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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 47

When everyone was there I told them all how much I loved them and told them how they all needed to help each other and Rose through the days that were ahead. “Tomorrow twenty one of us will go and hopefully make Texas a safer place. In most ways it will be harder on those that stay and wait than it will b e for those that go. I call on all of you to draw closer and help those that worry the most and show it the least. I just got finished wearing Rose’s ass out and as you all know she also receiver the full treatment. I feel in part to blame for this because I should have seen the tension building in her. All twenty of us are like her children so she is worrying for us all. I also now see that each woman here is also sending twenty husbands. Pull together! I want to come home to happy people not a mess because we let our worries push us apart rather then together! You can’t imagine how proud I was when I look out and saw that you had given Mama Rose the courtesy to suffer in solitude. I love you all with all my heart.” The tears had returned and when I was done we were in the middle of the biggest group hug and love huddle EVER.

That evening the house was closed and it was family only. All my women were there and worried so naturally I was going to get spanked, hosed and fucked senseless! If I had to guess, some version of this was playing itself out all over the place that night as all the women were determined to give the men a memorable send off.

As I was to learn, Dave was at least as up tight about all of this as the women. They took me to Roses, bedroom as soon as the sun had set and things were locked down for the night. It was Rose’s bedroom because the women each had a bedroom and Mark and I went where we were told. Rose’s bedroom was slightly larger and had a bigger bathroom because it was the one most often used for family get-togethers of this sort.

First I was stripped and taken to the bathroom for a bath and shave. Only after some serious begging and warnings that it might make me chafe and be distracted did I miss out on having my goodies shaved! When they were done I was taken to the end of the bed where each woman and then to my surprise, Mark, spanked me and cried out their worries and concerns. These were gentle spankings offered more in love and care than anything else. I knew that I wouldn’t need to carry a pillow in my gear.

I then was put up onto the bed and each one gave me a nice enema and each also took several nice enemas. Several times the ladies or Marks had to dash to another room to find an open toilet! There were always at least two on the bed receiving at any given time. For my part, they were all very gentle and lovey-dovey. When everyone was cleaned out they came to me one at a time and made love to me with me on my back. Each rode with great enthusiasm but none stayed quiet long enough for me to pop my cork. Then they would slide away and move to Mark who was receiving the same treatment. It became a game to see how many times they could each mount me and not let me cum. They had a wager of sorts going on who would stay too long and the winner/loser on each of us, Mark and I would get spanked and get it in the butt on the next round. Mark popped first. He was finally so far gone that as soon as Candy settled down onto him he bucked and lost it. I lasted slightly longer and Cynthia stayed just a little too long.

We rested for a little while and then Cynthia and Candy went to work on Mark and I while Rose warmed their asses. It was sort of stimulating, at least to me. Cynthia was sucking me while Rose was alternating girls and cheeks as Candy was working on Mark. I finally told Rose that unless they wanted to have to do this again later that she needed to let Cynthia off of me! I was getting very excited. I wondered what Rose was going to be doing while the sodomizing was going on but I shouldn’t have had to wonder.

As Mark and I mounted our respective ladies I looked back and saw that Rose had installed and strapped on her favorite dildo. She told Mark and I that when we came to just lie on down onto our girls and spread our legs and raise our asses up for her.

Cynthia cheated on me. She started quivering her ass as soon as I was in. Her cheeks quivered in an insanely erotic fashion and her asshole also gyrated in similar fashion. She knew that this had always driven me crazy with lust and so I was the first to bow forwards and receive Rose’s pleasure.

I guess that I was still having the little after shocks from my orgasm when Rose slipped in because almost as soon as she started on me it felt like my prostate was being tickled with an electric charge and I hardened still in Cynthia’s ass and began to do her again as Rose did me. It felt like one long orgasm and it went on until I was just mindless and according to SOME, screaming like a little girl.

I vaguely remember Mark singing a similar tune. I remember grinning because Mark is always a very vocal ass fuck… I guess I am getting that way too. Cynthia and I parted finally and she went to get warm wet wash clothes and towels. I was rolled to my back and as soon as Mark and Rose were done he was rolled over and Candy and Cynthia sat on our faces for cleaning while they washed us. Having gotten loaded in both the pussy and the ass, they were very messy and soon very vocal.

The rest of the night we cuddled; there wasn’t much choice with 5 of us in the bed. In the morning I got cried on and thoroughly kissed. Even Mark got in on that action and I was informed by Rose that if I acted like a fool and cause injury to the bod that she had come to love that she would beat me to death if the bullet didn’t.

We traveled in style! Grey DOG style. At 8 in the morning a Grey Hound bus pulled up to the gate causing Val, who was on the gate at the time to wet herself. She was expecting a truck or something and the big bus full of men literally scared the pee out of her. She called in, her voice still shaky and told me that someone claiming to be my brother’s widow was there to make a pick up. She also asked me if I could send Deshawn out with another pair of pants and panties. When she finally explained what had happened I thought that I was going to lose my breakfast I laughed so hard.

The bus pulled into the main yard and twenty-one of us stowed our gear and climbed aboard. The man in charge made himself known to me and we were welcomed aboard. His name was. He was 51 years old, 6’ and 195lbs, bald with green eyes, Ex-Marine Bird Colonel and now full Colonel in the Texas Army.

“Welcome aboard Mr. Grey Wolf!” He handed me a pair of silver bars. You are now Captain Grey Wolf. We are glad to have you. I’m Colonel Fredrick Reynolds, just call me Fred.”

“Please, call me Matt. Grey Wolf is the family’s name and all of us are Grey Wolf.”

“Excellent! I was only expecting 20 men, 21 is all the better.”

“That’s twenty men and ME! It turned out that I hadn’t counted myself when I made the initial list.”

Great we need all we can get. Come and sit with me. We will talk Matt and I will bring you up to speed on Operation TOT. That stands for Take Out the Trash by the way.” He and I sat in the front with a Lieutenant Jones called Preacher and he filled me in on the over all picture and my part specifically.

We were to be split into three teams of 7 each and would surround three separate houses all in a row so we would be also protecting each others flanks. Fred was very pleased with the ordinance that we had brought and I told him about the recent contributions made to our armory by the Major and his band of merry men. He nodded and agreed that we had lucked out. He had street maps and aerial shots of the Grey Wolf objectives and after talking tactics I went back to Deacon and my men and started making plans. We decided who would be in each group and who was in charge of each. I would take the center group with Deacon as second in command on my left flank and Barkley lead the third group and was my third on my right. I had Butcher for my second, Deacon had Sam and Barkley had Jack. We were well split as far as skills and abilities went and each knew that he could trust all others with their life.

The bus made one other stop and was then full and we headed for San Antonio. Our basic cover if anyone asked was that we were a lodge group going to convention. We all were dressed casually and out ordinance would be off loaded in a bus barn away from prying eyes while we would be living it up in a hotel. The first night there we sent our youngest and horniest out to raise a little hell around the hotel and drag as many State licensed ladies of pleasure back to the rooms as possible to make sure anyone that looked would see that we were there to party.

The gangs had just HATED the fact that we legalized sex in Texas. Our pleasure girls were clean and respected business ladies and not only did they not need pimps, it was against the law for a male to fill that position. The ladies were organized and in Texas at least there was no organized crime connection. There were still whores but they were used for the worst sort of abuse and when caught they were spayed and their pimps if caught were neutered. If you used a licensed pleasure girl you had few worries about STDs because they were tested weekly, you had NO worries about getting rolled and you had a good time because the ladies liked what they were doing and were well paid.

Late that night Deacon and I along with the top two from each group were spirited away to a meeting where things were finalized and fully coordinated. Our transport would pick us up at midnight two nights from then and we would be carried to our assigned areas and allowed to set up. We knew where every man was to be posted around their objective and where every backup unit would be stationed. We took this information back to our people and went over it with them until everyone knew their place and who was around them.

Our gear was delivered while we were at the meetings and everyone checked and rechecked everything. We were all fully armed with an excess of ammo. We also would receive three special people, one for each group that would handle the fire bombs and explosives. That brought our compliment up to 24. Now came the hardest part of all. The Waiting!