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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 33

The following day Grey Wolf welcomed 8 new members into it’s family. The seven from my San Antone trip and Tessa married in. A month later Melanie, Ellen and Frieda joined us as well. Rosemary seemed to be trapped in a world of terror and we found her dead in her bed two weeks after coming to us. Rose said that she had just willed herself to death unable to face the world as it now was. I thought for a while that Pissy was going to bolt and run. He was terrified of Rose and when she called him to the dispensary a few days after the holiday for treatment he had to be carried in. I didn’t like him at first but eventually came to understand that for some, life is overwhelming and terrifying. He wasn’t able to face it alone but within a couple of weeks Ellen had taken him and “forced” (he fell madly in love with her as soon as she bent him over a picnic table and wore his ass out.) him into a happy submission to her every wish. Under her encouragement he seemed to bloom and in the end Abner became a good Grey Wolf. If we were ever attacked again he might not lead the counter attack but he would never run and hide again. In the end he love Grey Wolf more than most and I never doubted him in that area. He always served his time at the gate when it came without comment.

Things settled into a nice sort of flow and construction began on several houses and the new Alpha Complex. It turns out that nearly everyone agreed that the Alpha needed a bigger place. It was going to incorporate housing for the Alpha’s and their partners as well as three other bedrooms and two extra bathrooms attached to the “Wood Shed” and Roses punishment treatment area. The two rooms were separated but the ones in the shed could hear what was happening in the clinic and vice versa. It was a straight shot out the back door to “squatters square” and the clinic had plenty of room for observers.

The only thing of note during this quiet month was my pair of visitors to the woodshed. It seemed that Bridget and Stephanie had some history. Stephanie’s partner David of BUNS OF STEEL fame according to Rose and Cynthia had at one time been involved with Bridget. Bridget’s mouth had in the past run a lot and there was little love lost between the two women.

Since my last run in with Bridget, she had been a VERY good girl and I had visited her pretty ass several times as the Alpha. I was surprised when she and Stephanie were brought to me for judgment. Bridget had several very clear red handprints on her face where she had been slapped. I was surprised to see that there were no corresponding marks on Stephanie’s face. Both women were squalling when they were brought to me. Stephanie is an exceptionally pretty woman. She is tiny at only 5’ and around a hundred pounds. She is a little top heavy and has a short light brown pageboy haircut and huge blue/green eyes.

I took them to the woodshed and left them there while I went to shower. When I returned they were huddled together on the sofa still crying but clinging together. I was amazed to see Stephanie because she was a very easy going person who had never, to the best of my knowledge, even had a verbal altercation with anyone. Even though she was David’s Top it was a very gentle topping with mostly only spankings and child age play.

OK, Bridget you know the rules, One person talks at a time or ELSE. Stephanie, if you interrupt her while she is talking I will put you on the bench and give you five licks. Then we will return here and continue. Do you have that?” She nodded so hard that tears flew everywhere. “Ok, Bridget, you go first. What is going on?”

“OHHHH Matt, it was all just a big misunderstanding!!! David and I were close before he and Steph got together. We had a few ugly words back then. You know what a mouth I have; but we haven’t had any problems since then. David evidently wanted to start playing with me again and said something about that to Steph and she thought that I had been chatting him up about it. I swear Matt I haven’t done anything like that!! You know how hard I’ve been working on being good and reining in my mouth!! PLEASE believe me I don’t want you to be disappointed in me!” She was crying harder now and Stephanie was holding her tight and waving her hand in the air wanting to speak.

I looked at Stephanie and tried not to laugh. “Is there something that you need to say or are you about to wet your pants?”

She blurted, “It was all my fault Matt!! I thought David was messing around with her and was getting tired of me. He and I had a fuss and before he could explain, I stormed out and found Bridget! I was just furious and ran up to her and slapped her several times before she knew what was going on. Then I started screaming at her and that was when David showed up and told me that Bridget knew nothing about any of it. Several people witnessed it and Deacon told us he needed to bring this to you so he walked us over. Bridget didn’t even try to hit me back!”

“Bridget, go get David and bring him here.” I ordered and she left at a trot. He evidently was just outside because she was back in just a few moments with him. I had him sit on the sofa between the two women. I asked, “David, you spoke to Stephanie about playing with Bridget. Correct?”

“Yes Sir, I miss her and Topping her a little. We were more like close friends than really a pair when I fell in love with Steph. She had been a little cranky when Steph started topping me and wouldn’t let Bridget play with me. That was a year ago and I thought that maybe Steph would understand now that I loved her and she didn’t need to be jealous of Bridget. I thought maybe she would let both Steph and me play with her and we could be friends again.”

I looked at Bridget, “anything else you want to add Bridget?”

“Please don’t be mad at me Matt! I have been GOOD!” she cried.

I turned my full attention to Stephanie. “I’m a little surprised by this Steph. I have always thought of you as one of the true and almost natural Grey Wolfs. Don’t you understand that you don’t own David? As his Top you have an obligation to see to his happiness and as sister to Bridget you owe it to her to share David if he wishes it. What in the world were you thinking???”

“I dooooon’t KNOW Mathew!!” She wailed. “I was just so afraid that I would lose him and that he preferred her that I DIDN’T think!!!” She fell on David, “I’m soooooo sorry David!!!”

I barked, “Stephanie!!! Strip!” Without hesitation she shed her clothes and almost ran to the bench. I watched her and shook my head. I was sitting in a straight back chair facing the sofa and said softly. “Get your silly ass back over here! I’m not through talking to you yet!”

She scurried back and stood in front of me shaking like a leaf and sobbing in near hysteria. “I’m sorry Mathew!!”

“There is no room in Grey Wolf for jealousy Stephanie! Do you understand that I COULD forbid you to be with David for this sort of sickness?”

“Ohhhh GOD, please no Mathew!!” She fell to her knees holding onto my lower legs. “BEAT ME BLOODY or ANYTHING but please don’t take him away from me!!!”

“What is all this shit about me beating ANYBODY bloody?” I wondered to the ceiling. Then I continued, “I can’t take him away from you Stephanie because you don’t own him!” I snapped and grabbed her arm pulling her to her feet. Do you see that in your jealousy you are near to losing that with you so covet? You have wronged both David and Bridget and all of Grey Wolf by your unwillingness to share and love all. Do you see, understand and admit this?”

In a quivering voice she said, “Yesssss sssssir!”

Then I pass judgment on you. 15 licks, a visit to the clinic and for the next month you are forbidden to be in bed or play with David unless Bridget is with you. Your job over the next month is to make THEM happy and see to it that all of you become friends as David wishes. You will also be subject to Thomas as a submissive on Sundays and the four of you will play together with HIM as the Top over all three of you! At the end of the month I will come to the three of you and we will discuss whether the problem is resolved or if I need to make further adjustments. The 15 licks will be done as five from Bridget, five from David and Five from me. Before we start you need to apologize to them both and beg them to do your little ass proud because if I feel that EITHER ONE of them did an inadequate job I will give you fifteen myself after their five each. Make SURE they do you good or your ass will pay. After that they are to go with you to Rose and you are to tell Rose what you have done and ask her if she thinks you have been suitably punished. If she thinks you need more she may send you back to me or tend to it herself.”

Shaking and crying she flew into the arms of David and Bridget. She begged them to forgive her and to do her ass as hard as they could. Bridget and David were almost as pale as Steph and they were all crying now. Bridget turned to me, “PLEASE Mathew, allow me to take her five licks instead of giving them to her. I said some awful things in the past and she had reason to worry based on those words!”

David looked up at me, “Me TOOOO! I should have handled it better and then she wouldn’t have gotten upset.”

I looked at them, “There is truth in what you both say and possibly you deserve punishment as well but your punishment will be to carry out my orders and blister her ass!” I looked at Steph. “NOW you need to get on the bench!”

She went and clambered onto the bench her lovely little ass high and quivering. I looked at David and handed him the strap. “Right across the middle of her ass David and make her feel it!” He was crying almost as hard as she was and shaking so bad I was afraid he might miss and harm her. “FUCK IT!!” I bellowed and pulled Steph off the bench. “You want them then you get them David!” He jumped over the bench and I ordered Bridget to hold onto Steph. I proceeded to burn David’s famous ass with the five meant for Steph and then added two more for not doing what I told him to do.

I looked over at Bridget and Steph, “One of you needs to take his place!” David got up and even though he was crying hard he grabbed Steph and held her while I did the same to Bridget’s ample bottom. I let the three of them cry for a while and then told Steph that it was her turn.

She walked up to me and asked, “Please, after my five will you give me four more for my friends courage.” I nodded and she assumed the position.

I really marked her and when I was done Bridget and David fell onto her crying some more. I finally pushed then away and lifted Stephanie into my arms we went to the sofa and I sat with her in my lap and David and Bridget on each side. I held her and let her calm down a bit.

“You are very fortunate Stephanie. You have two very special friends and both were willing to share in your punishment. I never want to here of you not wishing to share with them or any other Grey Wolf again. When was the last time you made love to anyone but David?”

“It’s been a long time.” She confessed.

Then add this to your projects for the next month. You are to make love with a different Grey Wolf every 5 days. That means that when I come to see you in a month you had better have made 6 new special friends! Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir!” She sat in my lap and wiggled. Then a bit of her more usual nature showed through the tears. “Can YOU be one of my new special friends Matt? I think you would like to... either that of you have a flashlight ion your pocket!”

I laughed flipped her over my lap and gently swatted her red ass. “YES, I would be happy to be on of your special friends. Now go see what Rose thinks you need. Tell her that I didn’t ORDER enemas for you and that it is up to her.” I looked at Bridget and David. “Do I need to order enemas for you two or will you let Steph take her OWN punishment this time???”

They both agreed that this time she needed to be on her own and they would only offer moral support!