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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 50

Our objective was a rather simple affair actually. There were three houses on the end of a cul-de-sac with two burned out empties beside them and two abandoned so they were the only houses on the street that were occupied. We planned to take out all three as a single unit with fire bombs planted front and then thrown in back with all avenues of escape covered and blocked. As soon as the fire bombs went off two heavy armored cars would block off the road totally and we would hit the burning houses with heavy fire making it nearly impossible for anyone to even exit the houses.

We gathered and ate a light meal at about 7pm and then rested until 11. Then we put on our game face and started gearing up. All of Grey Wolf had class three body armor covering our chests and backs. This would theoretically stop all small arms fired bullets up to a 7.62/30 cal fired from a rifle. Over this went our black BDUs and over that our vests belts and harnesses. Every man had a primary weapon and a 40S&W Glock handgun. We were carrying enough ammo to fight a full war and each of our 7 man units had also one demolitions man provided by the Army to set off the incendiary bombs. Each team also had one heavy M60 level of better rifle. One Group had Sam with his Bartlett 50cal that would stop nearly anything. He was to make sure nobody got away with hiding behind a car to return fire or anything like that. The 50 would perforate a car like it wasn’t there except for the engine area. We set him up on the hill to our right flank where he could cover both the front and the right from about 400 yards out. For Sam that was nearly point blank.

At 1am we loaded up and Brotherhood drivers took us to our jump off point. We split up and every man knew to the inch where he needed to be. We were layered with the lighter high volume weapons low and up front with their back covered by the heavier battle rifles. The snipers were higher still and set well ahead of the H-Hour deadline. At 1:50 the Demo boys crawled up to the front porches and set their charges and then in the back the nearest Grey Wolf got ready with throwable fire bombs and a couple of grenades. When the primaries went off in front they were going to count to ten throw a grenade and then the fire bombs and then another grenade and then fall back covered by the heavies behind them. In theory when the primaries went off in front those inside would head for the back. The first grenade would bust a door or window that they could then throw the incendiary through and follow that with another grenade turning those inside back to the front that by then should be a ball of fire. THAT was the idea.

The Demo boys were good and installed their bombs without disturbing anyone or being detected. They pulled back and then ran to the armored trucks so that as soon as the bombs went off they could seal off the street. The top of one of the trucks would also be a perch for the M60 in the front.

The longest wait of all was that damn 5 minutes between the placement of the bombs and the 2am start when all over town the bombs were all supposed to go. At exactly 2 on the dot the front of the middle and right houses went up. Ten seconds later the backs went and there was fire everywhere. The fucking bomb on the left house didn’t go off!! Everybody cut loose and in seconds there wasn’t a window left in any of the houses.

I saw Clyde jump up with a grenade in his hand and make a dash to the front of the house on the left where the bomb was that hadn’t gone off and toss the grenade. Just as he threw it he was hit and when down because the front door opened and the people inside came pouring out spooked by the incendiary and two grenades in the back. Clyde almost ran right into them and when the door opened the grenade went through the fucking front door and into the house. The problem was that the bigger bomb was beside the front porch and by going inside the grenade didn’t set off the big bomb! I cut down the one that had shot Clyde. The front of the middle house was a solid wall of flames so I gave all my attention to the one on the left and Clyde.

I was toting an M-16 and was spraying the front of the house nonstop. When I dumped my third magazine out I crammed another one in and jumped out of the hole I was in and made a dash for Clyde. I felt a burning on my left shoulder just as I got to Clyde. He was face down and there was a lot of blood. It looked like he had taken one in the head but that didn’t matter. He was MINE and I was taking him back. I yanked him up by his harness and threw him over my shoulders. Something kicked me in the chest and knocked the wind out of me but I turned and ran. As I neared the ditch in front of the burned out house next door to the left house it looked good so I turned to it. Something hit my right leg and then be damned if I didn’t take a hit in my right side up high. My mouth filled with blood and I jumped for the ditch. Before I dropped into it the entire world went bright white! A sound like the end of the world hit me and tossed us completely over the ditch. I hit hard and rolled to my back.

It got real quiet then. I looked up trying to understand what had happened. I coughed and more blood gushed out of my mouth. Strangely I was in no pain. I thought about Rose and how pissed she was going to be. I thought about Cynthia and Candy and wished I had told then that I loved them more often. Then I thought about Michele and was glad that I had written that letter for her.

I heard a voice and then saw a bright light. I looked up expecting to see maybe the face of God…but it was Deacon. He had a flashlight in his hand and he was looking down at me. You son of a bitch!! Rose is going to fucking KILL me!!! I promised her that I would take care of you!!”

I smiled and opened my mouth to tell him that it was better him than me that had to face her, but the blood poured and I choked and things got dark and quiet and then was no more…

I felt someone pulling on me and my eyes popped open. Deacon was ripping my BDU shirt off and Michele was there screaming for him to let her stop the blood. I was surprised to be there and tried to say hi but fainted when she pushed Deacon aside and crammed something into the hole in my side while someone else was doing something really shitty to my right leg and left arm.

There was a long time when there was nothing. I knew it was a long time because it lasted a long time and I kept waiting for someone to either turn on the lights or open the pearly gates for me. I seemed to be in hell or at least that is what I decided. I hurt everywhere and was hot as hell for sure. What bothered me the most was how dark and quiet it was. I hated being alone and wondered once if that was all there was to being dead.

The lights came on!! I opened my eyes and gasped. I looked up and saw a beautiful woman leaning over me. She had great tits! I reached to touch them but was too slow. She saw that my eyes were open and smiled. She turned, “Hey, your man is back. He tried to cop a feel of my boob so he must be feeling pretty good.”

She stepped out of my line of sight and another face replaced it. Then there were a lot of faces and a lot of people talking all at once. I smiled and went to sleep.

This time when I woke up I actually was pretty positive that I was still in the land of the living. I tried to move and groaned and a voice asked, “Are you going to stay awake this time or fall asleep again as soon as you see me.” Rose leaned over me and kissed me softly. I felt a kiss on my other cheek and slowly turned my head to see Cynthia. She was crying.

“How did I get back home?” I whispered hoarsely.

Rose answered, “You are not at home Matt you are in intensive care still in San Antonio! You are going to be ok but it’s going to take a little while.”

“How did you get here?”

Rose grinned, “Your newest wife sent her Pops to get us and Colonel Fred sent him in a helicopter! It was touch and go for a little while. You lost a lot of blood.”

I remembered what had happened but it seemed like a long time ago. “Clyde! They shot him in the head!!!! I had to get him out!”

Rose laughed, “Shit Matt that was the one place that he couldn’t be hurt!! The fucking bullet bounced right off the side of his hard head and just knocked him out cold. He is already home!! You and he were the only Grey Wolf casualties. If you hadn’t got him though he would have been toast! What do you remember?”

“I grabbed him and ran like hell! I was jumping into a ditch when the world went crazy and that is about it!” Then I laughed, “Deacon showed up and I thought he was Saint Peter for a second and then he started telling me that I was an SOB because you were going to kill him!”

She smiled; he is still alive… just barely though. He and Candy are the Alpha’s right now while we get you up and running again. The houses y’all hit were evidently meth labs. The one in the middle blew up and flattened the other two then they all went up in a hurry. The rest of the people all were far enough back that they didn’t get singed much. You and Clyde were only slightly toasted.” She glared at me. “You have a hole in your left shoulder, right thigh, right side and out your chest that poked two holes in your right lung. You also have three broken ribs where your armor stopped one right in the middle of your fucking chest and a bruise like you wouldn’t believe. You lost a LOT of blood and went shocky on Michele three times!”

“But were we successful? State wide and in San Antone?”

“Totally. 90% killed that night and most of the rest were shot trying to sneak out of the cities the next day or two.”

“Day or two? How long have I been down?”

Rose patted my head and a tear ran down her face. “You have been out for four of the longest days of my life Baby!”

“Mathew!!!” A voice called out as the door slammed open. Michele rushed in and to me and Rose actually let her have her place. She kissed me several times and then glared at me. YOU were supposed to be back and out of harms way!”

“Hey I was but Clyde got clumsy and fell down and I had to go get him. I HAD to Michele. He is Grey Wolf he is my brother.”

Rose asked from behind. “How many women do you think the Alpha house will hold Matt? I’m telling you now that Michele is the last one you are adding to your harem. She hasn’t left your side except to go to the bathroom since they brought you into the forward aid station. She was there when Deacon carried you in. You do have good taste in women though. If not for her you would have bled to death. She has also saved your life again too!”

“How is that?” I asked.

“Because if she hadn’t worked so fucking hard keeping you alive and kicking I would have killed you for being a fucking hero as soon as I got you home. As it is she is just going to have to nurse you back to health after I beat you half to death!!!”

The End… for now


Well what do y’all think? This is a good place to end this one. It is at 118 Thousand words which is a thick book. Is there any interest in a book 2 of the Continued Grey Wolf family adventures? There seems to be fewer reads so I decided to end it here but if there is enough interest I will pick it up for another round. I’m not asking for much, just post a “MORE” or “ENOUGH” so I will know if there is any interest. If you don't wish to post here you can email me.

I would love to hear from you all about what you would like to see in my stories. I am slowly trying to include things that are not necessarily my fetish to add interest to a wider audience. I’m also interested in any advice on improving my style and technique. I’m not even CLOSE to an English Major! LOL. Drop me a line at



Roll Call

Grey Wolf Family (72)

Underlined names refer to the fact that they are dead…

*Denotes that they became Grey Wolf

> Dominant

O Jeremiah… Charismatic leader and founder of and first Alpha Male of the Grey Wolf Family…. 50,6’4” 195 black hair going grey at temples. Special forces unarmed combat instructor, Clinical Psychologist and Carpenter/Cabinet maker.


>BM Rose…MD Doctor and Alpha Female 45 5’5” 140 Brown long hair, soft brown eyes and big boobs. She is also a chef and has Black Belt in Karate fine tuned and added to by Jeremiah

>O Matthew (Matt)…Second Alpha Male and leader of the Grey Wolf Family Brown sun streaked hair and blue eyes, 34, 5’11” 210 built like a power lifter. Blacksmith, Mechanic and Mechanical Engineer Black Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and pro fighter for two years...


BM Cynthia Ann…32 5’6” 130 Blond hair blue eyes…Horticulturist and Biologist also some med training. Brown belt in judo

>B Candice (Candy) 35 5’6” 175 long black hair black eyes and a double helping of everything especially personality. Psychologist and sort of General Manager and Moral officer... Probably the current most obvious choice for Alpha female if something happened to Rose.

B Joan 29 5’10” 145 Black hair Brown eyes, built like a dancer with a very nice ass. One of Cynthia’s best friends…

>BF William (Willie) & Younger Brother of Clyde 29, 5’8” 200lbs Brown hair with green eyes. Narrow shoulders and a little bit of a pot belly. Carpenter.


BM Susan (Susie) older sister to Nicole 31, 5’5” 155lbs Blond hair and brown eyes... pear shaped with small breasts a Cadillac ass and the face of an angel… Nutritionist and cook

O Clyburn (Clyde) Willies big brother… 31, 5’ 10” 185, Brown hair and Brown eyes, Ex-military, Carpenter and gentle sort of quiet man...


B Nicole (Nicky) 27, 5’4”, 125lbs Strawberry Blond with Blue eyes Built like a movie star and sweetly seems to be unaware of it. A degree in Archeology made her a perfect field hand and laborer.

>BF Manual (Manny) & 28 5’10” 240 Hispanic to the bone and looks it. Cowboy with a degree in agriculture… Ferrier, heavy equipment operator and mechanic


O Darryl (Deacon) & 28, 6’4” 225 Black and built like a brick shit house. Ex military ex Special Forces ex cop poet, painter (both the blue collar kind and the artsy fartsy kind) and can do some plumbing and carpentry. Deshawn’s little brother



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