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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 5

Barbara came to me looking like a little girl. Her hair in two pony tails placed high and in a sort of little girl smock with white thigh high stockings. The only thing ruining the illusion was that she was obviously bare underneath and she had large nipples. She was also obviously either freezing nearly to death or very excited about meeting me. I hadn’t undressed yet for bed and wondered who had loaned her their shower because she was obviously sparkling clean.

“My goodness little girl, you look good enough to eat!” I told her.

“I have high hopes Matthew. It has been a while. Out in the refugee camp I didn’t trust anyone enough to let them get that close.”

I patted the bed beside me but instead she came and crawled into my lap. She smelled good and this added to her allure. “You seem pretty trusting now?” I asked.

“Before, it wasn’t just a matter of trust. I also wanted to stay free of encumbrances so when and if an opportunity like this came alone I could move on it without having anyone else to consider. You know how the camps are that is why you came there. They are a cross between an employment agency, a refugee camp and a slave auction. More than once I had narrow escapes from men who decided that I was cute and they were taking me home whether I wanted to go or not. I wanted more than to be some bastards play toy and slave.”

“Well you did good, you will only be a toy to those you wish to be one too and only a slave to your own family who will also be slave to you in the Grey Wolf Family.”

“I sort of got the impression that I couldn’t refuse YOU as the, what did you call it? The Alpha Male?”

I thought about it. “In some ways you are right but in others you are not about that. I am Alpha and to that position you will owe allegiance. As a man I am no more than any other. If I abuse my rights I will be judged unfit to be the Alpha.” I picked her up effortlessly, she was tiny and weighed almost nothing, and sat her on her feet in front of me. “I thought that I had made it very clear that until you are accepted by the family that you were not subject to the rules. I also INVITED you to visit me this evening. I’m sorry if you misunderstood and thought it was an ORDER. I would never take advantage of a lady’s favors…even one of my wives but especially not one that was not. If you don’t wish to share a room with anyone I will rent another one for you; if one is not available I will vacate this one and find a bed elsewhere for myself.”

As quick as a squirrel moving from ground to treetop she was back in my lap. “I’m sorry if you got the idea that I DIDN’T want to be here with you. I was just asking a question. Right now there isn’t a place on this planet that I would rather be!” She snuggled in close and made herself small and very irresistible. I had sort of grabbed her to keep her from falling as she had scrambled into my lap this time and found my hand full of breast with a hard tightly crinkled nipple pressed into the palm and now held there tightly by her.

I was a little flabbergasted and didn’t know exactly what to say. She sensed my vulnerability and moved in for the kill. She shifted her weight and I was suddenly laying back onto the bed with her atop me with busy fingers as she undressed me. There was no “little girl” here now and her eager insistence soon had me in its thrall. Once I was pealed I did reassert myself and insist on a fast shower first. The hot west Texas sun had made me, at least in my estimation, unfit for serious cuddling. I left her sting cross-legged in the middle of the bed pouting as I dashed to the shower. My last glance at her as I left the bed told me four things. She looks VERY, very sexy when she pouts. She is a natural redhead and doesn’t carry her little girl routine on to her pussy which was very fuzzy lush and womanly looking and lastly this was going to be a VERY fast shower!

When I returned after a record breaking fast shower she welcomed me with open arms. Our lovemaking started slow but picked up steam fast as I did as promised and did my very best to just eat her alive! I soon found that among her other pleasures she really liked my finger in her ass and when she made me roll so she could get on top in a 69 that was the very first thing she went for on me. Her tongue was quickly followed by fingers and soon we both were drinking deeply of our lovers ever running springs.

When we had relaxed a bit I lifted her in the air, spun her around and sat her back on top of me for a kiss and cuddle. After the kiss she smiled, “May I ask a few questions?”

“Ask anything you wish my sweet little pixie. I’m feeling very mellow towards you right now.” I grinned at her and kissed her again.

When our lips parted she laid her head on my shoulder and sighed. “You are very nice Matthew. It has been a while since a man was that nice to me.” I hugged her and she continued. “If you don’t mind my asking, how in the world did your group…family get started down such and odd sort of trail? I mean the BDSM, Enemas and such is right up my ally but it just seems an odd combination with your obviously Survivalist nature.”

I chuckled, “The Family started out with six people. Friends that played together and this was what they liked to play. They also did other things together and one of them had connections and was getting insider info on things the Government preferred to keep quiet. The group decided that if big cities were going to become unhealthy then they needed to find other alternatives. This group was made up of some very successful people and some pretty high powered individuals. They sat down and decided that if they were going to try and survive they wanted to do it and enjoy life at the same time. That way if the doomsayers were full of shit they still had a good time.

They bought this land and started spending a part of each year out here improving it. As they did, they added to their group with the intention of these being people that they would enjoy being with anyway. At one time the group was bigger but when Jeremiah decided that the info was real and wanted everyone to move out here in 2005 almost half dropped out. Then they came up with the idea of creating a Serial family all with allegiance to the group first. They used the Wolf Pack as a model. The wolf pack is one of the most successful organizations in nature and before the white man nearly wiped them out they were everywhere and lived in harmony with both nature and men. In 2007 we became Grey Wolf and did it legally. We are one family with one head and one love, Grey Wolf is our life now. When and if we start having babies again they will be Grey Wolf Children and raised by the family as a unit just as wolf cubs are. We were and are a pretty happy group. We love a lot, we fight very little and when we do it is handled quickly and expediently. Why change things when it’s working?”

“I love the idea of a group based on sexual proclivities. If everyone is on the same page it must make for some great parties. It beats the hell out of basing it on a religion or a hatred or just plain fear. I can hardly wait to meet every one. What is your Alpha Lady like?”

I smiled, “She is the most gentle yet totally Dom woman that I have ever met. She is the Mama figure for the entire Family and she is who everyone goes to if they need advice. She is 45 beautiful and bad to the bone. I’m not sure that I could take her down without killing her. When I say bad I mean it in the kick your fucking ass sense. She was black belt before she married Jeremiah who was a Special Forces unarmed combat instructor. What he taught her isn’t in books. When everything was falling apart we got attacked a few times. I saw her kill three big men who were going to rape her in the matter of about 6 seconds. One crushed wind pipe, one cut throat and one disemboweled. I shot him later to put him out of his misery but he was already as good as dead.”

She looked at me. “You said that like it was nothing. You are a hard people.”

“These are hard times Barbara. The weak inherit the earth in the form of small shallow graves. We were attacked again about two weeks ago. There were 200 of them in buses. We lost three people Jeremiah was one of them.”

“How many of them did you kill?”

“200! That’s all there were.”


We took out the buses and funneled them into killing fields when they tried to retreat. The claymores got most of them. We hunted down the rest on horse back. If you attack Grey Wolf you die. We make no exceptions. We never let up. Once the first shot was fired they were dead. Of the three we lost two of them were stupidity. They shot our greeter at the road block. We were ready for them when they rolled into the compound but one dumbass wanted to be a hero and got shot and another dumbass, Jeremiah, died trying to drag his body into cover. The fist dumbass should have stayed where he was assigned and Jeremiah of all should have known better to go out to get him. We could have buried him just as well later even if he had a few more holes in him. Jeremiah didn’t need to die but he looked at all of us as HIS personal responsibility and so died for a damn corpse. When they tried to get back on the buses they found that they were no longer operational. They naturally took the fastest and safest way out…a ravine that leads out of the compound that would protect them from our fire and hide them as they made their escape or regrouped. Once they were all in it we blew the claymores. We only had to hunt down about 35 of them the rest died in that ravine bunched up. We burned them and cleared the ravine and it is ready again if we need it as are two other prepared killing fields. If you attack us you are going to die. Jeremiah wasn’t our only Special Forces vet and they made out home as safe as possible from attack but even more so, it is a trap. One way in and NO way out.”

She looked a little shocked so I asked, “Having second thoughts about joining us? This is the time if you are. If you become Grey Wolf you will learn to fight and do so. Everyone but Rose takes a turn at the road block. They are the only ones that are or at least should be in danger. When attacked we are 100% all fighters there is no other way you either fight for your Family or you leave and don’t come back.”

“Rose doesn’t have to do it because she is the Alpha Female? What about you, will you have to man the road block now that you are the Alpha?”

“Rose doesn’t have to do it because she is our only MD doctor. I will do it just like every other Family member. There are other posts that guard but only the roadblock requires you to get up close enough to talk to them. If you try to sneak in the back or accidentally wander onto the property you will be gathered in. If you are there because you didn’t know we feed you and send you down the road with a full belly and a canteen full of water. If you are armed and resist you die.” I looked at her. “Now, Second thoughts?”

“The only second thought that I have is why I couldn’t have found you earlier. I was shocked not by your actions but by my own reaction to what you told me. I hadn’t realized how much civilization I had shed. I used to be against the death penalty. The thought of feeling safe again…I didn’t think that I would ever feel that again. Your Damn right I will fight. If you can show me hope I will DIE for it gladly if that is called for!” She began to cry into my shoulder. Comforting a crying woman has always turned me on so shortly she found that she was lying on her consolation as I rose under her.