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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 36

We had finally gone to the shower together and returned to the bed when there was a knock at the door. I got up and grabbing my Glock, I answered the door. It was Candy and right behind her was Tyrone. The second the door opened Candy walked in looked around and into the bathroom and then turned to Tyrone. “You called it! The bag is hanging in the bathroom and her strap-on is lying on the floor beside the bed.”

“What???” I asked.

“Tyrone and I had a bet. He told me that Jett ALWAYS gets what she wants from a man and I told him that you would be in full Dom mode for tonight.” She grabbed me by my wilted part and led me to Jett. Did my wayward little boy give you any problems?”

Jett smiled, “Not really, your Rose has him well trained. Once I made my desires known he was a good boy for me. He has told me all about how Rose the Alpha Female, his ex-wife/submissive and you have forced him into a life of Feminine domination. It was all VERY CUTE!” She chuckled, “I KNOW that Tyrone was a good boy because he is ALWAYS a good boy. What did he want to bet? Who is going to fuck whom in the ass?”

Candy laughed, “Well, I’ve already done HIM so what do you think?”

“Let him give you enemas first. He does wonderful enemas!”

Candy grinned at me and then took Tyrone’s hand. “Come on big boy. Let’s let Jett get back to her knitting. We have some business of our own to tend to now.” She wiggled her fingers at me in place of waving bye and they left.

“I think that you and Tyrone are going to fit right in!”

Jett laughed and kissed me. “I think that you are right. Already I can tell that you were telling the truth about your family. You and Candy at least seem to be totally color blind.”

“Baby, Grey Wolf only sees grey when I looks at family. Outside of that family it misses NOTHING though.” I explained, “When we are seeking new members we take all things into consideration. The thing is, the kind of person that will make a good Grey Wolf seems to be centered more around the intelligence of the person than skin color, nationality or most anything else. A Grey Wolf needs to be intelligent enough that they already think for themselves and probably are not generally guided by social custom or religion. We in general are not a terribly religious group. Most religions are divisive and tend more to create havoc and fighting than bring peace to a group. Grey Wolf is about accepting differences and enjoying them not trying to make us all the same.”

“I think we are going to be very happy there.” Jett murmured into my ear just before she stuck her tongue into it…

The next morning we all gathered and I checked out the reports from the others about their projects. Dan and Kate had printed up a pretty good sized book of information about their various study subjects and Deacon reported that they had done better than expected in their trading. There were still a couple of things that they wanted to try and find, mostly for Rose’s clinic and then they would be done. It was decided to stay another day and then head to the other groups place and discuss a lumber purchase early tomorrow morning.

One of the oddities of our bartering is that we always seemed to end up with a bunch of extra cash when it was done. In general we didn’t trust paper money even though it was a necessary evil to some extent. I gave everyone a fist full of cash, especially the new people and told them to go spend it. The new people were told what we needed and they might want to buy and what we didn’t need because we had lots of it at home. I also felt that if one or more of the newbies wanted to take the cash and vanish that it would be good. They weren’t what we needed or they wouldn’t have taken the money and left. The thing about keeping the cash is you never knew if it would be worth the same next time we tried to spend it. We preferred THINGS over cash.

Candy and I along with Jett, Tyrone, Roger and Billie Jo took the van and went shopping. Much of San Antonio was just as it had been before but then other parts would never be that way again. The old Mall mentality was dead. Shopping for fun just wasn’t possible for most people anymore. Shopping meant trying to fine the things you NEED not just seeing what strikes your fancy. Many people worked hard each day just trying to find enough to feed their families. Without the organized infrastructure that had gone down when the country fragmented, a lot of foods either rotted before they got to market or was wasted because it couldn’t be preserved before spoiling. Bread for example was once again something that you baked for yourself or got from a neighbor. Flour keeps longer than bread. What bread there was, came from small family owned bakeries the giant factory style food producers just didn’t exist anymore. With electricity being a come and go commodity now, frozen foods just weren’t a good choice now were perishables that needed to be kept cool.”

After dropping the others off, Candy and I headed to a rather special sort of store that wasn’t widely advertised. It was run by an older couple that we had been doing business with ever since Grey Wolf had started living here full time.

I had been there many times and when I walked in Onalea ran around the counter to give me a big hug. “Damn Matt it’s good to see you. Me and Len were wondering about you folks just the other night. We have something that I think you might be interested in!” I introduced her to Candy and after hugging her she looked back at me and asked gently, “Is everything ok with y’all. I heard that y’all got hit hard.”

“We lost a few; you know about Jeremiah don’t you?”

She nodded sadly, “We heard. He was a good one; it is such a shame that the world doesn’t seem to care about that though.” She looked at me, “I heard y’all sent a nice escort with him though. There are rumors.”

I looked at her, “What kind of rumors?”

“The kind that say that you don’t EVER fuck with The Grey Wolf. They say that you hunted down every last one of the attackers, killed them cut their heads off and made a monument with them. The rumor is that y’all killed nearly a thousand and only lost a hand full.”

I laughed, “Well the rumors for a change are mostly pretty close to the truth Onalea. Now don’t you go spreading this around but we did lose three and there were only about two hundred of them. It should have been two but Jeremiah tried to be a hero and got his ass killed. We didn’t build a monument; we just topped our fence posts with their heads.”

Onalea nodded, “Fair enough! You say two hundred attacked you. I gather that you got a lot of them then?”

“No, actually that was one place where the rumor was right. We killed all of then. To the best of my knowledge there wasn’t a single survivor and yeah, we hunted them down like they were mad dogs!”

“Good for YOU!” Len came in from the back. He came to me shook hands and then pulled me into a bear hug. “You did the world a good deed. That is what happened to the old ways. We let the crappy slugs live and breed and the first time things stumbled they rose up and tore our throat out! Good to see you Matt!” He grinned, “I see you have a new keeper too.” He nodded to Candy.

“Yeah, Rose and Cynthia couldn’t come so they sent Candy to keep me out of trouble.” I introduced Candy.

“How is Rose doing?” Onalea asked. “I know she and Jeremiah had been together a long time.” She looked at me speculatively. “Has she found someone to take his place yet. I understand that she and Jeremiah were the… Top people.”

“Alphas.” I told her. “Rose drafted a poor stupid slob and made him move in with her and is running him ragged training him to be the new Alpha male.”

Onalea grinned, “She is wearing your ass out now huh?”

I nodded, “Yeppers she is.”

Candy laughed, “He is doing a great job as the new Alpha but Rose is wearing his ass out… in every way you can imagine!”

They locked up for lunch and we went into the back which was a combination warehouse, dungeon and living quarters. Len and Onalea were in their 60s but in good shape and well set. They had been big in the BDSM scene since long before the collapse and had turned their hobby and connections into a rather lucrative business. If it was used in kinky sex, they had it or could get it for you. They also had parties two nights a week and their connections went all the way to the Capital in Austin.

What they had that Onalea had rightly thought I might be interested in was a shipment of stainless steel 3 quart enema buckets with silicone hoses and nozzles. There was a case of 25 and a half case left. They also had a case of a thousand Castile soap packages and some lovely braided leather riding crops. We haggled a price and then she and Candy wandered off into the back looking for some woman toys.

Len watched them leave and then he and I stepped into a back room. “I have some people that I think you will be interested in.” Len told me. “They are right up your ally and they are all in need of sanctuary.”

“Who are they?” I asked, “They are locals that have gotten crossways with the Mexican Mafia. There are six of them three men and three women. The men are all in the Brotherhood the women are all Sisters.”

“Have you talked to them about what the Grey Wolf requires? You know not everyone will do well with us.”

Len chuckled, “They are going to fit right in and yes I have talked to them extensively and they are not just willing, they are enthusiastic. They worked together and refused to pay protection money to the Gang. When the gang beat one of their workers nearly to death they hit the local leaders and killed the six top men. They are going to “die” in an explosion tomorrow night… such a sad end for three heroes and their wives. Everyone will be sure that it was retribution from the Mexican Mafia. The Governor will morn them publicly and clamp down HARD on the Gangs. By this time next month wearing gang colors will be like putting a target on your forehead. There won’t be any gangs after a month or two. We already have them targeted.”

“When can they be ready to roll?” I asked.

“They are hiding out in a safe house. I can have them to you tonight. Are you at Brother Wallace’s place like always?”

“You know we are.” I answered, “We are rolling out early in the morning. We are going to stop by at Brother Jackson’s on the way out and see about some lumber. Have them there before sunup.” Len and I shook hands, a part of a Brotherhood old as the pyramids Jeremiah had been our Den Master now that cloak rode my shoulders.

“Tell Brother Jackson to give you lumber for three houses and bill the Brotherhood. We take care of our own. Will you need anything more?”

“No, we have had some rather extensive contributions made to us. The attacker’s property and we had another group that tried to force their way in provided us with more than enough extra arms to take care of 6 newbies.”

He laughed, “You can save that, they will come to you with full kits arms, ammo and everything.”

The ladies returned with a big box and Candy told me what I owed Onalea. We shared a meal and visited then loaded up our purchases and went to pick up our people.

I told Candy that we were going to be getting 6 more possible members delivered during the night. “Brotherhood?” She asked and when I nodded she smiled. “Then they will be good people. Onalea told me she thought that was going to happen.”