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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 23

After the ceremony all of us returned to Candy’s house where we all got a little more comfortable and frisky. At one point Candy took Courtney to the bedroom and after about thirty minutes she returned and pulled Rose to the side. They then came to me and I was sent to the bedroom with Candy. Courtney had cum violently with Candy and then had begged her to let me come and fuck her. Rose and Candy had nixed that but thought that including me in the play would be good. It was explained to Courtney that I was in charge of above the waist and that Candy was going muff diving again.

I lay beside her and we kissed. It was a long and hungry kiss and then she pushed me to her breasts. Courtney begged, “Suck my tits Matt. Hurt me a little bit and hold my hand please!”

I did exactly that and as Candy drove her to the edge again I sucked and then nibbled away as she began to scream and buck. When she started cumming Candy grabbed my hand and after wetting my fingers with her mouth she led my hand to Courtney’s asshole and as I nibbled her nipples my finger went into her ass. She looked down at me her eyes as big as saucers as she clamped down and had another hard orgasm. When it reached it’s peak Candy grabbed my wrist and use my hand to fuck her hard. Then she snatched it out and away and told me to kiss her.

She was crying almost hysterically and kissed me with a blind ferocity. My hand moved to her breast and Candy pushed her over the top one more time. Our kiss lasted a lot longer and then she parted and just glowed at me. “I came for you Matt!! I came for Candy and I came just for you too. Oh Matt, it has never been like this! Candy left us alone for a little bit and then she and Rose returned.

Rose smiled down at her. “You did VERY good tonight Baby. Now I want you to kiss Matt night-night and crawl over his lap for your shot. He will them stay with you in the bed until you sleep but he can’t fuck you yet so be a good girl.”

Courtney kissed me hard, “I love you Matt!!”

I kissed her back, “I love you too Courtney.” I sat up and she crawled into place and Rose stuck her. I rubbed her butt for a bit and then we got her comfortably settled. I lay down beside her and she snuggled into my chest. In just a few minutes she was out and we tucked her in and left.

“Now why did it happen so easily with you and then us but never with Greg?”

Candy shook her head. “I don’t know. She may be a latent lesbian and then once started she could respond to a man. We will see what happens next. You need to still hold her and be Daddy for her for a while yet. She needs that more than a lover. When the time is right you can have all of her that you want and then she will have to work the circuit. I don’t want her too focused on you. You already have two women and they are only going to share so much.”

I looked at her and grinned, “Only TWO Candy Cane???”

She blushed, something she rarely did, “You don’t have room in your life for more than two Matthew.”

You forget Dearest, I am Alpha Grey Wolf, I HAVE 27 wives and love them all. I also it seems have acquired a Husband of all things! I have plenty of room in my life for love and don’t you ever forget it! I think that you and I may need to visit the wood shed again some time VERY soon!”

She settled up against me, “Matthew HOW do you do it!! When you spank a woman she just can’t help but fall in love with you. I honestly thought that I would be immune and that it would just be great sexy fun.”

Rose had come in during this and answered, “It happens in part because he is so sweet that he loves every person he spanks. It is as if that is him as Grey Wolf pissing on you I think! When he spanks you, you become HIS and he loves you… He can’t help it. Some how you KNOW this is there and can’t help but to respond to it. Fuck Candy, he is so heterosexual he has all but fought homophobia but you saw what he did out there for Mark. He pissed on him right there in front of all of us and now Mark is his as much as you, me or Cynthia.” Rose looked at me. “When you saw him hurt and embarrassed for loving you, you began to love him. Just like you do when someone goes over your bench and you spank them. They hurt for you and you can’t help but love them.” She looked at me, “If I’m wrong tell me so? You know that you can’t lie to me though.” I turned and walked away and they laughed.

We went back out into the main yard. There was a carnival atmosphere and everywhere you looked people were playing and having fun. There was a soft ball game going with all participants naked. Every time a point was scored the scoring teem got you give each member of the opposing team three swats with a paddle. At the end of the game the loosing team had to sexually satisfy the winning team. There were people on several picnic tables receiving sex and or enemas and one pair of particularly enterprising young ladies had opened a fucking booth. It is like the old kissing booth except their ambition was to have sex with every male and as many females as possible that day. The one managing the greatest number of successful couplings would be declared the winner. I didn’t ask what the prize was for the winner. There were card games, dominos horse shoes, singing, dancing and all of it was done with Grey Wolf’s special openness and easy going sexuality. In the dance area there was a conga line that was male female alternating and…well lets just say that they were all hooked together in a most intimate fashion and the longer the dance went on the wilder it got! There were of course nonsexual activities for those that were worn out and needed a rest or maybe were just not in the mood. Several groups were discussing various books or reminiscing about the old days.

As with anything that Candy organized, it was flowing effortlessly. Her style is to break any task up into as many small tasks as possible and then put the person that is best suited and likes doing that sort of thing in charge of it and letting them go. Nearly everyone was in charge of something or assisting in some project and nobody was over worked or stressed. Candy likes what she called organized chaos and some how it always worked for her.

Rose leaned across me to speak to Cynthia and Candy. “I’m getting about ready to haul Matt and Mark to the house and start hosing them. All this stuff is making me horny!”

“Why is it that me and Mark are the only ones that you want to hose. You know we might want to get in a little ass play too.” I asked.

Rose laughed, “That is why you and Mark are getting hosed dear…so that you can get a LOT of ass play.”

“I MEAN. What If I want to fuck YOU in the ass. You have a very fuckable little ass you know!” I looked across Cynthia to Mark. “Don’t you think that Rose has a very fuckable little ass Mark? I think we need to hose HER!”

“I’ve thought several times how lovely her ass is Matthew. If she would like, I would love to do that for her!”

Candy chimed in, “Then it is all settled, Mark, Matt and Rose are getting hosed and ass fucked. Cynthia and I will just get by with the regular sort of fucking tonight.”

Rose looked at me and then smiling told Mark, “I am sorry dear boy but I already have plans for you tonight.” Rose smiled, “Matthew is going to do his very first blow job on Mark tonight after all of the women fuck him in the ass. For tonight at least, I want him in total receiving mode. The only ass he will get will be Marks after he has blown him.” She saw the look on my face and added, “The only question is if he is going to be our good little slut tonight or if my little Lobo is going to require his ass to be torn up before he settles down and is good.”

I looked over at Mark and could see that he was wildly excited about tonight’s game plan. Cynthia and Candy were grinning and watching me. “I have a question.” I asked, “What is it about me and Mark making love that you ladies find so fascinating?”

“What is it about watching to women going at it that men have always liked so much Matt?” Candy asked and I knew that I was fucked.

“There is just something beautiful about two women when they are together. They are so especially feminine and sexy.” I admitted. “And besides, there is twice the scenery.” I knew that I was screwed so I figured that I might as well give them plenty of rope to hang me with.

“EXACTLY!!” Cynthia exclaimed, “Twice the stuff to look at and get horny over!”

Rose added, “I also have noticed that when two men are together that they are a lot more gentle and loving than men normally are. Watching the relationship between you and Mark grow has been very special and a pleasure to watch for me. You are a lot more openly loving now that you have Mark than you were Matthew.”

Candy nodded and said, “I think it is that it breaks down so many barriers in a man that afterward they are ever so much more free feeling when it comes to expressing softer emotions.”

“Well I for one never thought of myself as having all that much restraint when it came to letting my feelings be known.” I told them.

Cynthia agreed, “You really are one of the most loving men that I have ever known Matt. When I first met you, if you will remember, you were dating that girl you met at work. I loved the way you were always touching her and kissing her on the cheek and forehead. I’m not talking about pawing her, you would just reach out and touch her arm. I knew then that if she fucked up even a little that I was going to have you.” she grinned hugely. “And she did didn’t she Matt?”

“As I remember it, YOU set her up with a date with another guy and then asked me if I would come and help you because you were having car trouble. You just happened to be broke down where they were having dinner.”

“Yeppers, that is pretty much how it went.” Cynthia agreed. “She fucked up, you saw her and got pissed off and I grabbed you on the rebound. Isn’t it amazing how true love always finds a way!”

“When did you find out that Cynthia was the one that set her up with that guy.” Mark asked.

Cynthia answered, “The Bitch showed up and told him on our wedding day.”

Candy laughed, “Oh my god what happened?”

I answered, “Not much, I asked her if Cynthia had forced her to go out with that guy and lie to me about why she couldn’t go out with me that night.” I smiled, “Cynthia did me a favor. If all it took was an offer and she was willing to lie to me and go off with another guy then it was doomed anyway. Besides, What Cynthia didn’t know was that I fell in love with her the first time that I had met her and was only keeping that other girl around while I got to know HER better. See what Cynthia has left out is that that OTHER girl was her sisters best friend and I met Cynthia through her.”

Rose sniffled, “Then I came along and split you two up. I’m so sorry Matt. I just couldn’t resist you…but I will make amends. When we build our new house you will have two women AND a new boyfriend to fuck all you want! Don’t you think that is fair payment for my misdeed Cynthia… Mark?” He can sit there and just be King Fud with his own in house harem. You don’t mind being part of his harem do you Mark?”

Mark grinned, “Not in the least. I will have two beautiful women to love AND a beautiful man to love. My life couldn’t get any better.”

I looked from one to the other of them and then said firmly, “Well, King Fud is going to make that new house a little bigger than planned because when it is done I am moving Candy in too!! The King/Alpha Male has spoken!”

The three women looked at each other and for an instant I feared that there was going to be resistance. Then they all began to squeal and pilled up together on top of me. Evidently it met with their approval. Once they had calmed down I asked Candy softly, is there someone special that you would like to bring along as Mark is bringing Cynthia?”

She shook her head, “No you three…four counting Mark ARE my special people.”

Cynthia asked, “What do you mean Mark is bringing me?”

Laughing I reached across her and pulled Mark over to sit beside me between Cynthia and me. I put an arm around his waist and said, “Well since he is my newest love interest I think it only fair that he get to bring his current partner along. Don’t you think so Rose?”

Laughing she agreed then grabbed me, “Come along my little slut before you try and move some body else into your harem. Come on girls we need to make sure these men understand their place in our new group!” We grabbed some more BBQ for later and then Mark and I were dragged away to meet our fates.