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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 46

By Thursday morning we were loaded up, food, gear, arms, ammo and medical. We all had our black BDUs and body armor packed and were just waiting and biting our nails. Thursday at about 9 in the morning, Anna came and told me that I was needed at the Woodshed. Stephanie and Rose were there and the side of Stephanie’s face was red and puffy.

I took one look at her and blurted, “Damn Stephanie what the hell happened??”

Rose answered for her. “She is worried and upset about David going on this job with you and having problems dealing with it. She isn’t alone. She and another had a few cross words and the other woman who’s man is also going lost her shit and slapped the shit out of her. She did absolutely nothing to deserve this Matt and I want the person responsible severely punished!! Grey Wolf does NOT hit Grey Wolf just because they are upset!! What do you think, at least 20 licks and off to the other side of the shed for paddling and enemas?”

“Damn Rose 20 is a lot! Who are we talking about? Have they been in trouble before? Where is she?”

Rose looked down and began to cry. “She is ME Matt!!”

Stephanie took her into her arms and held her and began crying too. “I told her we didn’t need to come here Matt. I understand! She is Mama Rose, I am worried about David, she is worried about you especially but to her the rest are all like sons to her!! We were upset and she snapped at me and I went off. I screamed at her and she slapped the shit out of me. I considered it a MEDICAL treatment for hysteria! She is the one that insisted that we HAD to come here.” She grinned, “To tell you the truth I feel a lot better now so the special treatment was effective as far as I’m concerned”

Rose pulled away from Stephanie, “Matt, we all are worried about all of you. I’m no different in that. What I did was wrong in the very worst sort of way and even worse because of my position both as the Doctor AND the Alpha Bitch… and lately I have truly been a real Bitch! Others saw it and what I did, I did as Rose not as the Alpha Female. I would insist on the same for anyone else and you would too so I insist on it for me!”

“I still think 20 is a lot for one understandable lapse of judgment Rose. Stephanie forgives you and understands.” I smiled at her, I think that 10 would be more than enough considering your record and lack of previous offenses.”

“Mathew, I DON’T forgive me. I said 20 because it is 10 for Rose and 10 for the Doctor/Alpha. I of ALL people should have better control!” She shot me one of those looks that said very clearly that arguing with her would be a BAD idea. “I’ve already sent Anna to wait for me next door and I am going to ask Stephanie to assist her. I want you present as well and you WILL paddle my ass twice! I order that as the Alpha! If you don’t do it right when you get back I will take you out in the yard and tear your ass up in front of everyone for refusing a direct order from the senior Alpha!” She began to strip, “Enough talking I deserve this so let’s get this show on the road!” When she was naked she looked at me and sobbed, “Matt, I NEED this! I am so afraid for you and it is just eating me up inside. I need to cry it out and this is the only way that will happen!” she fell into Stephanie’s arms squalling and apologizing to her.

Stephanie looked at me and nodded, “She and I cried for a long time before we came. I really do feel better.”

I nodded and Stephanie helped Rose to the spanking bench and over it. She went to the back side and they held hands. I got the strap and came to them. I knew that if I was going to do it, I had to do it right. I proceeded to just slowly and methodically whip the hell out of her. I worked it from upper thighs to the top of her buttocks and when I was done I knew that she would eat standing for a couple of days. She was crying so hard that I just picked her up and carried her in my arms to the treatment room next door. Anna was there and had the first enema hanging and waiting.

“I made the first one when you started on her ass.” Anna told me. I placed Rose on the table and Anna put on the gloves. I watched and made sure that she used the right stuff and it was obvious when she pushed two fingers covered in it between Roses cheeks and into her ass that it was. Rose yelped, lost her breath for several seconds and then really began to bawl. Stephanie was crying again and went to the head of the table to hold her hands and try to comfort her.

Anna eased the big nozzle in and it also was covered in the hot stuff. The enema was done as per the rules…Nonstop and fast. The enema made her tummy swell and I could see the muscles twisting and cramping. She finally screamed and then kept screaming for the last little bit of the enema. When Anna closed the clamp and set the clock she calmed a little and just cried in Stephanie’s arms until the hold was done.

Anna eased the nozzle out and I helped her to her feet. Anna handed her the bucket and toilet paper and Rose waddled as fast as she could to squatters square. It was one of my proudest moments as the Grey Wolf Alpha. I am sure that by the time they had come to me, everyone in the community knew what had happened. The sound of the strap and the cries that go with it could be heard all over I’m also sure. Everyone also knows the sound of someone getting one of Rose’s special enemas. Even the toughest man will let out a yell when the special lubricant hits them! As Rose walked to Squatters Square there wasn’t a Grey Wolf in sight. Nobody wanted to add to Rose’s punishment by witnessing it in any way. She was Mama Rose and while they understood why she might feel this was necessary, they didn’t want to make it any more embarrassing than it had to be.

When she came back she got back on the table. She was still crying but not quite so hard. Unfortunately I had to fix that! I took her paddle and while Anna made another hot enema, as Rose had instructed her to do before coming to me, I blistered her ass with the paddle. The second round of the hot lubricant was even worse than the first and her squeals echoed as she was lubricated and the nozzle pushed into her raw and tender butt. The one good thing about these enemas is that the first one generally totally cleans you out. Your colon rejects it totally and everything inside heads for the exit in a big hurry. That means that the second one while hotter and more painful in that way, is usually faster going in and not quite as crampy. Rose cried through the whole thing but only screamed as Anna pulled the big nozzle out of her seriously sore hole. She almost rat to Squatters Square this time!

When she returned she dumped and cleaned the bucket and then mounted the table again. I took the paddle and paddled her ass thoroughly and was sure that she wouldn’t sit comfortably for at least a week! The punishment was over now as far as I was concerned and I took Stephanie’s place. The rinse enemas are big but you are clean and they neutralize the burn of the hot stuff. After I had kissed her about twenty times told her how much I loved her and cried all over her I gave Stephanie her place back and went back and washed her bottom totally clean of any trace of the bad lubricant. I put some topical lotion on her abused ass and kissed it several times.

I rewashed the bucket and put it up. I then told her, “You are NOT going to go out there and squat over that damned bucked anymore!” She looked at me. She had mostly stopped crying but I was still pouring tears.

She smiled through her tears and told me, “Come here Baby!” I went to her and she kissed me about twenty times and told me how much she loved me. “You did good Matt. I feel better and I know that you did me just as I wished. You are such a good boy, you are also the best Alpha we could have!” She kissed me again and when I stood up to wipe my tears, Stephanie and then Anna took me into their arms and gave me their kisses and their love. After the third rinse enema Rose trotted to the bathroom. She stopped on the way and whispered something to Anna and Stephanie.

When she came back she went to the table and bent over the end of it. Anna put on a glove and put something on her fingers and went into Roses ass with it. She worked it around thoroughly. Then she and Stephanie came to me and began undressing me.

“What ARE you doing??”

Anna answered, “Stripping you silly! I’m going to give you a little paddling and then Stephanie is going to suck you up and finger your ass. Then you are going to fuck the hell out of Rose in her pussy but not cum there because you are going to finish up deep in her ass!”

When they had me stripped I was put over the side of the table so that Rose could kiss me while Anna paddled me. She also kissed me while Stephanie got me rock hard and then took me around to Rose with a finger up my ass and then guided me into Rose’s dripping wet pussy.”

When she pulled her fingers out of my ass she leaned over and told Rose, “He needs a good enema too.”

Rose grunted and moaned as I went fully into her them sighed, “That is on his schedule for tonight already.”

I was now a man with a mission. All of the emotion had me really revved up and I gave Rose all she could handle. When she had popped like a string of firecrackers she began to beg me to move to her ass and finish her. I pulled out and Anna coated me with something. I eased to her and she allowed me in and past with surprising ease. I could tell from the quivers and pulsations of her ass and sphincter that she started cumming again almost as soon as my head started to sink in. Once through she pushed back onto me and we took off. We both got loud and someone stuck several fingers up my ass. This was all I needed and I finally buried up deep inside her and gave her what felt like a quart sized cum enema!! I just kept cumming and pumping and Rose loved every second of it!! When I was done I eased away and went to kiss her. We cuddled and kissed while Anna squirted a couple of bulbs of warm water into her. We went to the toilet together and I held her while she emptied. When she was done I took her hand and led her, both of us naked, out and into the yard where I rang the big bell to gather the Grey Wolf Pack.