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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 19

“Go stand on the porch and wait for him. He will be right out!”

“Yes ma’am!” Courtney handed her the pill bottle and was out the door in a flash.

I looked at Candy, “Quite a performance. What would you have done if she had called your bluff and swallowed the pills?” I chuckled.

“Buried her! It was no bluff Matt. These pills are laced with enough cyanide that each will kill an adult. Two would have been over kill but I wanted it to be a sure thing so I told her two.”

I was stunned, “You would have SHOT her?”

“Probably not but I had to want to so that she would believe that I would. Matt she is dangerous! Her kind of poison is insidious and if she wouldn’t accept treatment, she needed to die. She really did kill Greg as much as those assholes did! He was as bad as she was though. They were in a sick co-dependent relationship and I was about to come to you and Rose for help breaking them up and out of it before we had a murder suicide on our hands. Greg was as sick as she is Matt. Bitch, bitch, bitch but would do absolutely NOTHING to help himself or improve his lot. He wouldn’t fuck me Matt he even thought masturbating was a sin and a betrayal of his marriage vows. They were NOT good Grey Wolf or good for Grey Wolf! I mean it, I want you to beat her ass then plough her hard and fast. If she just stands there I want you to stop and bust her ass again with 5 more and try it again. I want her moving for you!”

“Damn I can’t believe you were going to let her actually DO IT!”

“Matt, you are not the only one that has responsibilities to Grey Wolf or that loves it enough to do its dirty work if it HAS to be done. She, as she is, is as dangerous or actually a lot MORE dangerous to the stability of Grey Wolf than Miles could have ever been. She sows dissent into every relationship she has. That is why you found her alone today! She will either heal and become a Good Grey Wolf of she will commit suicide. Let’s hope that I am as good as I think I am and that she chooses the first rather than the second. TELL her how many licks she got. That will tell me a lot when I ask her.” She kissed me, “Thanks for having the faith in me to allow me to handle this. Rose and I had planned to do this but you just beat her to the punch. She and I had discussed this thoroughly. She may send me to you and your wood shed so don’t be surprised if she does.”

“Why?” I asked “Why would she do that if you had already discussed it with her.”

“Because she didn’t want you involved in it in any way. She loves you Matt and wanted to protect you. She and I are cold blooded bitches Matt. Most women are to tell the truth. We don’t kill as often as males do because we are cold blooded but when we do we don’t have any problems living with it. Now go and work your magic on her. So far you are batting a thousand. Every woman that you have taken to the wood shed came out in love with you and a better Grey Wolf. Rose is very proud of you Matt! Now scoot! I’m waiting and have party plans!”

I stepped out on the porch and Courtney came to me immediately. She had stopped crying but was still pale. “She’s crazy Matt! I think she really wanted to kill me. Are you going to let her get away with that? You aren’t really going to do to me what she told you to do are you? She’s not an Alpha and can’t order you around can she?”

I had stepped down off the porch and just stopped and looked back at her. “You agreed to do as she said. Are you reneging on that?” She just looked at me wide eyed and shocked and then shook her head. “You are sick Courtney. You will either accept her treatment and get better or it will kill you. Grey Wolf doesn’t allow its members to suffer a long and lingering death. If she can’t put you out of your misery then I will have to.

I took her back inside to Candy and told Candy, “I am going to beat her she is now up to 30 licks but if you want her fucked you need to come do it because I won’t.” I told her exactly what had been said and then that to me she was a viper and I don’t drop my drawers around vipers. If she needs to be put down I’ll do it but I’m not fucking her.”

“I understand Matt and don’t blame you a bit. Courtney when you come back to me we are going to have a long, long talk. Ask Rose to come see me please Matt.”

I took her to the wood shed and she stripped. She was pretty as a picture and as she climbed on the bench she apologized to me over and over and begged me to do her after the whipping. I scorched her ass more thoroughly than any before and she still begged me to do her and thanked me for helping her with the whipping. Her ass was lovely and she made it as inviting as she possibly could spreading her legs and pushing it out at me. I COULDN’T have fucked her if I had wished too. I was limp and shriveled by the glimpse that I had gotten into her soul.

I spotted Rose on our way back to Candy’s and waved her over. She didn’t even ask what was going on and we went straight into the house. The three of us sat, Courtney decided to stand claiming that her ass was too tender. Candy filled Rose in on what had happened, what had been agreed on and what had then happened. Rose listened without comment until she had heard it all from Candy and verified the facts including the actions in the wood shed with me.

“Courtney dear, you are creating quite a problem. Do you not like being Grey Wolf?” Rose asked.

“When we came here it was so nice to feel safe again. Greg and I had lost everything and all our kids both grown and still young. This seemed to be the best place that we could find. We knew that we were living on borrowed time out there and that here we could be safe. Greg seemed to fit in immediately. He always did. He could make friends with anyone and get along with anyone. At first the sex sharing didn’t bother me but more and more it seemed that Greg was spending time with the younger women in the family and less and less time with me. We fought about it and that just made it worse. I was so alone I became more and more bitter as he became more and more comfortable and happy here.”

“Why were you so alone Courtney?” I asked, “first off you are a nice looking woman and no matter what, all you had to do was put on your red bar and you would have had all the company that you could want! Hell I made several runs at you but you were never receptive. The only man I ever saw you with was Jeremiah.”

“I couldn’t say no to HIM, he was the Alpha and if I said no we would be thrown out to the wolves!”

“Courtney, let me ask you a question.” Rose interjected. “When you have sex, do you enjoy it. Do you orgasm or do you struggle?”

She looked down, “Greg talked to you didn’t he. He was always trying to get me to go see you or come here to see Candice!”

“No, he never said anything, not a word. If he had he would have told me that you have a problem with orgasms wouldn’t he?”

“If he had said ANYTHING he would have told you that I am a frigid bitch that has never cum for him not one time! He always made it out like it was all my fault and that something was wrong with me! It was as if me not cumming with him or for him was a slap in his face. I tried faking it but he would never just leave it alone and would accuse me of lying and faking it until I would tell him the truth just to shut him up.” She began to cry.

Candy looked at her, “FUCK!! Why didn’t you come and see me Courtney? He asked you too time and again.”

“Why would I want to come and sit here while he told you what a sorry excuse for a woman I was and what a shitty lay I am? He told me that enough as it was without coming here for you to tell me the same.”

“You two dumb assholes. He loved you Courtney and I don’t think any thing that you thought was happening was actually happening. He hasn’t fucked you in over a year right? He moved to the other bed room didn’t he?”

“YES, he didn’t even want to touch me anymore. He was too busy with his little hotties!”

Candy shook her head, “Did the two of you EVER talk TO each other or did you each just talk AT the other person and yell a lot?”

Courtney shook her head, “After the kids died it seemed that there wasn’t anything left to talk about.”

“If only you had taken a chance Courtney!” Candy sounded near to tears. “You and he were/are suffering with post traumatic stress syndrome. It has distorted how you think and how you see the world. Both of you hid it well when you were dealing with others, the disassociation was between the two of you. If I had ever seen you two together I would have seen it! Fuck me running; I should have seen it any way. There are ALWAYS two sides to every story!”

Still crying Courtney asked, “What are you talking about?”

Greg wasn’t fucking the younger women and ignoring you Courtney! He wasn’t fucking ANYONE because he was impotent. No matter what we did no matter what drugs we used, he was like dead down there. An impotent man that can’t get it up for physical reasons can still have orgasms. A blow job will still work on them as long as the nerves and stuff are intact. He couldn’t get any pleasure from anything.”

Rose added, “I did a complete physical on him and there were no physical problems. He only really wanted one woman and that was you. When you couldn’t cum, instead of telling anyone and seeking help you two just shut down. Well that is over. Greg is gone but you are still here and still Grey Wolf! Did you like having Matt whip your ass?”

“It hurt worse than anything that I have ever experienced…even child birth… but at least I felt something. I begged him to fuck me!” She was quiet for a moment and then glared at Candy. “You said that he was getting it from everyone else BUT me!”

Candy smirked a little and told her, “I told you what you WANTED to hear. I told you what you believed and I told you that he was getting his LOVE from anyone else but you and he was. LOVE Courtney NOT sex. He was dead down there because all he wanted was you!” She paused and glared at Courtney. “Do you want Matt to beat you again and still refuse to fuck you?”

“NOOOOO, Please noooo!”

Rose took over in a smooth tag team sort of brow beating way that kept her head swinging back and forth between the two women and occasionally me. “Then you will obey Candy like she is your god! Any slight hesitation and she will send you to him for discipline. Any slight variation from her instructions and she will send you to him… and from here on out sister, after HE is done with your ass you will come to ME! Matt any time she comes to you, you will give her 15 licks and 5 extra for ANY resistance. You will NOT fuck her for any reason until I TELL you to. She is under my care as a Doctor and that is how it has to be. Courtney come get in his lap and stay there until I get back. It won’t be long!”

She came to me and looked at me as if afraid that I would shove her away. I opened my arms and swept her up into my lap as she had been earlier. She cried and cried.

Candy came and sat beside us, “Courtney, have you EVER had an orgasm?”

“Yesssss that is what was so frustrating! I can have them when I am alone and it is just me touching myself but not with HIM. He really tried so hard Candice! He would do exactly as I told him, and it just wouldn’t happen!”

“Then the problem is not physical. We will fix it for you Courtney. It may take a little while but I promise that I will fix it.”

I held her and Candy petted her and when Rose came back she told me to move Courtney over my lap for a shot. Like a fearful child Courtney shook but allowed me to lay her face down over my knees. “This is going to relax you Courtney. You are going to sleep and when you wake up you will feel a lot better.” She swabbed a spot on her ass and stabbed the needle in. The medicine was slowly injected and then after it was done I allowed her to return to my embrace. In about 5 minutes she was asleep. As soon as Rose was sure that she was out she gave her a second shot. “She will sleep until tomorrow at the least. She will get another shot every 12 hours and when she wakes up she will be the mellowest member of the family by far!”