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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 14

The next day She called Cynthia over and the two women along with a couple of others made a decision concerning me. They didn’t let me in on it for a couple of days but what they decided was that as the Alpha I was responsible for loving everyone and caring for them and taking care of them. It was obvious that I was doing a good job and equally obvious that I needed Grey Wolf to love me more. I was NOT a lone wolf and needed to be pulled back into the fold a little tighter. Rose suspected that I was suffering from a mild bit of post traumatic stress syndrome and wanted to make sure that I was pulled in.

The next day at noon, Bridget came to me and asked me to please make love to her. She took me to her house and we spent the rest of the day in bed. That night I was shipped off like a prize stud to Samantha because her man was on guard duty that night. When Friday came I was feeling a lot better and Even though I knew what it was for, I enjoyed having Cynthia in the house for our little get together. They fed me the better part of a bottle of wine and then all four of us went to bed together. With one woman on either side of me Mark settled between my legs and began doing a wonderful job of blowing me. As Rose had said, a mouth was a mouth except he was stronger and bigger than any woman. I finally began to get near and my hands sought his head as I finally came and poured myself into him.

Somewhere in this process something in me broke down. I loved Grey Wolf. Mark was soon to be Grey Wolf. I would not turn him away. When I had cum I rolled over and rose to my knees with my legs spread. He understood and after lubricating me he took his pleasure in my ass. It also felt good, maybe even better than a dildo and I defiantly liked the ending when he was excited and took me hard and came in me.

When he parted from me I pulled him up and kissed him on the forehead and hugged him. Rose laughed at this but Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. For the rest of the night hands touched me and mouths offered kisses and I accepted it all. Later I pulled Mark down and into my embrace, Cynthia had just finished doing him in the ass so I rolled him onto his side and snuggled up behind him and had some of him myself. As I was nearing my orgasm Cynthia slipped up behind me and into me. My orgasm was massive and we all shook as I came.

We slept together like that and in the morning I found myself sleeping in Mark’s arms and was amazed to find that it didn’t bother me a bit. As a matter of fact I rolled so we were facing and when his eyes opened I smiled and pushed him down to tend to my morning erection. He was more than willing to go and I woke up Rose and Cynthia as I came.

Rose laughed and watched as he finished me off and cleaned me up. I turned to Cynthia and pointed at Mark’s hard cock and told her, “Why don’t you help my new friend out here?” She was as willing to help him as he had been to help me and he was soon a happy camper as well. I then grabbed rose by her ankle and pulled her down to my hungry mouth and saw Mark do the same to Cynthia. Soon the room rang out with soprano songs of morning pleasure. We snuggled up and rested then Rose got Cynthia and Mark to get up and make breakfast.

She snuggled against me, “Well see you didn’t die from letting a man love you now did you?”

I shook my head and smiled, “Mark really is a nice young man. I’m happy for Cynthia.”

“If you lie like that to me again we will be going to the clinic and I’ll be smearing my special sauce on your ass.” Rose told me.

“But it is true, I am happy for her!”

“OK, you are happy FOR her but you are still a long way from happy. Matt you are doing so well. Jeremiah was right and you are the perfect replacement for him. You are learning to be wise and good to your people and think of Grey Wolf first…Now if we can just bring you into the pack again. Some how, you left us when you became the Alpha. You serve the family and love it and do only what is best for it but you haven’t yet rejoined it.”

I thought about it then, “Look, I don’t know yet what my place IS. I have to think about everything that I do now. If I see a sister and her ass looks good and I want to pat it I have to think if it is appropriate and if she will think it is me as Matt patting her ass or if it is me the Alpha taking what is my right. By the time I decide, she is long gone. If I want to do something silly I have to think if that is something that the Alpha should do and in the process lost the desire to do it. The Grey Wolf hasn’t lost me Rose, I’ve lost myself… It’s going to take time I’m not Jeremiah. It was natural for him. It was his roll and who he was. He never had any other place that he had to remember or another way for people to see him. When I killed that boy out there in the desert I buried a part of myself with him. I never know when I might have to throw someone that I love out of the family or God help me, take them out in the desert and kill them if it is bad enough. I had to do to Kate for a month what you have had to do to me for a life time. I had to all but tell her that either she let go or she would lose the one she loved.”

“And you did it in a way that made them stronger, happier and better Grey Wolf. They also both love you more than you can imagine for what you did too. Matt that is a talent that we couldn’t have had any right to ask for again. Jeremiah had it and I hoped that you could learn it someday. You didn’t have to. You love them and do what you must but never without loving them and making sure that they know it. You are just being too hard on yourself and trying to hard. The big thing that you have to get too is that IF you do it then it is how the Alpha SHOULD act. Jeremiah had his way but you have yours. You are younger and truthfully have a lot more love than he had to give. Give it! Stop wondering if it is right. If you mess up I’ll tell you but so far your instincts have been better than mine.”

We ate breakfast and I went off to work for a while. I thought about what Rose had said and thought about what I was missing. I shut down early before lunch and went to see all of the various heads of the different parts of the family. The animals were all in good shape, the crops were doing well and there wasn’t anything much going on with that. Everything was going smoothly so I went to Candy.

Candy is our family psychologist, morale officer and kind of our general Manager of everything that the Alpha’s didn’t personally supervise. She was average in height and that was about the only average thing there was about her. She was big, beautiful and bodacious. She was a single and as a Dom sort of rode herd over all the lost submissives and such of either sex. I walked into her office and sat down.

Her long black hair framed her face beautifully and her dark black eyes seemed to dance as she looked at me. “You look tired Matt. You always look tired these days. That’s not good. You need to fuck more and worry less!”

I laughed, “Is that your considered professional opinion?”

“Yes it is. I’ve been keeping up with your activities and you have been the Alpha for over a month now and haven’t toped 25% of your women yet not to mention your Bi and gay males. I did hear that you have loosened up and are working on the latter though. Good for you.”

“You don’t miss much do you?”

“Nope! Now do you want to get on my couch, do you want to get me on my couch or are you here for something else or is this just a social call?”

“Damn Candy!! Don’t give me a hard time! It is at least two out of three and maybe all four. I need some advice, I want you to do something for me as the Alpha, Bending you over the couch is sounding better all the time and I haven’t talked with you in a while and wanted to check in with you.”

“OK, let’s prioritize, first what do you want me to do, then let’s talk advice on the couch and see if things develop from there.”

I want you to plan a three day party for us. We need to celebrate something. I’m not the only one that is looking tired all the time.”

“Good idea, How soon?”


“OK, done how does Thursday night through Sunday night sound?”

Great what are we going to be celebrating? How about bringing in the new people and making them Grey Wolf. They are all keepers You did great.”

“Yeah, wonderful! I picked a damn junkie!”

“He wasn’t a junkie Matt. He was a con man and crook. I talked to Rose about him and he was too healthy and unmarked to be a junkie. He was probably going to steal what he could and split with one of our trucks some night. We are better off without him for sure. Or maybe he was some sort of spy or infiltrator scoping us out for another attack. It doesn’t matter he was going to hurt Grey Wolf.”

She came over to me and pulled me to the couch and sat and pulled me down beside her. “Now, what’s on your mind?”

As I thought of what to say she pulled her shirt off over her head and removed her bra freeing the girls! Candy has big boobs and big juicy nipples. She pulled me to them and I surrendered to her for the moment. With my head still there I said softly, “Rose says that I am detached from the Family…that I think too much and worry too much about acting properly as the Alpha and not enough as just Matt.”

“So, do you disagree with her?”

“Not really, she is right. I’m having to work too hard being the Alpha. Matt has gotten a little misplaced.”

“I’m not surprised. It was forced on you suddenly and then along with that adjustment your previous marriage with Cynthia broke up…”

“We didn’t break up!”

“You left her and moved in with Rose and she switched and moved a male subbie in to take your place. If that isn’t breaking up what would you call it?”

I moved in with Rose because she thinks that the Alpha’s should be a couple. She is the senior Alpha and I think that she is right.”

“I’m not disputing your reasoning, I’m just pointing out that your long standing arraignment with Cynthia came to a sudden end Matt. Just because something is done for all the best reason doesn’t make it feel any better. You have gone through about three super high stress things and you are a little shocky. I would be surprised if you weren’t…actually I would be worried as HELL. We were attacked! You lost a very, very close personal friend. You pretty much took command and saw to it that the attackers were a 100% lose and killed every one of them. How many did you personally kill Matt?”

“I don’t…” I saw that she wasn’t having any. “I killed 14 during the fight and then killed another 20 that tried to surrender and were executed on the spot.”

“Ok, you killed 34 trashy bandits, were then forced to take responsibility for the entire future of the family and became the Alpha male. Your arraignment with your ex-wife was terminated and so you moved out of your home and into the home of another woman and into the bed of your dead friend where you now have to do things that go against your nature like taking care of the Miles problem, being the disciplinarian and now having sex with men which is not something that you do by first choice.” She laughed, “Fuck Matt you should be in the very midst of a total nervous break down and you complain about feeling a little distanced from the family? You are doing fantastic! Everyone who’s ass you have had to beat thinks that you are the greatest. The family is happy and running smoothly and the change of power was done without hiccup. Matt you just need to fuck more and worry less you are doing fine!

She stripped and winked at me. I laughed and did the same and we made love on her couch. Candy is a wonderful fuck! You laugh a lot and while in all the individual points she isn’t the prettiest woman in the family, taken all together with her personality she is by far one of the sexiest.

When we were done she told me, I proscribe lots of ass. I am going to further put out the word, Rose has already mentioned it to a few that you need extra loving. I also want you to bed at least one man a week as well as all the ladies that you can handle. Changing your luck is good for you. I want you to have topped every woman in the family before the next month is done or I am going to report you to Rose for not following doctor’s orders. Has she given you enemas lately?” I nodded and told her that it seemed almost daily, “Good make sure that she does it often it is a wonderful way to reduce stress. I also want you back in here on this couch in a couple of days. We will talk and fuck. Also I want you to tell Rose to come and see me please.”