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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 42

Donald Shafer is a small man, probably about 5’6” or so and lean to the point of being almost skinny. He had sandy blond hair and light grey eyes and in his late 20s he was a tough looking little man. The look he gave me would have stopped the heart of a lot of men. “What the fuck is so funny??? I thought that I would just die of humiliation. I woke up in this bed butt naked on my back with one woman washing off my face and the Doc shoving a hose up my ass. I tried to get up and run but that lady Doc is FAST and she had me pinned before I could get started. She told me that if I wasn’t a good boy that she was going to SPANK me!! NOBODY has talked to me like that since my Mama died!!! I think she meant it!! She told me that I was getting it even if she had to call 6 more women to hold me down for it!!! She hosed me over and over while that nurse washed me and then started making me drink so cool gator aid type stuff. When I say she bathed me dude, she didn’t miss ANYTHING!! That made it even worse!”

“You got hard huh?”

He looked at me suspiciously. “Did she tell you?”

I laughed a little more and then patted him on the shoulder. “No, she takes patient privacy very seriously. I know because I have been in your place more times than I could count. Around here, EVERYONE gets hosed on a pretty regular basis. I probably get it more than nearly anyone. I LIVE with the Doc and she is a BIG believer in their use for all sorts of things. I think every man here has been exactly where you are right now more than once. The real question is, were they nice to you… I mean REAL nice when you got hard?”

He blushed, “That pretty nurse did sort of help me out a little if you know what I mean.”

I grinned, “How many times was she nice to you? Don’t tell me that Rose didn’t get in on the action. I know her tastes too well.”

His ears were so red they looked like they had third degree sun burn on them. “They were nice several times!! Every time they would stick that thing in my butt and start filling me up again my pecker would pop up like a Jack in the box and before long one of them would be working on it. Are they ALWAYS like that?”

“Around here all the women are very friendly you might say. We are literally one big family and all of the women are married to all of the men.” I chuckled, “In general if you can get it up, someone is going to feel honor bound to do something about it. They keep us all pretty mellow. Oh and just for your information and knowledge. Rose not only WOULD have spanked you, she would have loved doing it and done a bang up job of it as well… and then probably rolled you over for a blow job.” He looked at me eyes wide. I shrugged, “She is the boss bitch of the Grey Wolf family and she spanks whomever she wants too. That is the rule. We call her the Alpha Female… I’m currently the Alpha male.”

“Rose told me that she was going to come back this evening and do it all again. Does she mean ALL of it do you think?”

“I’ll guarantee it! Unless you are sick to the point of death or being punished, Roses enemas nearly always include cleaning out ALL of the plumbing. I KNOW Anna is going to be here and she is at least as man hungry as Rose. If you would like I can hustle up a couple more that would love to help.”

His eyes widened, “No, no they are plenty.” He was quiet for a bit, “How often do you get hosed if you live here; and is Rose the only one that likes to spank guys?”

I grinned, “No, I would say that about half of the women here are dominant and like to work on a butt. The other half mostly wants you to do it to THEM. The guys are split about the same.”

“Everyone HERE is into that sort of thing????”

“Yep, we sort of insist on it. It is one of the things that pull us together. We share that special pleasure and interest. Someone that didn’t like it would be hard pressed to be happy here so we include it in our requirements.”

He looked at me quizzically, “Which way do you go?”

I laughed, “Well until I was made the Alpha male and moved in with Rose I was a Top but she has pretty well made me into her boy. She is very hard to resist as you have found out.”

“No fooling! You don’t mind do you… her doing me… you know?

“Grey Wolf doesn’t do jealousy Donald. I would have been disappointed in her if she hadn’t made our guest feel at home.”

“Man, I never felt that at home when I WAS at home!! What other requirements do you have to join?”

He and I talked for a long while about Grey Wolf and what being Grey Wolf meant. By the time I left I was pretty sure we had a new recruit. As it turned out, before the tribulations he had often visited a pro Dominatrix and had tried unsuccessfully in interesting his wife in it. She was dead now and he was alone. He told me that the enemas were a new thing for him but when he looked at them as submission, well, he was looking forward to Roses return.

When I left I saw Courtney. She ran up to me and gave me a big juicy kiss. She was a changed woman and her time with Candy and across my lap had freed her of her demons. She still called me Daddy though and as she kissed me she jumped up and threw her legs around my hips.

“When are you going to come and see me again Daddy? Do I have to be bad to get one of your spankings and cuddles?”

I kissed her back. We had become very close during her treatment and it was a strange sort of relationship. She had just adopted me as her Daddy figure and would regularly come to me for a spanky cuddle. About once every couple of weeks Candy and I would put her in bed between us and give her all the love she could handle. I was happy to hear that she was seldom alone at night now and was nearly always a happy pleasure to be around. I thought for a second and then asked her if she would go and keep Donald company. I explained that Rose was treating him and that it was all new and a little unnerving to him. I told her that Rose was coming back later to work on him some more and waiting is sometimes worse than the happening. She understood and skipped off to the clinic.

I went and found Rose and told her to be extra nice to Donald and maybe include a little spanky in her treatment. She agreed that he was Grey Wolf material and promised me to finish setting the hook. She also liked my idea of sending Courtney to him. At 4’8”, she and Donald would make a perfect couple. One of the things that Candy had instilled in her was that you could submit from the top as well as from the bottom and that it was all in you mind. She had from all reports taken this to heart and was well on her way to moving to a full blown switch.

We found a quiet corner on a sofa in our new livingroom and did a little serious necking. She was really tight and I could sense it. Finally I asked, “What’s wrong Rose, you are up tight about something?”

“You are going to want to go with the Brotherhood. I know that you have to but… Matt I love you more than life itself and don’t think that I could stand it if something happened to you! I’m just so scared”

I held her close and knew that there were no words that could make it better. Women had been suffering like this since time immemorial and now men were getting a taste of it too. I knew in my heart of hearts that I would much rather go than stay and wait for the word on her or Cynthia. Actually if was getting that way for me to some extent every time that I sent someone to the gate house. What if they were like Greg, Courtney’s husband, and never came back. I had been mad at Jeremiah for foolishly wasting himself going out to drag Leon to safety and getting himself killed. Leon was probably already dead but I knew now that I would probably do the same thing. Being the Alpha changes you. You really ARE the husband and brother of every man or woman in the family and I knew if it was Rose lying out in the open I would go and now I was pretty sure it wouldn’t matter who it was. That was just part of the job.

I just held her and told her the only thing that I could. “Shit Rose, I’m getting old and a little too fond of my hide for heroics! I’ll keep my head down and be careful. This is going to be more of a firing squad type of action than a battle from the sound of things.”

“I don’t CARE!! You had better keep your ass as far back as possible! If I hear that you were running around acting like a dumb ass I swear if you survive you’ll wish you hadn’t when I get aholt of you. You know that Deacon will tell me the truth!”

I hugged and kissed her some more and finally just said fuck it and laid her back pulled her pants off and went after her. She was hot and soon my pants joined hers beside the sofa as we went at it like a couple of teenagers. We finished up to the sound of applause. Evidently watching the Alpha’s fuck like a couple of minks was very entertaining because we had drawn quite a crowd.