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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 11

I sat down on the stool behind the treatment tables and Rose told Becky to go stand in the corner with her nose in the corner. Anna was just finishing up with Jason’s second Soapy enema and he was almost in tears from the cramps and burning sensation. I also noted that he had been worked on since I had done him. His lower ass cheeks running down onto the back of his thighs were well striped and since Rose had told me of Anna’s preference for a cane over a paddle I knew who had done it to him. “Did he give you some trouble Anna?” I asked.

“Only during his first enema. He didn’t seem to want to take it all much less hold it. I let him go release and then discussed it with him and he had now taken two soapy enemas without complaint.” As she talked she ran her fingernails over his well tenderized butt. “I think he’s going to be a good boy now though.” He hand went between his legs and I watched as she slowly pulled down on his balls. “Aren’t you going to be good Jason?”

His voice was strained and he was having a hard time breathing but he managed, “Oh God yes Ms. Anna I promise I will be good!”

Roy came back in and mounted the table. I could see that Roy had not been treated to a taste of Roses paddle. I agreed, he was mortified by all of this and I didn’t want him to suffer unnecessarily. “I see that Roy has been good for you Rose. Rinses for him now?”

“Roy has been a very good boy. This is actually his second rinse. If he is good he will only have one more.” I noticed that the bag was not as full as it could be and that she feathered the flow with her fingers pinching the hose. Nonetheless the enema went in quickly and he was out and back before Jason had finished his last soap enema. Roy took the last one fast and Rose sent him off to the real bathroom with a gentle swat on his bottom and told him to shower when he was done and that he could dress and was free to go. He first bowed and thanked her for her time and attention. Then he was outta there!

Rose looked over at me and grinned evilly. Rose looks at each “treatment” as a special separate performance and no two, even to the same person, were ever the same. She walked over to Becky. “You stirred up quite a little mess didn’t you Becky? A Woman has a special responsibility to keep the men in her life in line. As you know this is as true for a submissive as it is for a Dom. A Dominant Woman though has a double responsibility and honey you blew it big time. These two boys are here totally because of you. I fully agree with your double punishment. Go get up on the table. I want you with your ass up, legs spread and you face in your hands. I am going to do a full pelvic exam and rectal before we start. I MAY paddle your silly ass as well for making me spend my afternoon doing this.”

Sobbing Becky did exactly as Rose ordered. I moved my stool so that I was right behind them and slightly to the side. GREAT VIEW. Rose put on her gloves and first went into Becky widely exposed vagina. She worked in deep and kept adding fingers until all four were in and then she pressed in deep and felt around. This took a while to do and Rose turned to me and commented, “Big girls always seem to have the tightest holes! You take some tiny little fluff like Ming and she will take my entire hand easily. Becky open your legs wider I need to feel a little deeper. I think it is because they are so limber and skinny that there is nothing in the way.” Becky broke into loud sobs as Rose tucked her thumb in and went all the way in. “There that’s better. How does that feel Becky?”

“It is better Rose. I thought I wasn’t going to make it for a second there.” She hiccupped. “I’m soo very sorry Mama Rose! I’m not just saying that either. I messed up bad. I deserve all of this and you NEED to paddle me before you start. Matthew talked to me and I understand. I won’t ever be here for this sort of fuck up again!”

Mama Rose is not without a heart. She eased out of Becky and didn’t make her open for the whole enchilada in her ass. That mercy ended though when she picked up the paddle. She worked on Becky’s ass for what seemed even to me like a long, long time. Becky cried so hard that I moved over beside the table opposite Rose to make sure she didn’t fall off. When Rose stopped and went to fill the bag with Mama’s special sauce I stroked Becky’s ass and whispered to her that the worse was over now and for her to just relax and calm down. Having been on the receiving end of such treatments I will say that in some ways the paddling is a slight blessing. Her ass was burning so much now that the fire of the spice in the enema wouldn’t matter much in this first one until she expelled it. THAT feels like someone has focused a blow torch on your asshole!

Becky did well and took the enema without undo fuss. She cried the whole thing through and then seemed to calm during her hold. When she was nearly done Rose pulled the nozzle out and made her take the bucket and stand in the corner for the last three minutes. By the time Rose told her she could go she was ready and I went to the door and followed her as she streaked out to the marked circle dropped the bucket and squatted. She looked up after she had gotten over the firey first rush and I waved to her. I could see her blush. I went back to the clinic.

I motioned Rose to the back since Jason was still there. “Try not to wear her ass out too much Mama. She has been forbidden any sex or contact with either of them for two weeks and tonight she gets to see how the other half lives. I’m going to Top her hard for the next two weeks.”

“So, now you think it is good to force a Dom to submit!” She laughed at me.

I looked down, “I have told you that you were right Mistress. I have learned a lot from you that you could not have taught me had I not been submissive to you. I see the wisdom and learned from it. Besides, she is Grey Wolf and needs now to be shown love even if it is part of her submission. She will accept that love as a sub that she would have resisted as a Dom. It will make her stronger and better Grey Wolf.”

Rose kissed me hard. “Ah my little cub, you are beginning to show the promise Jeremiah and I saw in you. It is easy as a Dom to be hard. Compassion and tenderness is better learned as a submissive when you NEED it you appreciate it and then you understand it.”

Becky came back in and crawled up on the table. I sat down beside her and held her hand. As Rose returned and parted her cheeks she pulled my hand to her face and kissed it. Then she cried in it as the hot soapy enema flooded into her. I let her keep my hand and Rose smiled and nodded. The rest of her enemas were taken in a routine fashion and Rose made them as easy as possible without allowing it to appear so. When the last enema was in Becky was allowed to go to the bathroom and release there and then clean the bucket and bathe. I could see a change in her already because after her shower she kissed each of us and then went home across the yard naked with her clothes in her hands wearing her nakedness and her red ass with a certain pride. After she kissed me I told her to be naked and waiting on her knees at 7:30 beside the door.

After she left Rose took me home and after showers we ate a light meal together and talked. “There is something I need to talk to you about Matt. I warn you up front that it isn’t going to make you happy.”

I rolled my eyes. “Then why do you have to even tell me Mama?”

“Because it is about the welfare and happiness of Grey Wolf.”

“OK,” I sighed, “What is it now?”

“We encourage Bi-sexuality it makes a group weave and even tighter mesh of interconnected bonds. Don’t you agree.”

“Ok…” I offered cautiously.

“Well it has come to my attention that some of the Bi-males, who make up almost 2/3 of our male family members feel like the Alpha male should at least pay lip service to our policy of encouraging bi-sexual activities. I know that I do my part with the Female members Matt.” She just got quiet then and looked at me…

“By “lip service” are you saying that you think I should be going around handing out BLOWJOBS!! If that is what you are saying then you are in for a rude disappointment Rose cause it ain’t going to happen!”

She just looked at me.

“I’m just not wired that way rose. I would throw up! It makes me sort of nauseous even talking about it!”

She raised one eyebrow.

“Mama, PLEASE! I just can’t do that!” I was feeling panicked!

“Did anyone say you needed to start giving head to every man in the Family Matt?”

“No but, but…What do they want?”

“They just want to feel respected and cared about Matt. That’s all. We all need to feel loved Baby. You are the Alpha. You are everyone’s Alpha Matt, not just the lady’s and the straight guy’s.”

I swallowed hard, “I know that tone of voice. What are you going to force me to do Mistress?”

“I’m just going to help you out Matt. It is like anything once you get started it gets easier.” I think that you will do fine as long as you aren’t alone and only have to relax and let nature take its course. I wouldn’t expect or want you to run around giving head to any guys. You are the Alpha. What you ARE going to learn to accept is that a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass as far as you getting sucked or you fucking someone in the ass is concerned. You are going to start Saturday night. I have invited Cynthia and Mark over. He is very attracted to you and once Cynthia and I set the scene all you have to do is nothing. You might even find that you prefer blowjobs from a man. As far as just technical detail women are better at eating pussy than most men. They know just where to go and how hard to do it. Men are better because they are more exciting if you are hetro but blindfold a woman and usually she will prefer the one that is female.”

“Will I have to kiss him?”

“Only if you would like too Matt. But please DON”T try and shake his hand after he is done! Be nice so he will feel like you cared about him. Think how you would want to be treated if you were called to a female Alpha that wasn’t me or someone that you have known forever. After you had gone down on her and given it your all how would it make you feel if she shook your hand and then ignored you?”

“All anyone is asking of you Matt is that you show them the same kindness and courtesy that you are gong to show your little fat girl tonight give them an occasional mercy fuck, let them blow you every so often and pat them on the head. Everyone needs to feel a little love from the people over them Matt. If you can get it up to poke Becky’s fat ass then you ought to be able to…”

“Now just a fucking minute Rose. I can’t believe that I can even hear you saying this shit. First off Becky is Grey Wolf and is family and deserves our love and respect. Secondly she isn’t fat she is fluffy and I LIKE her ass just the way it is. It would be boring as hell if all women were shaped the same and looked alike. To me ALL women are beautiful and I won’t hear you saying things like this about Becky!”

She grinned at me evilly. “EXACTLY Matt! They are ALL Grey Wolf and deserve our love and respect! It would be boring if everyone looked the same and variety is good! Don’t act like our Bi-guys are a pack of fucking faggots Matt they are all beautiful if you just look with your heart.