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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 32

I laid her down on the bed and starting at her toes I kissed and loved my way up her body. After only a couple of minutes at the juncture of her legs she pulled me on up and opened wide for me to enter. I sheathed myself fully in a single long stroke and then slowly stirred her passions until she reached a boil. After about a half dozen wild screaming orgasms she begged, “My ass, please in my ass and give it to me hard Mathew!! PLEASE!!!”

I pulled out and reached for the lubricant. She was pretty juicy but I wanted her to be able to fully enjoy even the penetration so I added so our natural lubrications. Then with her loudly calling me to “do-it” I eased into her. Her ass was tight but welcoming as she easily accepted me in and snuggly cuddled my shaft.

“GOD YES Mathew!! THAT is what I needed!! Do me now Baby. Have no mercy and take no prisoners!!!”

With that graphic request ringing in my ears I let go of all restraint and pounded myself into her again and again until we couldn’t keep it together anymore and she forced my now limp and very used up cock from her body. We lay there together for a long time and then she began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Mostly I’m just happy right now and was thinking about how just perfectly shocking all of this would have been to me just a very short time ago. I was very up on women’s rights and the concept of an Alpha male having RIGHTS to have sex with me would have tripped all my switches. The way Grey Wolf does it though; I am not being used at all in my mind. You are my husband and why would I refuse you. In the old world sex was a commodity and even in a marriage it was doled out and controlled. The woman used it to get what she wanted from men and men used it to make women into things instead of people.”

“Sex should be for fun and to show love.” I told her. “Withholding sex from a person you love that wants it is be like refusing to hug a crying child because you were just not in the mood. Maybe it is even a little like refusing to allow someone to have a drink of water when they are thirsty, not because you don’t have plenty or not because it would be a hardship on you but just to be spiteful. Here if you are not in the mood all you have to do is tell the person. They will go find someone else to play with. If you are not in the mood ever you will go to Rose and she will help you figure out what’s wrong. A person that is happy and healthy should desire sex.” I grinned at her, “And by the way, you said that I am your husband?”

She looked at me and laughed, “You are now dearest. All that is left is the paperwork and stuff. I have decided that I am going to be Grey Wolf. If I had been disqualified because of a disease I would have understood and accepted it but now that isn’t a possibility so I am marrying you and all these beautiful people. If you throw me out I will come back if you beat me I will come back and the only way you will be rid of me is to kill me and you won’t do that. I will accept and or do ANYTHING that is asked of me to stay so I consider it a done deal! I don’t mean that I expect to be with you, I understand that you belong to Rose, Cynthia and Candy but I will be your wife nonetheless. Grey Wolf is my husband and right now you are Grey Wolf. If you wish to give me to another I will go willingly and joyously. I don’t know how you do the pairing here.”

I laughed, “Let’s go talk to Rose.” She got up and started to dress. I looked at her and shook my head. You please me as you are go naked with me to Rose and tell her what you have told me.”

We walked across the yard, Tessa walking proudly at my side. She received several loud howls of approval and a few comments which obviously she found pleasing. When we got to the clinic, as I expected Rose was still there. I told her that Tessa wanted to tell her something and seek her permission. Tessa to my surprise began to cry but told Rose the same thing that she had told me. When it had been said I asked, “Can she join with the others tomorrow night.”

Rose looked at her and smiled, “Come along and let me gather up the pack and see if there are any objections.” We went to the yard and Rose rang the bell to gather our family. She explained Tessa’s need and wishes and then asked if there was anyone with any thoughts on the subject.

Not surprisingly Bridget stepped forward. “Does she understand fully the rules of Grey Wolf? Honey it isn’t all fun and games. The first time Matt takes you to the wood shed you may have an entirely different opinion about being Grey Wolf.”

Tessa looked at me and I nodded, “It is a legitimate question.”

Tessa spoke loudly and clearly. “Honey, I watched the Major beat two women to death. I saw the gangs that captured me fuck a woman to death because she was too old for them to sell or bother to feed. Their punishment for me once when I tried to resist a brother with a cock like some kind of horse was to nail a baseball bat to the middle of a bench. They lifted me up and put me on that bat with it in me and left me there with my feet off the ground for an hour. When they took me off of it, he fucked me first in my bleeding cunt and then in my ass. He did it again every day for a week! I have been beat and treated in ways you don’t even want to imagine and I accepted it in order to survive. I assure you that Mathew will never do anything to me that could possibly make me wish to leave here and face that again!”

Bridget’s eyes were like saucers, “Oh my god, I had no idea!! Can you please forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive! If you are to be my sister you have a right to know. If you wish, Mathew can beat me now and when he has done and I am bloody I will come to you and beg you on my knees to accept me!”

Bridget’s mouth hung open, “Bloody? Matt would NEVER do THAT! His strap hurts like hell but he does it with love and would just die if he even accidentally cut you and made you bleed!” Becky was crying now and took Tessa into her arms.”

From the back of the crowd a voice was heard, “Accept her! She is little more than a whore and deserves to burn in the pits of hell with the rest of you demon spawned heathens!”

I looked back and saw Ruth and Georgia. “Who the fuck let THEM out of the brig??” I bellowed.

“I did,” Rose told me. “I thought that they could stay out of trouble and I saw no reason to make someone haul food to them when they are perfectly capable of feeding themselves. They PROMISSED me that they would keep their opinions to themselves and keep their mouths shut!” She walked back to the two women. “Which one of you said that?”

“I did!” Georgia answered belligerently. “It is the truth and the word of God shall be heard even in this den of whores and sodomites!” Rose knocked her down. She started to get up, lunged and Rose knocked her down again. “Bitch DOG whore!! That’s all you are you and all these filthy animals. You are a blight that God should wipe from the face of the earth!”

Rose kicked her in the belly hard and then turned to Ruth. “Does she speak for you as well?”

Ruth began to cry. “I will keep my mouth shut because I am a coward and weak but she is right. You are all going to hell!”

Rose turned to Deacon, “Bring me the truck. They will not eat nor do we extend shelter to such as these. I will carry them out and be done with them.” When Deacon hesitated she stepped towards him. “DO IT OR I will remind you what it means to defy an Alpha!” Deacon ran to get the truck. The two women were thrown in the back and Rose told Deacon to call the gate and let them know she was coming and to have the gate open.

Rose returned two hours later hot and sweaty. Nobody even asked her what she had done with the two women. I suspected but figured if she needed to confess she would do so in her own good time. She surprised me latter when she told me that she had taken them to within 4 miles of a town and had dumped them. I figured that she had buried them in the scrub somewhere.

She laughed when I told her that. “I am a mean bitch Matt but not quite that mean. They are no threat to Grey Wolf and probably will be dead within a month but it will not be my doing. They are too stupid to live for long. All we asked of them was to not bite the hand that saved and fed them. In a few days we would have taken them to a town and dropped them off with clean clothes and full bellies. Instead they spewed their evil and now will reap what they have sewn.

The effects of this episode on the general mood were not at all what I expected. This was our day of thanksgiving and Tessa’s passionate request and the vile spewing of Georgia had only gone to make everyone fully aware of how much we had to be thankful for. Another surprising side bar was that Bridget took Tessa into her home that night and Tessa and Thomas spent next month playing Bridget’s ass like an accordion. They were always close even after Tessa took a male sub and set up her own house.