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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 3

The second and third enemas were given if not gently, they were not given with anything extra and about half way through the first rinse Cynthia stopped crying and only occasional moans passed from her. When she returned from her last public expulsion she was crying again. Bridget had stood out there and watched her and then with everyone there had told Cynthia, “You aren’t so much now are you! Your own man beat the crap out of you and then watched while Rose did it too.” As soon as Rose heard this she looked at me, “You lead a charmed existence Matt.” I looked at her puzzled. “Come on I’M going to tend to this shit right now! As Alpha Female I don’t HAVE to send the women to you for discipline.”

She stomped out and there were still a lot of people gathered. Bridget, god bless her stupid soul was still there and still head running. Rose walked right up to her and asked her, “Bridget, are you retarded, stupid or do you just have a death wish?” Bridget just stared at her with her mouth hanging open. “Why were you JUST an hour ago in there on my table? What did I tell you while you were there? You were there for exactly this sort of mouth problem and BITCH I am tired of it. I told you in there that you had better be nothing but sweetness and kindness and what do you do you start on Cynthia the very first chance you get!” Rose turned to me. “Go get me your strap!” She turned back to Bridget. “Strip bitch!”

I ran to the room and got the strap. It was heavy leather with a wooden handle I think at one point it might have been a barbers razor strap. I ran back just in time to see Rose kick Bridget in the stomach and then knee her in the face busting her nose. As Bridget lay at her feet crying I saw the blood on Roses face. Bridget had evidently clawed her. Rose glared down at her, “Bitch either get up, strip and go bend over that picnic table end or get your shit and be gone from this place before sunset! If you leave don’t come back because I will shoot you on sight! If we are going to survive we will do it as a family of ONE and you are not going to turn it into a bickering mob! This is your last chance. Make a choice here and now!”

Bridget crawled over to Roses feet and kissed them. “Never again Mama I promise!!” She got up stripped and went to the picnic table. The beating that Rose gave her was awful. Through it all Bridget didn’t utter a word. When she was done she had two of the Dom Women carry Bridget to her house and clean her up. Before they had her more than on her feet Bridget shook them off and came to Rose. I stepped between them but Rose shoved me aside.

Bridget was wobbly but managed to kiss Rose on each cheek, “I’m a Bitch Mama, I always have been. I promise that I will try hard to be good and only ask that if you see me being a bitch again or hear of it that you do this again only worse. I am soooo sorry for your face. I was just afraid and…am a fucking BITCH. I personally would have probably killed me if I were you. That is why you are the Alpha though and I wouldn’t be even if I could fight you.” she turned and walked away with as much dignity as possible. She made it almost half way home before she fell flat on her face.

“Rose turned to me and grinned, “I think that went well don’t you?” she then turned to Cynthia, “sorry dear I believe that we will have to DO Matt some other time He and I have some personal Family business to discuss tonight.” She looked at Cynthia again. “Go get two plates from the kitchen for he and I and bring them to my house…Then you might think about putting some clothes on. If I looked like you I would probably parade around naked too.” Rose laughed and took me by the arm.

We stopped at the dispensary long enough to clean everything up and lock it down then I was taken to the house that she and Jeremiah had shared. There were some that thought that I should move in because the Alpha’s should live together. I knew that I could never fill Jeremiah’s shoes and didn’t want Rose to make any decisions about this immediately.

We saw Cynthia coming across the yard and Rose went to her and took the plates, “Thank you Sweetheart. Go get you a plate we need to discuss something with you after all…don’t bother to get dressed.”

We went into the house. All the houses were the same. They were basically 4 rooms each of equal size and a bathroom on back and a porch on the front each the width of the house. The front two rooms were the livingroom and kitchen dining room. The back two rooms with a short hall between them were bedrooms. Most of our couples were in their early twenties and only two had children between the ages of 15 and 18. Eventually we would have kids running everywhere but at this point we wished to see how the world settled before going into full baby production. The houses were basic but well built with extra thick 2X6 walls, well insulated attics with ridge vets to keep them cool and storm windows all the way around. We had electricity MOST of the time but the houses were built to operate without it if necessary. We were all here and had BEEN here for several years because we didn’t expect things like electric to be a given for much longer.

We waited for Cynthia. I didn’t ask Rose what was up. I had made enough of a mess of things today and actually mostly wanted this day to end without me getting a taste of Rose’s wrath.

Cynthia came in carrying her clothes and a plate. She looked at Rose and grinned. “Here I am just as you ordered no clothes! I brought them incase you wanted me to dress.”

“You haven’t had a chance to clean up yet have you?” Rose asked.

“No ma’am would you like me to go bathe?”

Rose got up and lowered all the blinds and closed the drapes. She took the plates and put them on the table and then turned to Cynthia and ordered, “Get up on the table on your back with your ass on the edge and your legs spread wide and pulled back.” I looked at Rose and waited. Finally she snapped, “Don’t keep her waiting Mat I want her eaten clean as a pin. After you are sure that she is clean I will do an oral inspection myself and the destiny of your ass tonight will depend on what I find!”

“What about all that stuff you said earlier?”

“You fucked up. I still stand behind that. You needed to act in every proper way to insure that Bridget didn’t use your error to stir shit. I have tended to that in a more direct fashion now though so it is no longer necessary for you to avoid Cynthia. You also need a little personal focusing and I have a slightly different sentence for you to serve tonight.” She looked at Cynthia and grinned at her, “By morning your knees will be a wobbly as Bridget’s. After you do Cynthia, I will either demand the same for me or you will go on the table first face down then face up and then face down again while Cynthia and I adjust your attitude.”

I pulled up a chair and went to work on Cynthia’s pussy. I had always loved eating her and had no shyness about my own jitz. I worked diligently and Cynthia expressed her appreciation with her usual loud cheers and wet reward. When Rose tapped me on the shoulder I gave up my spot to her and about 20 minutes later returned with Rose on the table. Once I had taken the edge off her, Rose rolled over told me to give it too her hard and not to cum. That was a challenge and required several pauses to regain my control. When she was pretty happy she pushed me away. Put Cynthia face down and told me that it was impolite to promise a lady a good ass fucking and not tend to it.

I let Rose prepare her and then stepped in and gave Cynthia the hard ass fucking that she loves. When I came I pushed in deep and filled her as best I could. When I started to pull away Rose pushed me back in and down. “Now it’s your turn big boy. This will be your punishment for fucking Cynthia after you whipped her. I know that you are a big bad Dom and this hurts your pride but I am the senior Alpha and even YOUR ass is my right to claim! Bend over her and spread your cheeks for me.” Shuddering I did as she ordered putting my weight on Cynthia and then reaching back with both hands to spread my cheeks. ”Count your blessings Matt. If Bridget hadn’t pulled her stunt you would be getting this AFTER a punishment enema series and a paddling. I’m sorry Cynthia but kicking that bitches ass made me horny and impatient so we didn’t get to give him the enemas he deserves but after I am done with him I will expect you to fuck him too and then we will paddle him before taking him to my bed and really putting him to good use!”

She pushed a bunch of lubricant into my ass and then I felt her pressing into me with something big. I whimpered but knew better than to complain. It burned a little but felt better once it was in. Rose then proceeded to ream my ass royally until she came and then she pulled out of me pulled me back, helped Cynthia up and pushed me back down. Shortly Cynthia pushed the dildo into my ass that was now ridding on her hips and in her pussy. She had never done this to me before and she evidently liked it a lot. Mama Rose made me keep my hands on my head but even without my touch I had several nice little ass cummies and nearly shot my wad. Rose saw it coming and made Cynthia stop.

They took turns paddling me and then I was dragged naked off to bed where they proceeded to put me on my back and use my hard cock savagely until I finally had cum in both their pussys and then eaten them clean again. Some time in the late night or early morning Rose kissed me told me that I was forgiven and then put to sleep between them.

In the morning I was walking a little funny which Rose and Cynthia thought was hilarious. I had never got to eat my supper the night before and Rose was kind enough to feed me before sending me off to work. When I’m not doing the Alpha wolf work, I am the blacksmith /mechanic /gunsmith /general repair guy. This morning I was working on checking out the weapons we had gathered from the dead attackers. There were guns, mostly junk, knives, the same but there were also three quality swords, a dozen nice sheath knives another dozen nice folders and one good assault weapon, 2 decent handguns and 4 nice shotguns. The rest, the crap, I cleaned and made look nice for trading stock. The same was done with the various knives, machetes and other stuff we salvaged.

They had come down on us in four old busses but none were worth messing with so they would either be traded or scrapped out. We even salvaged the fuckers clothes such as they were for trade stuff. The only thing that went to waste was the meat on their bones and I imaging the buzzards and coyotes enjoyed that after the fires went out…what was left. I had gone into town the day after the raid and reported it to the authorities and they commended me on wiping the bastards out so effectively. We eventually received a pretty wooden backed bronze award commemorating our service to the general community of the County and State of South Texas that was signed by the Governor of South Texas.