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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 10

Cynthia looked down at me and laughed, “My beloved Alpha, tomorrow you are going to sit very carefully!” She took my own belt this time and bid me assume the position on the end of the bed. “How many would you order for a Grey Wolf that had failed the family out of lust for one woman above all else Alpha…Judge.”

“Twenty and the trip to Rose.” I told her.

“The twenty you will get. The trip to Rose you will not because tomorrow this never happened.” She used the belt well and when she was done she swatted me once more and told me to get under the covers and lay on my back that she was going to blow me.

My ass was on fire but I obeyed and she soon made a fire in my loins that pushed the one on my ass out of my mind. When she was done she slid under the covers turned off the light and pulled me to her breast. “Sleep now and tomorrow we start again. I love you my little lobo. Tomorrow I will love my Master.”

I slept only to be visited in my dreams….

Miles was there and when I saw him I felt only grief. He came to me and explained, “I really didn’t mean those things that I said. I was just so angry at myself and how I had again fucked up everything. I should have just killed myself rather than act as I always did…like a spineless junkie. My Brothers, they would never have come looking for me. I went with you because they told me to leave or they would kill me for stealing from them and my Mother. I hoped that out here there would be no temptation and I could get clean and start over. Instead I hurt you an innocent man. I couldn’t just die like a man. I had to pass my pain on. I am here now to take it back. It is mine and you don’t deserve it. Please forgive me for what I MADE you do. I don’t even HAVE to forgive you because you did no wrong. Where I hurt my family to provide for myself you hurt yourself to provide for your family. If I had done so you would never have had to be the one to end my suffering. I’m sorry…”

He faded away and I cried out to him, “Miles I’m sorry. I liked you and if not for your drug problem I think you might have found in Grey Wolf that part of you that was missing. I’m so sorry.”

I suddenly couldn’t breathe and with a long shuddering gasp I sat up in the bed. Rose was there and Cynthia was holding on to me. “Whaaa…” I stuttered.

“You were having a bad dream Matt. You were calling out to someone that you were sorry and I couldn’t wake you up. Rose came and she forced you awake by pinching your nose and covering your mouth.”

I looked over at Rose and she shrugged, “It was either that or hit you and I thought you had been hit enough for one day. It worked didn’t it.”

This time I went to sleep between Rose and Cynthia at Roses breast and slept soundly with Cynthia snuggled tight against my back. In the morning I actually felt human. My ass was tender and I sat on a pillow for breakfast but I felt whole again. I realized that to some extent I had not felt that way since the attack that led to Jeremiah’s death and my being raised to Alpha. After breakfast my two ladies kissed me and we each went our separate ways to work. I got the ball rolling on three new houses and new community center. The work that I had started yesterday I let lay. I was a bit to sore to black smith. It was a beautiful day and so I decided to check the perimeter and just walk around and get the feel of the mood of Grey Wolf.

As ALWAYS Rose had been right. The new people made all the difference in the world. As I moved among my people I could feel their mood and it was again the even smoothness of a happy people. Everyone spoke to me and was happy we were back. Several offered good ideas and in general for the first time I actually began to feel like the Alpha.

When I saw Bridgett coming I wondered what she was up to. To my surprise she walked right up and kissed me. “I’m so glad to have you back home safe and sound Matt! I didn’t realize until you weren’t here how much you make this place feel safe. Thanks!” She kissed me again and with a flirty pat on my ass she was on her way.

At lunch I went to Rose and as soon as we were alone I pulled her into my arms and kissed her long and hard. “I just want to thank you for just being you Rose. You will never have another problem out of me trying to Top you from the bottom again. I will be good.”

“Well! I liked THAT!” she snuggled into my chest. “You do know how to butter a woman up don’t you?”

“No Butter my Mistress. I just really appreciate you and your guidance today. I think that I’m going to be ok now.”

The week following was wonderful and peaceful when the next squabble arose I was much better able to deal with it. It seemed that Jason and Roy our submissive Asian American farmer had gotten into a fight with Jason another sub over Jason’s Boss lady Becky. It seems that Becky played with Roy and Jason didn’t like it.

All three of them were brought before me and after listening to them I determined that basically Becky had stirred this pot to a boil and then just let it boil over. Rose and I conferred and I passed judgment. They would receive 10 licks apiece and a trip to see Rose and Anna for the boys and the same two days in a row for Becky. We headed to the wood shed together with Becky sobbing and asking me why she was in trouble. Roy stripped and went on the bench first. He took his punishment stoically and thanked me when I was done. I bowed to him and sent him naked and carrying his clothes to Rose. Jason had never been to the wood shed before and was shaking uncontrollably.

“I’m so sorry Matt she just made me crazy. I love her so much I just can’t stand the thought of loosing her.”

I looked at him and smiled. “You can’t lose what you don’t own Jason. You are Grey Wolf and she is Grey Wolf. You have forgotten that. I want you to move into the men’s dorm for two weeks and you are forbidden to either play with her or decline any offer from any other Grey Wolf. I will pass the word along that you are available. Since you are Bi you should have two very busy weeks. Becky you are forbidden to speak to him for two weeks.”

Jason cried like a baby as I spanked him. I didn’t let him fail though and made him take all ten like a man. I then sent him over to Rose with the message that Becky was going to be a little delayed. When we were alone, I told her to strip. She did and still crying asked again what she had done and why she got a double dose. Becky is a fairly tall heavyset lady. Naked she was quite an eyeful and had one of the most spankable asses I have ever seen. Just looking at her I could see a figging from me in her near future. The thought of watching her large rounded globes quivering as the ginger root set fire to her ass was almost to pleasant to pass up.

I explained, “As a Dom you have a responsibility for your subs actions. You also have certain responsibilities to your sub in that you make him secure. It was your failure to take care of your personal sub that caused this. Today is for that. Tomorrow will be because you failed to honor the Grey Wolf code and didn’t see to his needs and so have harmed a Grey Wolf. You knew that he was upset. He is a sub, all you had to do was let him know that you loved him back. You owe THAT to any Grey Wolf. I think that you liked having men fight over you and so made no effort to head it off. For the next two weeks you wear the black bar with red and play with nobody except ME. I will come as I wish to play YOU. Get on the bench!”

She cried hard and I gave her five real burners and then stopped. “Do you love Jason? Do you want to keep him as your submissive?”

“Yeeeeesss!” She bawled.

“Then you need to take better care of those that Grey Wolf allows to be in your care!!!” I gave her, her next five and then let her calm down. “I will almost guarantee you that if you make one slight mistake with Rose that she will blister your ass Becky. As a Dom she takes it very seriously. When was the last time she gave you your enemas?”

“’s been a long time! I am a Dom I shouldn’t have to take enemas.”

You are Grey Wolf. That means you will get them and that you will also accept anything that the Alpha’s offer or order. From now on I want you to report to Rose weekly and if you haven’t accepted enemas from anyone else then she will see to it. Anna is very capable. Come along Becky. I think I want to watch you taking your enemas.

She sobbed, “You just want to watch because you know that it will make it even MORE humiliating for me.”

I laughed, “Maybe you are a little right but mostly I just like to look at a woman’s ass while she is getting pumped full of stingy soapy enemas. It clenches and quivers and well Becky it is just plain sexy. As far as it making it more humiliating for you, I don’t think that you will give a damn who is watching after Rose gets a hold of you. Your entire focus will be what she is doing to your butt! After you go out into the yard to squat and empty in the thunder pot a few times with everyone watching you for sure won’t mind me watching you get filled.”

She was crying hard now but also looking at me strangely. Finally she asked, “You WANT to, and think that you will find it sexy to look at my butt while I’m getting the enemas?”

“Sure I will Becky. I like your butt! It is nice and round and very inviting to me. When they are done with you, I am thinking of coming to see you tonight and make use of it.”

Her eyes were beginning to glitter, “You would do me in the butt!?”

“I would take you over my knees first and refresh the warmth and blush of your cheeks and then yes, I would fuck you in the butt. I might even do it more than once if you inspire me enough. Becky you are a very attractive woman you don’t need to mess with a man’s head to make him desire you ya know!”

She actually smiled through the tears. “Matthew, I have always been a Top and never thought I would say this but would you please come over tonight. I will do anything that you ask.” She came to me and kissed me. “Thanks Matthew I needed this…the entire thing I think. I was losing sight of what really matters.”

I swatted her ass playfully and then followed her over to Rose. I told her why I FOLLOWED and she made a wonderful production of her walk there. I was learning. She had been a bitch. She was paying for that behavior in a big way. My job was to pass judgment and then administer the corporal part. My job as Alpha also was to make sure that it taught her the lesson and not just hurt her. She would see that even though I had to punish her, Grey Wolf still loved and valued her. I would love her tonight and then tear her lovely ass up again tomorrow after noon. I would probably go watch again tomorrow and might visit her again that night. I would for sure see to it that she wasn’t too lonely over the nest two weeks. In the end I hoped that she would be more considerate of her subs and a better Grey Wolf as well.

Rose had just sent Roy to the toilet when we came across the Yard. He was crying as he squatted and expelled the burning hot enema into the pot. Becky stopped to kiss him and apologize for letting all of this happen. I felt very proud of her. She turned to me as we walked away and got out of his hearing distance. “Matt I am just going to DIE when I have to do that. Couldn’t you just beat me bloody instead? Please! My fat ass hovering on that little pot is not going to be a pretty sight!”

“I chuckled, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Dear. I KNOW that I will like it so you just block everyone else out and think of it a performing for me.”

“You will come out and watch me?”

“Oh most assuredly Becky. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ve already confessed that I like your ass. Why would I not wish to see it so totally bared and exposed?”

“That makes me feel better in some ways and also makes me even more humiliated in others. You are the Alpha you just can’t imagine how all this makes me feel.”

I laughed at her and then told her, “Becky I have not been the Alpha for a month yet. I have BEEN where you are going!” I leaned close to her. “Honey, I have moved in with Rose. Believe me, I know exactly how it all feels! Just a week ago I was her demonstration subject for training Anna!”

Becky giggled, “I hadn’t thought of that…You living with her now and all. I figured being the Alpha exempted you from all of this.”

“She is an Alpha too dear when I walk through that door I am just a man to her. Believe me, being the Alpha has a LOT more responsibilities and headaches than perks. As a matter of fact, my visits to you are about the only Alpha perks that I have had to look forward to lately.”

“You are sweet Matt!”

“You won’t think so in about an hour. Your spanking was just the warm up!”

When we walked in Rose took over.