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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 18

You often don’t realize that something is there until it is gone. That is how it was that afternoon. I hadn’t felt the tension that was riding everyone until they let it go that afternoon. The laughter was different somehow, my people were happy and the Grey Wolf was again whole.

When if came time for Willie, he was led out to a picnic table and placed on his knees on a bench with his chest on the table. Susie and Nicky looked ravishing in short shorts and bikini tops. Nicky pealed off her pants and strapped on the dildo harness inserting a dildo into herself and then strapping it in place. While she was doing this Susie was greasing Willie up and spanking him making his ass glow. Nicky came to him and took him in a hard stroke and then rode him hard until she was exhausted from cumming herself. Susie pulled her aside and took over. As she fucked him she steadily spanked his ass and told him that she was going to fuck him until he came and told everyone that he was HER bitch. He was screaming with each hard stroke and Nicky began to stroke his hard cock.

Suddenly his screams became different, “It’s true, it is true, I AM her bitch slut and like it!! She is my Top now and I like it! Oh SHIT, I’m cumming!! Please my darling fuck me harder and I am yours forever!!!” She did and he did and everyone cheered and applauded.

As Susie stepped away smiling I swept her into my arms and kissed her. “You did good my beautiful Baby, now you have the man you deserve. Remember always that you are Grey Wolf and deserve only the best and are my wife!”

She smiled and hugged me tight, “You’re the greatest Matt!” Then returned to Willie to help him up and clean him up.

I wandered around and drank a little of our own homebrewed wine. It was intentionally week and would give you the most awful hang over you have ever had if you drank too much of it. Grey Wolf had no drunks and never would. We had three confirmed alcoholics and all three were forbidden to touch the stuff and agreed whole heartedly with that restriction. They got together about twice a month for a sort of AA meeting and supported each other but it was pretty easy. We only brewed as needed and never stored any. There was no temptation except when we had parties like this and each of the special people had special watchers that kept them happily occupied. The two men and one woman would be most thoroughly fucked by the end of the holiday. Even in this Grey Wolf looked out for its own with love and compassion.

If you went at it with moderation the homebrew would give you a nice warm glow that you could keep going without much trouble. If you tried however to go much past that it would turn on you with a vengeance. I got the glow and was happy to nurse it along. I met Cynthia and Mark and laughed. I could tell that despite warnings, Mark had gone past just a glow and currently had a pale olive drab cast to his complexion. They were on their way to the dispensery where Anne or Rose would fix him right up. I knew that in about 5 minutes he would be puking his guts up and then receive a huge ice cold enema. Ipecac syrup would empty his top half and the ice cold enema would be held until when he released his lower half would be cleansed. The cold was done as sort of a punishment for being stupid and a couple of tablespoons of one of Rose’s special cleaner made sure you emptied totally. The cramps were memorable. Amazingly, in about an hour and a half, Mark would feel GREAT and be starving to death and horny ass a billy goat with four balls. Rose kept her own council about what all was in her cleaner but I know from experience that it has very nice after effects.

I patted him on the back, “You will be fine in no time Mark. Our brew takes some getting used to. You drink it slow and in moderation or else.”

“Cynthia told me but I thought she was just trying to keep me from getting too drunk. I didn’t drink all that much!! I feel like I’m going to DIE!! My guts are tying themselves in knots and my head feels like it is going to crack wide open!”

“I told him twice to slow down. I don’t think I will have to tell him twice again. After Rose has given him the cure I’m going to bring him out and warm his ass for not minding. Then he is going to the kiddy coral for a couple of hours. You want to hook up then?”

“I would love too. I’ll keep my eyes pealed for y’all in a couple of hours!” Tell Rose to ring the bell when y’all leave the dispensary.”

The kiddy coral is a fenced off and covered area where subbies are sent for R&R after they have been treated to a large dose of percussive loving. Mark was going to not just be spanked for his hardheadedness; Cynthia was going to make a production of it that would leave him gaga for quite a while. His blood stream would be flooded with endorphins and adrenaline and between that and the after effects of Rose’s cleaning he was going to need the rest and special attentions offered best by other submissives.

I wandered and was greeted by different groups. In times past I would have chosen one that best suited my mood and settled but now I felt a restlessness and wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time. Being the Alpha has its responsibilities and I guess that this is one of them.

I spotted Courtney. Her Top and partner/husband from before Grey Wolf Greg was one of our casualties. I was worried about her and had been keeping an eye out for her. Sure enough when I found her she was off in a corner so to speak, alone. I walked up to her and just picked her up and into my arms like she was a child. Courtney is only 4’ 8” tall but you tended not to notice that because she was build like a wet dream. With her red waist length hair and pixie smile she had always been a favorite. Greg’s death though had left her wan and listless. She was older than many at 40 and had lost more than most. One child and one grand kid to the plague and then her other two older kids, sons, in the fighting since. Now with Greg gone she felt alone. “What are you doing over here all alone hiding from me?”

She looked into my face and the tears that never seemed far off for her anymore spilled over. “I just miss him soooo much Matt. Every time I think that I have accepted it something happens and I think, “I’ve got to tell Greg about this!” and then remember that he’s gone. God damn it Matt it just isn’t fair!!!”

“No, it isn’t fair!” I agreed. “And every time one of those bastards tried to surrender I thought of Greg and killed the fucker.” Greg had been the one unlucky enough to be manning the outer gate and guard post when they rolled in. The lead bus had stopped and when Greg had walked up to it to tell them that the road was closed and they would have to turn around, they had shot him down without warning. The way it works is that you actually have two stationed there. One mans the gate house and the other is watching from a bunker on a hill about a quarter mile away. When Greg had been shot, Sam had immediately set off the alarm that warned us that we were under attack and armed the mines on the road. When they were right to the compound, the lead bus had tripped one of them and it was blown almost in half by the explosion. The two busses behind tried to back up only to have their tires shot out and the drivers killed by Sam from his nest in the hill. We were lucky that day, Sam was one of the best shots we have and had been a sniper during Desert Storm.

The attack was over before it had even got started. From the few attackers that lasted long enough to talk, they knew exactly how many of us there were and were going to kill the men and take over. Even the women of this vapid bunch were evil and would have killed as many women as they could to prevent competition from outsiders. They were one and all, burned out urban gang junkies. We would have been the third group that they had wiped out since leaving the LA cesspool 7 months before. Now their heads adorn our fence posts as warning to all that we bite back.

Courtney sobbed on my chest for a little while as I carried her around and to Candy’s place. Candy had evidently seen me coming and was standing on the porch holding the door open when I got there. I sat down on the couch with her still in my arms and Candy sat in her big easy chair across from us.

She watched Courtney for some time before finally saying in a low soft voice, “You can turn off the water works Courtney. We need to talk and if you are going need to squall I’ll have Matt give you a reason too.”

I looked at Candy as if she had suddenly turned into a werewolf before my eyes. “Candy!! You…”

She held up a finger and told me in a voice that was not to be questioned, “Shut up Matt or leave and send Rose back. This has to end and if you don’t have the stomach for it then leave and Rose can do it.”

I was stunned. I started to tell her to get fucked and carry Courtney elsewhere. I thought about going to get Rose and I thought about asking her what the fuck she thought she was doing. What I DID was say, “Yes Ma’am I’ll just stay.”

Candy turned back to Courtney, “What is with all this shit Courtney. I have let you play the grieving widow for almost a month but it is getting tiresome. You are using it and hiding behind it. You are hurting yourself and you are hurting Grey Wolf by keeping a wound open that was never as bad as everyone else thinks.”

“Courtney looked up from my chest. “You bitch, you think you know so much. You talk about being some sort of shrink but everyone knows that all you really are is the town whore that all the men come to when they want a little something different! What do you know about caring about somebody or losing them?”

Candy smiled and it sent shivers down my spine to see. She smiled and then answered, “I know enough to know that Greg was getting love from nearly ANYONE but you and that the only reason he was staying with you was because every time he tried to leave you threatened suicide. Now it is poor Courtney and you are playing it to the hilt. You know that it was over between you and Greg. You made his life a living hell and if he hadn’t been killed, I was about to have him ordered out of your clutches!”

“You unfeeling cunt!! You just wanted him for yourself. He would come back from seeing you and I could SMELL you on him. He would be happy and try to get ME to come talk with you! I refuse to live here with this sort of evil preying on us. I’m going to fucking kill my self and it will be all your fault!” Courtney shrieked.

Candy smiled, got up and went to the other room. When she returned she told me, “Get that piece of shit out of your lap Matt. Dump her on the floor if you have to but get away from her.” I lifted her off my lap and sat her beside me on the couch. Candy walked over and stood in front of her and I instinctively got up and moved. Candy tossed a pill bottle in her lap along with a bottle of water. “Take two and you will never know what hit you. You will be dead in 30 seconds flat without pain or suffering.” She reached into the back of her pants and pulled out an army .45 automatic. Or if you don’t have the guts just say the word and I will do it for you. You are NOT going to infect Grey Wolf with your selfish sickness nor hold us hostage with your constant threats. Open the bottle and swallow the pills Courtney… or just sit there looking useless and stupid and I will put you down myself. I think I might even PREFER that!”

I was frozen. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I started to jump on Candy and try to wrest the gun from her. I started to say something and try to calm things down. I just stood and watched.

Courtney looked at the pill bottle and even opened it and looked inside. Her face paled and she looked back up and into Candy’s face and was looking right dead into the cavernous barrel of the 45. I thought for a second that she was going to faint. She was white as a sheet. Finally her mouth opened and in a whisper she begged, “Please, I don’t want to die.”

“SO, you are admitting that you just say that shit to get your way and make people feel bad? That you don’t now nor have you EVER had any real intention of killing yourself? Answer me truthfully or I swear to God Courtney that I will blow your fucking brains out!” There was a click and I knew that she had just pulled the safely down and that Courtney was a tiny squeeze of the trigger away from meeting her maker.

Courtney looked at Candy and the tears just began to GUSH. “I WANTED to Candy!! But I’m a coward and can’t! I know that I never will and you are right I used it…use it to make people feel sorry for me and to get my way. Shoot me….please! I’m just miserable and hurt the person that I loved most. Hell it wasn’t even his turn to be on guard duty! He had offered to fill in just to get away from me that day. I KILLED HIM! Just as sure as if I had been the one that shot him. I loved him but I just always seemed to be angry and depressed.”

“Then why in the fuck didn’t you come and see me? I might have been able to have helped you.”

“Because Greg liked you so much and when he would come back I knew what you had done with him. I was jealous and hated you for giving him what I couldn’t.”

“Not COULDN’T Courtney, WOULDN’T!! You wouldn’t make love with him. You always had some excuse and you either begged off or yelled at him for being just an animal that only wanted you as an object to fuck. Courtney, He loved you far more than you deserved. I had been telling him to leave you for months but he wouldn’t. He said to me one day that his love for you was forever and for better or worse he would stand beside you. I should have ordered him away from you. You were sucking the life out of him! And the dumb asshole was enabling you to continue down this stupid path. If he had left you would have either killed yourself, gotten over it or sought help. As it was we were going to lose both of you because you wouldn’t seek help and he wouldn’t force you to. You two deserved each other! Some times it seemed to me that you two thrived in wallowing in misery. By the way, I never fucked him! He wouldn’t do it because he said that it would be like kicking you when you were down.” Candy took a deep breath but the gun never wavered, “Time for you to decide, are you going to live or die. Living means that you will see me and do what I tell you to do until we get you straightened out. Dieing is easy. Eat the damn pills or I will put you down like I would a sick dog that wasn’t going to get any better. Live or die what is it going to be?” Candy waited about two seconds then screamed, DECIDE BITCH! This gun is getting heavy and I’m about to just shoot you!”

Courtney screamed and ducked, “LIVE, live, I will do whatever you say just please don’t kill me!! She was crying.

Candy turned to me, “Doctor’s orders Matt, take her to the wood shed, and wear her ass out. I want at least 25 licks then fuck her while she is bent over. Then I want you to send her back here naked to me. I will be here waiting for her. Courtney you are going to fuck every man here twice before Sunday Nights end of our holiday. You are going to do as many women as I can line up for you as well. Matt is going to wear your ass out every day and I will see when Rose would like to clean you out. Starting Monday you will live here with me and do whatever I tell you to do. You will eat only what I give you and you will accept any medications or treatments that I deem necessary. Do you agree?” The gun was still looking her in the eyes.

“Yes Ma’am I agree!”

“Then give me my pill bottle and go with Matt. I expect you to thank him for your whipping and to be a lively fuck for him. Make sure that you don’t fail me or disappoint me!”