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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 39

“NO!” I answered quickly. I have responsibilities and work that I have to get done! There are three women that will not be happy if I am worn out every day. Once you settle in and get your work assignments you will be busy too. Besides you still have your own men that you need to take good care of. You do plan on staying together as couples don’t you?” They all agreed but told me that they also expected them to be sampling the fields as well.

Amanda asked, “Tell me about what happened yesterday. When someone gets in trouble they get sent to you?”

“Yes, and then if I need to, I will bring Rose, the female Alpha in and we will make a judgment.”

“The girl yesterday, you whipped her?” Savannah asked.

“Actually I spanked her. She is young and it was the first time that she had been in trouble.”

“Then she was sent to Rose for further punishment?” Brenda asked.

“Rose then gives them enemas and will paddle them if she thinks they need it.”

Brenda snickered, “Does it always end with Rose and a naked woman chasing you around the yard?”

I felt my face warm. “No that was a rather special situation.”

Savannah smiled, “What do I have to do to get to visit you and get spanked or preferably whipped and sent to Rose for enemas and paddling?”

I looked at her. “You don’t WANT to come there for that! It isn’t about BDSM or sex. I will wear your ass out and then the enemas Rose gives are just awful!”

“She gives them to YOU too?” Savannah asked in wonder.

“She has been known to do that. Yes.”

Savannah cooed, “What is it like???”

“She uses a special lubricant that doesn’t harm you at all but it FEELS like it has set your ass on fire! Then the solution is also special and makes your innards feel like they are trying to crawl out your butt to get away from it. Finally you are handed a bucket and have to go out in the yard in the area marked for this and release all your enemas there with people watching. You get several enemas the first two are the special stuff with the special sauce and then you get several to wash that all out and totally clean you out. If you are not REAL good, Rose will paddle you!!”

Savannah’s eyes were wide and she said softly, “Oooooooooh!”

“Savannah is a pain slut Matt. If you ever have to get her you are going to find it frustrating. If you beat her hard she will cum and pour her love juices all over the floor. She is a very wet cummer!” Brenda explained.

“In that case we might have to find a more creative punishment for her. I’m sure that Rose would be up to a challenge. She isn’t our only pain slut.” I looked at Savannah, “Do you like piercings?”

“NO! I don’t like needles of any kind!” She assured me strongly.

“How would you like to have your pussy lips laced closed for a month? Piercing those is supposed to be very stimulating. Plus that would mean no sex.”

Savannah looked shaken, “She would do that???”

“If she thought you needed that to make an impression on you she would.” I laughed, “The strangest part is that you would lay there crying and LET her do it. Rose is the most persuasive person that I have ever met. Two months ago I was a full blown total Dom. Then she made me the Alpha and made me move in with her. Believe me; she could make you LET her do it!”

“She seemed really nice to me.” Savannah said softly.

“She IS very nice and the sweetest woman alive but she will do whatever it takes to protect Grey Wolf. She is also the most Dominant person that I know. She has always Topped everyone including me but I never dreamed that she could actually change me as she has done.”

Brenda asked, “So you are submissive now?”

“Not really, not to anyone but her. I am just what she calls flexible now. She says that to be a good Alpha male I need to understand both ends of the hose and both ends of the paddle. In order to be good with people under me she says that I have to know what it is like to be powerless and unable to resist. She is making me learn so that I can fairly judge and care for all my people Dom sub and Switch, Straight, Bi or Gay.”

I finally escaped them and went to my shop to get some work done. I was pleased that one of the new guys was a metal smith and such. My work if you want to call it that, as the Alpha was putting me behind in my personal work. I stoked the fires and went to work.

The new people all seemed to slide into the group seamlessly and I was especially pleased to see that the three couples from the Brotherhood settled especially well. Since I hadn’t screened them and chosen them I had been worried that they might not fit in. I needn’t have worried. They were full blown Grey Wolf within two weeks and not only married in but also qualified and fully armed and ready to defend the family if called on.

The only one that had a problem of any kind was Billie Jo. She had been a pacifist and was scared to death of guns in general. It wasn’t that she was still a pacifist. She took to martial arts training and edged weapons like a duck to water and I pitied the man that tried to rape her now. She carried a straight razor in a thigh holster and was fast as a striking rattler. When she picked up a gun she just would start to shake and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. This meant that she didn’t qualify on them and so wasn’t a full member. It also eventually led to her being sent to me.

Billie Jo was tiny and beautiful with her red hair in pony tails and her big blue eyes she always made you think of a girl even though she was well endowed and very womanly in shape. Her voice was especially fetching with a slight lisp and well in general she made a man want to turn her upside down and eat her like a popsicle.

When she met me at the wood shed she was wearing a short skirt and little blouse that just reeked of school girl uniform all over. This was one of her favorite games and I suspected that she wanted us to play out a bad little school girl scene.

We sat down on the sofa and I asked her what the problem was and why she wasn’t getting any better with the guns. I also asked if she had been to see Candy about it and she told me that she had and thought she was getting better. I had already spoken to Candy and she didn’t think that the problem was psychological at all. Rather she thought that Billie Jo was mostly rather childish and feared the responsibility that bearing arms would mean. She was fully prepared to defend herself but unwilling at some level to stand up and defend others. She was terrified at the thought of having to man the gate. As long as she didn’t qualify with guns she didn’t have to do that so she just didn’t so it. Candy didn’t know what could be done to change this. She told me that cowardice isn’t something that you can change usually.

I looked and listened as she told me how scary guns were to her and how hard she tried but her hands shake so badly that she couldn’t aim. I asked a bunch of questions about her life before we found her in the camp. She had been to college and then settled in Berkley working at a lab when the shit all came down on the world. She had been married but then divorced just before the plagues. She and three other women had managed to walk out of California by only traveling at night and mostly cross country. Along the way two of the women were killed and then after they had gotten to Texas the third one had met and married leaving her alone. She had made her way mostly by attaching herself to various strong men and acting helpless in general. She got raped several times before getting better at picking her men. All of this was food for thought.

Finally I said, “Billy Jo, you know why you were sent to me don’t you?”

She nodded looking down. “You are going to whip me.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“Scared; and a little mad too.” She began crying softly. “I can’t help being scared of guns!!!”

“I don’t believe that!” I told her flatly. “Fear is a common emotion that we all have and we all learn to deal with. Do you think that I’m not afraid when I have to fight to protect those that I love? I’m not crazy you know! I don’t believe you are either.” She just shrugged. “Do you like it here Billie Jo?”

She looked up, “I LOVE it here Matt. It is the first time that I’ve felt safe in forever!!”

“Why do you feel safe here?”

She looked at me like I was daft. “Because it IS safe here. Look what happened to the two groups that came here and tried to attack the Grey Wolf!!”

“What happened to them Billie Jo?”

“You killed them ALL!”

“Who did?”


“Not me Billie Jo, there were too many for me to take on alone. GREY WOLF killed them. Grey Wolf protects us. Grey Wolf never turns away from protecting its own!” I glared at her. “You want Grey Wolf to protect YOU but you don’t want to protect Grey Wolf!! It ain’t gonna happen little girl. Like the real wolves, if a pack member can’t pull its own weight and won’t share in the common defense, Grey Wolf chases the wolf out of the pack. You are afraid of guns. How will you feel about going back to the camps? In the end Billie Jo we are safe only because we are 100% all ready willing and fully prepared to defend ourselves individually or as a pack. The day we make an exception on anyone not born Grey Wolf and let one person in that won’t fight then we are dead. I will not protect you if you will not protect yourself. Strip. I’m going to wear your ass out!”

Crying hard now she began removing her clothes. “I’m sorry Matt!! I will try harder! Please give me another chance!!!!” She finally wailed.

“I AM giving you another chance Billie Jo. I’m going to wear your little butt out instead of packing you up and taking you to the nearest camp. We love you Baby but sometimes survival is cruel. I won’t like hauling you off and dumping you but Grey Wolf comes first.”

She was just squalling now. “I meant couldn’t you not whip me and just give me another chance??”

“Sorry Sugar Plum, the whipping was set in stone when you were sent here. That is a given. I’ll tell you what though; if you will be brave and take your spanking like a big girl I won’t send you to the dispensary for enemas and a paddling. I will assure you that next time you will get the full deal and the time after that I will haul you away!”

She nodded and then climbed onto the bench. I only gave her five but they were genuine ass burners. After the fifth I lifted her off and carried her back to the sofa where I held her and rocked her until she calmed down. I’m soooo sorry Matt. I WILL try harder I promise. I want to be Grey Wolf more than any thing in the world!!!” She kissed me hard.

“I know you will Sweetheart. Please don’t make me do this again and I think it would just break my heart to have to take you away so be strong for me PLEASE!!!” I kissed her and said, “If you will learn your stuff and qualify I will see to it that you are Grey Wolf within a week.

With this group we had decided that before you could marry in you had to qualify. Grey Wolf never turns its back on a member and someone asked the question of what would we do if someone either wouldn’t or couldn’t qualify. We were lucky in that the first group they all were quick studies and willing learners. After them though the question came up and it was decided to require you to be qualified BEFORE the wedding.

She clung to me a little longer then kissed me again. “When I’m Grey Wolf will you come visit me?”

“When you marry in I will be first in line!” I assured her.

“Deal! I’ll hold you to that too!” She pulled on her skirt and shirt but left her panties off. As she walked out the door she flipped up her skirt letting me see the glow of her red ass! Two weeks later she qualified.