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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 45

The next day we had a wedding and Billie Jo and Donald married and became Grey Wolf. That night as I had promised, I took Mary Jo and made her fully mine. Rose was similarly busy with Donald and I was glad that the new place was so big. Everyone had plenty of room and we just had a wonderful time. I first just made slow and very thorough love to her but then when I was done with round one I told her that she had made me wait too long for her and I had decided to punish her for that.

Her eyes got big and then in her best little girl lisp she asked, “What are you going to do to me Sir?” I think that I am going to sit and watch while my ladies prepare you for me. Then I’m going to put you over my lap for a spanking and then I think you will need to give me your little ass for my pleasure.”

“You are going to put that big thing in my bottom????”

“Yes, I believe that is what you need for taking so long to come to me.” I got up and called Cynthia and Candy. They were waiting and seemed pretty pumped about our planned little game. When they came in the room they were all business. “Billie Jo, Cynthia and Candy here are going to prepare you for my use. You are to obey them without question and accept whatever they do to you. Do you understand?”

“Oh Yes Sir I will be good. I’m sorry I made you wait… are you really going to put that big thing into my bottom?” she asked with a little orphan Anne look of doubtful amazement at the thought.

“Yes I am but don’t worry, by that time you will be well used to having things put there.”

Cynthia told her to get in the bed on her knees and wait. Candy left to prepare the first enema and Cynthia put on a glove. “First we need to see what you have that you think is so special and little.” Cynthia told her and then told her to spread her legs wide.

Cynthia did a deep and thorough exam of her vagina first and made sure that her clit was especially receptive to attentions by dabbing a tiny bit of liniment on it. Billie Jo began to squirm and moan and then became absolutely frantic when Cynthia began working on her tight little butt hole. I watched and was very aroused as she worked to make Billie Jo take her fingers deep and wide up her ass.

Candy returned, “Has she offered you any resistance?”

“She tried not to relax her little bung hole for me and I had to force my way in.” Cynthia told her.

“Then hold this while I discuss that with her.” Candy handed the bag to Cynthia. “Little girl, you need to learn right now that when you are told to do something that you need to do it immediately!” Candy pulled a hair brush out of her pants and showed it to her. “Kiss it!” Candy insisted and Billie Jo did so. Candy then proceeded to spank her thoroughly.

When she was done she took the nozzle from Cynthia and with only a quick application of lubricant to the nozzle, passed it into Billie Jo’s puckered little posterior. She moaned at it went in and Cynthia began to massage her pussy making her more and more excited. As the enema possessed her she became even more aroused and when Candy stepped behind her and pressed a strap on dildo into her wetness she began to go off. For the rest of the enema, Candy fucked her. She finally had cum so many times that towards the en of the enema she was just there, on her hands and knees, head down and mewing. When the bag was done Candy eased from her and Cynthia took the brush and “woke” Billie Jo up with a brisk spanking. She was taken to the bathroom and allowed to empty.

When they brought her back she was placed again on her hands and knees and once again she was checked and prepared. As this enema was given it was her turn to please and she had to please them both before she was allowed to go to the bathroom. I was getting a bit antsy at this point and so took over the control of the enema and also worked her pussy over with my fingers while her face was between Cynthia’s and Candy’s thighs. The bag had been flat for some time before the girls were done with her and she was quite ready to go when they asked if she needed to visit the powder room.

This time she was placed on the bed on her back and her legs were pulled back and spread wide. I did her vaginal and anal inspection this time and then gave her the biggest enema yet. It took a while but she managed to soak up a gallon before I plugged her and gave her a sound, hard, hand spanking. The girls then took her to drain and when it was done they douched her, bathed her and then returned her to me smelling sweet and ready for me. They left and I took her in to the bed.

“How is the little girl doing?” I asked softly.

She looked at me and grinned, “Clean, horny and ready to be ass fucked sir!”

“My, my, what a mouth we have!” I pulled her to me and then sat up with my back to the headboard. I pulled her over my lap and brightened her cheeks before beginning my most serious and extensive anal investigation yet. The more I stretched her the hotter she got until finally she began to beg me to do her. I got up and bent her over the end of the bed. I rammed into her pussy and stood with her impaled and lifted her so she hung with her feet off the floor. I eased her back down and then just naturally pounded her pussy until she was well past done. I pulled out and put my finger, covered with lubricant up her ass and then swiftly pressed my cock into her. She was in heaven and began to pant and bang herself back against me harder and harder. She went over the top and finally I offered her my seed, filling her ass and then fucking her some more. Finally I came a second time and began to soften. I pushed it in hard one last time and then relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her ass slowly rejecting me and pushing me out.

I pulled her close and then took her into the bed. We snuggled and cuddled until finally she was recovered and I took her to the bathroom. We took a shower together and I gave her another enema in the shower. Then I fucked her in the ass again and had to give her another enema before we could get out of the shower. We returned to the bed where she curled against my side and I let she sleep for a while. I woke her and fucked her three times that night and each time she was a joy to have.

In the morning I woke her with a final coupling after I had made her cum several times with my mouth and hands. She left the room to go down to breakfast walking distinctly bowlegged. Rose and the girls found this EXTREEMLY amusing and kidded her about it until she lifted her skirt and hopped up on the table and allowed Rose to do a gynecological exam right there on the breakfast table to verify that her little holes were rather abraded and puffy. Rose took her to the clinic after breakfast and put some ointment in her that made it better and recommended she take a day off from sex.

Billie Jo looked at her and laughed. “I had more sex last night than I have had in the last six months!! I’m worn out for more than just one day Doc!! What do you feed that man?? He was insatiable?”

Rose grinned, “Regular enemas, lots of good food and having three full time women and all the extras he can get HAS rather seemed to make Matt’s already exuberant pleasure a little more intense than before. But then that is why there are three of us.” Rose giggled, “Also I think that last night he was especially excited because it wasn’t HIS ass getting all the attention for a change. We ream his ass regularly.”

Billie Jo laughed with her and asked, “Sometime could I come and help with that? I’ve never seen a man done before.”

“Oh Honey for sure. And I have to tell you, Matt is about the best piece of man ass there is too!!”

I went to my shop and checked on things there. Then I wandered around until I found Deacon and together we found our team and gathered them. We met in the Alpha living room and I explained the situation to them. As I had been sure, they were all as enthusiastic about this project as I was. Our four newest Grey Wolf Brothers, Donald, Stan, Vick and Wally were all from San Antone and were more than excited. We split into three groups of seven each with me leading one, Deacon leading one and Sam leading one. Deacon and Sam picked the best shots and made them in pairs to be the primary shooters with the other guy to spot and protect for the shooter.

Over the next few days we gathered our gear and ammo and trained a little. We were all in good shape so mostly we just let the teams work together with Sam as the pro sniper giving them tips and helping them learn their rolls. The primary shooters were to be shooting 7.62/.30 cal Winchester model 70 Boltactions,M14 and M60s and the spotters were shooting 5.56/.223 M16s or Mini 14s NONE of the ammo was ball and all of it WAS hollow points. We were out to kill not to wound. Each team also had a grenade launcher and three grenades all we incendiaries and would torch the target houses. It was a total elimination sort of thing. There are no innocent bystanders in this kind of war. Good kind people don’t live with Gang members. In some ways the women were even more dangerous than the men because if you were dumb enough to think them innocent you would only turn your back on them one time. They would cut your throat and move on. Kids aren’t a problem because there are none!