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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 31

The enema wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. I was after all cleaned out that morning. My ass on the other hand was going to be tender for a while! As the enemas were put into me I got to know Tessa. I could already tell that she was going to want to stay. The only question was if she was going to be willing to kill for Grey Wolf. We allow no dead weight. Every Grey Wolf is a fighter and every Grey Wolf is dangerous to fuck with. There are no exceptions. Early on it had been decided that if some were allowed to be just protected pets then eventually they would become second class members or slaves and we weren’t having that.

Candy asked, “How do you feel about the fact that everyone here has to learn to fight and shoot?”

Tessa grinned, “You’re wondering if I’m a bleeding heart liberal like my husband was. The answer is no. I never was. He was raised in LA and in that sort of thing. I came to LA from Minnesota and my Dad and brothers all hunted. I didn’t hunt but it wasn’t because I didn’t think it was right. I just preferred my meat to come from the butcher shop where you didn’t have to freeze your ass off to get it. If you hunted in the summer I probably would have wanted to. I liked to fish but not on the ice! The cold is one of the reasons that I moved to LA.” She laughed, “I loved my husband but he wouldn’t have lasted long even if the gangs hadn’t got him. He thought that roughing it was staying in a hotel that didn’t have room service. He was sweet and harmless but this isn’t a world that he would have wanted to live in… I DO!” she looked at me pointedly and grinning added. “In a lot of ways THIS is almost EXACTLY the kind of world I want to live in.”

When the enemas were all done with me, Mark was drafted for a round and Tessa was allowed to take charge of him. She warmed his ass thoroughly first and then skillfully ran enema after enema through him while keeping him always on the very edge of an uncontrolled orgasm. She warned him that if he came without permission she would start all over with the spanking and then do the enemas all over again. After 4 enemas, the last on a full gallon had been released, she put a condom on him and turned him loose on her pussy. She was cumming before he was fully in I think and they made beautiful music as he released the built up load she had forced him to hold back for so long.

They dressed us after that and we returned to the party. I separated and went to see Rose. She was still in the clinic, in the back running the tests. I walked in quietly and came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. “Hey, does this stuff have to be done now. There is a party still and you’re missing it.” She turned in my arms and I saw that she was crying. “What’s wrong? Are you OK?” I pulled her tight into my embrace.

Holding me tightly she sobbed, “Oh MATT I was so afraid!! If I had lost you so close behind losing Jeremiah I think it would have just killed me! Now that it is all over I’m having the shakes and squalling! I love you so much Matt that it hurts.” She pushed away from me slightly and glared at me through the tears. “You bastard you know, you don’t have to lead every fucking charge!”

Groaning I pulled away from her and went to the front and locked the door. On my way back to her I stopped and took her paddle off the wall and brought it to her. “You might as well get it out of your system too.” I told her dropping my pants and crawling up on her table. “Candy and Cynthia have already discussed this with me. I can tell that you will need to also.”

She studied my ass and stroked it. “Did they give you enemas also?”

“Yes ma’am. Three salt and soda enemas and they were all gallons! Candy said that I didn’t need soap enemas again.”

“So you are all cleaned out?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“They did it well then.” She positioned me just so and then started crying again and proceeded to make me cry as well as she paddled me endlessly and screamed at me for being a brainless man. When she stopped she gently pulled me to the edge of the table and began licking my hot ass. Her kisses slowly became more intimate and then finally she put on a glove and began working my ass with her fingers.

When I was hard she pulled out and told me to get up. She pushed me out of the room and to one of the clinic beds where she stripped and made me glad to be a man even if it did make my ass hurt a lot to have her on top of me and putting a lot of pressure on my tender ass as she fucked me mercilessly. When she was done with me she eased off and then took me into her mouth while her fingers invaded my ass again. She forced me to cum and then to fully drain for her nourishment. That means that once I started ejaculating she really started sucking and working my prostate hard and continued for a LONG time after I would have liked to be done. Finally drained to her satisfaction she crawled up beside me and just held me.

I told her about Tessa and she told me that it was Tessa’s tests that she had been working on. “I liked her a lot and want to know if she will be eligible to join us before we get too attached to her. She kissed me and got up. “Come on and we will go and finish the tests. It won’t take long.”

Testing had come a long way over the last couple of years. They couldn’t stop the kiddy plague but they did come up with a test package that would allow you to check for most all of the STDs at one time in a fairly short time. Rose pushed it on through and soon had the results. Tessa was clean.

“Why don’t you go find her and tell her. I’m sure that you will find a creative way to do it. I’m going to run the rest of them. I can tell you now that at least two of them need to be removed as soon as possible.”

“Georgia and Ruth? Tessa told me that they were holy rollers. What about Rosemary? She is sort of messed up Tessa said.”

“Georgia and Ruth are rabid bitches. Even after you saved them, they spent the entire time I was giving them their physical damning us to hell for out satanically inspired ways. Ruth told me that in some ways we were even worse than the Major because he only wanted to steal and soil their bodies where we wished to dirty their souls with our lustful temptations. I slapped the piss out of her and at least after that she kept her filthy mouth shut. I sent them to the brig. We don’t want or need that sort of crap. The others I turned out with my blessings to find something to eat and mingle. They will sleep here tonight. The demon spawn will get to sleep in the brig.” She swatted my ass. “Now go find Tessa and be nice to her. She is good people and going to make a fine Grey Wolf.”

I found Tessa still with Candy, Cynthia and Mark. I whispered Rose’s news to Candy and then she told Cynthia. Cynthia grinned at me and turned to Tessa, “You need to go with Matt. He wishes to exercise his right as the Alpha. Tessa looked at me and smiled a little uncertainly but came to me and followed me to my house obediently.

When we got to it I pulled her gently into my arms. “Would you like me to officially welcome you to Grey Wolf Tessa?”

“I think that would be nice Mathew. What would you wish of me?” She smiled sweetly.

“Nothing extravagant, I just want to suck your pussy and then fuck you cross eyed. Maybe give you a few enemas and do YOU in the ass then offer you the chance to return that favor. It seems such a waste to be this cleaned out and not put it to good use. You DID say that you liked that sort of thing didn’t you?”

She laughed, “I hope you have a BUNCH of condoms!! It ALL sounds good! I would love enemas Matt. I want to feel clean again all over and inside.”

I pulled her to me and told her, “You don’t need condoms Rose has cleared you. She sent me to welcome you and offer you the shelter of the Grey Wolf. You may stay and join us or visit and then move on; either way you are welcome here fully now. I am hoping that you will join us.”

This must be my day for crying women. She fell into me fully crying. “Oh shit MATT I was so afraid that one of those bastards had given me something that would keep me from staying here!! That is wonderful news and I am totally yours. Use me as the Alpha for your pleasure!”

I lifted the dress she was wearing off over her head and then picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. We took a nice long shower together and I washed her very thoroughly. When we got out I made a pallet for her on the floor and filled a 2 quart bag with a peppermint soap enema. I put on a glove and she got on her knees presenting her ass to me eagerly. She moaned in exquisite pleasure as I lubricated and prepared her. Once the white barium nozzle was in place and running I gently teased and explored her other scenic regions.

She took the two quarts easily and found that two fingers in her dripping wet pussy made it feel even nicer as she held it for ten minutes. I helped her onto the toilet and removed the nozzle. She looked up at me and I told her to go, that I wasn’t leaving. She released with a gush and when it had slowed she asked, “Can you give me a 4 quart enema next Matt. I really mean it about wanting to be clean. I want you to give them to me until I am pure again. I want you to fully fill and distend me so I know there is nothing left. Please Matt.”

“I have just the thing for a little girl that needs cleaning.” I went and got Roses colonic bag. It is huge and holds two full gallons. While Tessa emptied I filled it with another peppermint solution. “From here on you will take as much as possible every time.” She nodded eagerly as I hung it and put a larger nozzle on the end of the hose. “This will help you hold onto it.” The nozzle was bat shaped with the head of the bat was and inch and three quarters and the wrist of it still and inch in diameter. She looked at it and licked her lips at the thought.

When she was done and cleaned I put her back on the towels and used my gloved and well lubricated hand to prepare her. At one point when I had three fingers in her and was working then in and out she let out a scream and had a massive orgasm. I decided that it was time for the nozzle and it went in easily. I waited until she had calmed before releasing the flood. She moaned and bounced her hips as it possessed and filled her.

“Oh Mathew this is heaven. I just love big enemas! I topped Michel but he gave me big enemas pretty often. That was his favorite way to play top.” She humped a few times and then asked, “May I move to my back now please. I want to see you watching me be your enema slut!”

I helped her onto her back and then lifted her knees up and spread. I leaned down and began to carefully lick her slit, slowly working my way up to her swollen clit. I was gentle and we managed to ease her through several long sighing climaxes before the enema demanded our undivided attention. She took a lot, more than a gallon for sure. I finally helped her onto the toilet and eased the nozzle out of her. She groaned and gushed. When the first rush had passed I put on a new glove and bent her forward. I pushed the nozzle back in and opened the clamp. She was soon whimpering. I kept her bent over and held the nozzle in place. I looked at the bag and saw that there was maybe a couple of quarts left and suddenly pushed the nozzle deeper into her.

She squealed and said, “MATT?” and then began to leak furiously around the smaller waist of the nozzle. I would let her drain a little and then pull the nozzle back to fill her asshole tightly and make her take more then when she became whinny again I would push it in and let some out around the shaft. When the bag was done I pushed the nozzle deep into her and then as she gushed I pulled it out.

I repeated this same method three more times with a saline solution and on the last one made her kneel in the shower with her legs spread wide. I stood straddling her and poured the full two gallons into her without pausing. She probably took 6 quarts before the pressure made her leak around the head of the nozzle but as soon as she was leaking and couldn’t stop it I shoved it into her and the rest was a wash as she released the huge clear enema into the shower. When she got up and squatted I let her hold onto my legs and suckle me as she squatted and expelled. When there was nothing left. I turned on the shower and bathed her and then dried her off before carrying her to bed.