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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 9


For those that have never been involved in the BDSM lifestyle there are a few things that need clarifying. To someone who knows no better, a BDSM spanking, flogging, whipping or whatever looks and sounds like a painful and torturous ordeal. In some cases it is but in general it isn’t. Most of the real action is in the mind. Good BDSM is a lot like Hypnotism. A person is introduced into a state of suggestibility. The start of a good BDSM flogging is generally gentle and the rhythms of the implement quickly will move a submissive into another sort of mind set. The first time a Dom “plays” a sub it may take a while to get them into “subspace” but with each new scene they become more and more attuned. Think of a posthypnotic suggestion that will allow a hypnotist to put someone into a trance with a single word or phrase. Once a sub is into subspace they are generally beyond pain and experience pain as a pleasure. This is where it is important for a sub to have an experienced and trustworthy Dom because they have no sense of danger or pain and the Dom MUST protect them from their own desires to take more and more for the glory of serving their Master or Mistress. The Dom has the pleasure of the use of the submissives body and their trust and the sub receives the pleasure of serving and offering their full service to their Dom. Both get high on this power exchange and both just GLOW when they are done. Just as in Hypnotism you will not do anything that is against your basic nature BUT often your conscious and subconscious have different ideas. A sub may fear something or dread something but nonetheless desire it. A stage magician might call some one up on stage, hypnotize them and make them do something embarrassing and silly that they probably would not normally have done. The fact of the matter is, they want the attention or they would NEVER have come up on the stage. The magician’s job was half done as soon as they stepped on the stage. A sub might fear the whip or the knife or the fire but at some level they also want that attention and so are willing participants. The BDSM community is ruled by the concept of Safe, Sane and Consensual play. A female sub might never in her wildest moment think of allowing several men to handle her. That does NOT mean that she doesn’t WISH it!! A Good Dom makes their subs wildest dreams come true. Things they wished for but would never dare to do, they can and will do in service of their Dom.

Matt in submitting gave Rose permission to punish him for killing Miles. She also could forgive him and that freed him to forgive himself. THINK BACK to your childhood and what it felt like to confess something that you were ashamed of having done to your Mama or Daddy. They may indeed have spanked you but they also forgave you and when it was all over with you were clean again and could start all over. With her repetitive demands and declarations Rose was reaching into Matt and placing suggestions. A trance is NOT required for a trained hypno-therapist to place their ideas in your head. A Good Dom is the equal of a good hypnotist at placing suggestions. I knew a Dom that trained his sub to cum on command. He had a trigger word and when he said it she would twitch and goose bumps would rush up and down her body. He would say it again and she would reflexively twitch her hips and usually by the fifth repetition she would have a full blown orgasm with all the physical indicators. Her chest would flush as her nipples tightened and then upon achieving orgasm her juices would flood. This was not pee. It was clear, thick nearly odorless and in her case copious enough that she was generally called “Puddles”. He would demand this with her hands tied over her head, her legs spread and held wide and nobody touching her. It’s called a mind FUCK and is a powerful tool for good if used correctly. Now on with our story…Matt and Cynthia are in bed and just finished their second love making…

She flopped off of me and beside me and laughed, “God Damn I needed THAT!”

“Well Mistress I’m pleased that I could assist you and please you.”

She shoved me, “Don’t be silly. Rose is alive and my claim over you is only in the event of her death or if instructed me to take charge of you. You know that any time you wish it you will always be my one and only Master. You do know that Rose loves you don’t you? Maybe not the way I love you or the way she loved Jeremiah but she loves you now more than any living man. She and I have talked Matt. You need her but she also needs you. She doesn’t have anyone Matt. She didn’t want you to ever be that way. She never wants you to be without someone that can forgive you as she is now. There is nobody that she can lay her burdens on. She is strong but you need to love her hard because you can’t top her and forgive her…Only Jeremiah could do that.”

“But DAMN Cynthia, did she have to just naturally tear my ass up? This is two days running with the paddling AND the enemas!”

She kissed me, “It’s good for you Baby. You already look a thousand percent better than you did when we gathered you in down at the shop. Besides, don’t shit me you were flying high towards the end. She will need to do you often to keep you in line and to keep you mentally and physically clear. I will also be there for you and you KNOW what I like. I will come here and submit to both of you pretty often.”

“Sure you will. And leave your new pretty toy boy all alone. Being a Dom is addictive Cynthia. You won’t wish to set it aside and then you will find it just something you can’t make yourself do.”

“Bullshit Matt. You will see, submitting is harder to do but also every bit as addictive. You and I will have the best of both when we are together and when we are with Rose. I promise you Matt, I will never stop needing you.”

“Ok, Kids, supper is served. Get in here and help me eat it.” Rose had splurged and cooked big thick steaks and baked potatoes. She explained, “Matthew needs the protein. After supper he’s getting a shot of B-12 and another to relax him and is going to go nappy for about 10 hours. I want you to sleep with him tonight Cynthia. You are a familiar presence in his bed and even though he will be asleep he will know that you are there and sleep better.”

“I don’t need anything to help me relax. You tended to that with your earlier treatments. I’m bushed!”

“I know that you are Baby but you are getting it nonetheless.”

I looked at her and understood. “Yes ma’am.” The steak was cooked perfectly and the potatoes were stuffed with sour cream, cheese, butter and chives. We talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves more than I would have ever thought possible. I hated to admit it, even to myself, but Rose was right I needed to talk and let it loose.

When supper was done and the dishes clean and put away, Rose took me to the bed and visited with me while Cynthia bathed. She stuck me in the ass, once in each cheek and then patted my ass and told me to lay there and let her just pet on me. Her hands wandered and it felt nice…It made me keel like I was hers and as she stroked me she was finishing her claim on me and my heart somehow. “You do know that this was about as hard on Cynthia as it has been on you. She didn’t want to give you up and was quite content to stay your submissive lover for the rest of your lives.”

“Why did you make her change then?”

“I did it because you will need a strong Dominant woman one of these days to take my place. I want it to be her because that will make you happiest and also be best for Grey Wolf. You and I have history and can carry off the pairing but there is nobody of your age that is acceptable to be both your partner and the new female Alpha. If I’m going to MAKE one, is there another that you would prefer?”

“No. As in nearly everything you are right.”

“Even about you wanting to submit to me?”

“I looked down, “Yes Ma’am I guess you were.” I reached out for her hand and kissed it. I didn’t WANT to do it Mistress, but yes, I wanted it. You have always Topped me it was time I admitted it and for you to formalize your claim to me. No other woman ever has and none could have. You have done it from the first and laughed at my inability to refuse you. Jeremiah even told me one time that I should just give up and submit to you. He said that it would be easy and good for both of us.”

“Jeremiah was just trying to use you to distract me Honey so maybe I would be too tired after working on you to bend HIM over the end of this bed. Fat Chance of THAT!”

“What is it? Do you intentionally seek out the most Dominant men you can find to try and Top?”

“I do have to admit that I like a challenge Dear but to tell you the truth, it isn’t your dominating personality that attracted me to you so strongly I’m afraid.” I looked at her quizzically. “It’s your ass Honey. You have a dynamite ass. I saw David’s ass today and then yours yesterday and again today. You’re still number one Baby!” she grinned evilly at me. “And best of all now I get to see it, touch it and do things with it all that I want to!”

Cynthia came in about that time and said, “Why don’t you stop picking on that Baby? He was oh so good tonight and you know that it was hard on him.”

Rose looked at her and grinned, “Listen to THIS shit. She is a Dom for two days and now decides that she can Top the Alpha Female! She is going to be everything I want for you Matt providing I don’t have to beat her to death for sassing me in the interim.” After a chuckle she continued, “I was not picking on the baby by the way. We have been having a very nice talk and coming to a more complete understanding.” She kissed me and asked, “Haven’t we been talking nice Baby?”

“Yes ma’am.” I smiled at Cynthia. “We really have. I am better now and accept my situation.”

Rose kissed me deeply and then stood up and kissed Cynthia. “Do I need to warm YOUR bottom Mistress Cynthia? I am after all the Alpha and have that right.”

“No Ma’am, I was just kidding. You know that you don’t have to be the Alpha to Top me Rose. All you have to do is command and I will obey.”

“I know Honey just don’t mess up in public. Now crawl in bed and play with him a little bit and then put him too sleep.” She kissed Cynthia again and patted her ass. “I may call you and command some time soon though. It’s been a while since I played you.”

“Any time anywhere Mama Rose.” She told her as she left us closing the door behind as she went.

Cynthia crawled in bed and snuggled up beside me close. “I miss you in my bed Matt. That is the worst part of all of this.”

“What’s the matter isn’t Mark cuddly enough?”

“He is very cuddly but the problem is that he isn’t YOU.”

“Don’t worry I have a plan and maybe it won’t be for long.” I smiled, “I may be her sub in private but I’m still the Male Alpha. We need to build several new houses. Now that the male Alpha and the Female Alpha are not original pair bonded I think the Alpha House needs to be such that it could encompass a larger family. One of the new houses is going to have four bedrooms and we are moving into it.” I grinned and whispered, She may spank me every day for a month and give me 5 gallon enemas but I can still pull it off.”

Cynthia was quiet for a moment. “You are a great Dom and a wonderful husband and Alpha but you have a lot to learn about being someone’s submissive. Call Mama Rose back into here this minute!”

“Cynthia? I just want us to be together.”

“YOU are the Alpha Male and what is the 1st rule? The Family comes first in everything! Mama ROSE!!” She called out. “We need to talk to you!”

Rose came in and came to the bed and sat down. “What do you need children?”

“You tell or I will Matt.”

I frowned at Cynthia, “You know that we are going to have to build several new houses to handle the new people. I was thinking that one of the houses might as well be a new house for the Alpha’s. In the future the Alphas might not always wish to be totally paired. This will be especially true once we start having kids again. Why don’t we build a house for the Alphas that is large enough to handle two families if it needs to. Say a four bedroom three bath set up with larger living area and kitchen.”

“There are a couple of problems with that idea Matthew. First off you are not thinking first of the Grey Wolf Family. It deserves that at the very least the Alpha’s place the family first in their hearts. We don’t wish to be above them in possessions or in our house we only want to be above them in their hearts as their leaders. They must trust us always to think of Grey Wolf first. Alpha’s that aren’t willing to give up their little conveniences to provide the family with a unified pair of Alphas maybe are not suited to be Alphas Matthew. I know how much you miss Cynthia. I understand how hard it is for you to be here with me and to see her with someone else. I will see that you spend as much time as possible with her but you are the Alpha now. Grey Wolf comes first and you must adjust. You ARE the Alpha Male there is no other suitable choice at this time.”

She turned to Cynthia, “You called out for me. Why?”

She looked down and began to cry. “Because I knew that what he wanted and planned was wrong and not good for Grey Wolf and had to be nipped in the bud before it could cause harm. He wished to as the Alpha Male, force you to do as he wished in this matter. I also knew that if he did so it would destroy the trust that a Dom must have in the sub and the sub in the Dom.” She broke down and cried even harder. “I couldn’t let him do it not even when my heart is breaking every hour because the man I chose to live with till death do we part can no longer be mine. I know his heart and I understand how much he loves Grey Wolf. IF he did it and then saw what he had done he would then be lost to me forever because he would lose himself. I could not allow that…” She squalled, “And now he will feel that I have betrayed him and maybe I have lost him anyway even more!”

Rose looked at me. “Matthew I am going to assume that it is the sedative that made you consider this. She is Grey Wolf and deserves better from you. Are you angry with her?”

“I was but now am not. She is wise and has saved me from my weakness. You are right again. She will be a better Alpha than I am. I would have harmed Grey Wolf out of my love for her and need for her. She loves me enough to hurt me and maybe lose me for the good of Grey Wolf. I am humbled and just hope to someday be worthy of her again.”

I got out of the bed and Rose stepped in front of me. “Where do you think that you are going my little lobo?”

I looked at her and dropped to my knees. “What are your orders Mistress!”

“Cynthia get your ass over here and quit the squalling.” When Cynthia stood beside her Rose asked me, “Do you love her?”

“With all my heart!”

“Did she betray you?”

“NO she prevented me from betraying myself and Grey Wolf.”

“Your brains are addled by tonight’s activities and the sedative. Cynthia spank him and put him to bed. Give him your breast and this all NEVER HAPPENED and will NEVER be mentioned again. Matt, she is your Mistress until the sun rises. Make sure that you serve her with honor!” Rose left us and closed the door behind her as she went.