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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 4

At lunch I eased over to the community kitchen and sat gently for lunch. If anyone noticed anything they were smart enough to keep it to themselves. Cynthia and then Rose joined me and it was a rather nice lunch until Rose asked me when I was going hunting for replacements.

“We have three dead and as the Alpha Male it is your job to go find recruits to fill those spots. I would try and bring back at least 6 and if we are lucky we will get three keepers. They don’t have to be men as long as they have useful skills. Fortunately Jeremiah was mostly an administrator, Leon and Greg were good workers but not especially skilled in any special crafts. It’s not like you have to go out and find another Doctor though keep your eyes open. Even a Nurse or paramedic would be nice. I think you should leave as soon as possible.”

“WHY?? We haven’t even finished mourning yet. We don’t NEED replacements.”

“That is where you are wrong Matt. 50 is the bare bones minimum according to Jeremiah he always was uncomfortable with it but didn’t want to mess with the chemistry. The shit we had with Bridget is a sure sign that there is a need for more people. People are feeling vulnerable and YOU need to bring in new blood that is YOUR new blood to make everyone see that even though Jeremiah is dead, we are still moving forward.”

“Shit!!” I knew that she was right. Bridget would never have pulled her shit out like that if Jeremiah was still around. I needed to do something the make them see me as the new Alpha other then just talk. “Ok. I’ll leave tomorrow. I’m taking Cynthia, Manny, Josie, Butcher and Deacon with me for back up and advice.”

“Good choices.” Rose agreed. “Pick one very nice very submissive one out for Cynthia. She is about to become a full time Top and you are about to move in with me.”

I strangled on the bite that I had just put in my mouth. Rose was quick to come to me and make sure that I wasn’t going to need the Heimlich or something and then ended up just patting me on the back and encouraging me to clam down and breathe slow and deeply. When I finally got my breath I blurted, “When the fuck was this decided??”

“Actually Cynthia and I have been discussing it for several days but when I told her that you were going to have to go find new recruits we decided that it would be best if she made the jump to full Dom with a new member rather than someone that already associated her with being a submissive. I also think that at least for the moment until everyone settles and your position is more comfortable for everyone that you should be living in the house that is associated with the Alpha’s”

I looked at her, “But you are a DOM and you always try to top me!”

Rose smiled at Cynthia, “He is especially cute and appealing to me when he is in his Dom but not to me, please don’t make me, but you know I will mode.” She laughed, “He has been such a good boy that I have only managed to get him on my treatment table twice. I had high hopes yesterday but the Bitch fucked that up!”

I knew that in the end she had me. She WAS the senior Alpha and even beside that, she was Mama Rose. The baddest dude in the world probably will bend over for his Mama! I just didn’t have defenses when it came to her…and NOW she seemed determined to make my Cynthia over in her own image! “Will you at least not pick on me in public Rose?”

She smiled sweetly, “Of course not. I will only expect you to be properly respectful and then maybe a little more so when it is just the three of us.”

“The THREE of us? Who else are you including?”

“Mistress Cynthia of course!” She cackled evilly, “Matt do you really believe that in private Jeremiah was not my personal slave? All men if they are married to strong dominant women are owned by their women. We just LET you play like you are in charge when we are out in public. Cynthia even let you pretend that you were her boss in private but she isn’t a real submissive she just loves you enough to allow you to act like she is.”

“You are making my HEAD hurt Rose!”

“I prescribe a thorough cleansing enema series then…speaking as your Doctor of course.”

I had lost my appetite and finally I just got up and left. Their laughter followed me out the door. I thought about what Rose had said and could see the wisdom in all of it. New people would see me as the only Alpha that they knew. As the others saw me in that uncontested roll they would be comforted by it and accept it as the status-quo. There were large numbers of refugees in a camp south of San Antonio. I went to what HAD been my house and sat down to set up a questionnaire that would help me screen applicants. Finding people WILLING to join us wouldn’t be a problem. The camps provided tents, water and just enough food to keep a person from starving to death in a short time and that was about ALL. The United States of Texas government was smarter than the old US or Texas state government. They made no effort to provide a high and comfortable life style for those who were without means of self support. They would try and keep you alive until you found something to do and then were happy to see you leave, go to work and be productive.

In order for someone to fit into the family they would need to be either BDSM active or at least aware. They couldn’t be players and pretenders. We lived by our rules and expected others to do so as well. The position of the Alpha’s was one that demanded respect and that required self-respect first. I thought about it and also added willingness to submit even if you were a Dom and willing to accept Roses health requirements and the enemas that were part of it. I decided that a short list of the rules and requirements would be a good thing to offer someone that thought they wanted to join us. Our rules were few, simple and without exception. I started working on that...

Rules and requirements of the Grey Wolf Family

1. The Family comes first in everything. If it isn’t good or is harmful to the family you don’t do it.

2. The Alpha Male and Alpha Female have the last word in any and all debates and disputes.

3. The Alpha Male has the right of sexual service from ALL females over the age of 18.

4. The Alpha Female has the right of sexual service from all males over the age of 18

5. When you join the Family all previous obligations are dissolved and your first allegiance is always to the Family. This means all marriages are dissolved and all members shed their last names forever and become Grey Wolf

6. All Grey Wolf men are brothers and all Grey Wolf women are sisters and equal in rights and under the direction and care of the Alphas.

7. Grey Wolfs love each other and do not fight, yell or curse at each other. If there is a problem you discuss it like adults or accept the punishment given for childish behaviors.

8. All Grey Wolf will submit to punishment as ordered by the Alphas and any and all treatments as ordered by the Alphas. This means that you will get paddled, strapped, spanked and enemas and other such punishment and medical treatments as ordered by the Doctor and or Alpha whether you like them or not.

9. If you are Grey Wolf, your race, sexual preference, looks, religion, previous nationality or ANYTHING else doesn’t matter. NOW you are Grey Wolf.

10. All Grey Wolf members will work hard without being forced or supervised, support each other, fight in the defense of the family, and share in all things equally. There ARE no lazy or greedy members. Grey Wolfs love one another and want nothing more than to live in peace and harmony.

Those are the rules of the Family now for the culture.

All Grey Wolfs will be self identified as Dominant, submissive or Switch, preference and needs. This is to provide each member with optimal sexual pleasure and understanding. We make our own entertainment and sex is the greatest of all entertainments. Only sex that is safe, sane and consensual is allowed within the rules of the Family.

You might as well get used to the idea that someone is going to give you an enema and may do other things to your ass on a fairly regular basis.

All Doms have their own House. Subs may live with Doms but they are NOT property of anyone except the Grey Wolf Family. All Grey Wolfs are loved and will receive the sexual attention that they need. If you are not receiving it you need to speak up. REMEMBER there ARE no lazy or greedy Grey Wolfs. Love is one of the most important jobs there is within the family and each Grey Wolf should always see first to the needs of others.

Each Grey Wolf over the age of 18 wears a badge with the pertinent data indicated. It is similar in appearance to the colored bars on a dress uniform and by reading this you will know everything you need to know to please that person and if they are currently wishing to play. This way there are no misunderstandings. Gays are accepted fully with one exception in that they are still subject to the opposite sex Alphas advances. Bisexual behavior is heavily encouraged.

There is a bright red band. Everyone is issued one band and if in any month they need more than they are getting they can slide it on the bar badge and for 24 hours they will be the most cared for person on Earth. It means instant party at their place if Dom or at the recreational house if they are sub.

I reread it a couple of times and decided that it would give someone outside an idea of what we demanded and offered. I know it seemed that we place a lot of emphasis on sex but in the end most things in life come back to sex. Men work and gather money in part because it makes them more attractive and successful with the opposite sex. All to many problems in life come back to men and women wanting but not getting enough sex. We eliminate that problem up front.

The next morning we loaded up in one of the big vans. Since we were going towards San Antonio we loaded up trade goods and went well armed. I felt pretty secure, Manny, Deacon and Butcher were all three really big men and Deacon was big at 6’4” and 225, black as the night and ex special forces, Butcher was even bigger at 6’5” and 260 looking like some sort of Swedish commando with Manny at only 5’10” and 240 he looked like a Mexican bandito leaving me the little guy at only 5’11” and 210. I had been a pro fighter in the cage for a few years until I got smart and had a Black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. My time in the family under the tutelage of Jeremiah had made me ten times the fighter I had been in the cage. It is actually a lot easier to kill someone than it is to beat them into submission or unconsciousness.

I didn’t think that Cynthia or Josie were going to be bothered. The drive was a little tense as all travel is these days. Just the fuel in the big cargo van was worth more than many people make in a year now days. When we got to the encampment south of town we first went through and swapped our trade goods for the things we needed back home plus some goodies for the ladies. We then came back, stretched out an awning off the side of the van, and started interviewing people. We were looking first for people in the young 18 to 35 age group with some kind of skills. Then we would ask them what they knew about BDSM and if they were blank or thought it was an STD we passed on them. The one reason that we had come here to find recruits was that when a refugee showed up they were tested for diseases and those tests were repeated regularly. You had to have a current clear card to get fed or even to bathe or stay. If you had something that was curable you were treated and if it was not then you were tattooed and quarantined. Texas was determined to stamp out things like AIDS. Every evening we would move back into the more secure confines of the city and to a guarded secure motel. After three days we were down to about ten possibilities. Most were subs with only one declared Dom in the mix. There were three couples one of which left when it was explained to them that their marriage ended at the gate because their first allegiance had to be to the family. Two thought we had lost our minds when they were told that they would be getting enemas pretty often and the 7 that left all looked pretty good.

The couples were Channing and Eva and Jack and Anna. They were all into the D/s lifestyle and seemed comfortable with the rules and requirements. Anna was a top while her mate was a sub. Eva was a sub and Channing said he flew either way. They were all young strong and had some skills. Anna was a real find because she was an RN and Channing was an electrical engineer. Jack was ex military and said that he could do a little of anything around a shop.

Anna and Jack were also a surprise because when they were informed of the rather anal nature of a lot of the treatments Jack blurted out, “Then Anna will be right at home she never misses a chance to shove something in my ass and enemas used to be required of me on a weekly basis when life was normal.

I looked at Anna and asked. “True?” and she nodded grinning. “How will you deal with it going the other way?”

“I’ll do fine. I like getting also as long as it is gentle and slow.”

“I’m afraid if you get in trouble, after your ass has been pretty well ripped that you will then go to our Doctor for the rest of your punishment. Punishment enemas are NOT slow, gentle or pleasant and they are rather public in the sense that anyone that wishes to watch and isn’t supposed to be working is free to do so.”

“If I have done something bad then that is what I deserve isn’t it?”

I liked her a lot and could see her being a lot of help to Rose.

The other three were all singles they were Mark, Miles and Barbara.

Mark was 27 years old 5’9” 170lb blond haired and blue eyed Salesman but his Dad owned a plumbing company and he had done that off and on while he was growing up. He was VERY pretty according to Cynthia and Josie and said that he had been in a D/s relationship when things went bad. I asked him what happened to his partner and he choked up and explained that she had been killed by a pack of gangbangers while they were trying to get out of California.

Miles was 24 years old 5’11” 150lbs and lanky with black hair and black brown eyes. He had no special skills but was very into the BDSM and was willing to accept that he wasn’t the Top top. He was an ex boxer and just in general seemed like a nice intelligent kid. He turned red and admitted that his Mom had given him a lot of enemas when he was a kid so he could live with that.

Barbara was a 26 year old 4’10” 100 lb Redhead with green eyes and beyond cute. Also evidently tough as nails and had worked both ends of the whip professionally and loved it. She made sure that we understood that while she liked to play but that she was no whore. As she talked I found myself liking her more and more. Cynthia told me later that it was my other head doing the thinking for me in Barbara’s case but for once it was making the right choices even if for the wrong reasons.

“She is smart and tough and reads men like a book. She also will appreciate this opportunity and be hopefully loyal to you and since I can promise you that she is going to be popular and that will be good for you.”

“I don’t suppose that you saw anything that you liked in Mark? Right?” I teased her.

“Well I wouldn’t say that but you have to understand; it doesn’t take as much blood from a woman’s brain to flood a clit as it does a male member. I can look and STILL think. Speaking of which, reminds me, are you sure that Miles is right for us? He is awful young to be so full of himself and so Dommish. He seems nice but I don’t know.”

Manny chimed in. “Why don’t we send Josie to him and get her take. He says he’s a top…Well she will see about that.” He laughed, “Besides she is hot for him.”

We discussed it and decided that this was a good idea and would send Mark to Cynthia as well for testing and evaluation. We loaded up everyone this time and returned to the city where hot showers and soft beds would be a treat for our new prospective members. I invited Barbara to come to me that night and set Manny, Butcher and Deacon on guard for the night with promises that they could sleep all the way home tomorrow. “Manny, make sure that you stay close to Josie. If he goes ugly just end it fast we can lose the body tomorrow if we have to but I don’t want Josie even bruised. I know that this is supposed to be a secure place but if we have learned anything it is not to depend on others for our security and future safety.”