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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 48

The next afternoon I received a call from Onalea and Len asking me to come see them for dinner. Since I was free and bored to tears I told them that I would love to come and then went and dressed. When I got there Onalea let me in and kissed me thoroughly.

“It is so good to see you again Matt. Come on I’ve got someone that I want you to meet.” We went through into the back and into their personal living quarters and Len greeted me warmly. With him was a stunningly beautiful woman. She was tall with white blond hair and I instantly knew that she had to be Onalea’s daughter just from looking at her.

She came to me and I held out my hand but she went right by it and threw her arms around my neck kissing me as if we were old lovers long separated but never forgotten. Her tongue was urgent and when I let it in she filled my mouth with her inquisitive searching. When she finally pulled away I was hard as a rock, she checked that firmly with her hand! “Hello Mathew! I have wanted to meet you for a long time!! Pops and Mama have told me all about you and your Grey Wolf family!! I’m Michele and I am just so excited to meet you!”

Her hand was still holding court with my hard cock and her left hand was behind my head. My arms were around her waist and all I could say was simply, “Well, as you can tell I’m pretty excited to meet you too!”

Onalea laughed, “Give him some breathing room Honey, you can screw him later. If you keep going he’s going to rip his pants and you are going to get it now!!”

Michele looked at me, “Would you like a little more room Mathew?” Her hand touched my zipper and I chickened out!! I stepped back blushing and babbling, “It sure is nice to meet you too. Onalea where have you been hiding HER? Damn girl you are something else!” I was fanning myself and she began to laugh and stepped away.

“I’m sorry if I came on a little too strong Mathew.” She said looking only a tiny bit sorry. “I have just heard so much about you and I don’t know if you know it or not but since the word went out about how y’all handled those California crazies that attacked y’all, well you are slowly becoming a sort of cult hero to a lot of people. Did you really kill a hundred of them yourself??? They say that since then you took out an entire band of military deserters that tried to attack you all by yourself too!!!”

“Now where in the hell did you come up with that??” I blurted,

“A couple of women from down south said that they were eye witnesses and that you saved them and killed all of the men that were keeping them as slaves.” She giggled, “They also say that you have a cock as big as a horses and that they had to leave because in order for them to stay they had to fuck you AND take it in the ass!” she looked down and laughed, “Let’s say that they were only slightly exaggerating about the horse part… maybe a pony.”

“Those bitches!! I can’t believe after the fit they threw that they are telling this shit! We saved them and all they ever said to us was that we were Satan’s spawn and going to hell!! We threw THEM out. I carried them to a town a good piece away and tossed them out at the city limits!”

She looked slightly pouty, “So if they had stayed you wouldn’t have fucked them and made them take it in the ass? I was especially looking forward to that last part.”

Len rolled his eyes, “Matt my Daughter is here tonight to beg you to accept her into your family. I think that she would be a good recruit for you. She has her Mothers brains and was only about 6 moths away from graduation in the University of Colorado in Denver medical school when the shit came apart. She is good with a gun, has a brown belt in jujitsu and walked home from school in Denver cross country after things went to shit. She’s a survivor Matt.”

Onalea tossed in, “She is also like Len in that she has no inhibitions and likes ass play a lot. She will fit right into your sort of family pleasures even or maybe especially the enemas.”

“I am very flexible Mathew! I can do a lot of different things. I have been working for the local doctor as a sort of unofficial physician’s assistant but I will work the fields if that is what you need and I am a pretty fair carpenter too. Pops taught me that when I was a kid. I’m strong and you will never hear me complain about hard work.”

I was more than a little taken aback. I asked, “But why would you want to leave your life here to come out in the mesquite scrub to work your ass off? You have to know that you are safer and more comfortable here.”

“Mathew, there are several reasons. I am fully my parent’s daughter and though they always kept their sex play and lifestyle in the background when I was little, I also always knew that there was a lot more to sex than just the friction of rubbing a man and woman together. I think it may be in the genes but I am very attracted to the BDSM lifestyle and sex play of all kinds.” She glared at Len, “Pops is the only man that has ever kicked me out of his bed!” She laughed, “If he had stayed asleep just a little longer it would have been too late for him.” She licked her lips, “I’m kinky Mathew. I love to play and share, I’m a switch and like both ends of the whip OR hose equally. I’m a klismo and you know how hard it is to find people to play with. Also, The Grey Wolf Family is slowly becoming legend and I want to be a part of it!”

“Now let up on him Michele and we will have diner.” Onalea chided her.

“She doesn’t need to let up Onalea, I have heard enough, if she wants to be Grey Wolf she is welcome. After this little thing here in San Antone is taken care of she is welcome to return with us. I assume that she is a Brother?”

Len nodded, “Since just after her 21st birthday.”

“Better and better. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her as hard and hungrily as she had kissed me earlier. Then I whispered into her ear, “YES, you have to fuck me and take it in the ass if you want to be Grey Wolf and my wife.”

She hugged me tight, “Mama said that your wife told her that you take it in the ass too! I can hardly wait!!!”

“You don’t have to wait. According to Rose all that is required is for you to ask, me as the Alpha male to accept and for me to take you to bed as my wife and the rest is just paperwork formalities.”

She jumped up and down and squealed, “TONIGHT!!!!!”

Len shook his head, “You might as well Matt. You won’t get any peace and quiet until you do. I recommend that you add one other thing to her marriage ceremony. I’m sorry Matt but I spoiled her rotten. The only thing that I have ever been able to tell her no about and make it stick was when she tried to do me in my sleep. If you don’t wear her ass out on a regular basis she will think that she is the boss in everything!”

“Is that true? You do know that as the Alpha I am the final boss over you in every way. One of my jobs is to dispense justice to the family. I do that with a heavy leather strap. Are you ready to give yourself to that? Since your father recommends it I will require it before anything else tonight. You will sit on a pillow for a couple of days.”

Her eyes were big and brimming with tears, “PLEASE Mathew! I don’t care if I can EVER sit again.!”

“Can we eat dinner first?” I asked.

“YES, you will need the nourishment to keep your strength up.” She informed me gleefully. “Enemas too??? Tonight so you can take my booty too?”

I laughed and nodded and Onalea led us to dinner.

Dinner was a rather odd experience. The air was charged with sexual tension and also the tension of what we all knew tomorrow was going to bring. I didn’t eat much but it was all good. I was just too wound up to be very hungry. Unlike most of the others that I had brought, I had no experience in this part of war and combat. There was little time for thinking or worrying and nearly no waiting in my past experiences. Deacon had laughed at me the night before when I told him that I was more nervous than I had ever felt in a fight. He told me to just forget it until the time came and then react to whatever came. He told me how you made all the preparations that you could in advance and then as soon as things blew up you just did what was necessary and no amount of worry would make you more prepared because all plans only lasted until the first encounter with the enemy. Then you had to change everything because the enemy didn’t usually follow your plan very well.

After dinner I called Deacon and told him that I would be over the wall until the morning. “Good for you!” So you found you some diversion? I was hoping you would. I’ve fought with you before Matt I know that you will fight I was just worried that you were going to worry yourself into a mess before it started. There is nothing like a woman to focus a man on what is important…PUSSY!!!” He laughed and told me that he would keep everyone in line and see me in the morning sometime. “Sleep late if you can Matt. Tomorrow will be a long night.”

Onalea took Len to their bedroom and left Michele and I alone after that and we settled in the livingroom on the couch at first. “Do you have any questions Michele? Is there anything about Grey Wolf and how we live?”

“I got one of the pamphlets you handed out last time you were here recruiting. I would have come to you then but the Doctor I am working with was pretty desperate to find a replacement for me first so I put it off. I also talked to several of the people that you interviewed and they gave me the lowdown on things. Matt, it sounds like what I’ve been looking for my entire life. My sexual pleasures in BDSM and anal play make it seem like you made your rules with me specifically in mind. I understand that you have three ladies already and so I don’t expect you to have a lot of time for me but the family will. I will never have to feel alone again. It was hard when I went to college and then even worse in medical school. Here at home I knew all the kinky people. I knew who to trust and who was good to play with. When I went away to Virginia to College it was different and for the first time I found out how hard it is to find the RIGHT people when you don’t know anyone. To tell you the truth my time in college was the opposite of what it is for most people. I partied here and there I just went to school and studied.” She laughed, I came home to play! I couldn’t find the right people in either community. I think in part it is because most of the people I know here I met through older people. There isn’t much scene activity around the colleges.” She eased over close to me, “Do you KNOW how long I have waited for the right man to come along and what it feels like to discover that there is a small town of them out there just waiting for me???”

I kissed her and we went to her bedroom.