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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 34

Rose gave her the full treatment; she was very vexed that Steph had been so far off base in her way of looking at things. She paddled her twice along with the many painfully humiliating enemas and trips to the squatters square. She attracted a lot of attention because she was about the last person anyone expected to see there.

I kept tabs on them and wasn’t at all surprised when towards the end of the month they all moved in together. I visited with them once and found Steph to be a most willing and happy partner allowing Bridget to serve her as happily as David. I was also pleased to see her also willingly serve Thomas.

I was soon putting together another group to go to San Antone looking for more members and to talk to another group that ran a lumber mill about some lumber. We also wanted to do some research at the university library. One of the members had read about building with adobe and we wanted to find out more about that along with several other things.

I gathered up our trade items and put together my team. As before I took Deacon, Manny and Butcher for our security. I also added Barkley and Phil to the security detail. Barkley was huge at 6’6” and 255, Special Forces training and our number one worker with yarns and such. He was also Gay and loved by everyone for his gentle nature. Phil was a straight forward ex-military ex-cop badass and part of the general security squad! Rose and Cynthia decided to send Candy to keep me out of trouble and help screen the applicants. Dan and Kate were our research group. Dan is an engineer and Kate was a big city Librarian and researcher. We left at sunrise in the big truck and this time took a partially armored van along in hopes that the truck would be loaded on the way back with materials and traded for items.

As before we got there in time to check into a secure area and then took the van back out to the camp to pass out our brochures and spread the word that we were looking for a few people for our group. Manny stayed with the truck and after passing out our stuff and putting up some posters we returned into the city and scoped out the University Library.

The next morning Butcher, Barkley, Candy and I took Dan and Kate to the library and I sent Phil Deacon and Manny off with the truck to tend to supplies and trading. After dropping them off we went out to the refugee camp and set up. We had a lot of people interested but as usual most were not what we were looking for. If you weren’t already interested in the BDSM lifestyle there was too much chance that you would try it and maybe not like it. We talked to about a hundred possible people before settling on 8; they were…

Tommy … 27, 5’9” 150 Lean and mean with brown hair and brown eyes... Roofer with BS in chemistry… He confessed to having been in several D/s relationships as a switch and was pleased that we were interested in that lifestyle as well.

Satina Sanchez… 30, 5’7” 140 Brown w brown and lovely coco colored skin. Ex- military, black belt in jujitsu… She is a weaver and spinner. She wants a man that will mind her and let her take special care of him.

Tyrone Arnold… 32, 6’ 3” 210 Black like the night Strong as an ox, gentle as a lamb, sharp as a tack... MA in accounting and speaks 4 languages… Dad was a carpenter and he worked summers for him. He shyly admitted that his Mama had given him enemas and that his wife did the same along with other things. Even though he was dark as hell you could see that he was blushing.

Jett Arnold… 35, 6’ 1” 160 Black like hot chocolate… RN… Kick Boxer, Very imposing lady who rules Tyrone with an iron hand… Generally so soft spoken that she surprises you when she puts on her Dom face. She is heavily into enemas, medical play and giving OTK spankings…

Edward… 24, 5’ 5” 135 Blond blue eyes… EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)… Gardener… Has little man syndrome when dealing with men then is utterly submissive with women… Went to his knees before Candy and begged her to take him and use him as she saw fit, anything if she would just take him…

Roger… 35, 5’11” 160 Black hair black eyes… Ex LA Cop… Does leather work and can run like the wind forever… A true long time lifestyle Master but also tired of the uncertainties of the camps. He swore that he would submit to me and follow all the rules even the enemas.

Billie Jo… 28, 5’2” 115 Red Hair blue eyes… medical Lab tech… Likes little girl age play as a sub and Mommy with bad toddler as Dom… She likes enemas, spankings and age play in general.

Norman… 23 5’ 10” 155 Brown and blue with huge hands feet and cock… Worked as landscaper and gardener for family business… He was younger than most that we talked to, he confessed to Candy that he had been dominated by two older sisters and fantasized about returning to that sort of thing all the time. She told him to strip and then proceeded to paddle him right there beside the van in front of about 50 people! When she was done she put him under the table where he was hidden by the table cover and he proceeded to eat her until she was pleased that he was malleable.

We let them gather their few possessions and say their good-byes if any and then took them back into the city as our bonded servants now. All this meant was that if they got into trouble we would be held responsible. There wasn’t going to be any trouble as they were too busy taking baths and getting clean and fed to get into trouble. That night everyone settled down and I found myself with Jett while Candy took Tyrone off to her room.

Jett was one of the most imposing looking women that I had ever met. Despite this she was beautiful and with such a soft gentle way about her that it was hard to imagine her Topping Tyrone. She was obviously nervous and wasn’t sure what was expected of her.

I decided that we needed to clear the air. “Jett, you look like you are about to bolt. What is eating you?”

She looked at me and smiled, “You don’t have to worry about THAT. I’m here and will accept whatever you want to do to me. Tyrone and I need out, He and I have not made a lot of friends here. The old resentments are resurfacing and there are not many blacks in the camp. According to a lot of the people there, there are too many though. Only Tyrone’s size and my abilities as a martial artist have kept them at bay but probably sooner rather than later someone will decide that our presence is an insult that can’t be tolerated any further. You asked me to come and I am here. You may use me as you wish as long as you will take us somewhere else.”

I looked at her wondering. “Do you generally have problems with people of other races?”

“Before the end of the world, Tyrone and I lived in an almost exclusively white suburban neighborhood. I worked for a local Doctor in his office and Tyrone was a CPA with a big company. Tyrone speaks four languages and was sent to a private school. We don’t exactly fit with the brothers in the hood. Most of our friends were not black because where we worked and spent our time there were not many black people to be friends WITH. No we never had ANY problems before the world went to shit.”

“Do you understand why I asked you to come here tonight and why Tyrone is with Candy?”

“Do you want me to tell you something nice or the truth?”

“Always tell me the truth Jett.”

“We are new meat and you can’t wait to try me out. I assume that your Candy is going to be likewise occupied with Tyrone. I take it as a good sign to some extent that you and she are willing to openly fuck a nigger.”

“I can tell that you and I are going to have a long night!” I told her. “We need to get things sorted out or we will have to leave you here when we go home.”

“WHY?? I told you that I will do anything that you want and let Tyrone go off with that other woman!”

“You are here and he is there because we need to know if you can turn lose of your old ways and accept new ones. First you need to know that I will gladly fuck you but ONLY is you ask me nicely too. Secondly whether or not you ask me will have nothing to do with whether you go or stay. You are here because if you come with us you will have to let go of Tyrone as your personal property. He will be the property of Grey Wolf just as we all are. What you will receive in return for sharing him with us is you will have a passel of new husbands and sisters who will love you and do almost anything that they can to make you feel happy and safe. We are ONE family Jett. If you can’t turn lose of Tyrone and allow others to love him too then you won’t be happy with us.” I looked at her and could see that she was loosening up a little. “He also must be willing to allow others to love you Jett. Nobody owns anyone in Grey Wolf.”

“So we will be accepted as equals into your family. Equal to everyone but you and your Alpha Wife?”

“You will be equal to EVERYONE. I’m Matt and you will be my equal. The Alpha is my job and in that way everyone has to follow my orders. This doesn’t mean that when I am just Matt that I am any more important than anyone else.”

Jett looked at me. “It is just hard for me to submit to a man.”

“You won’t ever be required to submit to a man except as a part of a punishment for breaking rules. You only have to submit to Grey Wolf.”

“But I have to submit to you!”

I looked at her, “Right now I am talking to you as the Alpha male of the Grey Wolf family and if you wish to join that family you will be under my control and protection. I understand that you like to Top Tyrone. Is that just something that you like only with him or is it something that you like in general?”

She laughed, “I liked it long before I met Tyrone.”

“Do YOU have a problem with playing with men that are not black?”

“Don’t be silly; of course not!” She chuckled, “I’ve had far more white lovers and slaves than black ones.”

“Then why do you act as if it mattered?” I speak to you now as Matt, I have removed the hat of Alpha. This is getting to be a little habit forming! Would you like to play with me? JUST as Matt. I will play either or any role that you wish in our play. You are a nurse and Tyrone says that you give him enemas. Do you like to do that?” I got up and opened a box so she could see the bag and nozzles.

“You would let me do that to you?”

“I assure you, my wives see to it on a regular basis. I always get them if I get in trouble and get spanked! It will not be a new experience for me.”

“But you are the Alpha!”

“I am MATT! The Alpha is a job that was forced onto me.”

Jett smiled widely, “Will all of the men be as accommodating as you?”

“The ones that are submissive or switches as has been forced on me by my Alpha persona will be. The Doms will be just like you and only want to play their games.”

“How does being the Alpha make you also submissive?”

“Because the Alpha Female, Rose, is senior to me and when she chose me to be the new Alpha she moved me into her house and began to require it from me. She believes that any man if given too much power without being controlled will become a raging asshole. Since as Alpha I have nearly total power, she sees to it that as Matt at home I have almost none. My Ex-wife who used to be my submissive is now a Dom and now under orders from the Alpha female she also Tops me. They also included Candy in this and she is here to make sure that I stay out of trouble!”

Jett laughed and clapped her hands, “Oh this is just too delightful! I can see that all of this is making you upset and that you are trying desperately hard to allow me to see the two faces you wear while also holding onto your dignity.” She held out her arms to me, “Come to me Matt and let me take care of you. I have shared Tyrone many times and that is no problem. Will your Candy be gentle with him?”

“Candy is the most gentle of my keepers and will only do with Tyrone what he wishes.”