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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 24

That evening was the true beginning of the new Alpha family. I wasn’t whole without Cynthia but now also I would never be truly whole without Rose. My love for Candy had grown as I got to know her better and had blossomed into full bloom when I realized why, as beautiful as she is, Candy was still living alone. It wasn’t spoken nor would I ever ask to be sure but I suspect that Rose needed Candy as I needed Cynthia. I thought of Rose and all those years with Jeremiah in a marriage without true love. I suddenly knew where she had finally found love and also understood why it couldn’t be openly declared. The Alpha Female and the Alpha Male needed to be a couple and that meant that she had to give up her lover and take me in. I never doubted that she loves me… but just as Cynthia will always be my first true love after Grey Wolf, hers would always be Candy. By me making the decision as I did, it was never admitted and I never mentioned it to Cynthia.

When we got to the house, Mark and I were immediately taken to the bedroom and after the rubber sheet was on the bed we were placed on it and enema bags were filled. Cynthia gave me my enemas and Rose gave Mark his enemas. It was a VERY odd feeling laying there side by side as we were filled. At one point when I was having cramps, Mark reached over and took my hand. Strangely this touched me. It was a very special sharing of my discomfort with no demands only a giving of support.

My feelings about the Mark situation were getting complicated. Some how, I don’t know exactly when, he had passed through some sort of an emotional barrier in me. I still had no desire for men in general BUT somehow I just didn’t see him as I saw other men! His gentle ways, kindness and obvious dedication to Grey Wolf and Cynthia and me personally put him in a class of his own. I loved all of Grey Wolf. There is love and there is LOVE. Mark was moving into the second group in my heart. I found myself wanting him to be happy. I was often thinking anymore about him as if he were some sort of slightly deformed but still attractive female! I know, all of this was me hunting and excuse for feeling things that I had somehow been taught that men aren’t supposed to feel about other men!

Now that things were actually becoming formalized I felt that Mark needed me to let him know that I really did accept him. Our enemas finished up at about the same time and we were told that we would have to hold them for ten minutes or get spanked and the enema repeated. I still had his hand and I looked over at him and squeezed it. He looked at me and I think that he could see it in my eyes. He smiled and then we rolled onto our sides facing each other. I pulled him close and well, I have to admit my fist male on male kiss was a resounding success.

While we were still close, our lips almost touching I whispered to him, “I’m going to fuck you tonight Mark. Will you like that?”

“I will love THAT!” He assured me.

And after I fuck you in your cute little ass do you know what’s going to happen?” He shook his head never taking his eyes from mine. “I’m going to suck your COCK and make you MINE!”

He just melted into my embrace, “Oh yes sir PLEASE!!! I want to be yours in the same way that I am Cynthia’s… Use me as you wish, I love you!”

I kissed him again tenderly, “I love you too Mark and that makes you a very special sort of guy I have to tell you!”

He chuckled, “I know, you don’t like guys like that… I’m honored.”

We were so focused on our little bonding ritual that we had almost forgotten that we were not alone. Cynthia blurted, “That is soooo sweet!! Our boys are falling in love!!!”

Rose laughed, Now THAT is what will make us a family without flaws. EVERYONE bonded to every other person with love both eros and agape. Nobody ever will be left out because they can turn to any other and get what they need with no exceptions. Eventually that is what we want for all of Grey Wolf. Love without boundaries.

I let Mark go to the bathroom first and held longer. Candy and Cynthia stayed with me while Rose went with Mark to the bathroom. Cynthia kissed me, “You are so good Matt. You always know what a person needs. I am thrilled to see that your special abilities with women also extend to men as well. Mark told me today how much he is attracted to you but he feared that you would feel that he was forced on you. He knows how hard it is breaking out of the mold. He isn’t gay you know. He lost his wife and three kids. Until the tribulations he had never considered it. A man saved him from the fate that took his wife. The man was an ex-green beret. He gathered together about a dozen men and their wives if they had any and tried to do sort of as we have. He became his first male lover.”

“What happened?” I asked knowing what the answer was going to be.

“The group was too small. Raiders attacked them and when it was done Mark was the last man standing. His big Greenbean as Mark calls him had trained all of them well but a couple dozen people just isn’t enough.”

“We are on the border you know.” Candy said. “We still need to grow some more.”

“I know. After this holiday is over the new people will be new people no longer but just Grey Wolf. I will go out again and we will bring back some more. I remember that Jeremiah always wanted us at a hundred with 50 being the minimum. The road is mined again and the crops are laid in. I will go a hunting for new Grey Wolf candidates.”

Candy kissed me, “You weren’t lying to him? You do love him?”

Cynthia answered, “Matt would NEVER say THAT if it wasn’t true. He is as slick as a Philadelphia lawyer and could leave you sure that was what he meant without saying it. When he says it he means it or the words would never leave his mouth. The girl that I took him from… She used to talk all the time about how cute he was and how he just couldn’t get the L word to come out but she knew. He was hooked. He loved her. On our second date he told me he loved me! He never said it to her not because he didn’t love her but because he didn’t love her with all his heart. He knew that she wasn’t right for him or he for her and so he would never say it.” She kissed me. When he told me he loved me I KNEW that he meant it and not that he would just LOVE to get into my pants.”

Rose brought Mark out and they helped me up. I kissed him in passing and then was allowed to sit and release. Rose started his enema as soon as she had him down and settled so we never again both needed to toilet at the same time. My enema left me easily and in an almost single long rush. Candy had stayed with Rose and Mark and Cynthia took off her shirt and bra to allow me her breasts as I released. She knew how much I loved her breasts and she had always been good about babying me in this way.

“What are you going to do Matt move every one in to your house? What about Courtney. By the time we are done with her she is going to be as in love with you as any of us are.”

“No, she will be healed and find another to love also. The new Alpha Family will be made up of the Alpha male and his consort. The Alpha female and her consort and the family doctors along with their possible consorts will fill out the group. Let’s face it, Candy and Rose take care of our minds and bodies. I see to it that we are safe and more and more you and Candy are taking over the administrative duties of the Family. Rose and I together form our legal system. The only one in the group that isn’t a mover and shaker is Mark and he is going to start carrying more too. That and I guess he will just be our boy toy.”

“If I am your consort, who is Rose’s?”

“I am. We all will often wear several hats. I am her and your little Lobo… and also the Alpha male. I nipped her nipple I am looking forward to sleeping with you on a regular basis. I miss that a lot. I miss just snuggling up to you and letting go and sleeping. I don’t sleep as well as I used to and I’m hoping that you will be able to help with that.”

“Does Candy know that you aren’t sleeping well?”

“Yeah she says that I worry to much and need to let things go. She doesn’t want me taking pills to sleep and is working on teaching me how to close it down at night.”

When the enema was drained she took me back and I lay down beside my brother. Candy ran her fingers into my ass and made me squirm before putting the nozzle in me and beginning the flood. Mark and I were touching all up and down our bodies and when he began to cramp during his hold I took his hand and held it. I looked over at him and saw that he was crying. “What’s the matter little brother. Does Rose need to slow down?”

“No, it isn’t Rose or the enema, it is you, I am just so happy. You accept me now and well having YOU accept me, I finally don’t feel like some kind of slimy fag for wanting to love you.”

I looked at him shocked and suddenly remembered that he wasn’t gay. He had been pressed into this mold not of his own choosing as much as I was. What he had just said was what I was fighting myself. We were NOT gay we were lovers who just happened to be the same sex. All that other crap was evil filth first pressed on mankind by the same people that had knowingly and willfully protected homosexual pedophiles for centuries! Who were THEY to be my moral judges?

Something snapped inside me and I pulled him into my arms and kissed him hard. I love you Mark and if you EVER call yourself or refer to yourself again as a slimy fag I will whip your adorable little ass until you can’t sit for a week! You are mine in all ways and fully as much as is Cynthia, Rose or Candy! Anything that hurts YOU hurts ME. Anything that make you happy is my joy to offer!” He held onto me and cried it out of his system and to my amazement I cried with him.

The women watched and then hugging each other cried with us in joy. The five of us were now utterly joined as one. When he was taken to empty by Candy, Rose and Cynthia were all over me. They seemed as happy with this development as I was and as relieved as I felt. There was no tension in our family anymore, no ill fit. They seemed to hurry through the rest of our cleaning and then somehow they acted as if mark and I were consummating the marriage of the five of us into one. I was eager and took Mark first he took me in the ass and just shuddered from head to toe. Suddenly I couldn’t wait and withdrew from him unfinished and rolled him over. I wanted him to cum and fell on him consuming him with my need. In seconds he gave himself up to me and I took his soul into my heart. As he came he cried and held my head and as soon as he was done he pulled me into his arms and tasted himself for the first time on my lips.

He lifted his legs and moaned, “NOW you! Fuck me Matt and this time take no prisoners!”

For the first time we fucked as MEN. It was rough and hard as I crammed myself into him and began to hammer him. We tore at each other in our need and pleasure and our kisses were violent with entangled tongues and biting. He more than met me and in a final biting kicking finale I came and filled his ass with my pleasure. With a woman there was always some holding back. They were fragile and I couldn’t totally forget that fact. With Mark that wasn’t there he was kicking me in the ass with his heals as hard as he could and DEMANDING me to do the same to him and I did! I poured something into him that I had never been able to offer to a woman and when it was done I fell into his arms and cried like a baby.

“Holy fucking shit!!” Cynthia said softly. “Did you see that!! It was almost like they were having a fight and trying to hurt each other! I’ve never seen matt fuck like that!”

Candy chuckled, “You probably haven’t because you have never seen him fuck a man before. This time he wasn’t fucking Mark, a little surrogate female in a male body. That was a MAN FUCK and MEN like it rough! Neither held back and they shared something very special.”

“I want him to fuck ME like that!” Cynthia said.

“I doubt that he ever could Cynthia, You are a woman and in his deepest programming he is incapable of that level of violent expression with a woman. The only men that ARE capable are usually rapist murderers. No that is something that most likely only they can share.”

“Well I for one thought it was about the hottest thing that I have ever seen. Candy, get your ass over here and put my fire out! Matt, you and Mark need to take care of Cynthia.