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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 43

I slept late, for me, on Saturday and didn’t get up and about until almost 9 o’clock. I had slept with Cynthia and Candy but they were nowhere to be seen when I woke up. I took a shower and then headed over to the Clinic to see how Donald had come through the night. I could tell that he was “busy” as soon as I walked in the door. The sound of Roses paddle was echoing and along with it were low moans and lots of giggling. I couldn’t resist a peek so I went and knocked on the door softly.

“Come on in and join the party!” Rose called out.

I eased the door open and found Donald on top of Courtney on the bed with a hose in his ass that Anna was controlling while Rose was paddling his ass. Everyone in the room was bare assed naked. He looked over his shoulder, blushed, grinned and never missed a stroke as Courtney was obviously in the full throes of a monster orgasm. It wasn’t long before Donald joined her and Rose picked up the pace was well. The bag went flat and then things got quiet and still. Everyone was breathing hard and Rose’s eyes were gleaming and that made me nervous.

“Well it is obvious that Donald is doing fine and in good hands I’ll just go on about my business.” I made a break for the door.

“MATT, stay RIGHT where you are.” Rose barked out loudly. I stopped. “Mathew I think you need a little treatment too.” The room that Donald was in had two beds separated by a curtain. Rose threw the curtain back and pointed at the bed. “Strip and assume the position!”

“ROSE!!” I said aghast, “We have company and you know that would be rude to expose him to such… PLEASE!”

“First off this is my clinic and what I say goes here. Secondly Donald has asked to join Grey Wolf and I have accepted him as Grey Wolf. Only Grey Wolf gets a piece off this Alpha female and once I’ve fucked him the rest is just a matter of formalities. He is Grey Wolf RIGHT NOW as far as I’m concerned. We are doing a wedding tomorrow and two is no more trouble than one. Now for even questioning me he will get to see that indeed, Grey Wolf is an equal opportunity group and what is good for the least is good for the most! Do you want me to do it twice?”

No ma’am. I began to strip as Donald watched grinning. He and Courtney uncoupled but stayed in the bed together until Rose allowed him to go to the bathroom. When he went, Courtney went with him. Rose told him to take his time that she wouldn’t start on me until they were back.

She got me into the bed and then she and Anna snuggled me while we waited. “Do we HAVE to do this??” I whined.

“No Dear we don’t HAVE to do it. I just WANT to do it. Don’t you want to do it Anna?” Rose asked.

“You KNOW I do Rose. Matt has the best ass in the family. I ALWAYS want to play with it and just adore it when you make him let you do him. His ass gets all red and sexy looking and clenches up so tight and beautiful. Then sliding a finger into him and making him ready for a big hot enema… I am nearly cumming just thinking about it!”

“There you go Matt. By popular demand, we need to do it.” Rose informed me.

Anna kissed me hungrily and whispered, “I will make it all worth your while Matt. I took enemas this morning too and you can have me ANYWAY you want me. Wouldn’t you like a little of MY ass Matt?”

I have to admit that I had often admired Anna’s butt. It was round and shapely with enough padding that a man could go at it full tilt without worrying about any bones poking him. I grinned. “OK, but you have to make Rose be nice and not make me all bruised up.”

She agreed and Rose agreed to just be happy with a good butt warming or maybe two and then I could have Anna’s ass while she gave me the last enema. Anna reached down between and found that I was in full agreement.

Rose loves an audience. She waited for Courtney and Donald and then went to work on my ass with a light Ping-Pong type paddle. She had me up on my hands and knees and was a blur as she put it to me. I was sweating and moaning when suddenly she stopped.

“You are resisting me Matt! You know that when little boys get spanked that they have to cry or I feel like they are not benefiting from my efforts.”

I looked around at her, “Please don’t make me do that!”

“Do I need to go get something with a little more… bite… a nice belt maybe?”

“No MA’AM!!!” I begged, “PLEASE!”

OK, we will see.” She went after it again and I gave in to her. It is always hard especially when someone else is there but I knew that she was right and I was resisting her. I gave in and cried.

Once she saw that I had given it over to her, she stopped and told me to put my head on the pillow. She nodded at Anna and Anna pried my cheeks open and slipped a finger into me. She massaged my prostate and soon had me in a state of full arousal. “Oh GAWD Anna you do that SOOOO nicely!!” I moaned.

She could push me so close to the edge that I would be sure that I wouldn’t be able to NOT cum and then stop and pull me back! When she pulled out and stepped aside, Rose started on me working a big nozzle in and then using it like a dildo once it was in as she flooded me. “See Donald, from the top to the bottom, everyone gets the same treatment. Now Matt here, he probably gets it a little more often than most because he lives with me and well, as you just saw, sometimes I just WANT to do him. I love to make his little hiney red and then fill it up with a nice warm enema. He is so cute and even if he won’t fully admit it, he likes it.”

Anna laughed and added, “I love giving enemas but Matt is extra fun because it is almost like giving them to an impressionable young man that’s never been done before. I can nearly always make him blush.” She looked over at Donald and smiled, “I enjoyed you a lot too.”

Donald laughed, “I could tell, both of you seemed to have a pretty good time. I KNOW you made me blush… a BUNCH of times.”

Anna grinned, “Yes, and I’m going to make you blush again tonight.”

He looked down at the floor, “How long am I going to be getting enemas for my dehydration Rose?”

She looked over at him as she industriously did me with the nozzle and filled me. “To night would probably be enough Donald… but I’m coming over early to do you again just for the hell of it. If you are a good boy you will get a goody!”

“Oh Rose, I’ll be GOOD. I like your goodies and I don’t like it when I am bad and you use that paddle on me!” He assured her.

“Damn!” Rose said, “I think that is almost as much fun as the enemas! You could be bad just a little bit for me couldn’t you?”

He grinned, “You know I can for you Darling!”

“ROSE! My bag is empty, I am full and I need for you to stop flirting and let me go to the bathroom!”

She patted my ass and cooed softly but loudly enough that everyone could hear. “Certainly darling boy. Let’s take you to the bathroom. When we get back I’m going to scorch your ass and then let Donald see what a punishment enema with my special lubricant looks like!”

“Oh JESUS Rose I was just kidding!!!! Please no you know I was just playing you know I have more sense than to say something like that seriously when you were already giving me enemas I will be good don’t do that PLEEEEEAAAAASE!!!!” I wailed!

Rose turned to Donald and Courtney. “As you can see Donald, you don’t want to be a bad boy or you will get punished. Most people talk about getting sent to the Woodshed with Matt here but they seldom want to talk about the trip to see me afterwards. I look at Matt little spanking in the Woodshed as a warm up for the real punishment.” She patted my ass. “Since he has made it so abundantly clear that his comments were just a joke, I’m not going to spank him after all. He really is a good boy. He just needs a little reminder about manners every once in a while is all and I think one of my special enemas should be just about right as a reminder.” She eased the nozzle out of me and helped me up. “Come along Mathew. You need to get as much as you can out in exactly five minutes while I prepare your enema. After that we come back here and you get it whether you were done or not!”

I knew better than to say a word other than, “Yes Ma’am.” She took me to the bathroom and left me to go and prepare my torture! I pushed hard and got out as much as possible. I was pretty empty when she came back and got me. I could hear Courtney and Anna giggling and I felt a little like a condemned man being led to the gallows as Rose led me to the bed and told me to get in position.

I was quivering as I herd her put on the heavy gloves. She likes to wear elbow length black gauntlet type gloves when she had an audience because of the dramatic effect and the inference that her lubricant was so hot and acidic that they were needed to protect HER hands.

Courtney explained to Donald, “The stuff that she is about to shove in Matt’s ass is like liquid fire! I would already be crying if it were me! It burns inside and out and the enema only spreads it and makes it worse! Most of the time Rose has already spanked you and you know that the spanking was the BEST of what she is about to do to you!”

I felt Rose caress my ass with her left hand and then spread my cheeks. The first touch felt almost cold and then the fire began. She rubbed it all over between my cheeks before sliding one then two then three fingers into my ass and twisting them around to make sure she got it EVERYWHERE! Then she popped her fingers out and washed her gloved hands off while I came up to full baking temperature. I couldn’t help myself and I wailed before burying my face in the pillows.

Anna explained, “The lubricant, as bad as it feels is mostly a ginger extract and does no actual damage. You won’t believe it though when it is your ass on fire! The enema is extra hot and extra soapy and she will give it to him fast. It makes for lots of cramps and between that and the fire it will bring the mightiest man down and into tears.”

“How many will she give him?” Donald asked.

“She normally gives one of these. Then the rinses are mostly to get the results of THIS one out and off him. If you were REAL bad she might give you two with a spanking in between.” Anna told him.

Rose was gentle getting the big nozzle in. She knew my ass was tired and the enema was punishment enough. Once it was seated she opened the clamp wide and the enema poured into me. The cramps started almost immediately and I just kept my face buried in my pillows to muffle my sounds.

Then Rose pulled my head up. “Heads up Mathew; you need to breathe. I also want to see your smiling face.”

I know that my face was anything but smiling! I had seen too many people receive these. I knew that it was beet red and blotchity. Tears were running and my nose was running. It was as if she had rubbed a red hot onion on my face! The enema was still running and if there was ANYTHING good to say about it, it was that it didn’t take long to get it done!