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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 17

After a couple more shuddering smaller orgasms she pulled me up and kissed me. “What do you think you are doing Matt?”

“Just lovin’ my beautiful wife darlin’. Did you not approve?”

“Oh NO, I approve VERY much. You just are not normally a morning person.”

“Things are going good right now. We need to do something for Candy. Her talk with you even made me feel better.”

“How’s that my voracious little sex toy?”

I looked at her and then looked away, “I thought that you just wanted me here because it was good for Grey Wolf. It is nice to know that you want me here…you already know that you are something special to me. I wouldn’t…couldn’t submit to someone that I didn’t care for deeply.”

She turned my face back to hers, “How could my Baby NOT know that I wanted him here just for my own selfish desires. Have I NOT shown a more than just healthy interest in you?”

I nodded, “I just didn’t know that you wanted ME. I figured that you would have been pretty much the same with any Grey Wolf male if they were the Alpha.”

She pulled me tight, “If you didn’t have an appointment this morning I would spank you. I have told you that I love you silly one. I would love you if you weren’t the Alpha. I have always desired you more than any other. Candy was right, once I could, there was nothing much short of harming Grey Wolf that would have kept me from pursuing you.” She kissed me again, “After the holiday…maybe sooner, I need for you to do something for me. I need you to carry out a sentence on someone that acted not in the best interests of Grey Wolf for personal and selfish reasons. I have Judged and sentenced. It is your job to carry out that sentence.”

I looked at her knowing what she wanted. “You have done no wrong Rose. Even Candy said that it was as it should be.”

“It wasn’t what I did but WHY Matt, I need to pay for my selfishness before I can truly be forgiven and cleansed. It is what you think about yourself that counts Matt. Not reality or what others think. Candy and I have been getting together ever since Jeremiah died. After she talked to you she saw that I needed to finish my process and so gave me that final push. She told me that she was waiting because with you and I being the alpha pair she needed to bring us along together.”

“But I haven’t been talking to her???”

“Matt to her, that IS like talking to her. She knew that when things came fully to a head you would come and you did. She was keeping abreast of the situation in your case through me. If you had waited too long she would have sent for you. She said that it is like lancing a boil. If you mess with it too soon you just will make it sore and hurt like hell. Wait until the right moment and a pin prick is all you need and it is over. She told me that you were at just that point. All that you needed was someone to tell you that you were doing ok and offer you final forgiveness for being human. After you are done with my ass, you and Cynthia are going to wash me out and paddle me and then for me it will also be over. I love you Matt, not just as the Alpha and not just as Grey Wolf. I love you deeply as a woman. Cynthia knows and it is testimony to her quality that she has accepted all of this with the grace of a saint. As soon as the new house is done she will be moving in with us. Mark too. I like the looks of his cute little ass and it will add balance to our family. Besides, you like him too, you just aren’t ready to admit it.”

“Of course I like him! He is my brother and Grey Wolf.”

“No dear I mean you “like” him. You enjoyed his attentions and will like them more as you allow yourself to do so. I want a house filled with love and loving Matt where all can give and receive from each with total pleasure. I can see that with Mark.”

“But we would be 3 Doms and only one sub?”

“My silly little lobo, we would be three subs and one Dom. Or maybe better described we would be one Dom one sub and two Switches. A perfectly balanced foursome any way it flows. NOW, go and heal your other ailing Wife. You are so good at that it amazes me how I could not have seen it. In order for a male alpha to be truly effective he HAS to have some submissiveness in him. That is why and how you serve your flock Matt. You will today, submit to Susie’s needs and give her exactly what she needs…just as you have me this morning.” She swatted my bare ass and I got up and dressed.

Susie was there when I got there looking amazingly fresh and lovely. She was almost hopping from foot to foot she was so anxious. As soon as the door was closed and locked I turned to her and kissed her hard and she just melted down in my arms. I gently led her to the bench and lovingly undressed her.

“Matt, could you do something special for me? Please.”

“Anything my beautiful dove just ask!”

She blushed, “I’m embarrassed to ask after the hell I raised that started all of this. Matt, will you spank me first…hard like you did before and then after you fuck me will you finish in my ass? I got up early and made Willie get up and give me 6 enemas so I would be clean and ready for you.” She grinned, “HE got nothing and has been forbidden to relieve himself until after his punishment this afternoon.”

I laughed, “VERY good! So Nicky WAS right and you do like it. I figured you did actually Sweet Cheeks. You were just hurt by Willie’s rudeness and the rest followed. I understand. I’ve done the same thing myself.”

She giggled, “Yeah but you are the Alpha so nobody tears your ass up when you mess up.”

I looked at her and laughed, “You think so huh? Well let me tell you something my adorable Baby, if I fuck up I get it worse than you did.”

“How? No Way!”

“You don’t understand Dear, Matt is a man and a person, The Alpha is a title and position. If an Alpha is true to the title then there are times when they must judge themselves. The Female Alpha also has the right to judge any Grey Wolf and if Matt fucks up Rose will and does judge him just as the Male alpha judges Rose.”

“Has she had to Judge you yet?”

“Yes twice and believe me I caught it; Spanking, Punishment enemas and all!”

“Man!! I would like to see that! I’m sorry Matt but you are built like a brick shit house. I nearly came the other day when you stripped off your shirt and showed Willie that he wasn’t one to be calling anyone fat!! I was hoping that you would strip all the way.”

I laughed and pealed for her and then allowed her go get her fill of touching me before guiding her over the bench. I did as she wished and she received 5 special ones across her lovely ass. They were special because I eased back so that the twin tails of the strap, instead of landing across both cheeks, landed with the tips spanking her pussy. I alternated sides and was gratified by the effect as her pussy reddened and began to weep in a thick steady flow. I didn’t swat her as hard but the effect was all that I could have asked for and when I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her ass she screamed and gushed.

I stayed at her and only the bench kept her up. When she had finally begged me enough I stood up and rammed my cock into her pussy setting off a new flood and series of orgasms. As I stroked in and out I also worked on adding to the blush of her ass with loving slaps on her ass.

I felt that my time was running out fast so I pulled out of her and then used her own juices to lubricant her ass with several urgently entered fingers. “YESSSSS!!! YEEESSSS YESSSSS!!!” She hissed and then I spanked her a few times real hard with my hand before rudely slipping past her defenses and all the way into her ass in a single long steady stroke. This silenced her as she just gasped and moaned.

Her large soft round globes welcomed me in and offered me comfort as I tried to last as long as possible. Susie began to gyrate wildly though and her asshole was quivering and spasming wildly as she came and that was just too much for me. I bellowed and plowed her as hard and fast as I could and then buried up deep inside her to pump my love deeply into her bowels!

I stayed there as long as I could before being cast out. When I was ejected, I knelt and kissed each red cheek and licked them and blew cooling air across them. Goose bumps leapt up and she giggled. “Matt you are the sweetest man that I have ever known. Who would have ever thought that getting in trouble and whipped by the Alpha would be so life changing? I haven’t ever been so happy and comfortable with myself.”

Still kneeling I offered her sweetly puckered little asshole a deep and searching kiss and then helped her up and turned her around. I put my face on her soft tummy and kissed it. You just needed to look at yourself through my eyes Susie. I truly adore the way you look and wouldn’t wish you to be any other way. I love that you are soft and feminine. Personally I think your sister would be well served if she was a little more like you. She is pretty enough but you are soft and plush and such a pleasure to touch and stroke.” As I talked my hands caressed the softness of her little tummy and I kissed her belly button passionately making her jump away giggling.

“Matt you are just a big bad little boy!!”

I stood up and grinned at her, “Be nice to me though, we are going to build a new house for the Alpha family and the Wood Shed is going to be attached to it as well as a place for the enemas. You might as well get used to the idea that the Alpha is going to call you over for judgment more often than you have been in the past. I can tell that you need a little more discipline in your life and as the Alpha it is my job to see that you get it. Next time, don’t bother with the enemas, I will pass judgment on you and I will give you the enemas first. Don’t you feel that this mornings “punishment” was an especially effective one Dear?”

She giggled, “I certainly do Matt, I know that it is one that I will remember for a long time!”

“You won’t have to remember it for long because we will reenact it regularly. You don’t even have to DO anything bad, I will just call for you when I see that you are being “bad.” I kissed her and let her go back to her home to dress and prepare for the afternoon festivities.