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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 8

I went to the shop and fired the forge. I spent the rest of the day forging parts for a trigger mechanism for some coyote traps we were making to keep their populations down. The cattle loses were minimal but the goats that were actually more important were taking a beating. Ammo was expensive and were mostly one use as far as the bullet went. The case we could reload but some day the powder would be gone and replacing it might be a problem.

It was hot, hard sweaty work and I didn’t stop for lunch. I heated and hammered and formed the metal from truck springs until it took the shape I needed then I tempered it again and started all over making another one. Time had no meaning and I was startled when I looked up and found Rose and Cynthia standing in the door watching me.

I stopped and asked, “Can I help you or do you just like to watch a man work?”

Rose laughed, “Actually we came to see if you planned to work the night through and when we got here we found that watching you was strangely sexy. You look like some sort of ancient war god in your leathers covered with sweat and beautifully sculpted. On the other hand as a Doctor I can say that you are severely dehydrated which is why your skin has pulled down so tight on your muscles making you look like a body builder. You also are malnourished since you haven’t eaten all day and missed lunch and now supper. Do I need to tell you what is going to be my planed treatment for your dehydration Dear?”

I looked at her and then at Cynthia. “If I will give up my Alpha position and go submissive will you take me back Cynthia? Rose is going to water torture me to death!”

“Sorry Dear Heart you would be no better off with me. I am giving Mark enemas daily until he gets used to my right to do that or anything else to him anywhere any time.”

Rose giggled, “She made him strip and bend over the end of the table and take an enema while he ate his supper tonight. He was red as a beet!”

“I sent him to keep Joan company tonight. Butcher has guard duties. I decided that I missed you and Rose has decided to loan you to me for the night.”

“I’m NOT a sub that can be LOANED OUT!”

Rose looked at me sharply and cocking one eyebrow said, “We will discuss this while Cynthia and I give you a few hydration enemas at home and feed you supper. Shut down the forge and come along. One more word and I will paddle you before EACH enema instead of just the first one.”

“WHAT! What did I do?”

“Matt you have worked yourself into an unhealthy state of malnourishment and dehydration because you are a silly man and would rather hurt yourself than talk about feelings. Cynthia and I are going to assist you in a cathartic release and punish you for your stupidity. You could have a heart attack working like this in this heat without drinking enough! Now it is DONE shut down and come along or pay the consequences.”

I shut the fire down and put everything up. After making sure the lid had smothered the fire to cooling coals I closed the doors and was led away.

Rose talked as we walked. “I have to tell you, I would never have thought that you could find 6 out of 7 people so perfectly suited to our special needs here. The rest are all settling in beautifully. Barb is going to be an asset not to mention Anna’s help in the dispensary. Channing says that he knows how to wind motors and can maintain our wind generators. Mark, Eva and Jack are fitting in comfortably and well. Submissives are in general always more adaptable than the Doms. So we ended up with 2 Doms, 3 subs and a Switch bringing us up to 53. I think we need to go out and do this again as soon as we have these all well integrated. Jeremiah always was uncomfortable with our numbers. For the long haul he felt like 50 was as small a tribe as could survive. Indications and theories all seem to agree that the baby drought will end when our bodies make sufficient antibodies to immunize the babies in the fetal stage. Once we start that we will need more people and also need to control who, when and how many babies we allow. I have plenty of implants so it won’t be a problem.”

When we got to the house Rose told Cynthia to strip me, bathe me and put me on the end of the bed on my back. Cynthia took me to the bedroom and stripped me. I noted that she was grinning and commented to her. “You are getting a real kick out of this aren’t you? What is it, payback for me Topping you all those years?”

“Actually that isn’t it at all Matt. You just are too hardheaded to understand how appealing and cute you are in this. I always loved submitting to you and still will in private when you wish. You are the only man that I ever submitted too. Any others I only did as part of my submission to you. Everyone has someone that they WILL submit to Matt. You are finding that out and I find it incredibly cute to watch. You go through stages and each is clear and easy to see. First when she tells you that she is going to do something you take it like a suggestion and are like NO WAY!! Then she makes it more of an order than a suggestion and you sulk and take the WE WILL SEE attitude. When it comes time you know that you are going to do it or let her do it as the case may be and you get really quiet and pouty. In a minute she is going to DO it and you are going to let her and be mad at yourself for giving in to her but can’t help it. You refuse to submit all the way only in that you fail to accept and submit to the act of submission itself and feel bad about doing it. I think it is cute.”

I looked at her and could see the truth in what she was saying. “But WHY does she want to do that to me Cynthia? She can have any man in the family why does she have to do this to me?”

Cynthia looked down. “You aren’t going to like the answer Matt.”

“Fuck it I don’t like doing it but I do. Why?”

“She does it to you for the same reason that you allow it Matt. Because she loves you, you love her and you NEED her to do it.”

“WHAT? I don’t need this!”

“But you do Matt. You are the Alpha now and need it more than ever but face it, she has always been able to Top you and you know it.”

This was true, from almost day one she has been able to make me feel like a little boy and even more, like a little boy facing his Mama. I was bigger, stronger and still helpless before her will and demands. She could, it seemed at times, look into my soul and always say just the thing that it took to make me accept whatever she wished of me. I couldn’t argue with her. To me she was the unstoppable force. Even Jeremiah couldn’t do that to me and I respected him more and any living man.

Cynthia had me naked and in the shower and then she stripped and joined me. This was something that we had always done and loved. She soaped me up and rinsed me off and then I did the same to her. I tried to interest her in a quick game of hide the sausage but she told me that at the moment I wasn’t free to offer that. My services were Rose’s to control and offer; not my own.

When I was clean and mostly dry she took me naked to the bed and told me to sit on the edge and then just lay back. She helped me lift my legs up and had me spread them and relax. Rose came almost immediately with a bulging bag, and an assortment of paddles a cane and a riding crop with loose leather straps on the end instead of the folded kind. I shivered. She hung the bag from a chain beside the end of the bed and tucked the big black nozzle in over it.

“Matt first I am going to spank you AND we are going to have a little talk about things. Cynthia, pull his cock and balls up, close his legs together and hold them that way and up.”

Cynthia cupped my balls in her right hand and lifted them out of harms way. She told me to put my legs together and she wrapped her left arm around them and held them up and tightly together. Rose took her leather paddle in hand.

“You are still marked from you visit to the dispensary yesterday. This should be very effective today.” She then proceeded to lay 5 hard licks on my ass. She nodded and Cynthia released my legs and spread them so I could look up and see Rose. “Matt do you accept that as the Elder Alpha that this is my right?”

“I nodded and then seeing the look on her face said, “Yes Ma’am it is your right.”

She nodded and Cynthia put me back in position with her hand cupping my balls and her left arm holding my legs up and together. Rose gave me 5 more licks that left me gasping for air. Again Cynthia opened my legs and Rose looked down on me between my legs.

“Matt do you understand and accept that it is my right as the family medical officer to order this or any other treatment that I feel is necessary for your continued good health?”

I was gasping but managed, “Yes Ma’am but I don’t see…”

Cynthia closed my legs and held me in position again. “You don’t need to understand or see Matt! You just need to obey.” Rose said as she gave me 5 more that were harder than any before. My legs were spread and Rose leaned over between them. “Matt before this witness I claim you as MINE! Do you accept me as your Mistress in private. The only exception to that privacy will be Cynthia who will be my second and also the only Dom that you will ever be or CAN be loaned to also only in private. Do you accept me?”

“I’m a Dom!” I tried to say.

“Not to me you aren’t. Not with me in private you aren’t!” My legs were pulled together and she swatted me 5 times. It didn’t seem like these were as hard but their effect was devastating nonetheless.

As soon as my legs were spread again, before she could even say it again I blurted, “YES, yes, I accept you as my one and only true Mistress! I will also accept Cynthia as my Mistress on your ordering it to be so!”

“Cry for me Matt. I own you and own your tears. You as my submissive must obey and give me your tears.” She nodded and Cynthia pulled my legs together again and Rose spanked me hard and continuously until I was crying like a baby. I couldn’t help myself. Rose had Cynthia again spread my legs for her to see my face. “I see that you have at last stopped resisting. Now one last thing. I ORDER you to now submit to Cynthia! Accept her as my other part and accept her words as if they were mine!” She and Cynthia swapped places and even though I said that I would Rose pulled my legs together and Cynthia spanked me. Rose watched and then said, “He is resisting. Demand his tears!” She spread my legs.

Cynthia looked down on me. “Cry for me Matt. Your tears are mine and I demand them!” Rose put me back in position and Cynthia forced her Dominance on me and I gave it to her in long wracking sobs.

They helped me up into the bed and then they came to me one on each side. I was held close and allowed to cry myself out. When I stopped Rose pulled me to her and explained and ordered…

“Matt I know that this was hard on you and I am truly sorry. Everyone here has you and me to confess to and be absolved by their submission. If they do something bad, they will become unhappy and that will in turn make them act out on their unhappiness. In the end they will come to you and be spanked and then be sent to me and both spanked and cleaned. When it is done they are clean again and their burden has been lifted. Their cathartic release allows them to forgive themselves because they have paid for their crimes. You and I only have each other. You are younger and also get to do the dirty work because you are the male Alpha. You are also a good and gentle man who will act in honor even when it kills his soul. You came back today denying how you felt. Your actions spoke even louder and I knew that as your Doctor, Lover, Wife and Friend that I had to absolve you of your guilt. I could only do so as your Dom and since I planned of taking you anyway and since you know you couldn’t resist I did it now. How do you feel inside? Tell me as your Mistress how you feel about what happened to Miles today and how it made you feel.”

“I made sure that he didn’t suffer. He never even saw the gun or had a moments fear. Just before he died…before I killed him, he promised to come back with his brothers and rape and kill all of the women here in front of me before he killed me. He was angry and pissed at us for tricking him and blamed us for his situation. I told him to turn around so I could take my cuffs off him and when he did, still ranting, I shot him cleanly in the back of the head severing his spine and blowing his brains out. I had already prepared his grave before I woke him up…” I could feel the tears rolling down my face. “I killed him in cold blood like an animal. I felt like a murderer…I still do to some extent but also KNOW that he would have done everything that was possible to eventually bring us harm and the least of us is worth more than a dozen like him. It HAD to be done…but I also owe it to him to grieve. He was human and probably had at one time been innocent.” I returned to Rose’s embrace and finished my grief.

When again I calmed Rose said, “I am your Mistress. You are submissive only to me and to Cynthia when I order it so and only in private. When I need you as a submissive I will call you My little Lobo. When you hear me speak those words or hear Cynthia speak them in my name you will as soon as plausible move us to a private area where your FIRST words will be What are your orders Mistress? If Cynthia says these words you will do the same with her and do whatever you are told to do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I am your Mistress and I order you that if I die you will as soon as possible take Cynthia to a private place and give her your sworn submission! I today and for always GIVE you to her upon my death. Do you understand and accept this. She in turn will select one other to whom you will be required to submit but only one. There will NEVER be more than or fewer than 2 women to whom you will owe your submission. Accept!”

“I accept it Mistress. If you die it will be as you wish.”

“Jeremiah was my confessor Matt. The only man that could Top me. He failed to provide for me in the event of his passing as I have for you. An Alpha, more than any other, needs someone to whom they can repent and accept punishment and forgiveness from. Kiss Me Sugar and relax while we give you your cool sweet enemas. I added sugar and chamomile to it and you will absorb most of the first one most likely. My legs were lifted and spread and Rose probed deeply into me. The nozzle was big but she had me well prepared and it popped through without a problem. The click signaled a rush in me and my cock snapped to attention. Cynthia cuddled me and toyed with it as I slowly swelled. Rose sat between my feet with a hand on my stomach and controlled the enema. A half hour later I was taken to the toilet and I released what I hadn’t absorbed. Rose pinched my arm and declared me still dehydrated so when I was done they returned me and did it, the enema, again.

I actually began to feel pretty damn good after the third enema and Rose was at last happy with my hydration. She told Cynthia to fuck me a couple of times while she cooked dinner for us. Cynthia took me to bed and climbed atop me. She kissed me and then sat up so she could work me hard and fast. I didn’t last but a few seconds and then exploded into her. She sat atop me keeping my cock trapped inside as she began to rub my chest and play with my nipples. She knew my every pleasure and she grinned as I began to swell in her care. This time it was slow and she often stopped for kisses and to let me bring her along with my hands as I knew her as well as she did me. The second time was better and we both came in a raucous finish.