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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 12

She looked at the clock. “I knew that you would understand. You better get going. You have an appointment to keep. Kiss Becky for me. Come home when you get ready dear…or not at all if you think she needs company. Just remember that tomorrow you need to do every bit as good a job on her ass as you did today. I want her squalling still when she walks in my door. If she isn’t then I will have to make sure that she doesn’t feel like she got something over on us.” She kissed me and sent me on my way.

It was a little early and as I walked slowly I thought about what had been said. I could see where if it was good for Grey Wolf then it had to be good enough for the Alpha. Why hadn’t Jeremiah done something…then I thought about how loved he was by all Grey Wolf and wondered. Nobody said this had to be done in the squat box in the yard where Rose sent people when they expelled their punishment enemas. When it was all said and done who would know about tonight or any other night that I spent with Becky or anyone else. If anyone commented on it in a crude manner I would invite them to the wood shed…I love Grey Wolf and will do what is necessary and do it well.

When I got to Becky’s house I opened the door and she was there as ordered, naked and on her knees beside the door waiting on me. I held out my hand and helped her up. We went straight to her bedroom where I allowed her to undress me and then I took her over my lap for a quick spanking. When her ass was a lovely rose color I made her play doggie for me for a little while bouncing around the bed on all fours before I grabbed her ass as she went by and mounted her. I plunged into her sopping wet pussy and as I worked it over I picked up a tube of lube and was soon doing her ass with three fingers at the same time. When I pulled out and centered on her ass she whimpered.

“Get ready Baby Doll your ass is MINE. I gently eased into her and then as soon as she adapted I royally reamed her out. She began to cum and squeal her pleasures. I added swats on her lovely round ass to her general state of excitement and she went into total meltdown. Her quivering ass was all I was waiting for and I rammed in deep and offered her my most personal sort of enema as I gushed into her.

She and I then fell into a pile and slowly recovered. I pulled her to me and kissed her. “Love that sweet ass you have Becky.”

She snuggled against me. “You really mean that? I mean I’m fat and have a fat ass and don’t most guys go for the skinny look?”

“First off I don’t see you as fat Baby. You are just well padded and soft. I like you just the way you are. Don’t try to be like everybody else Dear. Just be the best you and that will be wonderful. For every guy that prefers a thin woman there is one that prefers padding. I guess I just love women in all their different shapes and sizes and see what is best in each. I do just naturally like your ass though Becky.” I looked at her and shook my head. “Don’t you understand that Jason is mad for you and that Roy isn’t put off at all by your lovely fluffiness. Jesus girl, you attract a lot of attention around here. You are a sexy Mama! I’m adding an extra swat to your punishment tomorrow for even referring to your beautiful ass as FAT! If I ever hear or hear of you saying something like that again I will take you to the wood shed just for that. I like your ass a lot and if you say something bad about it you are being disrespectful of me! As a matter of fact get on your knees. I’m going to give you a licking that you will NEVER forget!”

She looked shocked and near tears but she did as I ordered and got on her hands and knees before me. She was looking over her shoulder and I snapped, “Close your eyes and put your head down!” Whimpering she did.

I crawled between her feet and nudged her legs wider apart. I massaged her ass roughly began to gently pat it slowly increasing it to slightly stingy swats. She moaned and whimpered again. “I lowered my mouth to her red and very hot ass and began to lick it starting on the outer edges and working in to her puckered little star. I kissed it and then slipped my tongue down and into her wet pussy. My face was buried between her soft inviting cheeks and when I slipped my tongue into her pussy for the second time she jolted and rocked with an orgasm. My mouth went back to kissing and licking her ass and my hands went to work on her pussy. She gasped as I began to massage her g-spot furiously while working her clit equally furiously. When she began to shudder and cum I bit down on her ass hard and began to suck on it. She screamed and screamed and I shifted to her other cheek where I nailed her again. When I released her from my bite and my hands I looked and inspected my work. She had two BIG matching hickies one on each cheek bracketing her sweet star. She fell over on her side and I crawled up beside her. “I told you it would be a hell of a licking!” she began to giggle.

I left in the morning. She cried and told me how sorry she was for what she had allowed to happen between Jason and Roy. She even admitted that it WAS in part because of her insecurity about her weight. “I hate that you will have to spank me after our wonderful night! It will just ruin your memories.”

I laughed at her. “I’m sorry Baby but I’m afraid that I like anything that gets me a close look at your ass. I also have to warn you. As sweet as this has been and as much as I am looking forward to doing it again, None of that will enter into the wood shed. Be there at 4 and don’t be wearing mascara unless you want it all over your pretty face because I am going to tear your ass up and You know how Rose is. I doubt you will get past her without more. I probably won’t visit you tonight because honey, you are going to be too sore to want any attention back there. Two days in a row is specifically done to make a more lasting impression.” I kissed the tears from her face and then kissed her deeply with promise. “Be brave for me Baby. I don’t want to do it any more than you want me too. But it MUST be done because I am the Alpha and the Alpha never breaks his word and never shows favoritism in the performance of his duties. I love you Baby, as I love all Grey Wolf but expect no mercy other than that I would offer anyone.”

I left and the day went well. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and everything was working smoothly. The framing crew had the two new houses almost framed. One of the things that Jeremiah had done that showed his true wisdom and foresight was that he had not only bought and stored an unbelievable amount of lumber and other building supplies but he had also found and purchased a saw mill. Where we live there were few pines but there were stands of hardwood and our homes all had beautiful hardwood floors.

At 3:30 I shut down the shop and went for a shower. When I arrived at the “wood shed” at 5 till 4 Becky was waiting for me. She was pale and shaky but follows me in willingly. She stripped and crawled onto the bench. By this time she was crying and shaking. I took the strap and as mercifully as possible beat her ass. After the ten were done I told her to stay where she was. “Do you remember last night I added one stroke for your poor choice of words describing my favorite ass. Do you remember that?”

“Yes sir. I will not do it again.”

I gave her the extra with the same vigor as the previous 10 and then lay the strap aside and helped her up. I carried her clothes and we went immediately to Rose. Becky was crying so hard that only my support and leading allowed her to get there. When we walked in I looked at Rose and asked, “Good enough!” She nodded and I told her. If you feel that she needs further spanking you will make an appointment with her and do it next week. She has had enough!”

Rose looked at Becky. “Becky have you learned your lesson?”

She was still crying but answered, “Oh Yes ma’am! I will be good I promise…but please, I am afraid that Matt is softer hearted than “The Alpha”. If you feel I need more you must do it. As he explained, The Alpha can’t show any favoritism.”

I stepped up beside her, “Becky I said, that you should expect no mercy other than that I would offer anyone. You have had enough. I would feel and order the same if you were any Grey Wolf. The Alpha IS allowed to have mercy and offer it. Do NOT dispute me!”

Becky was crying hard now and she kissed my hand and mounted the treatment table. I smiled as I watched Rose give her the five gentlest most loving punishment enemas that I had even witnessed. She only used the hot stuff for the first enema and then the rest were given gently and with great care. After Becky left I smiled at rose. “Thank you, she really had all she deserved, needed or that I could in good conscious allow. If you feel I did wrong I will crawl up on your table and you may correct me as you see fit.”

“STRIP!” Rose ordered as she went closed the blinds and locked the door.

I did so without speaking and when she nodded towards the table and instructed me to get up on it on my back I did so. She came to the table and kissed me sweetly and then proceeded to do a most excellent blowjob! When she was done I asked, “What was that all about?”

“I just thought that you deserved a little reward. You are more and more becoming the wise leader that I knew you could become. Grey Wolf is a family. As Alpha you are our Father and a father must above all else love his family. What you did today will only make Grey Wolf closer and stronger. Becky is yours now and through her others will be yours. The Alpha needs to be loved more than feared and respected above even that. You first kept your promise and spanked her just as she deserved. Even after loving her all night last night you still tore her pretty ass up. But then you showed her love and compassion and she will never forget it. I’m very proud of you.”