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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 26

“Matt; why would you do all of this? I don’t understand.” She asked.

“You were hurt. I was hurt once and sometimes only hurt can heal a hurt. How did it make you feel to see me hurt for you?”

“It made me sad and ashamed Matt… It also made me feel something else. I TRIED to save you as nobody tried to save me and even though I couldn’t I held on to you and shared your pain… as you have now shared mine. I understand Matt. I see that you did this for me and I will never forget that though you couldn’t save me, it was in the past, you shared it with me and tried to save me now!” Crying again she leaned over me and kissed me. “When I do you in the ass Matt, I WILL be making love to you. Then please will you make love to me. I have a lot of loving to catch up on. She turned to Mark, “Can you forgive me? I’m a sick bitch but I will do better and I will need for YOU to fuck ME in the ass eventually… That is where I like it best.” She grinned at him.

Candy whispered, “I will be dipped in dog shit and deep fried!”

Courtney looked over at Candy and shook her head still crying. “I just understood something for the first time.” She looked down, “The last time I felt like my Daddy loved me was when he was fucking me in the ass. To tell the truth, I have always liked things in my ass. My Mama gave me a lot of enemas and I remember using the toilet plunger in my ass when I was just 9 or 10 years old… maybe younger. It wasn’t the ass fucking that devastated me even though I thought it was. It was that after that my Daddy was so ashamed that he couldn’t look at me or touch me without feeling ashamed. Suddenly I remember that after that he was also REAL hard on my brothers and I don’t think he ever spoke to his brother again. I think maybe I even liked it when they were doing it.”

“Then what’s different?” Cynthia asked. “You act like something has changed.”

“Something DID! When Matt made me watch him being hurt for me I was suddenly ashamed because his pain was all my fault. When he screamed my heart nearly broke and suddenly I understood that my Daddy did love me and that it was himself and his shame that pushed us apart and not me. I know it sounds stupid but I’m talking about feelings. I think some how I FELT like he stopped loving me because he saw that I was enjoying it.”

Candy shook her head, “It’s not stupid, and it makes perfect sense!” After a pause to think she asked, “Do you still want to fuck Matt in the ass?”

Courtney looked at Candy and returned, “Sure, don’t YOU? I want to make love to him in the way that to me is the most intimate way possible. I want to love him and then offer myself to him to be loved.”

Rose brought the bag and had Courtney roll me to my back and hold my head in her lap. I moaned softly as Rose parted my cheeks and lubricated me and prepared me. She spent a long time on my prostate and then when she slipped the nozzle in she worked it so the warm water would rush in and straight onto it. I sighed and relaxed. I looked up and into Courtney’s face and asked her softly, “Does this mean that you like me now?”

She bent over and kissed me deeply, “No silly, it means that I LOVE you now! Among other things you have given me my Daddy back. I understand now what happened and why. You also have probably given me the freedom to cum with anybody during sex.”

The enema began to claim more of my attention and I commented, “You know it sure seems like I am spending a lot of time these days getting enemas! Why is that? I mean every time I turn around you are either giving me an enema Rose or telling someone else to do it to me!”

Rose grinned, “Well Matt, you keep gathering more women and, well you just have a GREAT butt. We all want to play with it and well Grey Wolf is a very anal bunch both men and women. We all like to do you and we also like to give you enemas so you are just going to have to nut up and learn to live with it. I see it becoming a very regular thing for you.” She grinned and looked around the room. “Do any of you girls think that we are paying too much attention to his butt?”

There was a chorus of no’s and then Candy said with absolute certainty, “Matt, I just got started and I can tell you now that I am going to have a lot of interest in ass play with you.”

The enema finished and the hold was not bad. I had a lot of very pleasant distractions especially when all the women started pealing their clothes off and then using Mark on the bed beside me to satisfy a few of their more urgent needs. After Cynthia and Candy had pretty well satisfied themselves riding his face, Rose took a ride and Candy took over my enemas. It was like I was getting enemas in the middle of a porn studio! The one person that seemed to have no interest in going to Mark was Courtney. She kissed and talked softly too me through every enema and hold and then went with me for each release. After my second rinse when we returned I saw that they now had Mark up on his knees getting a BIG 4 quart enema.

“We decided that we needed two male asses for fucking so Mark is playing catch up with you now.” Rose told me. “By giving him gallon enemas it won’t take as many to do the deed! You get a gallon this time too by the way. We all love it when you have to clench really hard to hold it. THAT is when your butt REALLY looks best!”

“I don’t LIKE 4 quart enemas!” I informed her. “They make me cramp like hell even when I am cleaned out.”

Rose looked over at Cynthia, “Check and see if my little Lobo will like it better after another spanking.”

“NOOOO! Please Nooo! I’ll be good my ass is STILL on fire from the first whipping please don’t do me again!”

Rose looked up at Courtney, “What do you think Sugar. Would you like to see Matt get a spanking? I promise it won’t be like the beating that he got earlier. That was an Alpha ordered punishment whipping and this will be a little boy spanking.”

Courtney looked down at me and gave me a little pixie sort of grin. “Please Matt, just a little one!”

I’m a sucker, I sighed and nodded. Cynthia bent me over the end of the bed and gave me a dozen stingy swats with a light paddle that made me dance. She handed the paddle to Courtney who followed it up with a dozen little swats that wouldn’t have harmed a 2 year old but I nonetheless squeaked and danced as she did it. This wasn’t all make believe either as Rose accused me latter, my butt was JUST THAT TENDER!

After the spanking Courtney crawled up into the bed and laid down on her back. Cynthia guided me up into the bed and I headed like a bloodhound to the juncture of Courtney’s thighs. Face down and ass up I got busy and Cynthia did as well. After a vigorous prostate massage my 4 quart rinse was started.

Courtney stroked my head and moaned, “Ohhhh Matt that feels so good.” She was dripping wet and after just a couple of minutes she started building up. Her hips were jumping and the wet flow was really picking up. Suddenly her legs spread wide open and she screamed, “It’s HAPPENING!!! Oh my fucking Aunt Martha!!!! I’m cumming!! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!!!!” Her legs snapped closed like a bear trap on my head and she held me tight. Her hands clutched my hair and she began to just gush!! Her back arched and she screamed, “OHHHHH Jesus, I DIDDDDDN’T KNOW!!!!” Then suddenly she pulled my face away and went limp as her legs fell open again. I kissed her pussy wetly but avoided her clit. She obviously wanted to be done for now.

I moaned and asked, “How much more is in that damn bag Cynthia?? I feel like I’m about to explode!”

She reached between my legs and massaged my distended stomach. “Just a little more Darling and when it is all in you only need to hold it until I get you to the toilet.” She giggled, “His tummy is so big he feels almost preggers!”

I groaned and laid my head on Courtney’s wet pussy and just gritted my teeth as Cynthia slowly forced the last of the enema into me. “Nearly there sweet baby!” Courtney, returned from orgasmic la-la land, told me softly. “Matt, you did it!! That was my very first ever orgasm with a man!!! I can never thank you enough!!”

“Help me to the toilet and that is all I ask for right now!! I’m not sure that I can make it!!!”

“He’s all done!” Cynthia declared. “He’s cramping bad right now. Matt, just try and relax and when the cramps pass we will get you up and help you.”

For what seemed like and eternity I cramped but finally it slowed and eased. As soon as it did I moaned, “Let’s go while I can!”

Courtney and Cynthia helped me up and then we sort of ran to the bathroom I KNEW that the toilet was out of the question and just dashed to the shower stall. Cynthia and Courtney came in right behind me and pushed me into a corner and Cynthia pulled the plug on it. I just poured and my knees gave it felt so good. Kneeling in the shower I held onto my two ladies and the clear return flowed from me. One of them turned on the shower and they began to wash me. When I could I stood back up and they proceeded to clean me and Cynthia stuck several fingers in my ass causing me to drain even more thoroughly.

“He is really cleaned out!” Courtney observed. “It was perfectly clear.”

Cynthia laughed, “He’s been getting enough enemas lately that there isn’t anything much in him that hasn’t been thoroughly washed.”

“Can I do that?”

“”Sure!” Cynthia told her and pulled her fingers from my ass. “Bend over Matt so Courtney can finger you.”

Courtney’s touch was less sure and straight to the point than Cynthia’s but what she lacked in knowledge and experience she worked to make up for in excitement! “Oh MY, he is so soft and smooth inside! This feels so sexy! Do you do this to him very often Cynthia? I mean when you and he were together.”

“Matt has always let me play with and in his little ass. The regular pegging thing is pretty new though. It is something that Rose has insisted on since they have been together. Now he is getting to be a regular little slut and even lets Mark fuck him!”

“I bet THAT is HOT! Has he always like the boys too?”

“Oh no it is something that Rose and I are teaching him. Mark is his first and so far only male booty buddy. Grey Wolf encourages open love and bi-sexual love so he needs to lead the way. Most of the men in Grey Wolf are at least amenable to bi-sexual attentions.”

Courtney shivered, “I can hardly WAIT to do him!” She giggled a little hysterically almost. “I can hardly wait for him to do ME too. I want it ALL from HIM. I want him to be my first everything!”