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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 22

After breakfast we went out and mixed and mingled. I had made bronze plaques for each of our fallen brothers and they would be placed on our wall of honor this evening. After a fast pass around the yard we went to Candy’s house to check on Courtney. She was still sleeping and it was decided that she needed to wake up. Candy and Rose woke her up and then brought her to me. I had been placed in a big almost love seat sized overstuffed chair and still slightly sleepy, Courtney climbed into my lap and snuggled. After about twenty minutes Rose told me to put her across my lap.

Courtney woke up and whined that she didn’t want another shot. When Rose had insisted that I position her I had placed her ass up across my lap. As I lifted her gown and pulled her panties down she snapped at Rose, “You just want to see my ass don’t you. Jeremiah always said that you were just a dyke!”

Rose stood there for a second and then told her, “First off Jeremiah told you no such thing and you know it. He wasn’t the warmest man in the world but he was respectful and never talked about another woman to another woman. Secondly you are not getting a shot you are about to get a suppository that is for vitamin deficiencies AND will keep the shots that you ARE going to get latter from giving you a fucking head ache.”

Rose looked at me and hissed, “She is in the right position, WEAR HER ASS OUT!”

I repositioned her so she was across one knee and trapped her legs with my other leg. Courtney had already begun to cry and apologize but it was far too late for that to save her ass. I put her head under my left arm and began to spank her. My hand was heavy and each swat left a print on her ass that you could have drawn finger and palm prints off of easily. I looked up after each set of 10 swats and after 30 Rose nodded. I gave her 10 more and then stopped. I then pried her cheeks open and Rose pressed a large suppository into her ass and left her finger in her ass holding it in place.

“While the suppository was melting and Courtney was crying Rose spoke to her. “Courtney, you are going to start all over in life just like you were a little girl all over again. You will say yes ma’am and yes sir and you will be polite and mind EVERYTHING that Candice, Mathew, or I tell you to do. Any SLIGHT hesitation or lip and this is the LEAST of what you will get. If you EVER say anything like that to any of us again we will ALL go to the wood shed and then after your ass has been beat we will carry you to the dispensary where I will beat it some more and give you enemas that will make the ass beatings seem pleasant in comparison. For this little outburst I will be over here Monday night and you will get cleaned out. I think a big milk and molasses enema followed with a few lemon and soda enemas will get my point across. I will also use a lubricant that will leave a lasting impression. Matthew and Candy should find it quite a spectacle.” She pulled her finger out of Courtney’s ass and slapped it hard about 10 times until Courtney was squalling again. “Hold her until she calms and then bring her out to have lunch and be there for the ceremony. THEN we will bring her back and see if she has anything else to say before I give her, her shot and we tuck her in for the night.” Candy and Rose left and I pulled Courtney up into my arms.

She burrowed into my chest and cried hard while holding tight to me. I held her gently and stroked her head and told her that everything was going to be ok. She finally began to calm and began to cuddle and even kiss on my neck. “I’m so sorry Matthew! I don’t know why I say such things.”

“Well you are going to learn not to say them Baby or your ass is going to be so sore that you will never be able to sit down. You were lucky today. Instead of just a little girl over the knee spanking you could have been off to the wood shed and then off to the dispensary for more spankings AND enemas.”

“Thank you for just spanking me Matthew. It stings but I know that it is nothing like your strap.” She paused, “Are the enemas really that awful? I’ve never had to go for them for a punishment before.”

“They SUCK Courtney! The lubrication makes your asshole burn like fire and the enemas are super soapy and crampy. You get them hot high and a hell of a lot…the original 3H enemas. Then you have to go squat in the yard with everyone watching to expel. Usually though you want them out of you so bad by that point that you don’t care who is watching. You cramp and cramp while you are trying to push it out of you and then when you are finally done you get to go back and do it all over again. You will usually get paddled between enemas 1 and 2 and again between 3 and 4.”

“How many enemas do you get Matt?”

“Nearly always it takes 7 to do the deed. Three horrible soapy enemas and then 4 big and rapidly forced in rinses. Your ass hurts from your visit to the wood shed, then there are the two paddling and the enemas make your asshole feel like it is ruined. By the end, even the lubrication and nozzle insertion is enough to make a grown man cry!”

“Did YOU cry Matt?”

“Yes Ma’am I most certainly did! You are just miserable and it makes you feel helpless like when you were a little kid. Nearly everyone cries before it is all said and done Courtney.”

“Does she enjoy doing it Matt?”

“No not really Courtney. I don’t enjoy taking someone to the wood shed generally either. I like to spank naughty little girl’s butts but that is play and the wood shed is NOT. When I take a woman to the wood shed she is going to cry. Most men cry as well. I am a Dom and I like having people submit but it has to be a willing submission that they WANT. NOBODY wants what I pass out in the Wood shed. They may think they do before it starts but they change their minds pretty quickly. That isn’t sex play.”

“Did you like spanking me today?”

I grinned at her, “Maybe a little bit but I was also pretty mad at you too. That was a really mean thing that you said to Rose. You know she lost her husband in that attack too.”

“It was an awful thing to say Matt and I will take my punishment Monday as I should and apologize to her again and again. She snuggled up close and whispered, “Would you like to spank me again Matt? I think that I would like you too.”

“I probably would like to do it Courtney but I can’t. Remember, I’m the only Grey Wolf that CAN’T make love to you. Rose would skin my ass if I did!”

“She wouldn’t have to know would she Matt?”

“OH Yeah, she would know! Now you be good Or I will spank you and it won’t be for fun either.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll be good for you.” She snuggled against my chest and ground her ass into my lap where she could obviously feel my true feelings on the matter.

“Come on lets go get something to eat.” She stood up and I looked at her. He hair was tousled and her eyes were red. He little shorty night gown though looked awfully good on her. “Go wash your face, pee, brush your hair take off your panties and put on your sandals.”

She looked up into my face. “Yes Sir. Should I keep my nightie on?”

“Yeah, I like it…but no panties. Now scoot!”

She wagged her ass away towards the bathroom and at the door stopped and removed her panties giving me a pretty eyeful. She wasn’t gone long and when she returned she lifted her gown to let me see that she had done as told…and to give me another eyeful! I wondered what it was with women. The more I spanked them the more they wanted me to pay attention to them!

We found Rose and Candy with Mark and Cynthia. They were watching Nicky and Susie spank Willie while Clyde stood watching and stroking a monstrous erection. “Rose leaned back and told me, “Evidently they had such a good time doing this to him the other evening that they decided to do it again. He was evidently not a good enough boy last night. They have already washed him out with three enemas and when they are done spanking him he will have exactly 60 seconds to try and suck Clyde off. After that Clyde gets him in the ass. I’m betting on Clyde wanting him in the ass and that he will hold out.”

Candy leaned back grinning, “Rose and I have a bet on whether he cane get Clyde to cum in 60 seconds. I think that Clyde is so excited about all of this that he is going to pop before he can get it in Willies ass.”

“What are y’all betting?” I asked.

Candy smiled, “Winner gets to fuck you in the ass first tonight.”

Rose looked at me, “I’m afraid that my little boy is going to have to give it up again to night.”

“I by not betting have dibbs on sloppy seconds and then the looser.” Cynthia told me.

I looked at Mark and could see the hunger in his eyes. “What about Mark? Who is going to fuck HIM in the ass?”

Cynthia grinned, “We thought that after we were done with you that you might like to fuck him in the ass.”

“Then we will leave it up to you two where he does HIS business.” Rose told me.

I thought about that and looked at Mark and saw that he was red faced and grinning. ‘Fuck it’ I thought and winked at him.

“Oh! Here he goes!” Candy said.

Willie’s ass was scarlet and he was wet faced but he went to Clyde and went to his knees in a frenzy of activity. Clyde never stood a chance and blew his load before the minute was much more than half done!

Candy crowed, “Your sweet ass is MINE tonight Matthew! I can hardly wait!!!”

“All of you are really going to fuck Matt in the ass?” Courtney asked a little shocked.

“Oh Honey!” Rose answered her, “He has the sweetest ass you have ever seen it is just made for fucking. When I have him bent over is the only time that I truly wish that I was male!!” Cynthia and Candy agreed.

“I wish I could see it!” Courtney offered wistfully.

“If you will be good for a couple of weeks we might invite you to one of our Matt fucking parties.” Rose offered. “He struggled at first but he is becoming quite a little slut now.”

Cynthia offered, “Of course he gets a shot at our asses most nights as well. I love it in my ass from him!!! Mark is so excited that I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t just cum when he gets it. He is infatuated with Matthew. He is in LUUUUUUVE”

I looked at Mark and his face was an even darker shade that it had been. I could see the start of tears. “Is that true Mark?” I asked softly. He looked down and nodded. My heart sort of dropped. I turned to Cynthia, “I am Grey Wolf, if he loves me then he is as my husband. You will never use that love to embarrass him again or you will visit the wood shed with me!”

Rose and Candy guffawed and then laughed at Cynthia as she back peddled. “I didn’t mean it like that Matt!! I just think that it is sweet and cute.”

“I looked at Mark. He was smiling through tears. “I don’t think he found it funny Dear Heart. I think that tonight I may know an excellent place for him to place his load!” I looked back at him, “If I don’t use him up myself!”

We ate a wonderful lunch of ribs and potato salad with baked beans and then after an hour of digestion and play we went to the wall where we remembered out fallen heroes.