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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 25

In retrospect, that night was one of the pivotal moments in my life and in the life of the Grey Wolf family. Just as our little group welded together, I soon saw the results in other Grey Wolf gatherings. The next day we partied with the rest of the people and without thinking I treated Mark as I would any of my other wives. I kissed him several times and others saw this. I copped several feels off him and encouraged him to feel free to do the same with me. Some how this seemed to set something free and it was forever after, a common thing to see men expressing affection openly even between straight men. They would hug where before that wouldn’t have been imaginable. All of a sudden men in the family had the same freedom that women had always had to express affection.

The next morning we all went to check on Courtney. She woke up and was brought to me. There was softness in me now that I had never felt before and we snuggled like a couple of little kittens. Candy came to us after a little while and turned Courtney in my lap so that her legs were over my legs and spread and her ass was down between my thighs. She was as spread open as if she were on a gynecological table! My hands were placed holding her breasts and pinching her nipples and Candy knelt and began to work her. She squirmed and wiggled and moaned and then tightened up and bucked as she came hard for Candy.

“I want him to fuck me Candy!! Oh please LET him do it Rose I need him so much. I’ve never in my entire life wanted anything so much!”

Rose looked at Candy and ordered, “Go put on a strap on. Courtney he is NOT going to fuck you until I allow it. What I will allow is for you to make love to him. When Candy returns I want you to get on your hands and knees and suck him while she fucks you. If he cums before you do, I am going to spank him and we will take him to the dispensary and give him enemas. If you can cum before him I will consider letting him fuck you. If you fake it I will know and you will go to the wood shed with him and get no fucking from him for a while longer.”

Candy came back with a large strap on strapped to her hips and a look of determination on her face. Courtney slipped off of my lap and without a word went to work on my hard cock. She paused for just a moment and looked up at me. “Mathew, I’m sorry but I will do my best to get you off first, I sort of hope I can because I think seeing you spanked and given enemas might be almost as good as having you fuck me. Just thinking about it makes my pussy tingle!” She went back to work and I was in trouble!

Candy cheated! She didn’t play with Courtney’s clit or anything. She just slid in and began to fuck her. Even at that she was soon moaning and thrusting back onto Candy. I did everything I could to hold back but then Courtney cheated. She pulled my ass off the edge of the chair and before I knew what she was up to she slipped a finger into my ass and all was lost. I groaned and bucked and filled her mouth with my need. She jerked off me and opened her mouth to show Rose and crowed. “He Came FIRST!! Harder Candy!! Oh my GAWD!!! She suddenly was back on my cock sucking me harder and demanding more as her hips gyrated wildly and she had what was obviously a truly MASSIVE orgasm that went on and on and had me screaming as she tried to suck my dick right off my body! Her orgasm was one with a copious amount of flow and left Candy soaked.

When Candy came off of her she whirled around on her like a wild thing and almost ripped the dildo off of her to get to her pussy. Candy began to cum and Courtney took it all in. When she finally got off Candy, Courtney turned to me and grinning told me. Now I’m going to see your ass used for pleasure and then I want to fuck YOU in the ass with a big double ended dildo. After THAT you can do anything that Rose will let you do to me!”

I looked over at Rose. “Shit Rose, I think you need to cut back on her damn vitamins a little don’t you???”

Candy answered, “NO! She has a lot of catching up to do Matt. She has never been able to share her orgasms with anyone before. She is just excited and enthusiastic.”

Rose laughing told me, “Sorry little boy, I’m afraid that you lost and she is going to get her wish. After she is done with you I will decide what you get to do with her. For right now though you are on the schedule and we girls are going to make the most of it!”

“YESSSSS!” Courtney screamed stabbing her fist into the air. “Let’s DO HIM!”

“I think in the interest of comfort and maximization of access and pleasure we should do him at your house rather than the clinic Rose. I think we are going to need a bed badly for him before lunch time.” Candy advised.

Cynthia tossed in, “Plus at your house you have all those cool special nozzles and dildos. Nothing but the best for the boy don’t you think Mark?”

Mark had been quiet and seemed a little shocked by the events. He had known that Courtney was being treated by Rose and Candy but didn’t know any of the particulars. “Do you HAVE to spank him? I mean isn’t the rest of it enough.”

Courtney looked at Mark, “I want to spank him Mark. I want to see his ass glow like mine when he spanked me. I want him to cry for me as I have for him.”

Mark looked at her, “Why? He takes no pleasure in your pain. He does what is required but then always offers love as well from everything that I have heard. Has he done something to hurt you?”

She glared at him. “Listen fag boy you don’t know shit so butt out!!”

I roared, “FUCK THIS!! Courtney you aren’t going to touch me! I glared at Rose and Candy. She is playing us and I won’t be a part of it!”

Candy looked at Courtney and shook her head. I don’t totally understand but I know that Matt is right. She is playing us. Did you even cum Courtney or are you just a good actress?”

Courtney looked at Candy and seemed confused. “I just wanted to use him the way that they used me. I have gotten past the wall Candy. You are damn right I have cum. And I want to do it some more. I want to fuck him in the ass like they did ME!!”

“WHO Courtney?” Candy asked softly. “Who fucked you.”

“My DADDY AND MY UNCLE AND MY BROTHERS!!! They all fucked me! They did it again and again and I can still hear them laughing and smell the whiskey on there breath as they bent me over and fucked me in the ass!”

“How old were you Courtney?”

“I WAS thirteen and when they sobered up the next day none of them would look at me. My Mama found me and cleaned me up and my Daddy never touched me for anything again and none of them would hardly even talk to me! My Mama killed herself a year later and my Daddy sent me to live with my Mama’s youngest old maid sister. He never came to see me even once! None of them did!” She began to sob. “I used to sit in my Daddy’s lap too Matt. I thought he loved me but he didn’t. He just wanted to feel me up so later he could have his fun with me!”

“I’m not your Daddy Courtney. I’m your husband and want to love you.” I told her. If I let you do this to me will it make you happy and feel better?”

Rose and Candy both barked at the same time. “NO WAY MATT!!!”

I looked at them and bowed up. My chest swelled and I howled, “I have tried it YOUR way and look what it go us!! NOW we will do it MY WAY!” I turned to Courtney, “If it will exorcize your demons you may beat me and then do what ever you need to do. I can’t find these men and kill them for you but since you evidently hold all men to blame I am willing to allow you to take it out on me.” I glared around the room and then walked over and grabbed Courtney by the hand. “We are going to the house you can come if you wish but what EVER happens is between HER and ME!” I yanked her hand and we went, almost at a trot back to the house I shared with Rose. Behind us they all came and not a word was spoken.

“When we got to the house I took her into the bedroom. I found and handed her my heaviest belt. I stripped and turned to her. How do you want me?”

She was crying and looking at me wild eyed. “Matt, I… I… I don’t want to hurt you! I’m just so…”

“Fucking angry and can’t lay it to rest.” I finished for her. “You want somebody to PAY! You want somebody to hurt as you did.” Furious I went to the chest where Rose kept her strap ons. I grabbed her biggest one. I thrust it out and into Courtney’s hands. “If you are going to hate all men for something a few sorry assholes did to you a long time ago then I am as good as anyone for you to pay back. Beat me and fuck me!”

She just stood there crying and I bellowed, “Rose, Cynthia, Get your asses in here!” They rushed to me and I took the belt out of Courtney’s hands. “I am the Alpha and I pass this sentence on myself! 30 strokes with the belt and then you are to ass fuck me while Courtney watches. I have the right to order this and Cynthia I order YOU to carry it out!”

I lay across the end of the bed and without a word Cynthia did as I had ordered. The belt whistled through the air and I screamed as it cut me. She did it again and I screamed. Courtney screamed and jumped across my back.

“Don’t you dare hit him again! He hasn’t done anything to deserve this! She pulled me up into the bed and held me tight. “I’m so sorry Matt I can’t believe that I didn’t see you as you are! Please forgive me! She kissed me hungrily and I kissed her back. Then I gently pushed her away.

“I ordered it and it must be carried out.” I slipped to the end of the bed and Rose took the belt from Cynthia. “I’ll do it. You are crying so hard you might miss and harm him. Mathew, I will do this for you but when I am done we will give you enemas and only then will I allow her your ass and NOT with that monster.” She told Courtney. “He is doing this for you. Lay beside him. Watch his face and hold his hand.”

One by one Rose spread them out over my ass. Courtney cried out with me on each one of them as if it were her being struck. When the thirty were done Rose looked up at Courtney. “Comfort him. I will make his first enema.” When Rose returned I was rolled to my back and my head was in Courtney’s lap. She cried until she saw that the enemas were not hurting me and that I was obviously becoming rather aroused.

“Matt, do I have to fuck you in the ass? Can’t I just make love to you?”

“First you will fuck me and THEN if you wish you may love me.