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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 16

The next morning I looked up Nicky and asked how things had gone. She laughed for 5 minutes starting several times and then breaking down in laughter before she managed to tell me that it had gone so well that as of last night, Willie was now Susie’s submissive and if I saw him walking I would know that they had a GREAT time last night. “He had never really had it in the ass and well when Susie got him they just couldn’t stop. He whined all the way through the enemas and Rose paddled him for it. When we took him home we just bent him over and went to work on him! I made Clyde come over and fuck him in the ass too. He was always making fun of Clyde because he submits to me! Was that OK Matt?”

“I think it was a great idea. It changes a man’s entire perspective when he is on the receiving end.”

Nicky slid up against me and kissed me in a most serious way. “What do you have going at lunch time Matt?”

I grinned, “Do you have a suggestion?”

Nicky nodded, “I need to confess something to you and for you to pass judgment on me. Could we meet in the wood shed at lunch time? I’ll bring sandwiches.”

I smiled and thought of Candy’s orders. “It’s a date! See you there.” The rest of the morning flew by and when I heard the dinner bell I went to the wood shed.

Nicky was waiting for me there and we went in and I locked up behind us. She had two sacks of food and a pitcher of iced tea. “Do we eat or judge first?” I asked.

“I think it would be better if we judged first Matt.”

“OK, what’s on your mind?”

“Matt the entire time I was laying over that bench while you were reading Willie the riot act I was wishing that you would beat my ass and then fuck me right after you were done. I was so hot that I had a monster orgasm with your second and third licks and was crying because you stopped and I knew you weren’t going to fuck me. PLEASE Matt would you do that for me now. Spank me all you wish and then just ram it in me and fuck me hard while I’m on the bench?”

“Hmmmm, I think that I could do that for you!” She was out of her clothes in a flash and began stripping me. She almost dragged me to the bench, handed me the strap and climbed on the bench. “When you are ready for me all you have to do is hold up your hand.”

I popped her a good hard swat across her cheeks, “Harder Matt!! Just like you did yesterday!” I nodded to myself and the next one was everything she could wish for. She squeaked and I gave her a second to wave before giving her another one. In all, she took 6 licks before she waved her hand almost hysterically over her head. “FUCK ME MATT!!!! HARD!!! NOW!!!!”

I was the man for the job and had no trouble getting in. She was soaking and I only was careful to make sure that I hit the right hole and then slammed into her. We had a great ride, she was already cumming before I entered her. I banged her as hard and fast as I could and when I started cumming I did it even harder.

I went to the office and got her a pillow to sit on. “I’m going to leak on it!” She warned.

“Who cares! I’ll flip it over and then wash it later.” We sat and ate a wonderful lunch.

“Matt, you know who else would like to use your bench again?”

“I’m almost afraid to ask.” I told her.

“Susie! She wants to put Willie over it spank him and then butt fuck him on it.” Nicky giggled, “She said that she came when she gave Willie those two licks.”

I laughed, “Tell her I will make her a deal. If she will let me put her on it and eat her and then fuck her then she can have it for use on Willie.”

Nicky looked at me oddly. “You like her ass don’t you. I thought you were giving it the eye yesterday!” She squealed and laughed clapping her hands! “YES!!! She is going to LOVE IT! You actually DO prefer her ass over mine don’t you?”

“I don’t think that prefer is the right word at all Nicky. I definitely am attracted to it though. She has one mighty fine ass!”

She almost jumped on me and kissed me hard, “Matt you are the greatest!! THIS will make her DAY!! Someone… hell THE ALPHA, asking me to set him up with my sister!!” She kissed me again. I’m sure that you will see her today. Set it up for tomorrow Matt so she can tell Willie what she is going to do with you and then what SHE is going to do with HIM.” We parted with her still laughing and sure enough before very long at all Susie came to me. I was at the shop working.

“Matt, Nicky said that you want to…talk to me.” She was obviously nervous and unsure and didn’t want to say anything that might humiliate her if there was a misunderstanding. “She said that you will allow me to use the wood shed with Willie…but that you wanted something?”

I looked at her and grinned. “How would you feel about mounting the bench again for me and letting me give you a different sort of licking Susie? I’m afraid that I can’t get the sight of you on it out of my head and so would like to put my head, both of them actually, into you.”

“You want ME? You were with Nicky and you want me instead?”

“Not really instead Susie. I just want you. You are VERY attractive to me. You have a just dynamite ass and well if you will let me I will make it dance on my tongue as it did with the strap and then when you wish it I will fuck you wildly!!”

She looked at the front of my pants and could see that I was NOT joking. “God Matt, you are the Alpha you can have anybody. You don’t even have to really ask.”

“I’m asking you Susie. As I told Willie, you are my wife. I want you that way Susie. Not as an animal in rut but two people joined and caring.”

“Tears came to her eyes and she jumped into my arms kissing me hotly. “When Matt!!?? Just tell me when. “How does tomorrow morning before you and Nicky start to work on Willie for his public debut as an entertainer sound? Say we meet here at 7.”

“She was wiggling all over as she kissed me again. “It’s a date!!” She dashed out.

Rose stepped out of the back room where she had been looking at some of my latest work…Bronze memorial plates with the names of our fallen heroes. We had a native stone wall and that was where we remembered and honored our fallen. We decided early on the Grey Wolf would be burned on a pyre and their ashes spread on the fields and orchards. They would feed the plants and when we ate the fruit they would remain a part of us forever.

“You are some piece of work Matthew! Did you know that?” she came to me and kissed me. “I am so very proud of you. I went to see Candy this morning. We talked for a long time. She is a very smart lady! She agreed that we did the right thing having you move in with me.” She chuckled, “She also told me that the reasons that I had given you for doing it was bullshit. We need to possibly reevaluate your idea about building a new home for the Alpha family. I took you into my house Matt because I WANTED you. I also didn’t want to be alone and I used excuses of the good of Grey Wolf to get my way. Candy agrees that the Alphas need to be a couple in the sense of living together in a loose sort of way but that we are each other persons husband and wife as well. We need room so that our other husbands and wives can visit us without pushing someone out of the way. You need to be more active with your other wives so that they, just as you just made Susie feel, know that they are loved and Grey Wolf every bit as much as we are. You shouldn’t have to wander from house to house and make rendezvous in the wood shed. You are the Alpha and they should come to you.” She smiled, “I think that the wood shed should be a part of that new house. We might also have someplace for the enemas when there is only one or two involved.”

I hugged her, “I will start drawing up some plans for you to look at next week.”

She kissed me again, “Come home early today Matt. I think I need a little Alpha time with you and you need to get a good nights sleep/ Tomorrow is going to be the start of a very busy period for us. I suspect that the Alpha male will be in great demand over the next four days.”

I finished up my work and ran by the kitchens and got us some supper before heading home early. Rose was already there and was as eager as a new bride! We went straight to the shower where we bathed and then made love. The bed was our next stop and after some rather intense play, we did it again. We had dinner in bed and then went for the hat trick it was a rousing success and when we were done I pulled her to me and asked, “Now what has my sweet Rose so hot?”

She grinned and buried her face in my chest. “The truth will set you free…it did me today Matt. I needed a confessor and today Candy took my confession and forgave me. She also spanked me and I‘m not used to that!”

“I understand, I’ve been there.”

She laughed, “Probably not Matt. Men feel guilt over more practical things that women ignore. My guilt was in that I was happy when I should have been sad and liked something that I should not have liked…I thought. Candy got me to see it differently.” She hesitated then told me, “Matt Jeremiah was the best man that I will ever know. I loved him deeply but we hadn’t slept together in a long time Matt. He just didn’t desire me. He didn’t really desire regular sex with much of anyone but did it with others to keep up appearances. When you moved in with me it was as if I suddenly woke up again sexually and I LOVE IT! Naturally I felt bad for being so happy with my husband so recently passed. I have desired you Matt for several years and always kept it out of sight so not to embarrass Jeremiah. You and I played but I didn’t let myself go with you or anyone else until he was gone. Now I can mourn him and at the same time fully enjoy YOU!” Latter we topped the hat trick and then slept like babies!

I woke up in the morning very early and snuck up on Rose. She is a sound sleeper and she woke up when her first little cummie rattled her cage as I had my face buried between her legs and was working her hard with my tongue and several fingers. She buried her hands in my hair and like a rooster she crowed loud enough to wake the dead. “YYYYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! God Damn life is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!”