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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 15

Some how just having her tell me that I was doing OK seemed to go a long way towards easing my mind. Candy always had that sort of effect on most people. She told me once that she was a hundred times better as a psychologist here in the family because through her ability to have sexual contact she could reach into the core of her patients and her words meant ten times as much coming from the mouth of a lover than they ever could from a prim and proper clinical psychologist. Also a person could share, in her arms, the things that they could have never said while dressed and sitting in her office.

Candy had things moving almost immediately and word buzzed all through the community and everyone worked double hard to have everything done before the party began. We decided that Thursday night we would just have fun and play. The party on the Friday was to honor the memories and lives of our recently fallen comrades. The party Saturday day would be to celebrate our survival and prosperity. To have weathered an attack by over 200 and only suffer 3 lost while totally exterminating the attackers was indeed something worthy of celebration. The party on Sunday night would be to celebrate the marriage into Grey Wolf of our six new brothers and sisters…husbands and wives. They would shed their old names and take the name Grey Wolf.

With everyone working hard and looking forward to the holidays there were few problems requiring my attention. The only one came on Wednesday when two sisters, Susie and Nicole who were married to two brothers Willie and Clyde got into a knock down drag out fight in the mess hall. It seems that Nicole, the younger sister who was married to Clyde the older brother had been bossed around her whole life by her older sister Susie who was married to the younger brother Willie. In their marriages, Nicole was most often the top and her older sister was always the submissive to her husband. It seemed that Willie had decided that it would be fun to make the older sister submit to the younger sister and she had among other things, fucked her in the ass with a big dildo after making her submit to several enemas and a spanking. After a few days of dwelling on the indignity of this Susie had finally gone off on her in the mess hall when her sister had asked her to pass the salt.

I was called and took them straight to the wood shed. I sat them on the couch side by side and gave them the rules. I would ask questions and they would answer them. If you interrupted the other person you went to the bench for 5 licks and then we continued. Being the elder I asked Susie what had happened.

“My husband is my Top, the other night he made me submit to Nicky again. Nicky’s husband and is a switch and he lets her Top him most of the time. She is younger than me and decided to get petty revenge for imagined slights from our childhood. She HUMILIATED ME! She gave me enemas and spanked me and then fucked me in the ass like I was some common whore! She has acted like she was going to be my boss from now on ever since and that just ain’t going to happen. I told Willie that if he ever tried to make me do that again that we were finished! She isn’t now and never will be my Top. She has always thought that she was special because she was the pretty one and I was always the pretty girl’s fat older sister! I lived with her shit my whole life listening to everyone telling me how pretty she was! Even our Mama used to brag to her friends how pretty she was! I’m sick of it and am not going to take it anymore!” She broke down and began to cry.

I turned to her sister and asked, “Now you, Nicky, what is your side of the story? Did you use it as an opportunity for revenge? Have you been treating her like she was your submissive?”

Nicky looked at her sister shocked. “NO! Never! I wanted too a little maybe, she has always bossed me around and when we were kids she told me a thousand times that pretty fades but being stupid is something that I will have to live with forever! I knew that she was jealous when we were kids but I never dreamed that she was still carrying that shit around. I love her Matt. Most of the time she was about as good an older sister as anyone ever had.” She laughed. “I actually never thought of myself as especially pretty. Hell Matt have you ever even seen me even wear make up? I probably spend less time worrying about looks than any woman here. I don’t…”

“SEE, the bitch is bragging that she doesn’t have to do anything to look beautiful!! That’s all she does is brag!” Susie screamed. “She wears rags and every fucking man she walks by does a double take…EVEN my own husband! If she wags her ass at him one more time…”

“STRIP AND GET ON THE BENCH!!” I commanded her! “One more word or hesitation and the 5 licks becomes 10!”

Squalling she glared at me but had enough sense to keep her mouth shut! She stripped and I put her over the bench. Without a word I gave her the five as real ass burners. I did them slowly letting her adjust and dread the next one before delivering it to her up turned ass. “Do you think that you can allow your sister to speak now without interrupting?” I asked softly.

“Yes Matthew I promise!” She finally got out between sobs.

I helped her up and returned her naked to the couch. “You may continue Nicky.”

“I don’t remember where I was! Oh well it doesn’t matter. I didn’t do that to her to humiliate her Matt. I did it because it is what she likes! She is always telling me how great it is when Willie does that to her! Hell he’s done it to me a bunch of times and I like it too. SHE HAS EVEN DONE IT TO ME!!! I thought she would like it!” She began to cry. “I love her Matt and don’t know WHY she hates me so much!”

I looked at Susie and she was crying too. “Do you have anything to ADD before I pass judgment Susie?”

“I’m soooooo SORRRRRY Nicky!! You are right. I had left it behind but the other night…Willie…Willie told me I needed to go on a diet and said that he wished that I was more like you and stayed in shape!! He told me then that he was going to make me be your sub! He did it to punish me for being FATTTT!” she was crying hard now.

“I don’t do ANYTHING to STAY in shape Susie! You know that! That bastard!! He doesn’t deserve you! I can’t believe he told you that! I’m going to have Clyde kick his sorry ass!”

I barked, “You most certainly are NOT! You two stay here and I’ll be right back. I went storming out and grabbed the first two men in sight and told them to bring me Willie on the double!” I returned to the wood shed where Susie was in Nicky’s arms crying.

“Nicky when you and your sister got into it did she hit you first?” I asked.

“I don’t remember Matt. She jumped on me and we just went at it like we always did when we were kids.”

“Susie, do you remember? Did you hit her first.”

“I’m almost sure that I did Matthew. I was on top! All she did was defend herself. It was all my fault. I’m so sorry Matt. What ever you decide will be fair. I deserve a lot for this shit!”

I looked at her and then at Nicky. “Strip and get on the bench Nicky!”

“WHY?” Susie cried! “I told you that it was all my fault!”

“It takes two to fight Susie. Looking at the shiner you’re growing she did a little more than just defend herself.” There was a knock at the wood shed door and I went to it. The two men had Willie between them. I reached out and grabbed him by the collar and snatched him in. “Thanks Boys I‘ll take it from here.”

Willie is a little on the short side with narrow shoulders and a little pot belly. He is an excellent Carpenter and generally good people. When I grabbed him his eyes got as big as saucers. I dragged him in and pulled Nicky up and pointed to the bench. She looked scared and crying went to it. I turned to Willie and Susie. I was annoyed. “Willie did you tell her that she needed to go on a diet and that you wished that she was more like her sister?”

“I…I …Maybe I… don’t remember!”

“I’ll take that as a yes for sure! Why did you make her submit to her sister? Did you do it to punish her for not being like her sister?” He opened his mouth and I leaned over and bellowed in his face. “Don’t you DARE lie to me!” He looked truly scared and just nodded. “Willie, that is the meanest most despicable thing that I have ever heard. You seem to have forgotten something. That beautiful woman sitting beside you is Grey Wolf and NOT your property. She only submits to you to a point. What you have forgotten is that as the Alpha, she is MY FUCKING WIFE FIRST! I only allow you to be with her as long as you treat her right! You don’t deserve her! Strip Willie lets see your six pack!” I pealed off my shirt and rippled the muscles on my stomach that hours over a hot forge had given me. He wasn’t moving very fast. “STRIP NOW!!!” He was as naked as Susie in about two seconds flat. I poked his little pot belly. “Does the POT calling the kettle black ring a bell Willie? This is all your fault so you will share in my judgment.”

Nicky was looking over her shoulder grinning. “OK, Nicky Grey Wolf doesn’t fight Grey Wolf. You had the right to defend yourself but that is ALL. I feel you did more than just defend yourself do you get 3 licks and enemas at the dispensary. Susie, you don’t take your unhappiness with your partner out on other Grey Wolf…even if she is your sister! You get 5 more and enemas. Willie, for treating MY beautiful wife like shit, hurting her feelings and causing all of this you are going to get 10 licks, enemas and then tonight both of these fine ladies will have free use of your ass. They may spank it, hose it and fuck it all they wish. Tomorrow evening they will give you enemas until clear and fuck you in the ass to their hearts content out in the yard with you bent over the bench on the picnic table. I think that will be great entertainment to start the party off.” I looked at Susie, “do you still want to live with him when this is done?”

She looked at him and he looked at her and he began to cry at the thought of loosing her. “Yeah I guess so. I don’t know why right now but I love him!” He grabbed her and kissed her.

“If you abuse my Wife ever again Willie we will not come to the wood shed. I will drag you out in the desert and beat you to death with my bare hands!”

I turned to Nicky and took her grin away in a hurry. Then I stood her to the side and took care of Susie’s ass in fine fashion. Willie was shaking so bad he could hardly walk. I nodded and the girls helped him over the bench. He took hold of the handles and I warned him that if he turned them loose we would start all over again. With the girls watching I made him cry like a baby with 6 licks. I then handed the strap to Susie. “Give him two. Don’t disappoint me!” She got both hands on the handle and waylaid his ass. I took the strap and handed it to Nicky. “The same make me proud Nicky! Your little ass burns because of his mouth!” Willie howled as she blistered him. One went a little low and got mostly thigh. He deserved it!” I kissed each of the women and then even hugged Willie and told him that once the sentence was carried out it was over and he was forgiven. They left together, holding hands and crying.