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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 13

A couple of days later I was called to arbitrate a fight between a couple of ladies that had come to us as a couple. They were both lovely people and this was to the best of my recollection the first time that they had had troubles. Kate and Leslie had pretty well woken their neighbors up fighting and both looked a little worse for the wear.

“Ok, Leslie you first, tell me what’s going on.” I told them, “When one of you is talking the other one is quiet. This is the only time I will say this. If I have to say it a second time we will move this discussion to the Wood Shed.”

Leslie started, “I worked late yesterday with the Vets…Leon and Samantha. We had a cow down with a calf and it took a while. When I got home Kate jumped in my face and accused me of whoring around with them. I told her to fuck off…”

Kate interrupted, “You lying bitch you know that isn’t what happened. You came in the door bitching and smelling like a whore with sex all over you…”

Leslie screamed, “Fuck you Leslie you are always accusing me of fucking around on you!!”

I had heard enough. I grabbed one in each hand and gave them a hard shake. “Not even ONE more word! COME!” Shill holding each by there arms we went to the Wood Shed. Once there I turned to Kate, “You interrupted, “Strip!” Crying now she did as she was told and then naked stood before me waiting for me to pass sentence. “Is this true Kate, are you jealous of her and accuse her of fucking around on you?”

“Your damn right she does! She is always quizzing me about where I’ve been..”

I looked at Leslie and said softly, “STRIP!”

She began to cry and I turned back to Kate. “Answer me Kate.”

She was crying but finally managed to nod and tell me, “I just love her so much and she is such a flirt! I just can’t help it!”

I sat down in one of the chairs and looked up at them. “Kate, do you like it here?”

“Oh God Matt you know that I love it here!”

I looked at Leslie, “What about you?”

“Me too Matt this is the best! I love the Grey Wolf!!”

“Do you love Kate?”

Leslie was crying hard now, “With all my heart. She knows this that is why it just drives me crazy when she does this.”

“Kate do you love Leslie?”

“YES, more than life itself.” She started to say more but I shushed her.

“I have heard enough. Kate, for interrupting when we were at your house I order 5 licks, for hutting Leslie no matter who started it I give you 5 more. For caring who she loves within the family to the point of jealousy I order 20 and you are forbidden to touch Kate for any reason for 30 days. That means no hugs no kisses NOTHING. Kate fell to her knees crying and begging me not to do this.

I turned to Leslie, during the next 30 days you are to make love to 12 different Grey Wolfs. In every case, Kate must stand silently and watch you. You need to love all of your brothers and sisters. SHE needs to understand that it is never messing around on her as long as you are loving grey wolf.

I turned back to Kate, during that same 30 days you must make love to and equal number of Grey Wolfs with her watching. I expect your house to be a very busy place for the next month. The only persons that you two are forbidden to make love to or touch are to each other. Kate if I ever hear of you showing jealousy again you will have to move out and I will forbid her to you for a year. You love GREY WOLF FIRST ALAWYS! Get on the bench!”

I gave her five hard across her ass and then let her catch her breath. Then the second five and took another break. “Leslie come here.” I handed her the strap. “You give her the next 10!”

She was crying hard, “Oh God no Matt I can’t!!!” She backed away. I turned and gave 5 even harder ones to Kate and she screamed with each one. I turned to Leslie, “Do it or THAT 5 won’t count!” Crying hard she took the strap from me and preceded to give Kate 10 slow and pretty wimpy swats before she stopped and handed the strap back to me. “Kate I still owe you 5, stand up I will do them later. Leslie get on the bench. “For fighting I order you 5 and for interrupting another 5. For refusing my order to spank Kate the first time 5 more.

Crying hard she assumed the position and I laid 5 real ass burners on her ass. Then I turned to Kate, you do the next 5. If you do them as hard as I did the first five I will skip the 5 I still owe you. If you refuse I will add 5 to you and give her the five you refused and offer you the strap again without counting that 5.

She took the strap and begging Leslie to forgive her did three half hearted swats. I told Kate that those were pretty weak and she was still owing me 5. I took the strap and before she was ready it hissed through the air and onto Leslies ass. Leslie screamed and Kate was on her in a heart beat. Holding her and begging me to let her take the rest of Leslies licks. I told Leslie to get up and that she owed me 4 still and Kate took the bench. They were both crying hard now and I walked up to Kate and laid the strap across her back and massaged the cheeks of her ass gently.

“Would you really wish to take her licks Kate?”

“YES, please let me!”

“That will be 9 you know.”

“I don’t care!”

I turned to Leslie. “Does this sound agreeable to you?”

“NOOOO!” she cried, “I don’t want her to take mine. I will! Her’s too if you will let me. I do flirt and I always sort of like it when she is jealous! Let me take hers please!”

I told her to come and lay on the bench beside her sister. She did and as fast as I could I swatted their asses with my open hands.”OK, now come over here!” I led them to a sofa that I kept there for naps and sat with one on each side. “I love you both and you both obviously love each other. What I want you to learn over the next 30 days is how to take pleasure from each others pleasure. You will sleep in separate bedrooms and not touch as I have ordered. Love is all that holds us together. We don’t have room in Grey Wolf for jealousy or possessiveness. I will come to each of you at least once over the next month to remind you that it is first Grey Wolf that you love. Each of you is to help the other one plan their trysts and to make each one the very best experience possible. LOVE each other but do not touch. I want you two to learn the difference between LOVE and sex. You will love each other for the next 30 days and find ways to show it without touching. I warn you now that if I see or hear of you even so much as holding hands I will bring you here and leave blisters on your asses. Stand up.” They did looking at me wide eyed standing in front of me. I stood up and kissed each gently. You each still owe me swats. If you two are good and abide by my rules I will forget them. Now, hug, kiss and grope eachother for the last time for a month! Then come and kiss me and know that you are each loved and sex has nothing to do with it.” They fell into each others arms and made this last kiss as close to sex as they could then they came to me and kissed me sweetly.

They were leaning against me. Kate was sniffling as she asked, “Do we go see Rose now for enemas?”

“I don’t know what do you think. Do you need that? Do you deserve that?”

They looked at each other across my chest and then Kate said, “I think we do. What we did was inexcusable Matt. We hurt Grey Wolf and hurt each other.”

I kissed each one of them and told them to go get clean and start all over again. As they left I called them back. “I want you two to have fun with this next 30 days. Use other people’s bodies, your brothers and sisters, to make love to each other. Now scoot!” When they left I stayed there for a little while and thought of how much I missed Cynthia and how I felt knowing every night that she was in bed with another man.”

When I left, I locked up the shop and went for a long walk. I sat up on the hill top looking down onto our homes and wondered if I could or would ever feel like I had filled Jeremiah’s shoes. I watched and saw as each woman made her visit to the squatter’s square. How could it be that I sort of ruled over all I surveyed and yet could at the same time feel so alone. I knew that I was the envy of every male and most of the females in that I could not be refused. I would give it all back in a heart beat to have Jeremiah back and to be back in my house with Cynthia again. The world had become a hard place over the last few years and the Grey Wolf family was fortunate in that we had a stability that had mostly been lost. It came at a cost though.

I wandered down to the yard and into the clinic in time to watch each woman accept their last rinse. As each came off the table to go to the bathroom they came to me and kissed me. No words were offered or given. I went to the back and stripped. I took a shower while they each expelled and then without a word went back to the treatment room and crawled up on the table. Anne and Rose looked at each other and then Anne went and made me a soapy enema while Rose lubricated me with the hot stuff! I buried my face in my hands and only little moans escaped me. Kate came out of the shower and came to me. She took my hand and somehow seemed to understand. When Leslie came out Kate sent her home but she stayed with me. Nobody said anything. When Anne returned with the bag and hung it Rose put the nozzle in and opened the clamp letting the flood into me. I pulled Kate’s hand under my face and wept into it as the hot soapy solution made me cramp and suffer. I never asked Rose to stop or slow it but I could tell that she did. She offered me the small mercy of pinching the hose. When it was done she closed the clamp and set the clock.

We waited and when I was done I got up and reached for the bucket but Rose spoke, “You are the Alpha, that is NOT for you. Go to the bathroom and then return to us.”

I could hear them whispering but made no effort to hear them. The release was such a relief as it also washed away the hot lubricant. When I returned Cynthia had joined the group and the blinds were down and the door closed. I mounted the table again and took Kate’s hand. She asked if I wished her to leave and I whispered, “No, you need to be here.”

Rose told Anna to mix me another soapy enema and she took up the paddle. She warped my ass thoroughly and then roughly lubricated me again with her hot stuff. This second dose of it was breath taking. Again I cried into Kate’s hand as I took the big hot enema. When it was done they rolled me to my back and Rose rubbed my stomach while the clock ticked. When I went to the toilet this time Kate went with me. She held my head and cried over me.

“Why are you doing this Matt. Did it have something to do with me and Leslie?” She whispered.

I nodded, “It has everything to do with you Kate. Why did you come to Rose? This is a miserable sort of pleasure even for someone that likes enemas. You chose to come…Why.”

“Because you were right. I love Grey Wolf first. If I don’t love Grey Wolf first I could lose everything that I love.”

“Exactly! When you saw that I also saw that I am as bad as you in some ways.” I looked up at her, “I miss Cynthia so much. But I love you too and I have to love Grey Wolf first or I could lose everything that I love because it is only through this love that we can hold together. You wished to be clean and start again…sometimes even the Alpha needs that too.” She held me close until I returned to the table. They put me on my back this time and Rose didn’t use her special hot sauce. As she filled me she brought my cock to erection. All the women looked at each other and then Kate took me into her mouth and made me cum. When the enema was done she took me to the toilet and held me again. When I was returned I was again placed on my back and Rose worked my prostate over and as soon as the enema was started Cynthia took me into her mouth and managed to bring me up and then to climax before the enema was done.

This time she took me to the toilet and held me. I held tight to her and cried. She said nothing and then when I was done she returned me for more. This time it was Anne that took me and even though it took a while I finally gave it up to her and was allowed to go. I went alone this time and when I came out only Rose was there to great me. She helped me up onto the table and proceeded to give me a full 5 quarts from the red Olympic bag. It took a long time and endless massaging and then when it was in she bowed over my cock and made me give my soul to her as well. When it happened it was an agony of ecstasy equal parts pain and pleasure. She lifted the head of the table with a crank and slid me onto a porcelain bedpan with a drain and hose going to the bucket on the floor. As she massaged my guts I released and was at last again truly clean. When she couldn’t get any more out of me she then ran a hose way up my butt and squirted about a pint of stuff up into me. She helped me up and took me home. Naked I walked to our home and then naked she put me into our bed. I slept.