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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 44

When I heard the clamp close, I knew that the worst part was about to come. If I was lucky she would only make me hold it for five minutes! She patted my butt. “There you go Baby; all done.”

“How long do I have to hold it Mama Rose?” I asked mournfully. It wasn’t an act I really was mourning!!!

“Well since this is mostly just a demo for Donald I think that only five minutes will allow him to see that the hold is the hard part.”

“Thank You Mama Rose!” I said earnestly. The five minutes was a fucking ETERNITY!!!

“Ok Baby, your time is up.” Rose said at last. She eased the nozzle out and I immediately pushed up and slid off the edge of the bed. Rose was standing there with “the bucket” and a roll of TP. “Pretend that is squatters square for us Mathew.” She pointed to the floor at the foot of the beds.

Anna explained, “When you get punishment enemas you have to take the bucket out in the courtyard where there is a place marked off. We call it squatter’s square and that is where you have to go to expel. Everyone knows you are coming and it is sort of free entertainment.”

I jumped off the bed looked at Rose and grabbed the bucket. Rose looked over at Donald, “As you can tell, the enema has Mathew well focused on the job at hand. At this point you don’t CARE who or how many watch! You just want the enema out and that fire washed and wiped off your ass.” She was right! I plopped the bucked down, squatted and gladly cut it loose!!! The smell of peppermint filled the air! “Since I knew this was going to be an indoor release I added a little peppermint oil to the mix for our pleasure. I also suspect that it will be refreshingly cool on poor Mathew’s little bottom.”

I grunted and nodded fully absorbed in getting it out NOW! Every time I stopped for a little bit I would wipe to get more of the volcanic lubricant off of me. By the time I was making the bucked rattle with loud farts I was feeling a lot better by comparison. My ass only felt like it was on regular fire now… not being brazed with a blow torch!

“I’m afraid that part of the mixture in the enema reacts with the acid in the lubricant and well it makes you VERY gassy until it is all washed out. That is why it cramps so bad.” Rose explained to Donald cheerfully.

“I stood up, and without asking, took the bucket to the bathroom and dumped it and washed it out. “Rose, are you going to make me use this for the rest of the enemas?”

“No Dear Heart, the demonstration is over I think the rest will be much more pleasant and you may use the toilet for them.”

I returned and crawled into the bed and flopped with my head on the pillows and my ass in the air. Rose giggled and sent Anna off to make me a nice salty enema. “No more soda until he is cleaned out.” Rose reminded her. “The soda will make him gassy until the last of the acidic mixture is gone.” She giggled, “One of the funny side effects of these enemas is that I guess it mega doses you with several vitamins like C and such and for the next two weeks Matt will have the best complexion. Courtney will tell you, it clears you right up.”

Courtney blushed, “It really does but I can’t imagine anyone doing it for that… well maybe for a really special occasion.”

Donald looked over at me, “I’m just going to make it a point to NOT get into trouble!” He looked at Rose. “You wouldn’t do that if I was just play bad would you????”

I looked at him and laughed, “Think about why she is doing it to ME Donald!!!”

“Oh my God Rose I take it back. I’m just going to ASK you to spank me before my enemas tonight! I’m not going to be even a little bad!” He told her shaking his head!

Rose laughed, “Don’t worry Sweety, Matt is special, he gets the benefit of a lot of nice things because he is the Alpha male and MINE! I wouldn’t do this to YOU!”

“Gee, Thanks!” I said and she swatted me.

“Roll over Matt, You are getting the next two on your back.” Rose pulled my legs back and Anna put on gloves and reached for the Lava lubricant.

“NOT THAT AGAIN!!!!” I begged.

“Oh, sorry Matt; wrong jar.” Anna said grinning. She took up the right jar and soon had me feeling a lot better. When the nozzle was in and flowing Rose climbed up and settled gently onto my face.

I worked hard to please and evidently Rose was pretty excited about it all. She started cumming almost immediately and did so several times before deciding to let me breathe again. She slid to the side and then kissed me smiling. “You are more precious to me than words could ever express Mathew.”

I looked up and was amazed to see tears in her eyes. I pulled her onto the bed beside me and kissed her softly. I whispered, “What’s the matter with my lady love?”

“She buried her face in my shoulder, “I just love you so much and am so afraid about this shit that you have to do. I KNOW you have to go but I don’t have to like it!”

I held her tight and when the enema was done she took me to the toilet. As soon as I was seated she crawled in my lap, not on my hard cock though, and clung to me as I emptied. “Don’t worry Baby, I will be good! I promise no heroics. I will lead from the rear unless somebody is in trouble… then all bets are off. You understand.”

She nodded and lay her head on my shoulder, “Mathew, I need to tell you something. I never really knew what love was until you came to live with me. I thought that I loved Jeremiah but I understand now that it was not the same thing. I liked him and respected him and we were friends. When we married I desired him and lusted but I see now that I never loved him because I didn’t really know what love was until you. I look at you and cry more than you will ever see. I cry in joy and I cry for all the years that I lived not knowing what true love really felt like. I am happier now than I have ever been and I just don’t want it to ever end!”

I pulled her close and kissed her hard. If a kiss could express the love that I felt for her it would have been that kiss. It went on an on and our tongues twined as we each tried to meld our souls into one. “I love you too Rose. Words don’t do it justice but I think that you know what is in my heart. You know that the things you do to me, only you could have ever done. Only with you does my heart go to mush and I can’t say no!”

She kissed me again and then crawled off me. She washed her face and then mine and then after I was cleaned she took me back for my last enema. “Strip Anna, It’s show time! Do you want it from him doggie style or face to face?”

“I want it face to face Rose. I want to look into his eyes as he does me.”

“OK, Matt, put her on her back and get her ready.” Rose instructed.

As soon as her clothes were off and on the floor I put her down and buried my face between her legs. She was sopping wet and I worked her over thoroughly from the top of her slit to the bottom of her ass crack not missing anything. She was soon almost foaming at the mouth and then I held out a hand and Rose covered my two longest fingers with lubricant. I worked it into her ass and she began to buck under me. I sucked at her clit as my fingers worked in and out of her ass. Rose began to offer me the same treatment and then she slipped the big double balloon nozzle into me. I moaned into Anna’s pussy as she puffed up the inner balloon.

I reached between my legs and smeared the rest of the stuff on my cock and then held out my hand again. Rose washed it off and then pumped up the outer balloon wedging the nozzle firmly in place.

“Mount her now Matt.” Rose told me and I reared up over her and pushed her legs back lifting her asshole up. Courtney had come over to help and she took me in hand and guided me while Rose massaged my balls and started my enema. I eased into Anna and she began to moan.

“Oh Holy Crap, that feels good Matt!! Come on Baby put it in me!” Her feet were on each side of her head and she had he arms wrapped around them hugging them tight. I put a hand on each breast and when as I pinched her nipples I thrust forward fully sheathing myself into her warmth. She made a soft moaning sound and turned her legs loose draping them on my shoulders. Her hands went between us and she began to buck wildly. I loved it and tried to do her harder and harder and Rose opened the enema fully into me.

Anna began to scream and I soon joined her as her asshole began to quiver and spasm on my cock in a MOST enticing way. Soon I could feel it starting in my balls, lower back and hip joints! A slow painfully wonderful fire that slowly built and then suddenly rushed forth wiping out further real thought as my body took over and did what it must. I hammered into her again and again and with each deep thrust I could feel myself spraying my hot gift into her welcoming ass.

“She shrieked, “I can feel IT!! Oh my god, I can feel it!!” I pushed it in as deep as I could and ground my hips against her and just LET her feel it!!!

I slowly melted down onto her and relaxed. Her legs slipped off my shoulders and moved to around my waist. Her heals were resting on my ass and her arms were around my neck. I was shot!

I guess I was allowed to lay there for maybe 5 minutes and then I suddenly became aware of the enema. “Oh crap Rose; I need to go!”

“I was beginning to wonder!” Rose told me. When I started to get up my pecker popped out of Anna’s ass and that was evidently somewhat either traumatic or exciting for her because her legs locked around me and she squealed and bucked a few more times before letting me go. “You just lay and rest Anna. When I’m done with Matt I will bring you a rinse enema and we will get you cleaned up.”

She took me to the bathroom and after I was over the toilet she deflated the balloons and pulled it from me. After my first gush was over Rose kissed me and then after washing my bag and stuff up she pulled out another one and filled it with a salt and soda solution. “This will go in slow Baby so you don’t need to hurry.” She kissed me again and then returned to give Anna her enema.