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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 29

We took them into the compound and after baths and a health check up they were given clean clothes and allowed to join our festivities. The only rule and Rose made it VERY clear that any deviation would put you on the road was that they couldn’t have unprotected sex with any family member. She told me that in general despite there underfed appearance; they were in pretty good shape. She would take a week or more to do the lab work that would tell us if they were carrying anything.

As soon as this was done I made arrangements to have Kate relieved and the entire guard staff rotated in. Then I went out to try and regain my previously relaxed state. Candy and Cynthia were then suddenly all over me and crying.

“Fuck I was so scared for you!” Cynthia cried, “God damn it Matt, You are the Alpha you don’t have to always be the one that sticks your head in the lions mouth to see if he will bite it off.”

Candy was almost as bad. “David said that you stood there and talked to that psycho like it was nothing until our guys were all in place. You didn’t give clearance to fire until one of those animals was about to hit one of the women with a rifle butt!”

“Sam had me covered. Deacon and Butcher had my back. The emergency troops didn’t even get to fire a shot. There were six, Sam got two, I got one and Deacon and butcher each got one. It was over before it started. Not a one of then got off a single shot.”

“I don’t CARE!” Cynthia informed me. “I’m going to tear your ass up for acting like a fucking cowboy!!!”

“Please, Please, Please if you do can I watch???” Tessa the new woman from the gate was behind me. “Will he get enemas too? He said that they were used for punishments some times. I saw his ass you two must be Cynthia and Candy. I’ve already met Rose.”

Candy laughed, “You seem pretty hyped up on that thought.”

I told them, “Her name is Tessa. She was the one that spoke up and told me the last thing I needed to know about that asshole. When he ordered her beat down, he signed his own death warrant. She is a Top and used to play her husband. I have a feeling that he wasn’t a stranger to spankings and maybe not to enemas. Am I right Tessa?”

“Totally, I also pegged him regularly and occasionally made him wear sissy clothes and sometimes baby clothes and diapers. We had a lot of fun… until he was killed by a gang banger. He was a liberal and didn’t believe in guns or that violence ever solved anything.” She shrugged, “He was wrong. Now, can I watch or even better help? From the quick glimpse that I got of his ass he has a great set of buns to work with!”

“Cynthia turned to me, “May I ask you Mister Man what you were doing mooning this lady? I didn’t know that this had become a part of our standard greeting ritual!”

“She thought that we might be like the Major and just beat our women for fun whenever we wanted when I was explaining about our system. I thought that showing her what y’all did to me this morning might be the easiest way to dissuade her of that thought. I think it was pretty effective. It was pretty convincing wasn’t it Tessa?”

Tessa laughed. “I have to admit that one look at his butt told me that at least some of the women here know how to handle a bad boy and keep him in line. That told me that at the very least the abuse of females wasn’t systemic.”

“In general nobody gets anything much that they don’t want here Tessa.” Candy told her.

“Hey I didn’t want all of THAT!” I told her patting my butt.

“You ordered most of it silly!” Candy snapped back. “And the rest of it you were a willing participant in.” She turned to Tessa, “You know how men are, they don’t know WHAT they want until a woman tells them.”

“If Candy has no problem with it I think it might be instructional for all concerned to let you help us take care of our cowboy.” Cynthia told her.

“AW Cynthia my butt is sore and I’ve already had a stressful day!” I griped.

She took me by the arm and patted it. “I know, you have been out squirting testosterone all over the place and now you are all wound up. We are just going to help you unwind and get rid of some of that testosterone overload. A little spanky to shake things loose and then a few nice warm enemas to wash it away and you will be good as new.” She led me toward her house with Candy and Tessa following along behind.

“You know, water torture was outlawed by the Geneva Convention.” I grumbled.

Candy chirped, “I don’t think that the war between the sexes is covered by that Matt.” She giggled, “Besides you are out of uniform. You have your pants on!” She turned to Tessa, “We are building a new house just for the Alpha’s and we have already decided that we aren’t going to allow Matt to wear pants in the house. It will make it ever so much more convenient.”

“How many women does Matt HAVE in his little harem?”

“Oh it’s not HIS harem Tessa! He sort of belongs to Rose right now. Cynthia used to be his wife before they married Grey Wolf and they lived together until recently when he became the Alpha male and was claimed by the Alpha female. Cynthia used to be his sub but now she is a Top and has Mark for her sub. I’m just a lonely spinster that they have adopted to referee for them so we need a bigger house.”

I was taken up the steps and just as we got there the door opened and Mark let us in. “I was about to come find you guys! God Matt it is soooo good to see you are ok!”

Cynthia grinned then you can stay and help. “Matt has a testosterone overdose and we need to treat him for it. This is Tessa, Matt mooned her out at the gate and so she has offered to help us. Tessa, this is Mark, my subbie. Strip him while we strip Matt.”

Tessa looked Mark up and down, “My, my, aren’t you a pretty thing!” She immediately pulled his pants down and checked him out. Once he was out of his pants and underwear she turned him around swatted his ass and then pulled his shirt off over his head. “YESSSS, you ARE a pretty thing!”

Candy and Cynthia stripped me again and I whined the entire time not wanting another spanking and not really wanting enemas. My ass had led a tough life lately and was sore and tender. Strangely my protests seemed to just jack them up even more to do me. I wished that Rose was there but she was busy at the dispensary. I decided to try a delaying tactic. “Tessa, tell me about the rest of the women. How do you think that they will sort out?” I sat tenderly on the sofa.

Cynthia and Candy laughed and sat down on either side of me and Tessa pulled Mark into a chair across from us. While she talked her hands roamed. “Melanie and Ellen will be good. Ellen is a little like me and will love it here as far as the sex stuff. Frieda is nice smart but I don’t know about the sex thing. I gather that it is a deal breaker here Right?”

“Right!” Candy answered. “We all love each other and nobody is exempt. Sex is the best, cheapest and most enduring form of entertainment there is.”

“Cool, I agree. Georgia and Ruth will NOT fit in. They are both holy rollers and hate sex. Rosemary… she got lost somewhere before I joined the group. She will let a man do ANYTHING he wants to her but other then cry she won’t respond to anything that is said or done to her. I don’t think that she would have lasted much longer. She had quit eating nearly totally. I don’t think that she was starving herself to death, I think she is so far gone that she is forgetting that she HAS to eat. What they gave us wasn’t the most appetizing stuff in the world and she just stopped eating it.”

“What about Pissy, is he worth a shit?” I asked.

“Not for much. I think he would have joined them if they would have let him. He was kept because he could take MREs and make them taste like something good… and the Major liked a little boy booty every so often. We could hear him squalling whenever the Major poked him! He acted like we should feel sorry for HIM! He is just a big wimp! The Major fucked me in the ass a few times and I’ll tell you, he didn’t have anything to scream about!” She held up her fingers about 4 inches apart. “He didn’t do it but three times. I wouldn’t make a sound and would relax my ass. I think he liked to hear Abner squeal! He was a total sadist and beat two women to death because they resisted being gang raped.” She began to cry. I can’t believe it is over!!!

“NOW look at what you’ve done Matt!!” Candy scolded me. “Come on Tessa, time to warm and wash his bad butt!” They pulled me up and decided to “do” me on the foot of the bed.

Tessa immediately brightened at that prospect and pulled Mark along with her to the bed room. “Candy, do you have condoms? I am going to need one pretty soon I think.”