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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 38

I knew before I got there that it wasn’t going well. I could hear Eva wailing as soon as I stepped outside. I decided that I would prefer to go work on a house somewhere in the hot sun farther away and let Rose handle things. Unfortunately about that time Eva came out of the Clinic with Rose following her and paddling her as she ran to squatters square.

Rose saw me and yelled, “Mathew get your ass over here NOW!”

Not daring to try and pretend that I didn’t hear her I slowly walked out across the yard to where she stood over Eva as she screamed and squatted on the thunder mug. Eva looked up at me her face pale and her eyes as big as dinner plates.

Before Rose could start I spoke saying, “I gather that you two are not getting along real well.”

Rose was livid, “She shit all over my clinic!!! She is a hysteric and I am going to kill her if she doesn’t shut up.” Roses face was as flushed and red as Eva’s was pale and she was obviously almost as upset.

I couldn’t help it, my response to stress isn’t always the best choice. I guffawed and then once started couldn’t stop. I backed away from them and leaned on a picnic table for support. There was sudden silence as both Eva and Rose looked at me like I had lost my mind… or maybe more like a bug that they were about the step on.

“MATHEW GREY WOLF!!” Rose thundered, “What in the FUCK are you laughing at!!!

Eva even managed an indignant bit as she yelled, “This isn’t funny!! I’m dying here!”

This just made it worse and I collapsed over the table laughing uncontrollably. I was fully aware when Rose began using her paddle on my ass but it didn’t matter. The madder she got the funnier it was.

Suddenly she had help and she and Eva managed to wrestle my pants down and Rose went to work in earnest. This finally got my full attention and I stopped laughing and jumped over the table to escape. I scrambled to pull up my pants before they could get to me and then ran with Rose and Eva in pursuit.

I wasn’t aware of the fact that we had attracted quite a crowd of onlookers until I heard Deacon bellow. “Run FASTER Matt they are closing on you!!” I looked back and Rose smacked my ass.

This was all I needed to put on a burst of speed straight to Deacon where I hid behind him laughing again. Rose ran up and then bent over with her hands on her knees breathing hard. “Mathew you hyena what the fuck is so funny???”

I managed to calm a bit and answer her. “Rose I’ve seen you calmly wade into a fight against three big men and never bat an eye. I’ve seen you standing ankle deep in blood and guts and calmly deal with the situation bringing calm to everyone involved. You are the most controlled person that I have ever known yet a little titty baby hysterical girl has you just totally freaked, pissed and beside yourself.”

“She SHIT in my CLINIC!” Rose blurted and then giggled.

“I couldn’t help it. I told you I couldn’t hold it!”

“No, all you did was scream and it was like a jackhammer in my head!”

“I was scared and you were paddling me.”

Deacon turned and ran laughing his ass off with me right behind him.

Rose and Eva evidently came to some kind of agreement because they went back to the clinic and finished their business with out the sound effects and Eva survived. That night I didn’t think I was going to but even when I tried screaming like Eva, Rose didn’t stop until she had me worn to a shadow of my normal self. There are things that are far more torturous than either enemas or spankings and Rose was an expert at all of them. Rose fucked me and sucked me until my peter was one raw nerve and then she did it some more!

The next morning I got up early and cooked breakfast so that Rose could have breakfast in bed. As she ate I asked, “What did you do when you took her back to the clinic, gag her and use that big balloon nozzle on her?”

“No Mathew I actually took a lesson from you. We cleaned up the clinic and then I offered her a deal. If she would take one regular enema and a spanking with my hand without making any loud noise I would declare it done. I even let her use the bathroom. Like you I decided that she was really too afraid to benefit from a more stringent punishment. I did order her to go see Candy and try and find out where this hysteria comes from. She cried and took the enema and spanking well and then was so sorry and appreciative that I couldn’t help but love her.”

I nodded. “I guess everybody isn’t as tough, either mentally or physically as we would like to think. I do feel that she was thoroughly punished. It wasn’t an act, the girl was terrified. In the Wood Shed I was afraid that if I put her over the bench that she would pass out. She was shaking and white as a sheet!”

“You were probably right. She was still a little shocky when she got to me. I made her sit and calm down before I started but she freaked when the lubricant heated up and the enema started twisting her bowels up. I thought she was just being a pain in the ass until she lost it and sprayed one whole end of the clinic! Then I was sure that she was doing it all on purpose. I tore her ass up and then chased her out to the square. That was when you showed up and started braying like a damn jackass!”

“I couldn’t help it Rose! It was funny. That little girl got the best of BOTH of us. I was actually relieved to see that she had got to you too. You were just so freaking pissed.” This time Rose laughed with me and then really cracked up as she described how I looked running from them and then when both Deacon and I had run she had finally surrendered to the humor of the situation.

The mood of the Family that day was unlike anything in my memory. Everyone was laughing and poking fun at me and Deacon. It seamed to please everyone that even two of their fiercest warriors could be chased and be in trouble with the women. Suddenly I was Matt again and not the Alpha to be a little careful around.

Bridget found me and laughing told me about watching the entire thing. She also told me that she though I had looked especially sexy hiding behind Deacon. I told her that she had better treat me with respect or next time I had her in the woodshed I would blister her butt. She wiggled it at me and asked me when I wanted her there.

The rest of the day went about the same as everyone had a good time poking fun at me. I noticed that Deacon wasn’t around and when I inquired I was told that he was out on patrol and didn’t plan on returning until after dark. Coward!!! They had drawn up some plans for the new Alpha place and I looked them over. There were 4 bedroom 3 bath in the main part of the house with a “woodshed” with its own full bath and a special “clinic treatment” area for Rose with its own facilities. Either area was assessable from the house or outside without entering the house. The front room of the house was a huge room for gatherings and then in the back surrounded by the 4 bedrooms was a much smaller private den. The front room also had a bar separating it from the kitchen and a small office room on one side breaking the room up a little into smaller areas. Rose had OKed it and after looking I did too. They would start on the foundation work next week!

I wanted to get to know the new people so I looked them up. They were all settling in well. I apologized for the crowding explaining that we hadn’t expected so many new recruits. The ones from the camp all laughed and told me that the conditions here were just decadent up beside the ones they had been living in. The other 6 from the Brotherhood I met with separately and was pleased to find them almost as happy with things. The gangs had burned them all out and they hadn’t left much of anything or anyone behind. Brenda, Savanna and Amanda seemed more interested in the social life and our wide open sexual practices than anything else. When they started that the men made excuses and went back to work.

I explained the bar system and how to read it. They were fascinated with the idea of knowing what someone liked and wanted up front. They wanted to know when they could get one and then how often I as the Alpha would come visiting. They were closing in on me a little. Brenda and Amanda were both Tops and they were getting real close. Savanna was a sub but like a lot of subs she wasn’t shy about what she wanted.

Brenda asked pointedly. “If a woman wants a man does she have to wait for him to make the first move?”

“Not at all, she just has to be gentle and make sure the man is receptive. The same is expected from the men.”

Amanda slipped up behind me and before I knew it she had wrapped her arms around me and slipped her hands down in my pants in front. “You feel pretty receptive to me Matt.”

Brenda closed in on front and I was dragged off to one of the bedrooms in the house that the three couples were sharing. I didn’t have much chance to protest. First there was a mouth attached to mine and then as soon as I was on the bed on my back they put Savannah on my face! Amanda and Brenda took turns riding my cock while playing with Savannah’s breasts. I was busy licking sucking and trying not to smother. My riders were expert at getting the most from me without letting me get too excited and cum. When they were both satisfied they pulled my legs up and someone began fingering my ass as Savannah fell forwards and began devouring my pussy soaked penis. It didn’t take much of this before I popped and Savannah moaned happily as she got every drop out of me.

When everyone got off of me I felt FUCKED!! Brenda asked, “Is that how we do it or because you are the Alpha does that mean you are always supposed to be on top?”

“No, that was OK. You might let the guy get in a word or two before you do him but other than that you did fine.”

“Does this mean we can do Matt every day?” Savannah asked. She sounded thrilled at the prospect.