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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 27

They dried me off and then let me sit on the toilet for a little while. Nothing happened and I was led back to the bed. Rose gave Mark his last enema, another huge one. She had dug out the 5 quart Olympic bag for him. Candy positioned me on my back while Cynthia helped Courtney into the dildos and harness. Cynthia had attached two dildos to the inside of the harness so Courtney would have a dildo in both her ass and pussy and then placed the one meant for me so its tickler equipped base would give her clit a work out with each thrust. When she was fixed up Candy pulled her fingers out and let Courtney between my legs. She looked down on me and licked her lips. Candy held my left leg up and spread and Cynthia held my right leg.

“Ok, Courtney, ease into him gently and then pause to let him get used to you being there.” Candy told her.

They had chosen a MUCH less ambitious dildo for her to use on me though it was still a full 7” and thick!” She was gentle and worked it in slowly and then only slowly worked it a little while I adapted. I was getting hot myself. My cock was hard and I tried to reach for it but Courtney swatted my hand away.

“Mine! You are going to use it on ME in just a little while!” She told me.

I was ready and suddenly one of her slow careful moves hit a nerve. My hips danced and I impaled myself fully on her. “Then fuck ME!!” I growled.

That was all she needed to hear and she went off on me. She was humping me in a mad fury and her angle was such that I had to work hard to move over or I would spray her with MY cum! She must have started cumming almost with that first hard thrust and kept going and screaming until she was just on top of me quivering.

They helped her off me and stripped away the harness and dildo and put her on her back. “Your turn big boy I think she wants you to NAIL her so don’t go easy on her.” Cynthia told me.

She looked up at me gasping. “NOW MATT, I need you SOOOO Bad. Fuck my brains out!!!”

I was grasped and she put me in and then I gave myself over to her. It was as if she was just waiting for me to fill her because as soon as I did she threw her legs around me and began to grunt and gush. I could feel the wetness pouring from her and her legs and arms held me so tight it was almost impossible for me to do much more than bounce us together on the bed. Then suddenly in a frenzy she pushed me out and off and rolled over in the bed.

She crawled to her knees and begged crying, “In the ass Daddy, fuck me in the ass PLEASE!!!!”

I looked at Candy and she nodded and said, “Cross her eyes!”

Rose rolled a condom down onto me, “She hasn’t had enemas!”

Cynthia poured lubricant up her ass and on my cock and I eased partway in. Then Courtney took over and slammed herself back and fully onto me! “YES!!!!!!” She screeched, “Fuck me hard Daddy!! Please love me hard and don’t stop!”

I grabbed her hips and “Crossed her eyes” I slammed into her over and over and her screams just got louder and more excited, “YESSSS Daddy that feels SOOOOO Gooooood Daddy! Fuck me harder if you can PLEASE!!!!” I didn’t think that I could but I did! About that time Rose shoved a gloved and greased couple of fingers in my ass and I started to scream as I hammered into her and started MY own decent into a huge orgasm.

Rose gave me no mercy and when I crammed myself into Courtney for the last time Rose poked my prostate and then massaged it as I had a HUGE and almost endless orgasm!

Finally I dropped on her back and we went to the bed flat out with me still up her ass. Two helpful ladies pulled my legs open giving Rose deeper penetration and easier access and she made me screech, cry and beg like a little girl before she stopped massaging my prostate!

They rolled me off of Courtney and then rolled her over she held out her arms to me and I fell into them. “I love you soooo much Daddy!” She kissed me hard and long and then, when she parted, she grinned at Candy and said, “No I’m not cracked. I know he is Matt but he gave me back something that I think of as my Daddy and if he doesn’t mind, for a little while I’m going to call him that.”

I looked down at her, “Whatever you need Baby!”

Candy and Rose looked at each other and Rose said, “You have had a big day Courtney I think for now we need to take you back home and give you a shot so you can rest.”

“Do I HAVE to Mama Rose?”

“Yes Baby I think it’s best if you do.”

“Will Daddy come and hold me?”

“We will all come Baby.” Rose told her.

We gathered our stuff and when Mark had expelled and finished with his last enema, moved slowly to Candy’s house. They bent Mark over on the sofa and began to peg him. Candy went first and after Courtney had lain over my lap for her shot she curled up in my lap and we watched Mark get it until he finally came, squirting his stuff over the arm of the sofa.

They all settled down a little and I carried Courtney to bed. She was asleep. When I came back I asked Candy, “Well what do you think?”

“She had a major break through today. There is no doubt that she has made it past a lot of walls. I think that she will be ok eventually now. It is just going to take her a little time to reintegrate her personality. I think that this Daddy thing will be good for her. She will transfer the good feelings to you and leave the bad ones in the past I hope. Also as she adapts you will already be the Daddy figure in her subconscious and I will bring her to you or call for you to come and spank her when she messes up. I am going to start easing her into other relationships with some of the more gentle males and then slowly we will see what she will become. I think when she settles out she’s going to be a Dom. She sure was bossy when you were fucking her!” We all laughed.

It was time to find something to eat and check the posts. I went and grabbed a sandwich and then grabbed a radio and checked in with the road block guard house and the perimeter guards. Everything seemed to be quiet so I returned to the party.

Things were really rolling now and everyone was fully into the spirit of things. There were naked people everywhere and sex was open and often being watched and judged like some sort of Olympic sports event. I sat and watched four submissive males put over the outer edge of a porch for “enema races” where they had to take the enema, one quart, and then dash to the next porch where they were spanked and then at the next porch they had to take another quart and it went on until there was only one man holding his enema in and he was declared the winner while the others were paddled by the Tops. Then they let everyone expel and started it over!

I was feeling pretty damn good, my ass had gotten a little happier after Rose had taken me to the dispensary and put a lotion on the outside and a suppository on the inside that seemed to cool things off.

I had just settled back into a lounge to watch a softball game when the bell rang! The guards and gate all have radios and there is always a “sergeant of the guard” that is at the radio room in the compound. If there is a problem they radio in and then he rings the appropriate signal. One ring repeated over and over means that the compound is in imminent danger and EVERYONE scrambles to their assigned battle stations fully armed. Two rings followed by a pause and then repeated means that there is shit going down at the gate. It is temporarily held but reinforcements are needed soonest. Three rings pause and then repeat means something has happened at the front gate but it is either done or needs attention from an Alpha. Then there are the mixed rings one and then two for trouble at the north picket. Two and then one then pause is trouble out of the east, three and one then pause means it is from the south and four and one then pause is trouble out of the south.

Three rings then a pause then three more then pause had me up and running for the radio room in a flash. There, Willie, Sergeant of the watch and glad to be out of his Tops reach for a while told me, “There is a van load of people at the gate. They say that they know about us and their leader says to tell Gunnery Sergeant Darrel Deacon Jackson that Major Edward Kirk says to get off his lazy ass and come greet an old friend.” Willie paused, “Kate is on the gate and says she doesn’t like this guys looks.”

“Go find Deacon while I gear up!” I ordered, “Find Sam too and tell him to break out the Barrett 50 cal and get his ass up the hill. Grab Butcher if you see him too.” With that Barrett, Sam could hit playing card sized targets out to a thousand yard or more and had one confirmed kill in desert storm at nearly a mile.

I started dressing. Flack jacket desert camo fatigues since I was going to get personal I took out an Uzi and grabbed a handful of mags to go with the Glock on my hip in 40 cal S&W. I was lacing my boots when Deacon and Butcher rolled in.

Deacon told me, “Sam is on the way!”

Willie came in gasping about then, “Rose wants to know if they need to sort of ease off towards battle stations.”

I looked at Deacon, “Talk! What do you know about this guy?”

“I served under him in two tours. He’s a good man to serve under but I can’t see him fitting in here at ALL Matt. He is a martinet and a power freak. There is no way he would be Grey Wolf unless HE was the Alpha! He could be trouble Matt. He always was a little crazy but it was the kind of crazy that was good over there NOT something I want here.”

“You two gear up. Willie, tell Rose to gather the rapid response team and get them outfitted and on station in case we have trouble and need back up. Send half to the ditches on each side of the road. I’ll keep them talking until I hear the birds.” The rapid response team was the family’s best trained military vets. There were 16 of them, 15 today because Deacon would be with me. Deacon and Butcher were ready in a couple of minutes and we jumped in a beat up looking old truck and headed to the gate on the road.