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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 5

“Does he know that you love your strap-on and that he is going to get porked in the butt in just a few minutes?” Jill asked. “I mean I wouldn’t want that to be a secret either.” She added innocently.

“Did you know that Jack?” Nicky asked.

“Actually no…When exactly was that put into the program?” I asked suspiciously. “What if I don’t want to do that?”

“You said that you liked having women stick things in your little butt honey.” Jill reminded me. “It doesn’t matter though. You are going to be a good boy and take it whether you want it or not. You’ve been letting cuntface fuck you in the ass for several years so you should be used to it!”

“She didn’t do THAT!!!”

“Maybe not in the physical sense little brother but in all ways other than that, take my word for it she has fucked over you in every way. The only reason she didn’t fuck you in the ass for real is that she was afraid that you might enjoy it and she didn’t want to do ANYTHING that might make you happy! Sorry Jack but from now on your ass belongs to HER and you better get it in shape because WE are going to use it and all your other stuff as well.”

I looked at her and blinked. I wasn’t at all adverse to this but felt compelled to protest to salve my manhood none the less. I looked at Nicky and blurted, “Nicky!!! You wouldn’t make me do that if I didn’t want it would you???”

She looked at me with her soft brown eyes and looked like an angel of loving concern. Then she assured me smiling, “Of course I would Sweet Baby!!! If you could put up with the whore’s ball busting, I would think that giving up a little ass would be easy for you.”

Jill threw back her head and laughed. “Nicky you have him there!!”

I glared at Jill as she smiled back beatifically. “Don’t!!!!”

“Does!!!” Jill laughed and pointed at me. “She’s got you!”

Nicky leaned over to me, “Baby Boy, just exactly HOW tender do you want your butt cheeks to be when my hips start slapping up against them??”

I looked at her. “All you need to do is ask me Nicky and I will be happy.” I DO know when to give up.

“OK, Jack may I diddle you in the butt please?” She asked in a high falsetto voice.

I leaned up and kissed her, “Certainly Dear, anything that makes you happy.” I turned my head and stuck my tongue out at Jill then turned back to Nicky and whined, “Can I goooo now please? The bag has been empty for a long time!”

“Certainly Baby! See Jill, now he can hardly wait! He’s such a good boy!”

They helped me up and to the bathroom where Jill eased the nozzle out. I sat and held it looking to Nicky for permission. When she smiled and nodded I finally released with a sigh of contentment.

After I was cleaned up they led me to the living room where I was asked to bend over the arm of the sofa. Nicky nuzzled her hips up against my ass trying me on for fit. “Perfect!” She said. “Just stay as you are.” She left and Jill sat on the sofa so that my head was almost in her lap.

“Jack, I hope that you know that you are very lucky. Nicky has had a crush on you for years. You don’t deserve her and if you weren’t my brother and just too dumb to be left running around without a keeper I would fight you for her. Only because I love you both, am I willing to share her with you. From here on out you will do exactly as you are told by me or her or I will HURT you. Nicky is too tender hearted to do more than just warm your ass but I assure you, you do NOT want to piss me off again. I should have yanked you out of that bitches clutches a long time ago but I was afraid that you would hate me for it. From here on out I will do what is best for you even if it means beating you bloody!! Do you understand me little brother???”

“Yes Ma’am…I’m sorry and you are…always have been right.” I lay there quiet for a little while. “Jill, please forgive me. If it will make you feel better, when Nicky is through with me, please go ahead and beat me bloody. Just, when you are done, please forgive me! I’m sure that Nicky has a broom stick like Mama used around here some where. I will find it for you!” Jill didn’t answer for a while. She just sat there and stroked my face and head and then I felt her trembling and looked up to see her crying. “Don’t cry Jill!! Please!! Why are you crying anyway???”

“You poor silly bastard. You honestly don’t understand do you?”

“No, I don’t.”

“That’s because you don’t seem to have a mean bone in your body Jack. You can’t imagine how much I despised Mama. When she would beat you with that damn broom stick it was all I could do to keep from killing her… and you would cry and beg her to forgive you. If you were anyone else I would figure that you knew and said that about me beating you with one knowing how much it would hurt me!” She was crying hard now. “Baby Brother despite what I said, I’m NOT Mama and if I beat you it will NOT be anything like THAT. Today they would put her in prison. I will warm your butt Baby but I will NEVER do something like THAT to you and I’m sooo sorry that you even thought that I could!” Now she was bawling and I would have felt better if she HAD used a broom stick on me!

Nicky came back and found Jill crying with my head in her lap. “Jack! Have you been bad? Do I need to wear your ass out?”

“Yes Ma’am Please I have said something awful to Jill!!!” I answered WANTING her to beat me…I felt so bad for hurting Jill.

“He has NOT been bad…at least not in the last ten minutes Nicky. I threatened to beat him bloody and he offered to see if you had a broom stick that I could use on him like Mama used to. It just hit me in the gut that he thought that I would naturally do it like her. I suddenly saw in myself that he thought I had in me the ability to do and be what I hated most in Mama! Just like with HER, Jack was willing to allow that, even asked for it if it would please me. I’m NOT like her Nicky!! It just hurt and I cried.”

“Because I said something mean!” I offered.

Jill pulled my head up so she was looking me in the face. “Jack! Did you say it to hurt me or were you serious that you would find me a stick and let me beat you with it if that is what it would take for me to forgive you?? Don’t you dare lie!!!”

“I was serious…but I shouldn’t have said it!” Now I was crying. “I always say the wrong thing…I deserved most all of the beatings Mama gave me Jill. Don’t hate her for me being bad!”

“OK!! Enough!” Nicky snapped. “Both of you shut up!” She sounded furious! She had brought a paddle and with it proceeded to wear my ass out. Since I was already crying it just opened the flood gates. Jill held me and we cried together until Nicky was done. “Jack, do you know what that spanking was for?”

“For hurting Jill’s feelings??” I offered as a possible answer.

She blistered me with another flurry and then informed me, “It was for being a dumbass!! I see a LOT of these in your future! Now listen to me Jack.” She grabbed my hair and lifted my face so that she was glaring her eyes right into mine. “Listen and learn dumbass!! Nobody EVER deserves to be beaten with a club!! Not only noBODY, but noTHING. You would go to jail if you fucking beat a dog like that!! Your Mama was a sick evil bitch just like your whore wife because only a sick fucker would even consider beating a little kid like that!! Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am!!”

She then proceeded to scorch my ass again and informed me that THAT was for just plain pissing HER off. She then proceeded to lubricate my asshole and with only a minimum of preparation, fucked me in the ass with a big strap-on dildo until she had worked through several orgasms and was in a better mood.

She stood behind me breathing hard for several minute and then barked, “Jill, swap places with him!!!” My eyes were wide as Jill pulled me around and sat me down and then assumed the same position with her head in my lap. Nicky proceeded to turn Jill’s ass to toast and then greased her up and put it to her with even greater enthusiasm than she had me. Jill cried like a baby while she was being spanked but suddenly found other ways to mourn when Nicky crammed the dildo into her asshole! By the time Nicky was feeling fulfilled Jill had me feeling pretty fulfilled myself. Thank God Nicky stopped when she did though!! Jill had my balls sucked about half way up into the shaft of my dick when she finally broke suction!!

As soon as she turned me loose and Nicky parted from her ass I pulled her into my arms over the arm of the sofa and we were both finally at peace and had our heads screwed on right. After a few minutes I eased her onto the sofa, I slid off and buried my face between her legs. I knew all things were right when she almost immediately began to cry again and then added moans grunts and screams of encouragement to her sobs! I decided that Nicky was probably the smartest lady that I have ever met…other than Jill maybe…

The End


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