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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 20

“Do you think that Greg really said those things to her?” I asked Candy

“No doubt about it Matt and she said equally horrible things to him. That is the way this sort of thing goes. I should have seen it but well the fact is, she is a hard woman to like and Greg was a charmer. I wanted to believe him that she was a ball busting bitch and that he was just a victim but I should have known better. Not that it would have mattered if she wouldn’t come to see me.”

Rose shook her head, “We deal with what IS Candy. You dealt with your patient and that was Greg as did I. We do the best we can but if the patient won’t cooperate there isn’t much you can do.” She turned to me, “Matt you are going to be a part of her therapy. Someone in her past hurt her so badly that she can’t let her guard down with a man. You are going to be her new authority figure. YOU will become her Father/lover/husband. You just can’t fuck her until the time is right. She will need you but for different things at different times. For now you will hold her some every day. You will spank her regularly and hopefully she can avoid being sent to you at the wood shed. You will come here and the three of you will conspire to let her only be spanked here and not have to get the big deal whipping and then visit me. If she visits me she will for sure not want to do it again. She must surrender her body to you Matt. I want you to spank her like a little girl across your knees with your hand. Then you will need to hold her like the sick small child that she is.”

“Mean while she and Candy will be masturbating together and eventually she will accept Candy as a lover we hope. THEN once she has done that you will need to let her seduce you and you will need to be VERY good. If she truly cums with you the treatments will be nearly over if she still can’t cum Matt then I’m afraid that she will be called to the dispensary to witness your punishment for disobeying me and fucking her. She will be allowed to comfort you and we will start over.”

“Do we HAVE to do that last part where I get punished?” I asked.

“You have to be punished so that it wasn’t her fault Matt. If you had just minded and waited it would have been different. It WILL be different the next time.”

“But what if she doesn’t WANT to seduce me?”

“Matt she will be taking vitamins and supplements along with some antidepressants. Once we think she is ready I will Jack her testosterone levels up and she will seduce you because you will be the only man available and she will truly be like a bitch dog in heat! By the way, you have good instincts. You told Candy that you refused to fuck her and then you stuck by that. That was a very lucky break for us. Normally a man will fuck anything. Why didn’t you want to fuck her by the way?”

“When she tried to turn me against Candy I suddenly saw her tearing up the family with her divisive tricks and at that point I was ready to write her off rather than chance the family. I don’t fuck a woman that I might have to kill that same day!”

“Candy did you tell him about our agreement not to include him if it came to that?”

Candy looked down. “Yes ma’am. After the scene with the cyanide and the gun I thought it best to let him know that you and I had talked.”

Rose nodded her head in agreement and then asked softly, “What did I tell you would happen if you told?”

“That you would judge me sentence me and send me to him.” Candy answered quietly. “I told him that it might happen.”

“Good girl, Matt take her to the wood shed and give her 15 licks… Carry this with you. “She pulled a tube of anal lube and a condom out of her pants pocket. “Fuck her in the ass when you are finished and I will drop her visit to me. Are you agreeable to that Candy?”

“Yes Ma’am, Thank you!” Candy agreed.

“Then I will see you two in an hour or so.”

I asked Rose as I stood up and carried Courtney to the spare bedroom. Will you tell Cynthia that I am doing official business and will come find her when we are done? She and Mark were heading to the dispensary and should still be there. Mark had too much brew.”

“Will do, you to go on now and I will tuck her in. See you later.”

As we walked to the wood shed, I commented, “Some how I feel like this was all planned and that you are not too heartbroken about your pending visit to the wood shed.”

“Do you doubt that Rose was serious Matt? Do you plan on just playing along and not really whipping me?”

“Oh no, I know that she is serious. If that was what she wished that is what she would have ordered. I am going to wear your butt out. I was just wondering, you being a Dom if you were alright with it.”

“Matt, I wasn’t always a Top. I still remember the pleasures of submitting to the right sort of man. I just haven’t met one in a long, long time.” I opened the door and allowed her to go in first. “I didn’t think I had those feelings anymore until you became the Alpha.”

I understood, “Strip Candy we have things that need doing and believe me, I don’t want to be caught failing to follow the orders of the senor Alpha!”

Laughing she stripped and climbed on the bench. I checked and she was dripping wet. Her giggles stopped when the strap landed the first time but her wetness continued, possibly with an even greater flow. I allowed her to rest after 10 and then did the last 5 in a breathtaking rush. Then while she was still gasping I stepped behind her, dropped my pants and plunged into that wetness. She immediately convulsed and then began to howl her pleasure as I fucked her hard and fast. She finally managed to catch her breath and say, “Hey, you were supposed to fuck me in the ass!”

“Five licks more for questioning the Alpha while he is dispensing punishment!” I informed her, pulled out and stepped out of my pants. I gave her five more hard and fast and again while she was gasping, stepped behind her. I rolled the condom on and then pressed the tube of lubricant against her asshole and squeezed forcing it into her and then pulling it away to take care of the outer parts. I was only slightly gentler with my entrance into her ass and she wildly expressed her appreciation of my consideration. She let me in and then as she squealed, she tried her best to clamp down on me and pinch it off! This just made me work harder to claim her prize and so we soon came fully together in our agreement and then collapsed. “Rose didn’t say that I had to fuck your ass FIRST!” I informed her as I lay over her back now allowing my hands to feel and caress her breasts.

She sighed and whispered to me, “Oh Matthew you have no idea how long I have waited for that!”

“Why did you wait? I mean couldn’t you have done this at any time?”

“I needed just the right man or it wouldn’t work Matthew.”

“Well, I’ve been around for a while you know.”

“No Matthew, you are not as you were. The responsibility of being the Alpha is changing you fast. The old wonderfully sweet but somewhat childish Matthew is going fast and being replaced by a strong and infinitely more mature man. Before, I couldn’t have given myself to you as now I must!”

“You must have loved Jeremiah to pieces then! He had more charisma in his little finger than I will ever manage in my entire body. He was a natural born leader.”

“Actually Matthew, Jeremiah was always a bit cold for my tastes. Also, don’t sell yourself short. You may not yet have his commanding presence but you have something that he never had and that is a special ability to make people want to please you. He might have made a better general but you will be a far better Alpha. The Alpha needs to be more of a Father/Husband/ Caretaker figure than a fearless and remorseless leader. You proved during the attack that you can cover that also though if it is called for.”

I was puzzled, “You didn’t like Jeremiah?”

“I didn’t say that Matthew. I liked Jeremiah a lot but I could never have loved him. He didn’t offer enough of himself for that. I don’t think he was really capable of accepting that kind of thing. There is NO WAY he would or could have been a part of this sort of thing. You give of yourself and so far everyone that you have placed over this bench came away having received more than just a spanking. You gave a part of yourself to each in some way. I wanted to see what it is that you give and wanted some too and,” She grinned and then rushed on, “Rose knew it and that is why she sent us here today.” She sighed. “I see that indeed you are a wonderful giver. I will see to it that I visit you in this way again. I will just ask next time. If I ask, will you spank me and fuck me Matthew?”

“You are kidding right? I would have to be insane to NOT want to do this for you!!”

“Jeremiah wouldn’t have Matthew.” She told me softly. “He would have told me that the wood shed wasn’t about play and refused to allow it to be perverted to that sort of use.”

“No way,” I told her as I helped her up and over to the sofa. “You had him all wrong. Jeremiah was one of the warmest men that I ever knew.”

“Honey, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Jeremiah was a misogynist. He only had use for women in bed and for his pleasure and actually would have probably preferred young men for that use if it was more socially acceptable. Now don’t get me wrong here. He was a good man and worked hard to overcome his true feelings and even bent over backwards to be nice to women. I am talking about his true nature and not the mask that he showed the world. Surely you know that his marriage to Rose was a sham. He wanted kids and the appearance of success included a wife and kids to him. He married Rose but he was a cold man and didn’t offer her a lot. A few women are attracted to that sort of man but they are the same ones that keep getting beat up. Jeremiah was, I’ll give him credit, gentle in his dealings with women. The kind of woman that would have liked his cold shoulder would have been way to high maintenance to him. More trouble than they were worth.”

“But he pulled us together here! He was the heart of Grey Wolf.”

“He was the soul of Grey Wolf Matthew but he was never the heart. It was the love and kindness of the people, men especially, he attracted that were the heart.” She pulled me close, “I need you to hear this and understand so that you won’t try to be him. Grey Wolf needed him through the tribulations. You are right; he pulled us together and helped make us strong. Your place now will be to keep us together and make us a viable long term family even when things get better. All the indications are that we will begin to have babies again someday soon. Things will return to normal except we are no longer sure what the hell normal will mean. I know this, love will be important if we are to stay as one. You are the man for that just as he was the right man for the time he led Grey Wolf. Let your heart guide you and don’t hold yourself up to your image of Jeremiah. Even he wasn’t THAT great! In your mind you made him even more than he was. We all lost so very much. Some things are gone forever…or at least for this and the next few generations. The pie in the sky optimism is GONE! We all KNOW that the end of the world could well be just around the next corner. Most of the big organized religions are going to have a hard time surviving in a world where everyone has lost so much that a caring God just isn’t very believable and most of the people that wanted to bow down before an uncaring god got killed in the tribulations we are in now. Those of us that come out the other side are going to be a lot harder and a lot less easy to sell a load of shit too. In some ways because they tended to have more children, Catholics got hit harder than anyone else and following on the heals of their being found out to be willfully harboring child molesters they don’t look to be one of the ones that will survive. Kids will be way too precious for a long time to trust a group that placed the welfare children so low that they protected child molesters and allowed them to just keep on harming kids for decades after they KNEW that they were doing it. I think it will be a long time before people will be that forgiving again.”

I thought about what she was saying. I looked back and could see that possibly she was right about Jeremiah. Rose had told me about the same thing but I had just thought that like so many marriages, theirs had lost its spark. Evidently from what Candy was saying it went deeper than that. “Candy, if Jeremiah thought so little of women then why did he see to it that in our family, women were in all ways equal and equally represented?”

Candy smiled, “Matthew, he didn’t THINK little of women. He just FELT like they were less. He knew this was wrong and worked very, very hard to see that his feelings never were allowed to influence his actions or work for the family. Without betraying any confidences, I will ask you this. Did you EVER hear him mention his Mother?”

I thought about it. I knew that his father was a Marine sergeant major and that he had idolized him. They had traveled a lot and he had been stationed all over the world before Desert Storm and the second Iraqi war. Now thinking back I realized that I knew nothing about his Mother…or if he had even had one for that matter. “Never! I don’t even know if he had a Mother. All he ever talked about was his Dad.”

“He had good reason not to mention her Matthew. She wasn’t a very nice person and when his Dad was away she made his life a living hell. He never got past that and believe me he tried. He was one of the strongest men that I have even known. A lesser man would have been unable to tolerate women and he was always kind and generous…he just couldn’t really like them. Now, back to you… You are doing a great job. Your biggest problem is that you worry too much about doing the right thing every time and that isn’t possible. Your heart is good and when you err, you will most likely err to the side of love rather than meanness. I expect that there will be people that don’t get what’s coming to them a lot more often than people that will get more than they deserved in the way of punishments.” She got up and we scampered naked to her place for a shower. There is going to be a shower in the new wood shed and a bigger sofa too!