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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 6

The next morning I got glowing reports from Josie on Miles and from Cynthia on Mark. We loaded up and left shortly after sunrise and worked hard to make it home before dark. If we had been delayed we would have eased down a side road and hid out for the night. You don’t travel at night anymore.

When we rolled up to the road block Willie came out and greeted us. “Hey guys how did the recruiting go?” He spotted Barbara and his eyes lit up. “I was afraid all you would bring home would be more men!”

I laughed, “You should have known better than that Willie. Have things been quiet here while we were gone?”

“Yeah, pretty much so. Mama rose has been like a mother Hen with missing chicks though. I’m glad you’re back so she’ll chill.”

“Rose always has fretted when people are out of her reach.” I chuckled, “She really isn’t sure that most of us have enough sense to come in out of the rain if she isn’t there to see to it you know.”

“She just loves us Matt and is just like any Mama hen.” Willie said.

I knew he was right. Willie and his brother Clyde had come to us married to sisters, Susie and Nicole and in a relationship much like the one the original 6 had set up. They were assets to the Family in their steadfast support of the concept and in their light hearted play. Willie the younger brother had married Susie the older sister and then after they met at the wedding, Clyde fell for the younger sister and got married on the same day a year latter and they all lived together. After the marriage Nicole began to change. All her life she had lived in and been bossed around by her older sister. After she married Clyde she blossomed became more assertive and now took great delight in regularly making her older sister submit to her. There are even times when Clyde has to look out! At the last party Nicole made her sister beg her to fuck her with this giganormous strap on dildo! She then proceeded to spank her and then bend her over the end of a picnic table and give her a serious pussy work over with that huge ass dildo! She also, periodically, would jump her younger ex bro in law and nail him. The little girl had truly blossomed. Whenever she was wearing that damn dildo I REMAINED sitting!

We drove into the middle of the compound and everyone came running to help unload, welcome us back and meet the new people. We introduced everyone and as I suspected Rose was thrilled to have another health care professional in the Family. She and Anna soon disappeared into the Dispensary. I had a feeling that the next person to land on Mama Rose’s treatment table was going to get to try out the new Lady in town’s enema technique. I overheard them discussing the advantaged of different nozzles and techniques as they walked away.

Just after that Rose stopped and turned to me, “Matt I would like to see you tonight. We have living arraignments to discuss.”

“Yes ma’am I’ll be there right after supper.” My three days of being the undisputed boss were done.

I watched and as expected, Barbara was a big hit. What surprised me the most was that she seemed to be getting on as well with the females as the males.

After supper I went to Rose’s house. I knocked on the door and she just called out, “Come on in Matt you need to get past that. This is about to be your house as much as mine.” I went in and she immediately came to me. “Don’t look so glum Baby living with me won’t be all that bad.”

“I know Rose. You know that I truly do love you and have for a long time now. You also know I’m talking personal love and not just Grey Wolf love. I just have gotten sort of used to being the big kahuna in my own house and for some reason you always have made me feel like a little boy and been able to top me like nobody else ever.”

“Don’t worry I will be ever the proper lady when we are out in public and not mess with your image as the families big kahuna Alpha Male.”

“But what about when it is just you and me here alone?” I asked.

She didn’t make me feel any better when she answered, “I’m going to spank you, give you enemas, fuck you in the ass and make you wear my lace underwear of course.” She saw the look on my face and guffawed. “Damn you turned white as a sheet! How about I only do those say once a month. Could you live with that?”

“I don’t see why we have to do it the way YOU mean it ever!”

“You need and will get it AT LEAST once a month. With everyone kissing your ass and making up to the Alpha you need it to bring you down to size and keep your feet planted on the ground.” Her eyes sparkled, “When was the last time you were cleaned out Matt? It has been a long time. You know that I require it of everyone at least monthly. When was the last time Cynthia took care of that for you?” I opened my mouth and she said, “I will ask her and she will tell me the truth Matt so don’t you dare lie to me.”

I’m fucked I thought. “I don’t KNOW Mama it had been a while I have been busy you know!”

“That is what I figured so tomorrow nothing but coffee for breakfast nothing for lunch and you need to be to the Dispensary no later than 1pm. Don’t make me send a posse out looking for you. Anna and I will be waiting on you. I told her that you wouldn’t mind letting her get her feet wet on you.”

I knew better than to argue. “Yes Ma’am. Now what else? You said living arraignments.

“Oh yes, well tomorrow you are moving here and that becomes Cynthia’s house as she will declare Dom as soon as you are out. Samantha and Shauna are moving into the girl’s dorm for now and their houses will go to the two new couples. Mark is moving in with Cynthia so all that leaves us with is Miles and Barbara. For now Barbara is going to live in the Dispensary in the back in one of the clinic hospital rooms. What do we do with Miles?”

I thought about it and then said, “He can stay in another of the clinic hospital rooms. That will still leave us with one if we need it. We can start on two new houses this week. We need them anyway. I actually am thinking that we might build a new Recreational place and turn the one we use now back into housing. We could use a bigger facility for our parties don’t you think?”

She agreed and little did I know that we had in our innocence just planted a seed of misery. The Dispensary/Clinic is one of the biggest buildings on the property with three treatment rooms and the front treatment room reserved for punishments only. The rest of the time it is a waiting room of sorts. In the back there is the operating room, pharmacy and three hospital type rooms for overnight patients. It was fully equipped with every thing that we could think of that we might need even including a small movable x-ray machine.

I went and made the sleeping arraignments known. Rose had already moved the two widows into the dorms for mutual support. I planned on visiting that dorm maybe tomorrow night if nobody else did. We don’t let our people ever forget that we are ONE family and they still had husbands and were loved. Everyone seemed happy. Finally, glumly, I kissed Cynthia gathered a few things and went back to Rose. She took me straight to bed and quickly let me know that our arraignment was NOT going to be platonic in the least! I hadn’t thought about Rose when I had planned to visit Shauna and Sam. She seemed to have some issues to work out and proceeded to do her level best to fuck me to death. She woke me up twice sucking me and demanding my attentions. I finally went to sleep with my face between her legs my head resting on her warm and well exercised pussy. She was up with the roosters and brought me my coffee in bed.

“Remember now, nothing to eat and nothing but water and lots of it from here on out. After we finish with you this afternoon Barbara and I will bring you back here and cook you a nice soup. You will not want to over load your system after a thorough cleaning and I want to see Anna in action so you will be getting the works. After 1pm, don’t plan on anything for the rest of the day.”

“Why Barbara? Why not Anna?” I asked.

“Because I want to get to know Barbara better, I can tell that you like her and I want her to feel welcome and at home so she gets to come have dinner with us.”

“What about Miles?”

“From what I hear he has prior commitments. Evidently some of the subbies are anxious to get to know him.” Rose cackled. “New MEAT doesn’t just apply to the new ladies you know!”

I made my rounds that morning making sure everything was working right and everyone was doing well. I even made the time to check in with my problem child Bridget and asked if she had been a good girl.

“Yes SIR, I have been a very good girl and will try hard to stay that way.” She sidled up to me, “If I am good will you visit me soon…as the Alpha…you know.”

“If you are good and would like that then certainly. Give me a few days to settle in, you know I’m moving in with Rose. But as soon as things settle down you can expect a visit.” I had bedded Bridget several times and she was a fun fuck with no inhibitions or reservations. I knew that she would want me to cum in her every possible orifice at least once before it was done. “I’ll let you know when I’m coming and so that, that day you can visit our new nurse and let her get you ready and report to me how she is with another woman. I’m afraid that Rose has her hooks in me and I will find out how she is with men today so I’m not sending you to do anything that I wouldn’t do.”

Bridget giggled, “So big bad Matt is getting his hiney cleaned out today. Can I come and watch?”

“This is NOT a punishment enema so NO it will be done in private just as yours will be when I send you to her.”

“I’m not being mean; I just suspect that you will be a wonderful sight with your ass up in the air. You have a dynamite ass you know! Maybe some time will you let ME give you your monthlies?”

I kissed her. “If you can make it for 4 months without me and you having to go to the wood shed you have a deal.”

She clapped her hands and laughed, “I’ll hold you too that.”

No matter how I didn’t wish it, 1 O’clock came and I headed to the dispensary.

Either Bridget had a big mouth, no surprise there, or Rose had told. As I walked across the yard towards the Dispensary several people called out to me that they hoped everything came out all right. I flipped them the bird and trudged on. Rose let me in and they took me into the back to a treatment room. Punishment enemas were done in the front so anyone could come and watch but private cleanings were done in the back.

“I just can’t thank you enough for volunteering to be my first patient.” Anna hugged me and offered a very un-nurse like kiss, she is a very good looking woman and her kiss made me think of better things to do with her than what I was there for. She smiled brightly one more time before turning serious and asked, “Would you prefer a gown or just do it raw? Rose told me that everyone mostly does it raw but I just want to make sure.”

Rose answered for me, “He will let you do it with him nude dear. Go ahead and strip for us Matt.”

I have to tell you. It is hard for a man to maintain his dignity and composure when he is told to strip for two lovely ladys who plan to then deprive him of any control over one of his most basic functions! Especially when one of them, ROSE, is grinning from ear to ear in anticipation.

“Don’t let him fool you Anna he likes his enemas. He is just shy. After a couple he will loosen up and we can get to the business of enjoying our work without a gloomy gus for a patient. I know he will do this because if he doesn’t I will show you one of the true advantages that you will have here that you never had in the hospitals.” She pulled her paddle out and laid it on the counter.

Anna looked at it and her smile widened. “Even HIM? He is after all a Dom and The Alpha.”