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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 28

The old truck looked beat up BUT it was as close to armored as we could make it. We had named it “The Tank” and it was always ready to go. The bed, doors and fire wall were all lined with half inch plate steel. Most cars and trucks are about useless to hide behind. Rifle bullets and many handgun rounds will go right through them and poke you just full of holes while you are hiding on the other side of them! At least in the truck we would stand a chance incase of ambush or a fire fight. The gas tank was in the back of the truck and was made also out of plate steel. A 50 cal might perforate it but a 30 cal wouldn’t.

When we pulled up to the gate I turned The Tank around. If we had to run, there was a lot of steel between us and anyone behind us. The fuel tank covered the rear window and the rear tires were solid rubber off a forklift. It wasn’t fast, but going away it was nearly impervious to small arms fire.

“Deacon I’m going to let you talk to him first. Try to find out what he wants and what he is thinking. We need to keep him talking until we hear the birds.” The bird calls were something that every group had at least two members trained in. They were GOOD and when you started hearing whippoorwills in the day time you knew that you were covered.

We walked to the gate staggered and spread out. It would be hard to get all of us. Deacon walked up to the 6 foot tall chain link gate. A tall thin man got out of the big delivery van, “Damn Gunnery Sergeant what sort of reception is this for an old friend?”

“How ya doin’ Major? Hell take a look at our post toppers! We got hit about a month ago and have tightened things up a little.”

He looked at the posts stretching out into the distance each ornamented. “Looks like you did alright for yourselves even before you tightened things up. How many were there?”

“Couple hundred.”

“How many casualties did they suffer?”

“Couple hundred.” Deacon paused, “We lost three. One was the gate keeper. They shot him down in cold blood.”

“So, you are as well organized as I have heard. I thought there might be a place here for me and my little band. Every man is a vet and has been tested under fire.”

“How many.”

“Six men and seven well trained cunts.” He laughed, “We know how people are about sharing women so we brought our own. All the men are fully armed and equipped. We have a shit load of ammo and 40 cases of MREs.” He stepped closer to the fence. “We have grenades and grenade launchers, rockets and even a mortar and an M-60.”

“Daymn Major where in the hell did you snatch the heavy shit from?”

“We hit a National Guard Armory before we left Arizona. I thought we might need a little extra firepower and gear. By the way, I’m a colonel now. You might say I requisitioned the supplies.”

“I bet they were glad to see YOU! The Weekend Warriors are always glad to see a real full timer come over the hill. Is that where you picked up your guys?”

“Shit no. Those pansies acted like they were someone and tried to throw us out. I considered that as unacceptable refusal to follow direct orders from a superior officer.”

“You are active duty again then sir. Is that when you got your silver leaf?”

“Hell no, I’m not stupid. I had done enough of their dirty work. I gave myself the promotion. Shit son I went with the Bird!! Fuck the leaves!” I walked in there as a full bird colonel and the silly SOBs refused to follow my orders. Fuck’em we killed ‘em all and took what we wanted! That is the way things are now! Might makes right and only the strong will survive. Now Gunny, how about telling the little cunt over there to open the fucking gate. It’s getting hot standing out here in the sun.”

Deacon glanced furtively over at me. I shook my head and he turned back to the Major. “I’m afraid I can’t do that Major. We have to vote on any new members before they are allowed in. If you will pull over there under that cotton wood tree you can catch a little shade while we sort things out.”

“Gunny, you were always a pretty good nigger and a damn fine soldier but you are obviously not the balls here.” He turned to me, “You, who are you and why did you signal Gunny here to not let me through the gate?”

I walked over to him. “I’m Mathew, Mathew Grey Wolf. I’m in charge of the guard today. Like he told you we don’t let anyone in until they have talked to our leaders and been voted on. If you will pull over there in the shade we will get them down here and get things rolling.”

“Fuck that! Open the fucking gates and we will go and meet them.” I could see the veins bulging in his neck and on his forehead.

I heard the sweet call of the whippoorwill and then the answer from the other side of the road. “Major, before these gates can be opened I am going to need to actually see how many people are in that van. Have you ever heard of a Trojan Horse?”

He laughed, “Point well taken.” He turned and whistled, “Pile out and fall in for inspection! Bring the cunts with you!” The back doors and drivers side doors open and out came 6 very mean looking men in ragged remains of uniforms and 7 stick thin women who all were shaking and cringing every time one of the men got close to one of them. I saw one of the men back hand a woman because she wasn’t moving fast enough.”

I looked at them, “Fuck Major don’t you ever feed those women?” I asked.

“They’re alive aren’t they? I don’t see wasting anything more than necessary when we are on the move and don’t know when we will get more supplies. Besides they are just cunt whores we bought in California from a dealer. There used to be 9 but a couple just didn’t make the trip. You know how fucking weak cunts are.”

One of the women broke out of the group of clustered women. “You sick fucker!! You fucking beat them to death with that fucking stick of yours!!!”

He looked at her. “They knew the rules. When a soldier tells you to fuck you do it. They just were slow on the up take. I had to maintain discipline… just as I do now.” He nodded and the man nearest the woman lifted his rifle to butt stroke her in the face with the gun stock. I lifted my left hand and his head vaporized. I triggered the Uzi and the Major was cut almost in half. In less than 3 seconds the major and four of the 6 men were down and very dead. The other two threw down their weapons and held their hands up.

I nodded to Kate and she opened the gate. I walked with Deacon, and Butcher to the two men. One had his hands behind his head and the other had dropped to his knees and was holding his hands high. When we got close I looked at the two men then turned my total attention to the one standing with his hands behind his head. “Don’t do it, you don’t stand a chance.”

His hands came over his head and in them he clutched an old army 45 auto. It was still pointing at the sky when his head vaporized. Butcher observed, “Sam is slipping that one was a little high and not directly between the eyes.” He looked at the one on his knees. He had pissed in his pants. “Why don’t you make a move and see if Sam can do better on you?”

“Don’t kill me! I’m not one of them!!! They made me come with them. I was just the cook at the Armory when they came and killed everyone!! They found me hiding in the cooler and made me cook for them. Go ahead, look at my gun!! It doesn’t even have any ammo in it and there is no firing pin if it did!!!”

I looked at the woman who had spoken out. “What’s the story Sister is Pissy one of them?”

“No, he’s just a little worm that they dragged along to cook. They treated him almost as bad as they did us. The only difference really is that as the cook he did get fed.” She looked at him again. “He isn’t too bad. He at least traded food for fucks instead of just beating us and demanding it.”

I held out my hand to her, “I’m Matt. What about y’all. What is your story?” I asked. Then I whistled and the men from both sides of the road began to move in.

“NONE of us were WHORES! We were just women that the gangs caught and used then sold. I used to be a bank vice president and most of these women used to be married middle class people.” She paused and motioned the women over. “I’m Tessa.” Then one after the other she introduced the rest. They were, Melanie… Ellen… Georgia… Rosemary… Frieda… Ruth.

I looked over at the guy still on his knees, “Hey, Pissy, what is your name?”

“I’m Abner, Abner Cobb. Can I put my hands down and stand up?”

“Sure but make sure that you move real slow. The guy up on the hill will blow your head off if you do anything that he doesn’t think looks right.” I turned back to Tessa and the ladies. “I have to tell you, you present me with a bit of a dilemma. We are a very close group and don’t just take in stragglers. Not just everyone would like it here for one thing. We have some rather different requirements.”

She looked at me and everyone else especially Kate. “You look like you eat good. I gather that it is safe inside that gate too. From the looks of things you are able to take care of what you have. Tell me what your requirements are. I will tell you up front though that I will agree to ANYTHING that will mean that I get fed and can feel safe again.”

I looked at her, “OK, we will take you to the compound but there are a few things you need to know and understand. Do you know what BDSM is?”

“Sure!” She answered eagerly. “I used to Top my husband all the time.”

“What about the rest of you?” I asked.

They all nodded. “Ok, we have a society that has a lot of BDSM type rules. If you stay you will have to live with those rules. I’m afraid that you will also be subject to regular enemas as well for health, pleasure and some times punishment along with spankings.”

She looked at me. “So you beat your women like he did. Do you feed them and how often do ya think I will have to accept a beating?”

“I believe you said that you topped your husband. The only spankings that you would be forced to accept would be for major failures to follow the rules. Women here are full and equal partners.”

“Yeah, I bet!” She said.

I looked at her for a minute. “I am the Alpha Male here. That means that I am the boss over everyone except the Alpha Female. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, you’re the big dog and can do whatever you want.”

“That’s pretty close.” I agreed nodding. I called Deacon over to me and pealed off my harness and gun belt. I looked at Deacon. “You know how Rose is.” I lowered my pants and allowed her and pretty much everyone to see the welts and marks on my ass. Then I pulled up my pants and took the harness from Deacon. “Rose, Cynthia and Candy ganged up on me!” I turned back to the women. “Even the Alpha male is subject to the whims of his women!”

The woman I had been talking too leaned forward, “May I ask a question?”

“Ask. If I wish, I’ll answer but no matter what I won’t be bothered by you asking the question.”

“Do they give YOU enemas too?” She licked her lips and looked into my eyes.

“Yes. Lately it seems like it is happening a lot. My living arraignments have recently become rather complicated.”

“You mentioned three women to him.” She nodded at Deacon who was now talking to the guy on the ground. “Does that mean that you have three wives?”

I laughed, “Actually I have 27 wives.” I let that soak in. We are a serial family. All women are wives to all men and all men are husbands to all women. We are all Grey Wolf. When someone joins us they marry into the family and take that as their last name. All previous marriages are dissolved and all men are brothers and all women are sisters. First and always foremost all are Grey Wolf.”