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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 30

Candy laughed, “Sure I have plenty of them.”

I was bending over the end of the bed but paused and turned to Tessa, “I’ll get Rose to do your lab tests first so you won’t have to be bothered with that for long.” Because Mark and his lot had come from the San Antone camp with its strict health testing they hadn’t been required to do this.

Cynthia gently pushed me over onto the bed. “NOW, I am going to talk to Rose but I don’t think that you needed to be the one standing right out in front when the shooting started. Even if you have to, you needed to wait until the fast response gang was in place before you parked your ass in the line of fire.” She had a light paddle in her hand and in some ways I was sorry to see that. A heavy paddle or strap means a few harsh licks where a small light one could mean a long and miserable scolding and spanking! She warmed me up very thoroughly and I howled.

“How was I supposed to KNOW it was going to be trouble? All I knew when I went was that an old friend of Deacon’s had come visiting!” I tried to get her to be done. “My GOD Cynthia, my ass is on FIRE!”

Cynthia laughed, “You big titty baby! You might as well get settled in because we are going to have a long talk. NOW, BULLSHIT! If you didn’t KNOW that there was something up then why did you order Sam up the hill with that canon of his and why did you order the rapid response team out??” She scorched my ass for what seemed and eternity. Then she asked, “WELL, Answer me!”

“It was just a feeling Cynthia!” I tried to not whine.

It didn’t help. She scorched my ass again. “If you had a bad feeling why didn’t to just openly take the rapid response team with you. If you had had more people maybe things wouldn’t have gotten violent.” She looked at Tessa, “I’m sorry dear but we NEED Matt. I would have preferred that psycho had just gotten back in his truck and left than to risk Matt.”

“Hey I’m with you. Now that I’m in, I don’t want him doing it again any more than you do! You just don’t know. The Major was mad as a hatter and when Matt refused him entry it was a slight that to the Major and that meant that he had to die. Make no mistake, once he and Matt bowed up and pissed on each other one of them was going to DIE!” Tessa shook her head. “I wanted to stir it up. That was why I spoke up. I knew it might get my teeth knocked out but I hoped it would tip the Major’s hand. At the armory he did about the same thing. Once the men were all out of the truck he would have given them a little time to spread out and then without warning killed everyone. Matt just beat him to the punch and I will bet it wasn’t by a full minute. I saw the asshole that was going to bash me flip his selector over to full auto and that was when I yelled out.”

Everything got quiet after this outburst. Then Cynthia hit me once hard and fell on me crying, “Matt you asshole you could have been killed.”

I held her and calmed her. I looked at Tessa, “You did good and made it easy. I thank you for that but I already knew that someone was going to die by that point. When he turned to look at you and ordered the asshole to take you down he was already dead. I had already signaled Deacon and Butcher. My Uzi was never on safety and my finger was already on the trigger. His men had actually made it easier by spreading out. It made it easier to take them out without you ladies being in the line of fire. The one that was about to butt stroke you was the only one we didn’t have a clear shot at so I KNEW he was in Sam’s sights. When the Major turned he reached for his gun and I think he was going to shoot me when he turned back. It wasn’t going to happen. I decided to kill him as soon as I saw the condition you ladies were in. I called Sam’s shot but the Major was already a dead man. I knew that Butcher and Deacon would take out the ones on each side and figured Sam would nail at least one more. I’m amazed actually that Pissy and the other asshole managed surrender and not get shot.”

Cynthia pushed me up onto the bed. “One of these days your big balls are going to get you killed you big asshole. Tessa would you like put on a glove and prepare him for the enema while I go and make it? Lubricate him REAL good inside and out.”

“I would dearly love too!” Mark and Candy positioned me on my back and then held my legs spread wide and pulled back with my ass on the end of the bed. “Matt you can’t imagine how much this thrills me. I haven’t had real sex in nearly a year and to return to one of my favorite things is just unimaginably wonderful.” She paused, “What they did was NEVER sex. The only real sex I’ve had was with Ellen a few times.”

Her finger slipped into me and I moaned in pleasure and in slight pain as my very well used asshole was again at the questionable mercy of another woman!

The three of them washed me out AGAIN most thoroughly. Since Rose wasn’t there, Candy sort of took charge and she told Cynthia that I was to only receive saline enemas. Cynthia agreed that there was no need for soap and so she returned with just a 4 quart saline enema for me. I moaned and whined when I saw the bag, “Cynthia, do you have to do a gallon one?”

Tessa laughed, “Typical man! Stands there cool as ice dealing with a psychopathic killer but turns into a whiny little boy as soon as he is spanked and sees the bag coming.” She worked another finger into me and patted my ass gently as she worked those fingers in and out of me. “There, there little boy it will be fine. Just relax and let your Mommies take care of you.”

She pulled out and grinning allowed Cynthia to insert the nozzle. She lay across the bed so she had her head resting on my tummy gently and listened as the enema was allowed to flow. I sighed and stroked her hair. It was long and now that she was bathed and clean it was very pretty and soft. She, like all of her group, was rail thin. I could tell that when she filled back out that she was going to be lovely.

Cynthia reached out and caressed my rising penis. “That’s my boy! Nothing can keep him down for long.” She glanced down at Tessa, “He is a good boy nearly all the time. This last month or two has just been really hard on him.”

“I heard someone say that you were attacked. Was that when he was elected as the new Alpha? Was the one before him killed of ousted in an election?”

Candy answered, “We don’t have elections. We are a family and not a democracy. The original Alpha was killed and so the Female Alpha picked a new Male to fill his job. If someone wished to challenge him that would be their right but he had better be sure and have a good reason. If most people don’t agree, someone will forbid it. If he looses the challenge and there wasn’t a valid reason for him to do so he would end up having to fight challenger after challenger. The fact of the matter is I don’t think that there are over two men and one woman here that could take Matt and they will NEVER challenge him.”

“What about Rose? Can a she be challenged?” Tessa asked.

“Only by a fool!” Cynthia answered. “She is the woman that Candy referred to. She would have to kill him but I think that in a pinch she could take someone with Matt’s abilities. What do you think Matt?”

“If it is not a fight to the death I might be able to take her just because I am bigger and can absorb a lot of punishment to close with her where my size would be too much for her. If it were life and death I don’t think that anyone could get close enough to her to do her first. She is slowing a little but not nearly enough yet for anyone I know to survive her all out attack. She would either blind them or crush their windpipe within the first 30 seconds. Her special forms and skills don’t lend themselves very well to sparing or sport type fighting. Her every move is intended to permanently main or kill.”

“Damn! Is everyone here trained like that? I noticed that even when they are naked, everyone is either carrying, wearing or has within an arms reach a handgun.” Tessa asked.

Everyone knows how to shoot and everyone attends some sort of martial arts class and has to qualify 4 times a year in weapons, unarmed combat and physical fitness or pay the consequences.”

“What are those?”

Candy laughed, “A trip to the woodshed with Matt and then to Rose for spanking and BAD enemas and then bread and water and untouchable status until they get re-qualified with another round with Matt and Rose every 5 days until they do! Nobody ever takes long and most never fail to make the grade again.”

“You are a hard lot in a lot of ways.” She observed.

Mark spoke up. “It is a hard world out there now. What happened to you and those other women is what happens to people that can’t or won’t take responsibility for their own safety and survival. Grey Wolf has no room for those that choose to be weak.”

I laughed and then groaned. “Shit!! Cramp!” Cynthia paused the flow and Tessa massaged my tummy. I continued what I had started to say. “Spoken like a man that is going to be marrying into Grey Wolf tomorrow!”

“He isn’t Grey Wolf? Is that why he isn’t carrying a gun?”

“Exactly, He is one of six that will join us tomorrow. He is also the only one that will immediately be a full member. He passed his qualifications a few days ago. He came to us pretty well trained in fighting and in good shape. He has worked hard with Deacon and has qualified with the small arms so he is good to go.” I told her. “We are very proud of him.”

The enema was restarted and it grabbed my full attention. Cynthia commented, “His ass always looks so cute when it is clenched!”

Tessa reached and felt me. “OH YEAH, he has buns of steel for sure. God I’ve missed this sort of thing!” She crawled back up to me and kissed me sweetly. “It is so nice to be around real men again. Guys that can act like something other than an animal with a hard dick are the only ones that count. It is the moments when they show their soft side that men are most beautiful and right now Matt you are indescribably delicious looking to me!”