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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 7

Rose nodded, “When he came through that door all of that is shed with his clothes. He probably needs it more than most. Matt if you don’t hurry up and strip I am going to demonstrate the proper use of this paddle before you even get started.” I began moving fast but alas it was too late. “Now that I think about it, you admitted to me this morning that you can’t remember the last time you actually DID your monthly clean outs. I asked Cynthia and she can’t remember either. You know what that means?”

“Please no Mama Rose I have just been busy. Now that I am with you I’m sure that it won’t happen again!”

“See Anna, even he needs correction and assistance. Strip him and he will show you the position that he needs to assume. This isn’t the first time that he has been caught being remiss in this but if we do a good job maybe it will be his last!”

Anna helped me with the last of my clothes and then pealed my socks off. Rose looked at me and snapped, “Go take a shower! You smell like a horse. If you are not back and in position in 3 minutes I will do you twice…may do it anyway. You should have showered before you came.”

I ran to the shower and washed everywhere all at the same time including my hair with the home made soap. I was back with a towel trying to dry off in two and a half minutes. I tossed the towel up on the treatment table and climbed up and was ass up and head down with 10 seconds to spare. “Please Mama!” I begged.

“I don’t know about you Anna but I think it is a sin to leave a man’s ass white and without some color. Matt if you will be good I will only give you the ten and not the twenty you KNOW you deserve. I want your ass RELAXED and you to accept each swat on that soft and willing ass. I will give you five and then Barb with complete the series. If you resist by tensing up a single time you will get the other ten.”

I was in her favorite position. My ass perfectly presented to her. She massaged my butt cheeks pointing out to Anna the nice relaxed state of them. After each swat he will need some help relaxing again. Suddenly an ungloved finger plunged through and into my wet ass. “This sort of massage with work wonders.” Anna giggled wildly as Rose went straight to my prostate.

She pulled it out massage my cheeks and warned me against resisting her. The first one descended and cracked like a rifle shot. I moaned and buried my face in my hands. Rose massaged me until I was again relaxed and another one was presented to me. When her five were done she told me to be good for Anna while she made my first soapy enema. The fact that she actually SAID “first soapy enema” meant that I was really in for it.

Anna massaged my ass as Rose had and then laid it on me. I let out a little squeak and Rose said, “Good one!”

Anna also visited my prostate and seemed very talented in its massage. When she was done with my paddling she reported to Rose, “He was a very good boy and relaxed for each one. Does that mean we have to stop?”

“For now dear, only for now. I’m sure there will be other transgressions. As I explained to you earlier, we will clear ALL his plumbing before we are done.

Rose returned and hung the bag over me. She and Anna both donned gloves and took turns lubricating me and getting me ready. “I think that we will give him this one slow and only two quarts and get it in as deep as possible to clean him out. I think we will also use a retention nozzle and fill him up and I want you to do a high enema on him with a colon tube and wash him from the top down. While he is plugged with the retention nozzle I believe you mentioned your willingness to assist in helping him clear his other tubes. I want him to have an expression with every other enema so we will take turns. If he is a Gentleman I think it would be nice if he offered us a little cleaning on the off time enemas. I can state most authoritatively that Matt is a talented pussy licker!”

I groaned at the thought of all those enemas and then realized that despite the fact that my ass was still on fire, I was rock hard. Anna gave me the first one very nicely except for a tendency to drag her fingernails across my tender ass. The hold wasn’t even too bad and she demonstrated a ball massage technique that was most effective at warding off cramps. She and Rose both went with me to supervise my release and to make sure that I was good and didn’t touch myself.

The second soapy was more challenging but it wasn’t the 4 quart gut buster that I had feared, rather a three quart with extra soap. When it was all in me, Rose began to suck my nipples and play with me. She slowly worked me up and then to the very edge of ecstasy and held me there until the full ten minutes had passed. She then bit my nipples and went south for the kill. She long stroked me about three times and when my cock began to pulsate she sucked it in and deep throated it as I suddenly lost it and fed her my load of silky cream. I’m afraid that I was noisy and heard laughter that I realized was probably Barbara and or Miles. I didn’t care it was good and I gave it up for Rose. They actually left me alone for most of this release and it was a weary soldier that returned when it was done.

Enemas, especially when combined with a paddling and a gut wrenching orgasms tend to make me tired and dopy. I was absolutely jovial as Anna put me on my back with my legs drawn up and spread and ran five feet of hose up my ass and filled me with almost four quarts of soapy enema. I actually got tickled at one point as Rose started telling dirty jokes. I had to admit that Rose was right. Once I got past the indignity of a Dom having to accept an enema and Rose’s topping, I did enjoy them. I had to have them forced on me and nearly always got paddled but then I relaxed as I seldom do and enjoy the rest.

The rinses were fun and in general with every enema I either had a woman on my face or one sucking my cock and a few times both. It took 4 rinses before Rose declared me done. She stuck two big suppositories in my butt. I knew from experience that they were good things and would see to it that tomorrow I would feel like a new man AND that before tomorrow even got here I would be as horny as a billy goat with four balls. She helped me get dressed and then she and Anna called Barbara. They all helped me home amid calls of “Rough one Matthew?” and “Did everything come out alright Rose?” and lots of friendly laughter. Rose tucked me into bed and then she and Barb went to cook my supper. I of course went to sleep.

When I awoke Barb was sitting on the bed beside me naked as a jaybird. “Time to eat Matt.” She told me and held out a spoon of what my nose told me was some of Roses world famous vegetable beef soup. I opened my mouth and she fed me. I reached for the bowl and she swatted my hands away. “You just relax and let me mother hen you a little.”

“Speaking of mother hens, where is Rose?” I asked.

“She told me to feed you and keep you warm, relaxed and in bed and that she would see you later. She said that she has some business to tend too. I’m to stay with you until she returns.”

She fed me two bowls of the soup before I was full. She then crawled under the covers with me and did a wonderful job of keeping me warm. As a matter of fact it, in surprisingly short order got absolutely HOT under those covers. I was a total gentleman and followed the ladies first rule and just ate her up. This time I didn’t allow her to distract me with 69 and worked her over thoroughly. She then insisted that I just had to fuck her immediately or she was going to die so not wanting that on my conscience I did a bang up job of that as well. When Rose returned she just crawled in on my side and the three of us slept like babies together.

In the morning I awoke to a blood curdling scream!!! Rose as always woke up with the Rooster and had decided to make breakfast on Barb. Finding her to still be holding my donation she went after it and well evidently she made Barb nearly faint as she got started cumming and couldn’t stop! Her scream was one of purest glory and didn’t slow Rose down a bit. I rolled off the bed and after a little sneaky pussy kissing of my own I managed to mount Rose from behind and soon added my own morning song to theirs as I was very horny and soon had Rose singing too. When Rose started to scream Barb escaped and was then somehow under Rose in a sort of 69 and was sucking my balls or Roses clit whichever seemed to create the most noise at the time. When I came and Rose overflowed I could feel Barb licking and sucking. She also got in the last word in a sense. When I withered and slipped from Rose’s grasp she was right there to catch me and began demanding one more squirt from me. She got it but I was screaming bloody murder before it was all done.

We finally got untangled and all three of us managed to squeeze into the shower. We missed breakfast because once we were clean everything just looked too good and we went back to bed again. After this go around we decided to go to the shower one at a time and let Barb go first. When she was in the shower, Rose rolled over and on top of me. “Well Sugar Bear, what do you think. If I pimp you to the younger ladies do you think that you can stand to live with the oldest bitch in the pack?”

“I think that you are for sure the sexiest bitch in the pack and as far as old; is there a single one who’s ass you can’t kick?” She shook her head and grinned, “Then I guess that you don’t have to be too worried about getting kicked out of the Alpha Males bed now do you?” I picked her up flipped us both over so I was on top. “Tonight it is MY turn to be the boss and I’m going to tear your adorable little butt up. I think that IT could use a little color!” I kissed her hard.

“I love it when you talk tough Matt. It is so sexy…of course I will kick your ass if you even try to spank me but it is sexy nonetheless.” She looked up at me and batted her long eyelashes at me.

“Will you take advantage of me after you conquer me?” I wondered.

“Naturally. To the victor go the spoils you know. When was the last time Cynthia ass fucked you?” I blushed. “Silly child, THAT has nothing to do with how Dom you are it has to do with pleasure and doing something that feels good. I KNOW you like it and always have. Now that you are with me I plan on taking full advantage of that pleasure. I will even let Cynthia come and help sometimes. Of course you will be expected to plow my fields as well!” She looked at me. “We are together now honey. I want no secrets and no embarrassment to come between us and our pleasures. I plan on possessing you in ways that you never imagined and you will love every second of it.” She kissed me, “I know your secrets already dear. I will wait but then I will take you as I wish.” She kissed me again. “There is no dish as sweet as that of a Dom fully giving up to another Dom without loss or shame.”

Once we were all washed and dressed we each headed out to our various work assignments. I had a bunch of things piled up at the shop and went straight to work on them while Rose no doubt went to torment some other poor soul that hadn’t been taking proper care of themselves. Barb went to the kitchens as all new people were apt, she had some KP duties until her permanent assignments based on skills and talents were assigned. About two hours later Rose came into the shop. She looked upset so I stopped what I was doing and went to her.

“What’s the matter?” I asked straight out.

“We have a problem. Someone pilfered the meds in the dispensary last night. I think one of the new people has a drug problem they grabbed a bottle of pain killers…or what they THINK were pain killers because that is what was on the label.”

“What do you mean…They THINK?”

“I have always kept the narcotic drugs and such separate, locked and hidden but in the medicine cabinet there is always a bottle labeled as Pain Killers. I did it when we first came here just to keep an eye on the possibility of someone having a problem. I hadn’t thought about it in a while but noticed that the cabinet door was ajar and I looked. The lock had been forced. There were 10 pills in the bottle and now half are gone.”

“Are you sure that they disappeared last night?”

“Yeah, almost positive. You see the pills are not just sugar pills. If someone took them any time before last night I would have known by now. It is harmless but will turn their urine blood red and cause a skin discoloration that I wouldn’t miss. Most people run straight to the Doctor if they piss what looks like pure blood anyway.”

“Smart and pretty. I am beginning to see what Jeremiah saw in you!” I kissed her. “Let’s have an assembly I have an idea.

I went all around and told everyone that they needed to go to the yard that we had an emergency announcement. It took about a half hour but we got everyone together. I got up on the bench of a picnic table with Rose standing below me and waved my arms to get everyone’s attention.

“Hush! This is life or death!!! Last night someone broke into the medications cabinet. They took some special medications that were labeled “Pain Killers”. They are indeed pain killers they are what Rose keeps on hand for euthanizing someone injured so badly that there is no hope and it is a mercy to put them out of their misery. WHOEVER took them will DIE unless she administers an antidote soon. They will begin to piss blood and then get jaundice colored and then just slide off into a coma. Rose says that unless they took a whole handful last night that she might be able to save them but they need treatment as soon as possible….”

Out of the gathered crowd Miles lunged. She ran straight at Rose and before anyone could react he had her by the throat and was screaming, “You fucking BITCH!! You’ve POISONED me!!!” He managed to punch her in the face one time before she kicked him in the balls , jabbed him in the throat and then kneed him in the face knocking him back onto his back and off her. I jumped down and when he tried to get up I kicked him in the face putting him down for the count. Big steel toed boots are good for things like that.

I got a couple of the bigger men to drag him over to the dispensary where I used a pair of handcuffs to lock him in a sitting position with his back to one of the posts in front. I went and gathered his stuff and brought a truck around. We tossed him in the back and I left explaining that I was going to take him about 20 miles to the edge of town and dump his sorry ass.

When he woke up we were sitting on the side of a dirt road. I was drinking a beer and had tossed a glass full of cold water in his face. He woke with a gasp and a start, “What..wha..Where the fuck am I? Oh FUCK I’m poisoned!! Where’s that bitch Doctor? Why isn’t she doing something?” He looked up. “YOU! YOU did this to me! Where are we what are you doing? Where is the doctor?”

“First off you need to calm down. You are not poisoned. That stuff just turns your piss red and that is all.”

“You FUCKER!! YOU tricked me! I’ll kill you for this. You better turn me loose my brothers will kill every one of you after they ass fuck your women in front of you! They KNOW where I went. They will be coming for me if they don’t hear from me soon.” He looked around. “What are you doing fucker? Where are we?”

“I am dumping the trash Miles. Let’s say, you are no longer welcome so I’m taking you away. There is a town about 5 miles down the road. If you walked fast you might make it there in time for lunch.” I pulled him up and to his feet.”

“FUCK you, you better drive me to town! You can’t just dump me out in the middle of no where like this!”

I held up a canteen. “Water, that’s all you need and more than you deserve. Turn around so I can take my cuffs off you.”

He turned around screaming a tirade of obscenities and threats. I placed the barrel of the combat commander about an inch from the back of his head and pulled the trigger. Then I took my cuffs off. I had dug his grave before waking him.

This may seem cruel but when it comes to the Family there can be no half way. If I had just hauled him off we would have had to sweat him actually coming back with friends or if he had been there longer talking about our defenses. This way there were no loose ends and no looking over your shoulder. Now his misery was done for this cycle. I buried him with his stuff and then left him there. I understood suddenly what Barb had meant the other night about the shock of civilization pealing away. I hadn’t told her but I too had opposed the death penalty in the times before the world went mad. My shock wasn’t at what I had done rather it was at the fact that it meant so little to me. I had meant it literally when I had told him that I was dumping the trash. I think when we watched our children die there was some part of us that die with them.

When I got back I went straight to Rose to check on her. To my surprise she had a shiner. “WOW, When did that happen?” I asked.

“I’m not sure!! I can’t believe that I let that slime get on me like that. I must be getting old Matt.” She laughed, “either that or you wore me down last night…I think I’ll blame it on you.” She looked at me closely. “Are you ok Dear?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” I paused, “I’m more bothered by what I don’t feel than what I do feel.”

This situation had among many others been discussed, hashed out and decided on by the core group as soon as things went south…maybe before. The safety of the family always comes first and in the case of attackers of ANY kind, the only safe and sure decision was to kill them so you never had to worry about them harming the family again.

We had not had to often enforce this decision but as Alpha it was now my job to see that it was carried out without fuss. After the attack where Jeremiah had been killed I was the one that pushed and pushed until the last attacker was dead. THAT was done in anger and easy. If Rose had any doubts about my fitness to be the Alpha that answered her questions. This was different; it was done in cold blood and thought out. My veins had run cold when he had attacked Rose. The bastard might have survived if he just hadn’t done that! I could have almost kissed him as he ran his head about coming back and killing us all but the decision was already made. I did my level best to see to it that he didn’t suffer…even the pangs of fear that he deserved. He had died as he probably had lived, angry and blaming everyone but himself for his troubles. Now there was a cold place inside me that I feared would never thaw again.

She smiled sadly and nodded. “I know what you mean. I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you and help. You know how it is though there always has to be an Alpha on the premises. I hope we don’t have to do this sort of shit very often.” She kissed me on the cheek. I’ll talk to you later sugar. I have a headache you wouldn’t believe and have an appointment in 10 minutes.”

“Couldn’t you just let Anna handle it?”

“No way am I going to miss giving DAVID with his buns of steel enemas!! I’ve been watching him for a year looking for this opportunity and now he’s mine…I will let Anna help though.” I laughed at her and she grinned back. “Life goes on Matt. He isn’t worth a second thought.” She kissed me and I left. Women have always been more pragmatic than men even though it is men that have the reputation for being the more heartless and unemotional of the two sexes.