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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 35

“Then I will give him no further thought.” She took my hand and pulled me to her. Her hug was warm in comforting. “Do you find that enemas bring you closer to someone than almost any other activity? There is a special intimacy that tears down walls.” I nodded against her shoulder. “Then that is what we need to do. I think that when we are done you will feel better and I will be fully ready to accept you as both Matt and The Alpha!”

Jett took me to the bathroom where she filled the bag got out some gloves and a tube of lubricant. She then undressed me like a little boy, swatting away my hands when I tried to help. She put me on the floor with my ass up in the air and humming softly put on the gloves. “I am going to do a thorough exam first matt. You just need to relax and be still for me.”

Her finger eased past my defenses and then she made herself familiar with all of my places. While the one hand was busy invading my butt, the other was softly kneading my balls and bringing me to a full erection. When I was beginning to moan and hump a little she stopped and withdrew. “Meany!!” I accused her.

She laughed in her high sweet voices and patted my upturned ass. “Oh dear Matt you have no idea!” She slipped the nozzle in and the flow was released. I sighed and relaxed letting the enema fill me. “Does the little fellow like his enemas? Have you always liked them Matt?”

“I have always gotten them Jett. I wouldn’t say that I really enjoyed them but they turned me on and made me horny. Rose has about got me trained to like them now though. She is a VERY Dominant woman and looks at my ass as her personal play ground. I have had to adapt. It hasn’t always been easy but she has about got me there.”

“I can see where your pretty ass would be an attractive play ground for the right kind of lady.”

“Are you that kind of Lady Jett?”

“Definitely yes little one. You are much like Tyrone in that though you submit you struggle with it and how it makes you feel. That makes you all the more attractive to women like me and your Rose. There is no conquest if the man’s gift is easily given Matt. I have to thank you for this gift to me. I can tell that it is something that tears you between the desire and the shame that desire engenders in you. You struggle to submit and yet still wish to be in charge in some small way. That is why you offered this as an option to me rather than taking a chance on just submitting to me and having me take you here by my choice.”

She was working the large nozzle in and out of my ass as she talked and finally I had to ask her, “How much more is there?”

“It is all in you now Matt.” She continued working the nozzle in and out.

“How long do I have to hold it?”

“For a little longer.” She chuckled obviously enjoying herself. “What other pleasures does your Rose insist on taking with your ass Matt?”

I felt my face burn, “She does whatever she wishes to me!”

“I want you to tell me specifically what she likes to do Mathew. Why don’t you roll over to your back so we can see each other?” She gently swatted my ass to encourage me to do it immediately.

When I was on my back I was blushing furiously and Jett loved that. “I can’t imagine why I was so worried at first Matt. I should have seen through your exterior and understood that you were not offering us some sort of slavery. Now dear tell Jett all about what Rose does with your little booty!” She sat down on the floor beside me.

I tried to look away but she only pulled my face over so that I had to look at her. “She loves to do me in the ass with her strap-on dildo. She shares me with the others too and they all like to do me and sometimes they hold me down and just stick all different sized things up my butt.”

“Does she ever dress you up for these parties? I think that you would look especially cute in a garter belt and hose while I fucked you in the ass!”

“Oh GOD no… at least not yet! She has made a few threats.”

“OK, you have been good let’s let you drain.” She helped me up and onto the toilet. “Ok, Matt, do your business.” She told me after pulling the nozzle out.

As she walked I had to watch her ass as it swayed gently from side to side and thought that it was about the best looking ass that I had ever seen in pants! She had a beautiful butt! It was round and full and looked like you could get lost in its cleavage! The enema brought me back as it suddenly demanded an exit and I gushed.

When I was done she put me on the floor again on my back. Her fingers filled me and this time she just took her time and finger fucked me until I was on the verge of popping. As before she stopped and started the enema a few seconds later leaving me gasping and a little rattled.

“Have you ever made love to a black woman Matt?”

“I have loved all of my wives in Grey Wolf and we are of all races and colors.”

“Good then you will like what I have planned for you. Your women keep you pretty clean so this and the next enema will be rinses and should have you pretty clean. After you are clean I am going to spank you and then let you eat me. After you eat me I will allow you to fuck me and then I am going to fuck you.” She had brought her back pack when she had come and it was sitting beside the door. She nodded at it. “I came prepared.”

I shook my head, “DAMN!! Rose has me so messed up that now I even have women that are not Grey Wolf fucking me!!!”

“I gather that all of this is sort of new to you?”

“A few months ago I was a happy go lucky stiff with a sweet submissive partner and if there was any fucking in my house I was the one going it. I got a few enemas here and there and a couple of spankings when my temper got the best of me but in general I had the world by the tail!”

“What happened?” Jett asked as she rubbed my swelling tummy.

“We got hit by a big troop of raiders and the Alpha was killed.”

“Were there many people hurt?”

“We lost three counting our Alpha. We killed all of the raiders… so yeah there were a lot of people got hurt.”

“How many of them were there?”

I looked up at her and asked, “There were a couple of hundred. Does that really matter? They attacked us and we defended ourselves.”

“Sorry, no you are right they don’t matter. How did you end up in the Alpha spot?”

“Rose, the Alpha Female picked me! She and the previous Alpha had discussed it and I was the lucky sucker!”

“You are the male Alpha, Can’t you just tell her no?”

“That seems to be the problem. Mr. Macho Alpha Man can’t seem to tell her no and she knows it. She was like our mother and I used to call her Mama Rose. She always liked to tease me and play at topping me but when she made me the Alpha, she stopped playing and I found that as pushy and domineering as I thought I was, to her I am submissive. I can’t help it. Now she seems to be letting me bounce back and forth between Dom and sub so I haven’t really decided what I want.”

Jett teased my nipples with her long nails, “Sounds like to me that you are getting the best of both sides of the street. Your Rose just freed you to enjoy a wider range of pleasures. You seem to be getting pretty happy playing with me now… I know I am feeling REAL GOOD!” The bag was done and she closed the clamp. “You are the sexiest man that I have run into since the first time I me Tyrone. I just love a strong man that is strong enough to allow someone else to take charge sometimes!”

I grunted as she removed the nozzle. “So are you feeling better about joining us now.”

“I can hardly wait to meet Rose!!!” She helped me onto the toilet and while I emptied she refilled the bag. She gave me this one across her lap and worked me into a frenzy as she gave it to me. She kept the nozzle moving constantly and seemed to be able to hit my prostate with it as well with the nozzle as she did with her fingers. When it was done she put me on the toilet and then stripped while I emptied. Her ass in the flesh was everything that I had imagined it to be!

When I was done Jett took me to the bed where she got a wooden hair brush from her pack and a strap-on dildo and harness. With amazing strength she pulled me over her lap and quickly tore my ass up! Then she put the brush aside and laid back in the bed allowing me the freedom of her body. I lapped at her sweetness until she was just mewing in desire. My fingers filled her and my mouth became cruel on her clit as she bucked and screamed. Finally she grabbed my hair and pulled me onto her hissing, “Fuck me!! Fuck me as hard as you can!!!”

I did and managed to do it well and not pop as soon as my cock was squeezed into her warm wet sheath. She was amazingly tight and we coupled furiously until she finally sucked my orgasm into her body with wonderful controlled contractions of her pussy!! When I was done she held me until I calmed and then eased me to the side. I was so zonked that I didn’t think about what was coming until she patted my ass and told me to get on my knees.

“Ohhhh, Jett, do you have tooo? I’m used up!” I whined.

“Sorry Sugar you made the deal and I promise you that you aren’t as used up as you think!”

I struggled to my knees and she prepared the way with her fingers. She was right I WASN’T as used up as I had thought! When she slipped into me she reached under me and whispered into my ear, “See Sugar you want this as much as I do!!!” She stroked my again hard cock and began to fuck me. Soon she was doing it hard and then I was shooting another load out and screaming my pleasures. She rode me until she had cum several more times and then finally eased from me and went to get a wash cloth. She cleaned me up and then as I recovered I grabbed her and cleaned her up with my mouth as she went over the point of painful pleasures.