laughing.

The after effects were not so bad…After the second bowling ball passed I guess the dam was broke because the result of the enema was all out of proportion to the size of the enema. Nicky cranked the bed up again and massaged my stomach to keep things going as long as she could. When I finished I was worn out.

Nicky cranked the bed down, cleaned me up and dumped the pan. She pealed the top pad out from under me and made me roll over for another rectal inspection. She has small hands. I’m not sure but it felt like she was in me up to her elbow!!! “Much better Jack!! The worst is over. Now all you need is a good cleaning out and you will be as good as new.”

“My asshole will NEVER be the same!!”

She tucked me in. “Jill will be here in a little while. You might rest for a bit before she gets here.”

“Did she sound pissed?”

“Jack, she has every reason to be pissed. First because you didn’t listen when she told you the whore was no good and then you even sided with the whore against her. Now she is pissed because she is convinced that you are ONLY staying with the whore because you don’t want to admit your mistake and take your punishment like a good boy.” She looked at my face. “She’s right isn’t she?”

“Yeah a little, I mean we are not together anymore. We just share a house. I won’t even let her in my bed…haven’t for about 9 months. I just don’t understand how I could have been so wrong about her!!”

“Because you are a dip shit little brother!!!” Jill walked in the door. “Also it is in part my fault and for that I am sorry and will make up for my mistakes and sins.” I looked at her and my eyes were wide until they filled with tears. “You look like hell Jack!!” She informed me.

“I just shit two fucking pineapples and my ass is RUINED!!!” I told her as she came to me and took me into her arms.

She kissed the tears off my face. “I’m sure we will be able to fix your tender little ass all up Baby. Everything will be right again I will see to it this time!!” She turned to Nicky and kissed her, “Thanks for calling me and taking care of him. How is he doing?”

“He is a lot better than he was. I think we got the impaction out so now he just needs enemas until he runs clean again.” Nicky laughed, “The Baby really was fucked up Jill. He was about this far,” She held up two fingers that were nearly touching. “from landing in the hospital.”

Jill was standing beside me, “Let me guess, the cunt threw your enema stuff out again.” I wouldn’t look at her. Jill explained to Nicky, “She made fun of him about the enemas and you have to understand, he has had them his entire life, you can’t just stop doing them after all that time. Up until about a year ago he was still coming and letting me take care of him sometimes but cuntface raised so much hell about it that he stopped.” She turned to me, “When was the last time you had a good cleaning out?”

I still wouldn’t look at her. “A couple of months or so I guess. I tried to go see Georgia when I could.”

“Georgia moved three months ago Jill and he didn’t know how to get in touch with her.” Nicky snitched.

“Jack, you understand that things are going to change don’t you?” Jill was in her full don’t fuck with me mode.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you DONE with her now?” I nodded and Jill pulled some papers out of her bag. “Sign these.” She rolled a bed table across me and Nicky cranked the bed up.

“What are they?” I asked but then when I looked at her I just signed them.

Jill was working for a Lawyer during the day and going to classes at night. She hoped to take the Bar Exam in a couple of years but until then she was the Lawyers research assistant and office manager. Jill was smart and always had been determined to go somewhere. “Those are your Power of Attorney and other documents giving me the right to do business in your name. The other papers are similar in more specific cases like your bank and savings accounts and such. As of this minute,” She folded the papers and put them away. “For all practical purposes you just turned your life over to ME to do with as I see fit and also placed your self in conservatorship with me as your conservator.”

“What?? Do you just carry that shit around with you all the time!!!??”

“No Jack. I have been waiting for some time for you to get a gut full of her. I had these drawn up several months ago. I am going to do my best to undo mistakes I made over many years.”


Jill turned to Nicky, “He just can’t see it; it’s like I told you. Jack, do you know why you were wrong about cuntface?”


“Because you weren’t wrong about her. She is and always was exactly what you thought she was at some subconscious level. Jack does she make you think of anyone?”

I couldn’t understand what Jill was saying. “No, not that I can think of. What are you talking about?”

“Nicky, when Jack and I were kids, Mama gave us enemas, you know about that. She also rode rough shod over Jack. No matter how hard he tried she was always on him. I got enemas on Sunday night but Jack got them after every whipping and most weeks that was 3 or 4 times a week. The harder he tried to do what she wanted the more she would change the rules. Then she started bringing me into it. More and more she would just tell me to whip him and hose him…and I would.” She looked at me. “Jack you never stopped trying to be good and make Mama love you. Baby she couldn’t! She didn’t know what love was and I just helped her do it to you. Cuntface is JUST like Mama. You went out and because I didn’t watch out for you like I should, you returned to the only thing that you ever knew. She is a cold heartless drunken bitch…just like Mama. Well that is OVER. I helped make you this way and NOW I’m going to accept responsibility and try and undo the terrible things that I have done to you.” She was crying. “I’m soo sorry Jack!!!”

I was confused, “Jill what are you saying. You were the only thing that made my life worthwhile and bearable. You HAD to whip me when she told you to or she would have done a hundred times worse to me and maybe you too. At least when you did it, you made sure that I knew you loved me and made it a game…and the after stuff was great too. I never minded any of it after you started doing it.”

“What you say is true Jack but I let her use me to hurt you and you just kept on loving her and trying. I should have told her to do her own dirty work and then comforted you afterwards and taught you to hate her like I did!” She kissed me. “ALL of that and the shit with cuntface is in the past now. We are going to wash you out real good and then tomorrow we are going to get anything that you want out of that pesthole you and her live in. I am filing divorce with cause for you Monday and you will never be alone in the same room with her again.” She looked at Nicky and grinned, “Plan A is now going into action. Are you still sure that you want in on it?”

“Are you kidding!! He is sweet, good looking and loves all the same things I do.” Nicky answered.

“He’s going to be a handful! If you’re sure though let’s get him started.” Jill looked at me. “Jack, meet your new keeper. Nicky is going to be your primary caregiver for the next several months. If all goes as she and I plan, you likely will marry her next year. In the mean time she and I expect you to do exactly as you are told. I can’t undo what I helped do to you but I CAN and WILL see to it that you don’t fall into the hands of another woman like Mama.”

“Y’all PLANNED????”

“Yes Jack, we planned together for what to do with you as soon as you broke away from cuntface. I have been in therapy for the last couple of years and finally see that the only way that I can feel right about myself again is by helping you. You will start therapy as soon as possible. We have a VERY special therapist picked out for you. She already knows all about how we were raised and what I have done to you. She agrees that trying to change you would be a disaster so we are going to work on just making you a happy and well adjusted submissive and Nicky wants to be your Mistress and more. She also sees the same Doctor and it has all been discussed and prepared for some time.”

Nicky hung a big bag on the pole. “He owes me 15 swats. Do you want to warm him up before this enema or do it while he takes or holds it?”

“I think that I will spank him now and then get one of my favorite gifts from him. I’ve missed my bad boy feedings!”

She rolled me over and just like old times she whipped me soundly and then rolled me over for her mouth to suck the sting from my ass. When she was done she kissed me and let me taste what she had taken from me and then rolled me back over for the enema.