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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 37

Early the next morning long before the sun came up there was a special knock on my door. A man was there and we shook hands without speaking. Then assured that we were each dealing with a Brother he whistled and a van backed up to my rooms door and out popped six people who went straight into my room each weighted down with gear in their hands and a huge back pack each. As soon as they were safely in the man smiled nodded and got into the van. It drove away without a word ever being spoken. I closed the door after letting out a whistle of my own and shortly later we heard the sound of the big truck backing up to my door.

Inside my room we all made our introductions and each told me a little about themselves they were…

Stan Edwards… 36, 5’8” 170… Black Hair and brown eyes… Brick mason and steel worker… Likes to box and has a black belt in two separate martial arts….


Brenda Edwards… 33, 6’ 150… blond hair and brown eyes… body builder before the collapse… also a black belt and good with a gun…can cook and sew and likes working in the garden…

Vick Johnson… 37 5’5” 145… Brown hair with brown eyes… Contractor who worked his way up from the bottom… can do it all from carpenter through plumbing and wiring…


Savannah Johnson … 29, 5’9”… Brown hair with Blue eyes… Musician but raised on a farm and experienced in food canning and preservation….

Wally Baxter… 29, 6’ 4” 225… Black with black hair and Brown eyes… ex-pro basketball player… now works in security and has am MA in English Lit. His Father was a career military… he can handle a gun well and is more than proficient in just plain dirty fighting…


Amanda Baxter… 33, 5’ 11”, 185… Black with black hair brown eyes coffee with cream complexion… PHD Physical Therapy and Kinesiology…

Deacon came in met them and then we loaded them into the back of the truck. Soon everyone was up and we were loading up to move out as soon as the sun was up. The new recruits were also loaded into the truck with the refugees and we were out of town and could open up the truck before it got too hot. Most of the men moved to the roof where they could help keep watch and where they could help if we were ambushed.

We made good time and were to the Jackson community before noon. We were expected and welcomed with open arms. Thomas Jackson was a small man in stature but was all energy and charismatic as hell as so many little men have been throughout history. He had almost 200 people living in his place and they had all sorts of industry. We haggled the lumber prices that I bought but on the three houses worth of lumber that the Brotherhood ordered were to be loaded onto a separate truck with lots of extras and no discussion the next day.

We stayed the night and I gathered the refugees for a little meeting after dinner. I gave them an in-depth briefing on the Grey Wolf family, its rules and expectations of people that joined us. As Len had figured they were all enthusiastic and wanted to continue on with us rather than throw in their lots with Jackson.

The next morning three trucks and the van pulled out and we made the half-day run home where we were greeted very enthusiastically. The trucks were unloaded in no time and the two truck drivers and their shotguns declined to stay the night saying that without loads they would make it back well before dark. By dinner time I was worn down to a nubbin as we had to shift a bunch around to make room for the unexpectedly large group of new people. The new houses were plotted out and I knew that in the morning it would look like a stirred ant bed around here.

A note here about the distances and the reason it takes so long to get some place… The maintenance of the highway system is still hit and miss so you don’t just jump on the road and drive 70 any more. Also because of highwaymen, you didn’t want to be going too fast in case evasive maneuvering was called for. One of their favorite things is to put tire puncturing devices across the road. If you hit them you are in trouble. Tires are precious and repairs are not always possible. If you get hit you have to just keep rolling so the tires and often the wheels will be a total loss. When traveling you put your least valuable car in the lead and drive SLOW. They spot trouble and if they do THEN you close up with them and fight together. The two other trucks had puncture proof tires and some armoring so on the way back they would be moving faster. Also with no loads they were not all that valuable.

Rose was ecstatic about Jett being an RN, Amanda a physical Therapist, Billie Jo a medical lab tech and Edward being and emergency medical technician. She met them all and set up a meeting for a couple days later after they had settled in to tour the Clinic and see where they would fit in. She finally felt that we were medically secure.

As soon as Dinner in the dinning hall was done she gathered me in and took me home where Cynthia, Mark and Candy were already waiting for the in family report. Candy had pretty well filled them in on things and her impressions of the new folks. She ended her report with, “Matt can give you an in-depth report on Jett and her enema giving skills. She cleared his tubes thoroughly night before last. She’s going to fit right in! She also plowed him after she cleaned him out.”

“I don’t believe that I was the only one to have that pleasure that night.” I reminded her. “DOES Tyrone give really good enemas Candy?”

“Actually he gives wonderful enemas and his plowing is excellent too. He also is going to fit right in.”

Cynthia observed, “It seems to me that they have already fitted right in to you two.”

I looked at Candy, “Oh they both take as willingly as they receive!”

Rose kissed me and told everyone to stop picking on me. “He looks about ready to fall over and I had plans for him tonight. Candy, why don’t you sleep over and we will just let Matt sleep on the couch?” Candy agreed and I was taken bathed and tucked in before they retired to the bedrooms. They were noisy but I could have slept through judgment day!

The next morning over breakfast Rose told me that I needed to hold court today. The day we had left Channing and Eva from the last trip to San Antonio had broken up. It seemed to be a rather amicable split until later that day she had seen Channing getting very friendly with my favorite girl Bridget. She had just walked up to them, kicked Channing in the balls and slapped the hell out of Bridget several times as she called her some very bad names. Bridget had finally gotten enough and had proceeded to beat the ever loving shit out of her resulting in Eva having to spend the night in the dispensary for a concussion. She was ok now and was terrified as she and Bridget waited for my return. Rose laughed and told me that every time she saw Eva that she would burst into tears and beg her not to make her come to me.

After Breakfast I went and gathered all the involved parties and headed to the woodshed. As Rose had warned me, Eva was a basket case. The thing that I wanted to know was if Channing and Bridget had been playing before the break up. They had never done ANYTHING together other than a little smooching the day Eva went off on them. Channing explained that he had always thought Bridget was cute and so decided to get to know her better.

I turned to Eva, “What happened Eva?” I asked. Eva was a short pretty and very young woman of 22 with brown hair, blue eyes and a big round butt that I liked the look of.

She sat and cried but finally managed to calm enough to talk. “I left because he was always harping on me for needing to lose weight! I try but this is just who I am. I saw him sniffing around her and then later they were off in the corner kissing whispering laughing and looking at me. I just couldn’t take it and I lost it!! And I’m SOOOOOOO SORRRRRRY!!” She wailed at the end.

I turned to Bridget. “Ok problem child, tell me the truth. Were you two looking and laughing about her?”

Bridget looked at me and smiled, “What’s to laugh at Matt. She’s beautiful and has an ass that every man can’t keep his eyes off of! I didn’t even know she was there. We were laughing because Channing had his hand in my pants and I was having scads of little orgasms. He may have been watching her though because he pulled his hand out real fast before she got there.”

“OK, Channing were you looking at Eva?”

“I knew she was there but I wouldn’t say that I was exactly looking at her. It was just that every time I did look she was glaring at me. I saw her coming and could tell from the look on her face that she was PISSED!”

I thought about it for a bit and asked, “How are the balls?”

“Still sore! Rose says that I’m ok though.”

“OK, I’m done with you. You can go.” With a sigh of relief her thanked me and skedaddled.

“OK Bridget you had the right to defend yourself but how did she end up with a concussion?”

“I tried to get her off without hitting her but man, she is bigger than me and was slapping the shit out of me. I got all I could stand and fought back. She wouldn’t stop coming at me so I finally had to kick her in the head to keep her down. I didn’t kick her too hard Matt I didn’t want to hurt her bad I just wanted her to stay down and quit coming at me.”

I looked at the two of them. Then I shook my head and said, “Eva you made a mistake and over reacted. Do you see that?”

“Yes Sir! I’m just so sorry.”

“Fine, ten licks with the strap over the bench and a trip to Rose for enemas.”

She began to wail and shake I let her for a bit and then said, If you are truly sorry and can get Bridget to forgive you I will commute the 10 licks with the strap to an brisk over the knees spanking with my hand but you still have to go to Rose.”

She ran to Bridgett bawling and begging her forgiveness and promising to be her friend forever if she would just forgive her. Bridget looked at me over her head, frowned, smiled, shrugged and then helped her up kissed her and forgave her. She then brought her to me and helped her undress. She was crying and shaking but went over my lap willingly.

I dusted her ass pretty thoroughly turning it bright red and made her just squall like a baby before then lifting her to her feet. “This is the only time you will get this Eva. Next time you will get the strap and I will wear your ass out with it! Do you understand?”

“YESSSS SIIIIIR Thank you so much!!!” She took her clothes and left to go to Rose. I hope she didn’t think that Rose was going to go easy on her.

I looked at Bridget. Shook my head and said, “Strip!”

She did without comment and then I pulled her on to my lap. “Are you going to spank me Daddy?” She asked in a lisping little girl voice.

“I’m thinking about it. You seem to just attract trouble!” She pushed her ass up at me and wiggled it. “Either that or fucking your brains out for just being so damn cute!”

“Why don’t you do both Daddy?” She asked and it sounded good to me so I did… BOTH.

When we were done I told her, “Should I send you to Rose now too?”

She looked at me surprised, “Please don’t I really didn’t do one thing more than I had to do to stop her!!! I hate THOSE types of enemas. Now if you would like to give me some nice ones and then do me in the ass THAT would be different!”

“Sorry Darling but I have lots to do. Thanks for the play though. I will come see you sometime soon.” We kissed got dressed and left. I went to see how Rose was doing.