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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 40

The open house for the new houses was cause for a three day weekend and a BIG party. I saw to it that the Alpha’s house was the last one finished so that there was no doubt where Grey Wolf placed the priorities. The members were crowded while we were fine and just needing a little more room. A last minute adjustment to the Alpha house added a nice sized pair of offices to the side of the house for me and Candy. By doing this and with Candy moving in, this meant that for the one Alpha house you got back three member houses; Roses and mine, Cynthia and Marks and Candy’s house/office. The house was BIG with four outer attached buildings. My office connected to the Wood Shed on the back corner on the left and Candies connected to Roses treatment place on the right side. We moved in on Monday and then declared Friday a holiday. We had built the Alpha center, 7 houses and freed up three so once again everyone was comfortably housed. The Thursday before, guess who was my first visitor to my new Wood Shed!

Yeppers you probably guessed right. Bridget and Thomas her partner and Top had a knock down drag out fight and she ended up in the dispensary with a pair of black eyes and Thomas ended up there with massive bruising to his testicales and a CHUNK bitten out of his arm!

We were working hard to get the house ready for the open house so Rose having to go treat them and then me having to stop and deal with them didn’t make for happy people. Rose brought them to me personally and sat with me in their judgment.

Bridget you know the rules here. Thomas, only one person speaks at a time. If I am questioning her and you butt in we stop, you get 5 licks and then we resume. No exceptions and no second chances. OK?” He nodded. “Good then I’ll let you go first. What the fuck is going on? Have you two lost your minds???”

Thomas is a sort of medium sized man. He is quiet and an excellent mechanic and carpenter. He had never been any kind of trouble before and that sort of amazed me considering who his partner was. I would have probably blackened both of her eyes before now if I had to put up with her shenanigans 24/7.

Slowly he told his story without any great show of emotion. It seemed that Bridget had been just awful for some time and he had, as her Dom, spanked her thoroughly several times for her mouth. She had gotten so bad that though he loved her with all his heart he was about ready to leave her. She had started on him that morning even before he was fully awake and was throwing a wall eyes fit because some other woman had pissed her off by wearing the same dress that she had worn to a party a couple of nights before. He had got a gut full and told her to drop it. When she didn’t he turned her bottoms up and wore her ass out as is his right as long as she is his declared submissive. She had resisted and that was when he got bit. He threw her off his lap and she came at him with her claws. He had the marks on his face and chest to prove that he wasn’t lying.

He looked at me sadly, “Matt I couldn’t help it I just had enough. She was on me and I just doubled up my fist and punched her. She went down like I had pole axed her and I jumped up to make sure that she was ok. I was standing over her patting her face and checking her when she kicked me in the balls. I went down on top of her and well I guess I punched her again. She went limp and I left her there and crawled to the door and called for some help.”

I looked at Rose. “Does that pretty well match up with the injuries?”

Rose nodded, “Perfectly; the first punch hit her high almost right between the eyes and other than blinking her lights out, it did very little damage. The second punch was lower and fractured her nose and that is where the two shiners are coming from. The bite on his arm isn’t like she bit him and turned him lose; she bit a chuck out of him! His balls are swollen and he is going to be even worse tomorrow. They are going to swell more and tonight I want him in the hospital and I am going to stay over incase they get too swollen and have to be drained. If you judge that he needs licks you will have to wait until he is better. Medically I couldn’t allow him any further damage right now. Bridget is fine other then the shiners and a tender nose. It is only fractured and not shattered or displaced.”

I looked at Bridget. “Ok Bridget what is your side of the story?”

She sat there looking at me crying softly. “I think that I am losing my mind Matt! Every thing Tom said is the truth and how it happened. He didn’t hit me a single time that it wasn’t self-defense and not only justified but necessary. She looked at Rose crying. I just can’t seem to let things go anymore and when I get pissed I’m like a lunatic! I remember doing all of the things he said but it is like I SAW it more than it was me doing it. I don’t have any excuses. I don’t have and reasons.” She looked at me, “If you will take me out in the desert and leave me with a gun and one round I will take care of the problem for you. I’m miserable and I’ve made the person that I love more than life miserable. I’m like a mad dog, put me out of my misery! If you don’t I can’t promise that I won’t do it again because I can’t fucking BELIEVE that I did it THIS TIME!” She turned to Thomas. “Tommy I’m so sorry. You don’t have to worry I will move out no matter what and never bother you again. You deserve so much more than me!” she just broke down and cried.”

I looked at Thomas, “You are cleared of any wrong doing as far as your actions are concerned. You may go or stay as you wish.”

“I’ll stay. Matt I still love her, I can’t help it she is like my heart. I believe her and don’t hold her responsible for her actions towards me. I’m not a Doc but I have done a lot of reading in the past. Bridget is obviously Bi-Polar. That is a physiological disorder more than a psychological disorder and was treatable if the person was willing to take their medicine. I have suspected it for a long time. Even before the tribulations she was sometimes sweet as honey and sometimes a real bitch to live with… but NEVER like this. Never even close to this bad. She is getting worse. She is Grey Wolf Matt and we don’t abandon our own when they are injured or sick!”

I turned to Rose, “Is Candy in the house still?”

“I think so. I’ll go see.” She went and was back in just a few seconds with Candy in tow.

We brought her up to speed and Candy looked them over asking a few questions and then sat beside me and nodded. “He is most likely mostly right. She probably is Bi-Polar but I don’t think that is the total story here. Like so many of us she walked through hell before settling here. We have fought hard and worked to make the Grey Wolf work and become a safe place. I think that we have actually accomplished it to an even greater extent than we could have hoped for and in that is sown some seeds of misery. I’ve been seeing it more and more over the last few weeks. I think people are beginning to FEEL safe. Very often the P in PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is forgotten. POST means AFTER. Until now she held together because she was under stress. Hell after the raid that Jeremiah was killed in a lot of people weren’t even sure that we were going to make it! Now more than ever people are beginning to feel safe and letting their guards down. THAT is what you are seeing mostly in Bridget. I can give her some pills that will help the Bi-polar and if she will talk we can work our way past this.”

“So what you are saying is that she isn’t responsible for her actions? She shouldn’t be punished?”

Candy looked at me and grinned, “Not at all. She is responsible in part and needs to be punished so she can forgive herself and move on. I do NOT understand why in the hell people won’t just come and talk to me when they have fucking problems!!! I think you need to turn her over your knee and just naturally blister her ass.” She looked at Thomas, “Tommy, are you going to stand beside her through this? It isn’t going to go away over night but it should get better pretty quick.” Before he answered she looked at me and said. “You need to blister his ass too for not telling me and making her come see me!

Thomas looked at me, “You know Matt she was a lot better after coming to see you when you whipped her. She was better for weeks.” He looked down, “Candy is right I should have brought her or made her go to see Candy.

Candy nodded. “That is even more indicative of what I’m thinking she has. Your strap flooded her system with endorphins similar to the ones caused by any other stress. There is some thought that in some ways, PTSD is a little like a junkie coming off their drug. They have been under stress for so long that their body has adapted to it as it would heroin and then when the stress is gone the chemistry of the person swings and is all fucked up! Right now you spanking her may be a little like giving a heroin junkie a little methadone until we can bring her off of this.”

I asked, “But what about Thomas, he spanks her?”

Thomas answered, “I’m afraid Matt that even when I’m pissed, I don’t do a very good job of spanking her. I am not sadistic at all and well my spankings are mostly playful.”

I nodded, “OK, I think that I have my head wrapped around this pretty well now.” I looked at Thomas, “Tom, you are still found guiltless and undeserving of any form of punishment. If I whip you then I’m going to have to order the same for me and even Rose because we should have seen it too and sent her to Candy. We all are learning.”

Rose nodded in agreement. “Hells bells I’m a Doctor! What was I thinking? Anytime someone shows up on my table as often as she has should be sent for a psychiatric evaluation! As Matt said, we all have learned from this.

Through all of this Bridget had sat silent, looking down and crying softly. I looked at her and barked, “Bridget!! On your feet!” She jumped and then jumped up and came to me. “I find you innocent of wrong in the shit with Tom. I also agree with Candy about your need of paying so you can forgive yourself and move on. You should have gone to Candy. Strip!” While she stripped I looked a Thomas. “Tom, for the next 6 months you are to bring her to me weekly and we will discuss her behavior and I will dispense her punishment. If she is obnoxious in between bring her too me. I am also going to give you lessons on the proper way to correct a sub.”

She stood naked before me. “I’m ready Matt…I’m soooo sorry! I’ve really tried hard to be good!”

“Go ask Tom if you may borrow his belt.” She went to Tom and returned with it. “If he sends you to me I want you to bring his belt from now on. He is your Dom and HIS belt owns your ass. I will help him until he has improved his technique.” I doubled the belt and pulled her over my legs.

I took my time and worked her ass from mid thigh to the crown of her buttocks. I worked it briskly from the first and then stopped a few times to caress her ass and even finger her pussy to check it for wetness. She screamed and cried through this. I told Tom that he needed to first make her wet and then tear her ass up until she was crying and sex was forgotten! I then went to work strictly on the crowns of her ass and soon had her just squalling. I paused and explained that when a subbie is screaming they are not there yet because when you get there they don’t have enough breath to scream. I then finished her off with a flurry that ended when she was just almost limp and crying hopelessly.

“After you finish you need to hold them while they calm down. Come here Tom.” He came and I motioned him to sit beside me. I lifted her and gave her over to him. She clung to him like a drowning person onto a life ring and buried her face into his chest crying hard.

I told him to stay as long as he wanted and then the two of them needed to go to the Clinic and both of them were to stay the night. I looked at Rose and she nodded and then at Candy and she nodded. As we left I turned and told him, “Bring her and your belt on Sunday evening and we will see how she’s doing then.”