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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 49

Once there I told her that I needed her to get me her largest enema bag and a nice large nozzle. She went into the bathroom with me following and she got out a pretty pink 3 quart bag and a large bulb headed nozzle. We filled it with hot soapy water and I took her back to the bed. I had noted when we went through that there was a hook on the ceiling and a knotted loop rope on the table so I made myself at home and hung her bag.

With eyes like saucers she watched as I pulled my belt out of its loops. “Strip for me Michele. When you are ready to be mine bend over the end of the bed and spread your legs.”

She slowly took everything off. She allowed me to fully appreciate her lovely body and then kissed me before bending over the end of the bed. “I AM yours Mathew.” She told me in a tiny voice.

I started slowly and after each five swats I would slide my fingers into her pussy to check her. The final five before I stopped were real ass burners and she wailed as she accepted them. I laid the belt beside her and put on a glove. As my middle finger eased into her tightly puckered little hole her legs spasmed and she obviously had a monster orgasm. Her sphincter quivered and closed tight around my finger and as I began to finger fuck her ass she came so hard her legs gave altogether.

While she was relaxed after that last orgasm I pulled out and pushed the nozzle into her. The sudden rush of the enema into her roused her and she sighed contentedly. “Oh Mathew I have needed just this for so long!”

I stroked her red cheeks and allowed her to slowly recover as she absorbed my gift she climbed further into the bed and got on her knees with her head on the bed. She seemed to have no problems taking it and towards the last she actually seemed to be nearing another little episode. I slipped a finger into her pussy and massaged her g-spot and that was all she needed. This wasn’t an explosive one rather it was as if she just had a slow melt down. When the bag finished she was too busy to notice and I just let her run until she was finished. I eased out the nozzle and then after a few minutes took her to the bathroom. I stood over her and watched her release. Her eyes never left mine and she released without any shame.

“You seemed to like your enema and the spanking pretty well.” I commented, “Did Onalea give you enemas?”

“She gave me a few when I was little and would get constipated but I really got hooked on them when I started having my periods and a friend gave some to me to help with the cramps one night at a sleep over. We used to get together every month and do it and talk about boys. I nearly always had an orgasm while she gave them to me and she did to when I gave her hers. When I turned 18 I looked up one of Mama’s friends and she found me a Dom that liked to do enemas. It was heaven. Unfortunately it only lasted for a few months because he got transferred out of state. Shortly afterwards I left for college and that was pretty much that.”

We chatted the entire time she was on the toilet. In my experience it was rare to find a woman so comfortable and easy about the expulsion. Generally it is embarrassing to them to have me witness it until we are very close and familiar. “Does it bother you to have me here watching as you release?” I finally asked.

“I was a little embarrassed at first Mathew but I feel like it is your right to do so if you wish so I accept it. You put it into me and you know what it causes so you must like being here for it or you would have left. You seem comfortable being here and now I am comfortable having you here.”

I have to admit, she had charmed me to death. I was well into infatuation already. “You are just so very beautiful and natural that even watching you do this is a pleasure.”

When she was about done I went and got the bag. I refilled it with warm salty water this time and had it ready when she was done. We went to the bed and I put her on her back. I fingered her until she moaned and bucked for me and then put the nozzle in and started the flow. With her legs up and spread I pulled her ass to the very edge of the bed and knelt to lap at her wetness. She stroked my hair as I brought her to her climax and then I stood and took my pleasure with her. As the enema flowed I slowly entered her and we rocked gently through the entire enema. Only when the bag was flat and her hold was done did I speed up and together we erupted. I thought for a second that she had lost her enema but it was just a VERY wet, noisy and juicy orgasm.

Her release was all in a long rush and she bounced and bucked as she did it because I had three fingers in her and was spanking her pussy as she did it. I was anxious for this last enema so when she slowed to nearly a stop I told her to clean up and return to the bed. I refilled and followed her. I let her rest through this one and it flowed easily and swiftly into her.

“Are you going to do me after this one Mathew; in the ass and make me yours?”

“After this enema is out and you are ready I am going to spank you again and them make you a Grey Wolf if that is still what you want.”

“More than ever Mathew!!”

As soon as the enema was done we went to the bathroom and she began to empty. We took our time and I was pleased to see that she was clear. “You took enemas before I came today didn’t you?”

“I wanted to be ready for you no matter what you wanted.” She replied. “I also was so horny and excited about meeting you that I needed to do something to take the edge off.”

I laughed, “If this is how you are AFTER the edge is off you must be a wild woman normally!”

“Actually Mathew, as soon as I saw you I was wet and ready to go. It was as if I had not had any sex in months!”

“That greeting WAS rather energetic. I really felt welcomed.” We laughed together. When she was done we took a shower and returned to the bed. I took her over my lap this time and renewed the redness on her ass. When I was done I laid her back and I worked her up with my mouth and hands until she was almost in tears and begging me to take her. She wanted it on her back so she could see me and so that was how I came to her. With her legs spread wide and pulled back she lay and waited as I eased to and then into her warm and very tight little hole.

“OHHHH Matheeeeew! That feels soooo good. Please just keep going in, I want all of you in me NOW!” She moaned as soon as I pressed against her. She opened easily and took me into her depths. “Oh FUCK Matt!! I’m cumming RIGHT NOW!!!” She groaned as her hips gyrated and humped wildly against me.

I stayed in her and let her set the pace for a while. Then when she slowed I took over and began to pound her. As I started to feel my finish rushing along I told her in long hissing gasps, “I claim you Michele as MINE and from this day forth you will be Michele GREY WOLF!” I hammered in the last two words and then gushed deeply into her bowels and stayed there as long as I could.

She looked up at me and I saw that she was crying. “I love you Mathew Grey Wolf!!!”

“I love you Michele Grey Wolf. You are Grey Wolf and you will never be alone again. You have more husbands than you can imagine and as many sisters as well and they will ALL love you as I do!”

I slipped from her and then took her in my arms. We cuddled and napped and then got up and after I gave her another little enema we showered together and returned to bed. We slept and I was amazed when I woke and found that it was 9 in the morning. I nearly never sleep that late. I eased from her arms and went to the bathroom. After tending to that I pulled on my pants and went to find a phone.

Deacon assured me that everything was fine and there was no rush for me to return. “Actually Matt take your time. The men will pick up on your tension and they will take you not being here as a good sign and that you are confident that they are ready.”

I got off the phone and asked Len for a pen and some paper. He laughed and asked, “Did she wear you down so far that you are going to leave her a dear Jane letter and RUN! She is just like her Mama and like the old energizer bunny! She just keeps going and going and going.

I laughed, “Actually Len it was more like she kept coming and coming and coming!! No, she is Grey Wolf now. I am just going to write her a letter of introduction to Deacon and Rose.” I paused, “You know, incase something happens to me tonight. No matter what, she is Grey Wolf now.”

I heard a sob behind me and then, “Mathew!!! Don’t even THINK that!” I turned and Michele came flying into my arms squalling.

Finally I took her, and the pen and paper back to the bedroom where I calmed her down and then wrote the damn letter with her sobbing softly on my shoulder. Then I calmed her some more in the horizontal position.

When I left to rejoin my group I got cried at by both Michele and Onalea and Michele promised me that I would be ok. She and her doctor were going to be part of the emergency medical teams that were going to be as close to things as possible and still be safe. Most of the places to be hit in San Antonio were in one of three sections and tended to sort of clump together and Michele was to be in the same section as the Grey Wolf contingent.

As Colonel Fred had pointed out, Gang bangers don’t make good neighbors and people tend to move away from them. There were exceptions though. There was one house that was going to be hit by 50 men. It was a big shots place in the nicest part of town and it would be harder to hit because it was well guarded. They actually had a small tank assigned to it to torch the place and then the entire grounds would become the killing field.