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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 21

After we were washed and dried we returned to the party. I found Cynthia and we wandered from one group to another laughing and slowly sipping the brew. We were both experienced and kept it at a safe rate and never passed a glow. I especially had no desire to have my head and guts try to turn inside out while still a part of me. I had, as most people do, over indulged one time and one time only. The glow was nice and would have no adverse after effects but anything past that was asking for trouble.

Towards the evening we ended up back at my old place where I had lived with Cynthia with Mark now at least partially recovered. Candy ready to go again and Rose in rare form. She had been into the medical alcohol and was pretty well snockerd. She was also hot as a cat in heat and had already attacked Mark who was far too weak to defend himself. She informed me that it was a medicinal dosage and that I could fuck myself if I didn’t like it! After a moment’s consideration she backed up and change that to, I could fuck HER if I didn’t like it.

Candy and Cynthia conferred and told me that I needed to follow the seniors Alpha’s direction and do it to her. They then proceeded to strip me and throw us in bed together. I landed on my back and Rose took full advantage of that and jumped on top of me. She used wrestling moves on me that were VERY unique and soon had me pinned down as she tried to use my hard cock to scratch an itch that was way up inside her. I was amazed at her limberness as she wildly moved from position to position seeking the best angle. She finally settled on a straight ahead jockey position and rode me like she was in the Kentucky Derby! She finally whipped me across the finish line and we had a nuclear melt down together! As soon as I was done Candy rolled her off me and mounted her with a long double ended dildo and they proceeded to fight over it like two cats as they humped bumped and ground their way through several more massive orgasmic sharings. Cynthia, Mark and I watched and cheered them on. I decided that Cynthia needed some loving and tossed her on the bed beside Rose and dove between her legs face first.

I had always loved to eat Cynthia, she would get going and go off like a string of firecrackers and I could keep her going almost until she fainted from exhausted orgasm overload. I was laying on the end of the bed with my feet on the floor and Cynthia’s legs wrapped around my neck when I realized that something else was going on.

I felt a finger begin to explore the crack of my ass and then move into a much more personal sort of caress as a well lubricated finger slipped into me and began a very vigorous prostate massage. I could account for Candy, Rose and Cynthia, so that meant that Mark was feeling better and evidently wanted to join in our play. Cynthia’s hands were holding my head right where she wanted it and was beginning to go off. I spread my feet a little further apart and just gave in to it even to the point of arching my back to better open myself to his touch. When I felt his finger leave I knew I wasn’t going to be left empty for long and sure enough he eased up behind me and gently pressed home his need. I moaned as he settled in and then I moaned again as he began to work himself in and out. Cynthia began to moan and buck and I started doing a little bucking myself.

“Hot DAMN!! Ole tight ass Matt is giving up some ass!” Rose suddenly crowed. “Give it to him Mark! He needs someone to fuck a knot in his tail!” There was a lot of movement and then I had Rose on one side of me and Candy on the other holding me and rocking me in rhythm to Marks increasingly vigorous thrusts. Cynthia went totally wild under my face and then was suddenly scrambling away from me. A few moments later though she returned and was assisting in my ass fucking and cheering Mark on to “Do it harder and faster!” I was rock hard and a hand reached under me and held me so I could thrust myself in her grip. I knew that this wasn’t going to last long and then to my amazement I popped and began to cum. Evidently this made my asshole do something that Mark liked a lot because he found a whole new gear and was now racing to his finish as well. I just kept cumming and began to screech as the intensity of my orgasm moved to a new level. I popped again just as he did and as he pushed in I pushed back hard wanting it to never stop! I thought for a second that I was going to pop a third time and bucked under him. He squealed and popped out and I yelled as I popped again.

Candy was evidently the one in charge of my pecker because she milked me dry and laughed, “Well, I don’t know about anal orgasms but Mr. Matthew has shot his wad three times in the last 2 or 3 minutes! I do believe he is turning into a full blown Bi-fucking-sexual before our very eye! He wasn’t holding anything back from Mark! That is for SURE!”

She rolled me over and they pulled me up into the bed. The three women proceeded to make me blush crimson as they asked me all about how I liked being a little sissy boy slut and getting it in the booty. They then wanted to compare notes with me about how exactly it felt and if I was going to be just Mark’s special bootyfriend or if I was going to share it around.

Rose chimed in, “I think we ought to go find him some more friends right NOW! The more the merrier, let him try on different sizes and stuff!”

“I will tell you right now Rose that THAT isn’t going to happen!” I told her.

“Why is that Matt? Being a slut is great fun!”

“Rose, I want to be able to walk tomorrow! Mark has offered me quite enough in my very shy and tight little asshole for one day!”

“Roll ‘im over! I’m a doctor! I’ll make sure he’s doin’ OK.” Rose exclaimed. “Candy le’me see that double dildo for a minuto!”

I hopped out of the bed. “No you don’t! There is no FUCKING way you are poking THAT monster in MY asshole!!!” Everyone cracked up and began to laugh but I was getting dressed again just in case.

After a while Candy helped me take Rose home and tuck her in bed. We went back out to the living room and she snuggled up with me on the couch. “You did good tonight Matthew.” She told me.

“What, I didn’t do anything of note tonight really did I?”

She laughed, “I know that it is hard for you Matt. You are not easily bi-sexual. You are still shedding the last of the old rules even though you are Grey Wolf and subscribe to the belief that no Grey Wolf should be turned away from love. You still feel it is wrong some how even though you obviously enjoy it. “All men would if they could just set aside the silliness. Men are BUILT for anal sex and have their clit in their ass. You did good because you gave yourself over to it fully tonight while it was happening and didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed until it was over. Now we just need to get past that and you will be fully functional sexually.” She kissed me, “I know, you wish that I would just shut up about it! OK, Now, how about you and I go in there and you do to me what you did to Cynthia and then what you did with Rose. Think you are good for one more round Matthew?”

I stuck my tongue out at her and wagged it rapidly side to side. “Well that part isn’t worn out and in my experience getting my nose in it will raise the dead if anything will!”

We went to the other bedroom and before long she was moaning and bucking and shortly after that I was on her and we had a LONG ride that ended most satisfactorily. We fell asleep in each others arms and only woke when the smell of bacon pulled us back to consciousness several good hours later. We stumbled out and to the kitchen where rose had breakfast well on the way.

“I was wondering if you two were going to sleep the day away.” Rose asked in a chipper voice. “Did ya sleep good? I know I did!! I haven’t slept like that in months.”

Candy looked at Rose, “I can’t believe that you aren’t hung over and feeling like death warmed over! You were smashed last night.”

“I took a morning after shot before I even started. It cleaned up the toxins as they formed leaving me feeling on top of the world this morning.” She giggled, “How are YOU feeling this morning Matt? Is your little tushy happy this morning?” I wiggled it side to side and then smiled brightly and nodded. “See you should have let us find you some more friends last night!”

“That sure does smell good! When will breakfast be ready? I’m going to take a shower.”

“You better hurry I’m throwing it on the table in about 15 minutes!” I took off.

I showered washed my hair and was back in less than 10 minutes. Candy was sitting at the table still naked visiting with Rose who only had on an apron. Her ass was looking pretty good to me as she stood there rocking her hips side to side as she cooked.

Candy was talking when I came in, “I think that he is doing real well Rose. Once he gets more totally comfortable with Mark we will find him some more friends.”

Rose shook her head, “Men are so damn childish! He knows that it feels good and it is obvious that he likes it.” She turned to me. “Matthew, why is it that the thought of having another man make love to you makes you so damn jumpy? You know that you will like what he is going to do. You don’t get all flinchy when I put on my strap on and tell you it is time for me to fuck you.”

I cringed; she wasn’t going to let it go. “If you will remember Rose, that took a little getting used to as well. I think that it is basically a matter of trust and my nature. Males are the watch dogs. We are the ones that were designed by nature to fight. Women were made to bear children and men were made to protect and provide for them. As often as not, it is other men that you are protecting them FROM. It is hard for a man to place himself in a totally vulnerable position. You of all people should know how differently a man reacts to even submitting to your enemas. A woman will come to you and cry as she accepts it. The real punishment is the foul feelings of your enemas. The burning and cramping and some of it is the humiliation of it being done so publicly. For the men it is the total humiliation of having you take total control of them. You nearly always spank the men but only sometimes do you spank the women. It is just HARD for a man to allow himself to be made weak and vulnerable even to a woman. To allow it from a man is a thousand times harder. I don’t desire the man. I may indeed like what he does to me but I don’t desire HIM. It is just all different. I accept Mark when we are with you and Cynthia but I don’t see him seducing me all alone. Sorry it is just not the way I’m wired.”

Rose smiled, “You are telling me that you don’t look at his ass and want to fuck it?”

“As long as there are women available his ass is safe from me. That doesn’t mean that I won’t fuck him for you or that it won’t feel good and end with me ejaculating but I’m doing it for you.”

She looked at Candy. “What can you say to that?”

Candy laughed, “I just see it as more for me. He can fuck my ass any time he wants too.”

“Oh well as long as he will accept it when I ask it of him I guess I can’t complain.” Rose put my breakfast on the table and I focused my full attention on that. She looked over at Candy, “Do you want to sleep over again to night. I’m bringing Cynthia and Mark over and we’re having an orgy.”

“THANKS I would love too!” She smiled at Rose, “YOU are doing good too aren’t you. Your libido is roaring and that is nearly always the sign of a happy woman.”

Rose walked over and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. “I have the man I have wanted for years and years AND I don’t feel guilty about it any more. We are going to build and move Cynthia and Mark in with us and Cynthia and I are going to share them.” She grinned, “You’re damn right I’m happy right now. My Baby Boy is going to be happy and not resent me for making him give up Cynthia and we are going to have a ball together. Cynthia is excited and going to finally have everything she wants as well.”

Candy smiled, “I think you 4 are very lucky. The four of you will form into a very tight and special unit. Grey Wolf at its best!” She looked at me, “Matt, I want you to know this and work on accepting it. You know that Cynthia and Rose love and make love to each other. You know that Rose and Cynthia both are beginning to love Mark and he them. Are you aware that he is in love with you?”

I laughed, got strangled and then after finally regaining my breath I blurted, “You’re full of shit. He may like me. He defiantly likes my ass. That is a long way from loving me though.”

“You couldn’t see his face last night and I could. When you opened for him and accepted him he just glowed! Matt, that boy would die for you! I’m not sure that you couldn’t steal his heart right away from both Cynthia and Rose. When you are nice to him he just shivers all over. When you join a group that he is in his total attention is on you. He is in love with you whether you want to see it or not but I want you to know so that you understand that whether you love him or not, you need to be kind to him in special ways if he is going to live with you. You don’t need to compete with him. You need to act towards him more like you might a woman who is infatuated with you that you don’t wish to hurt.”

“Well FUCK ME!” I said amazed.

“Gladly but lets finish breakfast first please.” Candy requested.

Rose added, “Hey if there is going to be any fucking going on I want in on it!” I looked at them and we all laughed together.